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Where about is firestorm games? Sounds like a good place :P





It's about 5 mins walk from Cardiff Central Station.


Go out the back exit, cross over onto the same side as the AA building, walk down Penarth Road towards Grangetown and it's down one of the side roads

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Im from cwmbran but i go to firestorm games in cardiff most thursday for my games, its a good atsmosphere there & play loads of other games too!


Cool, might catch u there then sometime man!


No problems mate just give me a pm or something if you fancy a game!


Cool man, It'll be in a couple of months probably because I'm currently getting these Ravens up to scratch, I'll add you as a friend on here though so I don't forget.

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Hey guys,


I would like to bring your attention to a post in this forum about a welsh apoc club! It's another topic in the Europe section B)


Wisey :)




Actually I can probably bring more than 1 :tu:

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Yay more welsh people!


Always nice to see!


About the welsh apoc club I think this summer would be a great time for the welsh to get together for a massive game!


Sound good guys?


I'm away for the week now so when i come back I will see what's happening with it :)


Wisey ;)

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Hi guys I am in North Wales Prestatyn, Denbigshire my group run a games night once a mouth in Rhyl and it happens to be tomorrow (saturday 25th) PM me if you want some information ;) shameless plug I know but I think it might be relevant to a few people here
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