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Tempered Steel, Darkened Souls.


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Hey there fellow Power Armour lovers. My names Josh and I'm currently a student of Law.


I've been playing Warhammer games for about 10 years now but don't have many armies to my name, I do have a relatively large Skaven army for fantasy and a semi successful Hobbit army for LOTR while for 40K I currently field a Pre-Heresy Thousand Sons army which can be seen by following the link in my sig as well as a post heresy Thousand Sons force which is a little bit older.


Throughout my 10 years however I have always had a thing for the Iron Warriors, no idea why they just seem to appeal to me slightly more than the other Chaos Legions, though I do find them all very appealing. At heart I am a painter, converter and themed army gamer, by which I mean my lists are by no means very powerful and are usually filled with infantry whom I can convert to my hearts content, now however I am hoping to combine that with a list which I believe is fairly competitive while still being very fitting for the force I'm fielding and allowing for plenty of conversions, when better I thought than to start my Iron Warriors Warband.


The force is about a year old now and isn't very often updated, but I thought I would compile a few pics and put them up for people to judge. The paint scheme I've used is not the conventional boltgun metal approach for the Iron Warriors as I wanted them to be slightly more interesting for any possible Best Army nominations and to be honest I'm not sure it's worked but I'm sticking to my guns with it.


Anyway without further ado here are the first very WIP pics:


My Warsmith;



poor victim;



First 'Tactical' Squad;









And my only completed marine within the army;



Concepts for the Iron Warriors' Icon;



Second 'Tactical' Squad;









Third and final 'Tactical' Squad;



First Havoc Squad;





Second Havoc Squad;







And the first of my dreads, I hate the static nature of the stock dreadnought so just had to mix it up a bit;





Anyway cheers for looking, any C&C would be much appreciated.

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That warsmith is a great example of having a concept in mind and following through with it. He's slick as hell. I'm usually a fan of using an actual legion pad if they are available (such is the case with the Iron Warriors) but your freehand on the Legion badge is impressive enough.


I love the use of the FW pre-heresy/heresy-era kits, and my one critique is show age with them. Scuffs, gouges and scores in those chest plates for example would go a long way.


You're telling a great story with these poses and designs. Looking forward to seeing more. -_-

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Ohh! Very nice! Is the missile launcher with the gargoyle head an IG launcher or a SM launcher?

I just realiced i have an IG launcher i could convert and the gargoyle head hit the spot.

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well, this is my first post, and unfortunately it's not a post of any models but i was wondering where the head with the three eye sockets came from?


i really like it, and would love to use it on a space marine soon...


great looking units so far. the dread looks really cool!

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Very cool Iron Warriors. It's sometimes hard to guess what minis will be when they are painted, but even your un-painted marines already scream Iron Warriors!


I dig the conversion and pose of the dread, although it seems a bit silly that the wall wouldn't crumble beneath its foot, and the way the toes clamp down on the sides isn't really how I imagine those feet to work. I'd suggest bending the wall to the side and having the foot rest on it with all four toes flat on it.

Just personal preference though, your model, your decision ^^


I'm curious about how you reposition the Marine legs, as it looks very tidy. What tools or techniques did you use for that?

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A very nice start of an Iron Warriors army you have there - especially the warsmith! Do you also have a picture from the arm that's holding the poor guardsman? I'd definitely like to see how exactly you did that :tu:
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Cheers muchly for the comments guys, means a lot.


@Watch Commander Danek: Scratched and damaged is kinda what I was going for with the paint scheme, a great deal darker than they are usually depicted, however I could not think of an effective way to do battle damage on models which are already silver and am having great difficulty thinking of how to do my vehicles in the same respect. Plus I don't use the moulded shoulder pads because, personally, I think they look awful, definitely could have done a better job IMO


@Snejk: The missile launcher in the second Havoc picture is indeed just a space marine missile launcher, however the one at the back on the left is holding an Imperial Guard missile launcher I converted. Its not great but it does do the job:




@boothy387: The head is from the Chaos Space Marine command sprue and was the nurgle champion head with the single horn cut and sculpted off the side. Not too difficult to do and creates a fantastic techie head as far as I'm concerned.


@cathar the great: Cheers for your comments, having them scream Iron Warriors was one of my main intentions with this force so I'm glad you agree. As far as the dread's concerned I feel as though he would do some damage while stepping over but these things are sturdy and mainly it looks cool. Where the foot is concerned I saw it on a games day entry once and thought it made sense, its less that the foot is clamped onto the wall and more that the 'toes' would keep travelling down until they met solid ground, so as to make moving through unstable ground safer, if that makes sense.

