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Iron Warriors 49th Grand Company "The Iron Hounds"

Warsmith Aznable

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Look forward to seeing it develop, you're in for a treatz my dreadknight conversion was probably the moat fun I've had converting so far


Yeah, I've been watching your thread. That Dreadprince is pretty sweet, and I like the Dreadnought project you've got going now.


In the land of fist/claw biker lords its good to see another wielder of the Black Mace. I can tell you from experience, that thing wracks up a toll on the tabletop, regardless of the AP4. Diggin the extended forks to.


I've heard the Black Mace is good on the biker lord, but I haven't used it yet. Haven't used the biker lord at all yet, actually. I really don't get to play as much as I'd like. I look forward to bringing out the biker lord and his new retinue out alongside my older lizard-rider bikers, probably with this new maulerfiend I'm working on too, and playing I game where I'm just all up in my opponents face Turn 1. Should be pretty fun!

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I used my new Chopper Lord the other day, along with the Black Mace. The lack of good AP meant he either hit big or got nothing. I should have gone with the Burning Brand and a Power Fist, but there you go.


At any rate, I'm fooling around in my studio tonight and made a little progress on my maulerfiend conversion. Not much, since I'm waiting for plastic cement to dry:



Or I could just go with an alternate set-up:



Well, it gives you an idea of what I'm doing for the pilot, anyway.


- Thanks for reading -

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The plastic cement is dry, so I've blue-tacked the controls to the torso to give a better idea of what I'm trying to accomplish:



Cutting into the built torso of the Dreadknight was pretty haphazard. There's so much plastic that my rotary tool was melting big gobs of it and I had to scrape the tool tip clean a couple of times. Some of the plastic melted into a blob deeper in the model, requiring extra cutting. It was a pain, and I'd like to figure out a better way to do it for the next one.


I need to trim the plasticard down to fit the contours of the torso better, too. And also add some greebling, so it's less obvious that it's a big sheet of plastic over a ragged hole. I might cut up one of my unbuilt Land Speeders to get the chair padding out of the rear cockpit panel, but I don't know yet. I suppose I could try to use putty to reproduce it, but my putty skills are not very good.


It sticks out a bit further than I'd like, but I think it still works. Originally I had thought of using tubing to make a cage, but now I'm not sure that would work. The actual pilot isn't going to have big horns on his helmet, but a cage might still stick up too high and imbalance the outline.


I guess we'll just do what we always do, and just run with the moment and see what happens.


- Thanks for reading -

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I've got as far as I trust myself to go tonight after imbibing enough of The One and Only. But I made good progress anyway, having got the control assembly attached, applied the putty to smooth the transition, and added greebling to enhance the puttied area:




The next task will be to puzzle out the front of the control assembly.


Oh, also I added a Defiler head as a sort of sensor apparatus. I guess it helps it walk by augering the terrain or whatever. The point is I thought it looked a little bare without something there, so I stuck that on it.


And I used my hobby knife to make a seat on the putty. And some buttons or whatever.


And I also prised the feet from the base and repositioned them. One of my cats jumped on me while I was gluing all that stuff together the first time and I have been increasingly unhappy with how it turned out. Fortunately the oval base is flexible enough and the points of contact were small enough that I could just bend it a little and pop the glue. It came off without any problems and barely any encouragement from my knife blade, and I positioned the robot to be more squared off with the short end of the oval to make his facing unambiguous.


I want to include the support pistons from the NDK and attach them to the Defiler claw assemblies, but I'm not sure if it's going to turn out. I may have to add some tubing and do some radical cutting and filing to make it work, but with those bloody great divots in the upper torso assembly I have to put something there.


I need to finish this beer and go to sleep.


- Thanks for reading -

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I reckon put the support pistons on for sure, they make the robot look for sure


I would definitely like to do that. I'm not certain how I'm going to pose the arms yet, but from experimenting with the angles I think the only way the support pistons will work as-is is with the arms down at the sides. I know I want something more dynamic than that, so I'm pretty sure it's going to be more fabrication than conversion, so I'll save it for the last part of the build.


But in the meantime, I've come up with a blue-tack mock-up of some armour paneling for the legs and arms:








It's almost as if these bits were meant to be in these places, they fit so well. They definitely go a long way toward eliminating the rounded and smoothed look of the NDK's lines. I want blocky and solid looking armour on my walkers, and these fit the bill. I'm glad I had all these Defiler pieces. Making a second or third one of these will require some dedicated bits ordering, for certain.


