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Elmo's 1st, 2nd, 4th and 10th Companies


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Hi Guys,


As I seemed to be taking over the DA Showcase thread recently I thought it may be better to start my own topic to show my models.

If I have posted this is the wrong place let me know ;)


Apologies first as this will be photo heavy. If anyone wants me to upload specific models/views let me know.


I started collecting DAs about a year or so ago as a change to my Tau empire army and it has exploded into almost a full Company (the remainder are unpainted in a big box).


Some of the photos are a little poor due to sand in the camera but I will be investing in a new one soon :(



The 4th Company (so far) and attached troops





4th Company:




















Brother Dreadnought Ignus




Brother Dreadnought Gideon




Servitors and Servoskulls (no Techmarine yet!)





1st Squad





2nd Squad (Rhino-Whirlwind magnetised)





3rd Squad (Rhino-Predator magnetised)





4th Squad (Partial marines, Rhino-Razorback)




5th Squad (Marines waiting paint, Rhino-Razorback)



6th Squad in a box




7th Squad (to be completed)




8th Squad (to be completed)




9th Squad (to be completed)




10th Squad (to be completed)

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And now the attached units:







Master Belial




1st Squad




2nd Squad




3rd Squad




4th Squad




Brother Dreadnought Beken











Magnetised weapon options




Magnetised weapon options



10th Company



More to be painted ;)



All Rhinos have painted interiors





I still have loads to paint so I will be updating this as I go along.

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Well, let me just say I like your work very VERY much. You are going for the full 4th in a very determined and consistent way. If I only had the discipline... Interestingly your DW has no c/c weapons. I hope you'll finish your project soon although I believe that once you get the 4th underway, the DW Land Raiders will follow, more dreads and some more RW and... Well it never ends does it?


Keep it up, I look fwd for more!

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I blame the Black Reach box for the Deathwing lacking CC weapons. I am planning to do some arm chopping and magnetisation later.


Funny you should mention the LR - I was thinking the same...


And there is a Ravenwing box plus an extra Landspeeder in the painting line.


Will it never end !

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On an individual level they are solid but not spectacular, but when you take them as an entire force they look just awesome. Keep up the great work and keep the thread updated as you add more units. It's always great to see hobby projects on this scale.
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Thanks for the comments guys.

It all started off as a painting exercise to do a Tactical Squad from the Black Reach box and has since become an obsession to build a complete Company with additions from the Deathwing and Ravenwing (and a scout or two). I just can't resist the DAs.

The plan was always to complete it to a "good" standard then to go back and improve the paint job later although they will never be as good as some of the armies on this site.

Isiah - 4th rule http://image.bolterandchainsword.com//public/style_emoticons/default/biggrin.gif

Azrael - of course the insides are painted, don't you http://image.bolterandchainsword.com//public/style_emoticons/default/msn-wink.gif I must have too much time on my hands...

Immolator - Thank you kind sir...

Droma - Solids good (will try to improve http://image.bolterandchainsword.com//public/style_emoticons/default/happy.gif ) more Ravenwing in the pipeline so I will be updating next month.

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As your painting style is so fresh and clean - a very easy way to 'improve' them at a later date would be to apply some washes or use Army Painter's QuickShade to add a bit of depth and roundness of form.
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Looking good Elmo! I'm jealous as I still find myself fielding unpainted models while you seem to have basically everything covered. Keep it up.


As your painting style is so fresh and clean - a very easy way to 'improve' them at a later date would be to apply some washes or use Army Painter's QuickShade to add a bit of depth and roundness of form.


That's what I was going to suggest. Hard to tell from the photos if they are highlighted, but perhaps you might consider adding some subtle highlights once the washes add depth to the shadowed areas and such.

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I must get a new camera :)


A lot (cant put hand on heart and say all!) have had a black ink lining to show up the armour panels more.


All the DA green has been dry brushed with Goblin green, harder at the edges.


The Bone white has been shaded using a very watered down Chestnut ink then highlighted in Skull white.


