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Yes, definitely worth it, you make it look like everything fits like a glove.  (I had a similar fight with some of Forge Worlds extra armor on one of my landraiders...was frustrating enough that even though I got it done, I still haven't painted it 8 years later)


Love the design of those sponsons.

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Glad I'm not the only one that isn't very fond of the Land Raider kit. I don't normally advocate for replacements for existing kits where none is needed (I maintain the Carnifex kit is perfect for instance) but good grief, building that shoebox is an exercise in frustration. I'm still not sure if the seam at the back where the top plate meets the rear of the track horns is supposed to be smoothed off or not...

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I've built a total of 4 now. One of my own when it was brand new and the same for a friend, a painting commission I did for a guy in Canada that was long enough ago that he mailed me a check to buy the kit and pay for the paint job plus shipping back to him, and then this one. It's a shame the kit is so bad because I still like the way it looks but I'm never going to build another one.

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Spartan arrived and is in a shocking number of pieces. I've heard some personal accounts of it being much easier to assemble than the LR kit despite the part count.

Inspired by the Mini-Me B&C Reforged contest, I'm working on something I've wanted to do for years: a re-make of my original Brother-Chaplain Kage, who began life as an Imperial Fist but I hated painting yellow, so he became a Blood Angel instead (black with some red was much easier) and valiantly guided his jump pack Death Company every weekend for a little over a year at the LGS weekend tourney.



My first really involved conversion for 40k, both arms are two separate pieces made from several donors because no straight left arms existed back then and I needed a specific rotation of the right arm to handle the ridiculous length of the crozius I made. Here's an old, old pic before he took a tumble down some concrete stairs at the apartment complex I lived in back then.


Skull helms that weren't attached to metal chaplains were also hard to come by and this chopped down berzerker helm always looked too chaotic, even with the ears of Khorne removed.

With some digital kitbashing, I'm customizing some parts to print with the intention of sticking to the spirit of the original, but definitely making use of all the options available to me now.



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A few of the printed parts didn't turn out as well as I wanted (even with a second go), but I also found a piece of art that immediately changed my idea for a new chaplain build and most of the mis-printed parts won't end up being used anyway. I did find a nice skull helm that's somewhat close to the original, minus the chaos hints. Here it is on a random body and because the cured resin doesn't photograph all that well, what the model looked like in the slicer.



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