I'm thinking I'll have to make some mounts for the armour, so I can paint them separately before I glue it all together. That's a lesson learned from making Dreadnoughts...


The floor is always open for suggestions, if anybody has any ideas on either the support pistons or the front of the control assembly I'd be glad to hear them. I'm going to go sit and stare at it for a while, and see what occurs to me.


- Thanks for reading -

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Call the Emperor, I don't give a http://image.bolterandchainsword.com//public/style_emoticons/default/censored.gif




Yes, that's a Berserker on a Juggernaut.


No, it's not a Chaos Lord, but the first of a squad of at least three I am making.




Because http://image.bolterandchainsword.com//public/style_emoticons/default/censored.gif  the police, I'm making a new unit that isn't in any codex.


It deserves to exist and I want it in my collection.


Obviously they will be Elites choices. I haven't worked out any other rules for them, yet. Honestly I'm just building them to look at, mostly. I've been super aggravated lately, IRL stuff, and I just wanted to do something different. I haven't even really felt like working on my several other unfinished projects lately, but the idea of starting one of these seemed like exactly what I needed to do.


So, there it is. I did all of that in about an hour or so, I was so excited to find my parts in the mailbox this evening. I've really run out of stuff to do with him because I didn't know what weapons I wanted to give them when I placed my bits order. I've just put magnets in the torso so I don't have to think about it right now. Maybe I'll be back to working on the Maulerbot this Friday and have some progress to show on that. I've got to a point where I've put about half of the controls and pilot together, but I need to fiddle up a dashboard and levers or whatever. Also I really had to scrounge for parts for the pilot, because I've finally gone through all my CSM sprues. http://image.bolterandchainsword.com//public/style_emoticons/default/eek.gif  It took a long time...

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It's been a while since I've worked on my Maulerbot, so tonight I'm fiddling with it a bit:




I want to have him ready for the upcoming ETL III as motivation to get him done.


I'm probably going to add more gubbins to that post to make a more detailed control assembly. I'm just not sure what exactly I'm going to do yet, though. It'll come to me.


Also my router is borked and I don't know why, so I'm using my phone as a hotspot, which sucks, so there isn't going to be a flood of WIP pics tonight as I fool about with it.


His right arm is going to be cocked back somehow, still not sure the exact angle, but I want him to look like he's reaching out as he strides forward, and the pose to be natural. And also not hard to transport because of weird shapes...


Also I'm probably going to use plastic tubing to replace the NDK supports, because they don't fit with the more dynamic posing and arm replacement I'm doing.

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Dillema: I've got the arms positioned, now I just need to figure out how to pose the claws themselves.


Option 1:  Forward claw closed, rearward claw open (grabbing something to claw at it)




Option 2: Forward claw open, rearward claw closed (winding up for a haymaker)




Option 3: Both claws open ("RAWR! COMIN TA GET YA!")



I am really undecided on this, and could use some input on which looks better before I go and glue anything.


The arms are locked in place with plastic cement, so suggestions to repose the arms themselves cannot be pursued.

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Both open in my opinion and I'm loving the conversion, looks awesome


Thanks! Both open had the most votes from the locals here, too, so that is what I'm going to go with.


In other news, I'm gearing up for the ETL with some long in-progress cult troops.


Today I assembled five counts-as Noise Marines with Sonic Blasters:



Without the Sergeant and from a slightly higher angle:



And a close front and side view of a single Noise Marine:



Since I don't do the Chaos Gods directly, I'm going to say these are super science weapons or something, maybe fluff them as the remnants of a Destroyer squad. I know Sonic Blasters aren't considered all that hot this edition, but I saw a version of this conversion and wanted to do it, so I am. I'm going to try them out as midfield objective campers, maybe put some cultists in front of them so they can claim a cover save but deny it to the enemy, then just sit and hose anything that gets close. I've got plans to do a second Noise Marine squad based on the Sonic Blaster and moving and shooting, but that will be later.


Anyway, I've been sitting on that Sergeant and most of these bits forever, but found some extra time today to get them ready for the ETL.


Speaking of the ETL, I was to do a squad of counts-as Rubric Marines last year but didn't get their Death Watch shoulder pads and Master-crafted Bolters in on time. This year I'm not pledging anything not already assembled if it needs special parts or extensive converting, so I gathered up last year's failure and got them ready to go for this year.