As for the running legs they were achieved with a great deal of blood and tears. There's nothing too clever about them either really I just cut at every angle and filed off the soft armour joint before drilling into every section and pinning it too its counterpart at an appropriate angle. Then I also cut the toe off the boot, filed that down to an angle and glued the rest of the foot back in place. They need greenstuff to replace the soft armour joints then they're done.


@Kythnos: Ask and you shall receive;






Just done using a bolt pistol arm with a left open hand, cutting all of the fingers and the thumb off (swapping the side in that case) and then gluing the around the guardsmen's throat with a pin going through to hold it all together.


As I said cheers again for the comments, don't know how long it'll be before I get round to painting any more due to assignments but I'll try.

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Honestly the darker armor works, both for your battle damage and in general. Doubt Iron Warriors spend time polishing up their stuff. :D


just keep scale in mind and don't be afraid to experiment with legit damage to the resin and plastic. A little work with a thin file does wonders to break up the monotony of large blank areas, and I always used my model saw to recreate Chainsword damage.

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Awfully long time without an update; and while I haven't exactly been idle I have been very slow at work.


This is mainly because I just can't get the paint scheme consistently right and so each model is essentially an experiment, some have worked, many have not.


These are a few of them, the one on the right I dislike quite a lot but hopefully he will look acceptable once finished:



Meanwhile I have been completing a few others with chevrons and the like but I'll leave the pics of them until the whole squads are finished, for now I'll leave you with this, my Tactical Squads' Icon Bearer with his foot planted on the smouldering door of an Imperial Fist Rhino:





I've also re-jigged my Havoc/Chosen squad a bit revamping their Sergeant to make him look a bit more 2nd in command-y:



Including some green stuff detail on his legs which will continue up to his thighs:



And he also has finally got an Icon bearer of his own who is awaiting a power pack from GW. Tried to make him look Iron Warrior-y while and also like his was a cool and collected veteran:




That's all the pics for the moment but now my exams are over I shall hopefully be getting in a load more. I shall leave you with this if anyone is interested, the list I plan to take to the Tempus Fugitives Campaign weekend in September. Not the most competitive of lists but should give me some areas for conversions like on the Bezerkeres:


1. Chaos Lord, with a daemon weapon and melta bombs: 135pts


10. Chaos Marines, one has a meltagun. The Aspiring Champion has a power weapon and a combi-melta. They have an icon of Chaos Glory and a Rhino: 210pts

1. Rhino, with extra armour: 50pts (260pts)


10. Chaos Marines, one has a meltagun. The Aspiring Champion has a power fist. They have an icon of Chaos Glory and a Rhino: 210pts

1. Rhino, with extra armour: 50pts (260pts)


10. Chaos Marines, one has a lascannon. They have an icon of Chaos Glory: 180pts


10. Khorne Berzerkers, one has a plasma pistol. The Skull Champion has a power fist: 265pts


1. Chaos Dreadnought, with a meltagun: 100pts


1. Chaos Dreadnought, with a lascannon: 125pts


9. Chaos Havocs, four have meltaguns. The Aspiring Champion has a power fist. They have an icon of Chaos Glory and a Rhino: 225pts

1. Rhino, with extra armour: 50pts (275pts)


5. Chaos Havocs, four have missile launchers: 155pts


1. Chaos Landraider, with extra armour and a twin-linker bolter: 240pts


Total = 1,999pts


Cheers for viewing, C&C appreciated.

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nice iron warriors mate :P


i like the use of forgeworld and metal parts, makes the models unique.


one thing though, your havoc/chosen sergeant still has eagle wings on his chest. are you going to desecrate it?

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As I'm currently working on my own batch of Iron Warriors, these are a great inspiration to keep going.


I went with the boltgun metal approach - although their edging is in mithril silver rather than gold. The store I go to was sold out of Gold when I went there. And Blacks. And Inks.


It's been a bit difficult. :lol:


At any right, you have some amazing models here that look great with a lot of individuality and a ton of dynamic poses!


I can't wait to see more from you!

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These are looking mighty fine. Really liek the small details and the bases. Quite like the armour you have gone with as well. I think it portrays their cold, bitter demeanor.
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