Black has been drybrushed with Codex grey.


All Boltgun metal has been either drybrushed on or washed with Black ink.


I dont personally like the heavy weathered look and do actually prefer a "cleaner" paint job with minor paint damage and mud effects.


I am not trying to be defensive but the camera washes a lot of this out. :(

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I agree with the above, great looking army and solid style but the close ups suggest you could add further depth with added highlights & deeper shading. Great freehand and colour blocking, i particularly like the old skool red bolters :P
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I am not trying to be defensive but the camera washes a lot of this out. :)


Perhaps it's the lightning? Or my monitor, lol.


I prefer to set up a sheet of white paper propped up in the back to shoot them on with a desk lamp to illuminate. Though they don't look particularly dark and I kind of like your scenic background.

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I have been thinking about buying a can of Quickshade to test it out but I have never used it before and I am not sure if Dark tone or Strong tone would be better.


I am thinging that the Green only models may be better with Dark tone but this would be too much for the Bone robes on other models which might be better with the Strong tone.


Any suggestions?? :P

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  • 4 weeks later...

So - another week goes by with more painting going on in the corner.


The Deathwing needed a bit more muscle and I have always coverted the Chaplain in Termi armour ( I think it is the best looking model in the SM range) so thanks to a good deal on Ebay I managed to get my hands on the Chaplain and a Librarian in termi armour and here they are ;)










Sorry the photos are not better but the wife has run off with camera no. 1 and I have had to use the reserve. :jaw:



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Looking good El'mo! I agree that the Chaplain is one of the best in the range. Personally I like the Librarian equally although many don't. I think the Crux Terminatus could do with a bit more vivid painting for both miniatures. Maybe a sharper highlight? Or it could be the camera.


I like the text on the Librarian's book - excellent detail!

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I have just run the models through Army Builder and the points work out as below:


All the completed figures so far.... 4840pts WYSIWYG

2 x Company Masters

1 x Librarian in Termi armour

1 x Interrogator Chaplain in Termi armour

1 x Chaplain with jump pack

1 x Chaplain

1 x Belial


4 x Terminator squads

1 x Scout squad

3 x Dreadnoughts


1 x Tactical squad with Rhino

3 x Tactical squads


1 x Assault squad

1 x Ravenwing attack squadron with 6 bikes, 1 attack bike and 1 Landspeeder


1 x Whirlwind

1 x Predator

2 x 10 man Devastator squads with Razorbacks


Figures still to be built: 1220 with no optional gear


1 x Command squad inc. Standard


1 x Scout squad


2 x Tactical squads


1 x Assault squad

1 x Ravenwing attack squadron with 6 bikes, 1 attack bike

2 x Landspeeders


Gives a total of at least 6060 pts.


Still need to buy:


1 or 2 Landraiders

3 Razorbacks

2 Predators

More Dreadnoughts

2 boxes of Assault termis for the arms.


and Sammael would be nice


So I would guess I will end up at somewhere around 8500 pts in the end. (is this too much ;) )

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Now those are some nice Dark Angels! And no its not enough! You have to have the entire chapter before you can officially call it quits.

This makes me want to work on my DA more now... damn you just as I was finally getting my fantasy army painted... oh well the boys in green are much cooler anyways. Though the 8k+ of DA I have will take me so much longer to build than you. Keep up the good work brother.



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I was trying for a full Company - a Chapter is a little too much :cuss


WIP 2 x Landspeeders which I am trying to finish for a game this weekend will post photos later.

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I will be magnetising them when I get home tonight.


The Typhoon missile boxes get 1 magnet each

the doors 1 each side for the Typhoon (in the small square recess on the door)

1 magnet under the chin and 1 on the chin weapon holder

1 magnet on the weapons triggers in the gunners hands

and finally 1 in the slot for the trigger on the multi melta and heavy bolter


9 magnets in total per speeder


I use 2mm x 1.5mm magnets which seem strong enough.

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