The one guy I don't have finished yet is the icon bearer:



First he needs a chain looping over his shoulder to hold his bolter in place. Then I'm going to use some bits from the Empire Flagellants kit and some more chain and some tubing to make a floating daemonhost that will sit on its own base and be a counts-as Icon of Tzeentch. I will probably end up fiddling something up with magnets so they are not always attached via chain to make them easier to transport, and also to leave off in the very likely event I don't want an Icon in the squad.


I'm going to try and get around to making the daemon host tomorrow, and also to get the claws on my Maulerbot done. I need to fill the insides of those with putty before I glue them into place.


-Thanks for reading-

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Love the sonic blaster squad !!

really good idea for the bloody angels headz

look Slaaneshy enough but not too much

I'm stealing that idea

Love the beastman sgt too

looking forward to see the progresses on the floating icon


Steal away; I got it from someone else too!


Here's the floating icon daemon host tzeentch thing WIP:



I'm not going to muck about with magnets. I'm just going to bind some chain around the daemon-host and leave the lead loose, then wrap it around the Icon Bearer's arm when I want him to be there. I've used two plastic tubes here, one attached to the base and a smaller one that fits inside of it that is attached to the daemon-host. The idea is that it should make him easier to transport, but I may be over thinking it. I may add one of those placard things to scrawl some choice runes and sigils on, I haven't decided yet. I changed out his head for the caged one because I thought a daemon-host should have its hideous, beguiling face covered. It's a bit rough, but I'm going to wrap the chain around it so that should hide the imperfect part bashing.


On the Maulerbot I filled in the claws open spaces with putty, then glued them in tonight. I also decided that pistons and whatnot to support the arms just wasn't happening and came up with an alternative:



It's not as elegant as I'd like, or angular really, but it does have a rough, industrial quality that appeals to me.



To keep the inside from just being hollow divots I put the original supports in there and cut them down. I guess they're interior gubbins of the arms or summat. The important thing is there is some kind of detail in there. They're some sort of Ork Kan or Deff Dread thing, I'm not sure exactly, but I had them in my bitz bin already for some reason, which made the decision easier.


I think the Maulerbot is more or less ready for the ETL. I want to add some stuff to his base, but I'm not completely sure what yet. I know I'd like to plot out the armour facings for reference during games, and that's about it. I'd like to maybe get a plastic girder and some barrels maybe? Perhaps some unused pieces from my bastion kit? I don't know, but I'll think of something. Maybe I'll do more to the controls, but I'm not sure what.

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Further preparations for the ETL:


I've got a squad of Chosen that are designated for assault role. I like to give them Power Mauls and send them after tanks, and they've gone through armoured company lists pretty much by themselves before. The squad was made up out of the remnants of the first Chaos Marines squad I ever put together, before I had any idea of how I wanted to model an army with any theme or purpose. I am happy that I've finally found a use for them and they've been performing decently for me.


Now they're getting a proper sergeant:








He may have the most kits ever put into a single infantry model I've ever done. The base is a loyalist Techmarine that I bought during the last Call of Chaos because I wanted his servo-harness for my Warpsmith. The left arm is from the Warpsmith, with the combi-melta from an old metal Warsmith model. That same Warsmith's servo-arm's claw was cut off to make a counts-as Huron (his flamer,) so I had a claw to add to a Sentinel CCW, that I used a plastic tube to stick into the side of a CSM aspiring champion backpack. His right arm and hand is from the Devastator kit, with a combat knife and shoulder pad from the regular CSM kit.


And the arms are magnetised, just because. Powerfist and combi-melta is how I normally run the sergeant when I give the squad mauls, so I figure the servo-arm will count as the power fist, which is why I stuck a knife in his right hand (wanted to put the combi-melta on the bionic arm, no reason, just wanted to.)


I have a small unit of IG veterans that I've modeled with Mantic dwarves. I liked the idea of having some Squats hanging around, something different for the table, but I didn't want to pay tons of money for old, rare minis. Since my other vet squad was air assault that rides in with a Valkyrie, I decided that the Squats would be my mechanised infantry. A few guys with sniper rifles, a Chimaera, and maybe a Leman Russ. I've been working on the Chimaera recently, and here is the TC up in his hatch:



He can't even see over the heavy stubber! I've done a crud job of having him hold the grips with one hand, but it's serviceable, I guess. He originally had a shield in his left hand, but I repositioned his hand so it looks like he's holding onto the hatch ring. The Chimaera's main armament is leftover from a Dakkajet kit that I made an Avenger conversion for my Sisters of Battle with. I reckon I'll paint the putty to look like a canvas dust cover like you sometimes see on tanks. I always put an autocannon on it when I make lists, but apparently that's not in the codex but it is in Army Builder? I hardly use my IG allies, so it hardly matters. I'm mostly just going with what I think looks cool, and that definitely looks cooler than the weedy, little multi-laser it comes with. I have some track guards, but I'm missing two of the pieces, so I don't know if I'm going to use them. I don't know if I'm going to magnetise the hull mounted weapon. I may just resort to, "and that's a Heavy Bolter today..." Why not? I'll already be explaining the main weapon...


- Thanks for having a look -

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I realised that I haven't put my assault Chosen in the WIP thread yet, so I figured I'd go ahead and put the whole squad in together to serve as an ETL "before" picture.


My new veteran sergeant and his hammer vets:



I went with the hammers instead of actual maces because 1. I don't really like maces; 2. I like hammers and it fits with the army theme; 3. I already had the hammers. I did have to switch them from right handed to left handed hammers, because I only had magnets in the left shoulders and didn't have any more at the time to put into the right shoulders. I mean, I do now, but I did this before my package arrived, because I am impatient and wanted to use them in a game without having to say, "and those guys missing arms have power mauls today..."


The banner bearer and non-upgradeable members:



From left to right: Brother Two-swords, Brother Gunslinger, Corporal Loin-Cloth, Brother "RAAAAGH!", Brother "WHOOOOOO!"

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I, -Max-, answer the call of E TENEBRAE LUX and vow to complete eight units from Codex: Chaos Space Marines, of total value 1,347 points on or before August 1st. Success will bring eternal glory to the Iron Hounds and failure will doom me to bear the Badge of Shame until the year-end.


I dedicate my vow to Chaos Undivided.



Daemon Prince

● Power Armour

( 165 points )



● Chosen Champion { powerfist, combi-melta, melta bombs }

● x9 Chosen { x4 Power Mauls, x1 Meltagun, x1 Icon of Vengeance }

( 370 points )

Noise Marines

● Noise Champion { power sword, doom siren }

● x5 Noise Marines { x5 Sonic Blasters }

( 157 points )



( 125 points )



● Aspiring Champion

● x4 Havocs { x2 Autocannons, x2 Missile Launchers }

( 125 points )



● Terminator Champion { power axe, combi-bolter }

● x3 Terminators { x2 power mauls, x1 power sword, x2 combi-melta, x1 Icon of Excess* }

( 176 points* )


Sorcerer in Terminator Armour

● Terminator Sorcerer { Burning Brand of Skalathrax, Force Stave }

( 115 points )


Chaos Space Marines

● Aspiring Champion

● x7 Chaos Space Marines

( 114 points )


* The Terminator squad is not pointed with the Mark of Slaanesh since I am not representing this on the models as a unit, but the Icon of Excess is modeled as a Terminator Apothecary and the 40 points for the IoE by itself is added to the squad for him.

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I have passed 40,000 views. It is a sign!


For my Chosen assault squad I needed someone to be able to carry a meltagun or flamer, so I decided the banner bearer would pull double duty, mostly because I doubt I'll ever pay for icons for the squad anyway. And also because I didn't want to break up the non-upgradeable weapons guys, as I like each of their weapon combinations and poses.




He's got the standard "big magnets in shoulders, medium magnets in arms, small magnets in hands" thing going for him.


My first ETL III update: Daemon Prince "before" photo:



I went with black instead of my normal white for an undercoat because I want him to be really dark and gritty.


I want to have him done tonight, but if that doesn't happen he will definitely be done tomorrow night.


Good luck to everyone else doing ETL challenges, and thanks for having a look!

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Out of likes!!! But that prince conversion is so simple yet so sweet!


The Defiler masks are just the right size. I didn't bother with putting it over one of the stock heads, though. What I did was rolled up a little ball of putty and put that in the mask, jammed it onto the neck stub, then used a putty tool to blend into the neck. Yep, pretty simple! Since he was made for the off-chance I might ascend a champion out of a duel I thought that he needed a helmet. http://image.bolterandchainsword.com//public/style_emoticons/default/happy.png

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