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Did some MK III for the tactical squad.




The targeter/bionic eye head on the sergeant isn't glued, I just wanted to see what it looked like.


I don't like MK II/III backpacks, so I'll probably use normal plastic ones (or possibly old 2nd edition ones).


I won't be doing the 5 MK IV boltgunners for now, to free up the points for some more interesting wargear for the remaining squads (like the combi-melta on the MK III sergeant).


Doing a MK III left-handed boltgunner will be an challenge :smile.:

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A couple more MK III tacticals. The multi-melta still needs a fair amount of work but I am basically pleased.




Next will be the left handed boltgunner looking left. I foresee a lot of swearing in my future...


After that it'll be the assault squads and Enkomi, their drop pods, and possibly even paint just around the time 7th lands.

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@Lorenzen: Yeah, literally just clipped it off and threw it together with dry pinning and blu-tac. I'll be able to put some thick shaped plastic card or something on the back of the multi-melta. Just wanted to see if it worked, which basically it does (which surprised me). Still a bit to do, like heat shaping the fuel cables so the actually touch for one :smile.:
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@Bam-Aod: Made them mate. Well, converted them.


MK III left handed one done. Wasn't quite as bad as I thought it would be.




They all need final positioning, green stuff filling, backpacks etc.


When I go above 1000 points I'll add a melta-gunner and someone lobbing a grenade.


As an aside I am aware the MK III are strictly fixed helms from a background viewpoint but given how little dynamism MK III have as is I thought...sod it :smile.:

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@batu: Thanks mate. The left handers are due to playing FPS games, like BF4. If you break left from a corner you take fire before being able to bring your weapon to bear. As I see marines as being ambidextrous it makes sense that they'd hold the gun in their left hand when doing that to acquire and fire ASAP.


The missus is away on Sunday so I am planning to get the assault squads done next. With 7th nearly upon us the plan is to be ready for a 1k battle in early June.


Once I start painting them I'll add a small narrative concept for each squad and sergeant and their anticipated short life expectancy :smile.:

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Well, the Minotaurs Mk III assault squads are fiddly so it is taking some time.


But 7th is here and I want something quick and easy to build to get a little 1K force on the table ASAP, and mess about with psychics. Also with the way detachments work now having lots of small thematic marine armies isn't actually a bad thing.


Fortunately I have the contents of 3 Dark Vengeance box sets knocking about and a fair few Dark Angel Command Veteran and Ravenwing conversion sprues.


I always fancied doing a lot of salvoing bolters with a Banner of Devastation backed up by some librarians with Divination (which all marines can take now now anyway) and power fields.


So it'll be very easy to get the 3 tactical squads done and I can do some interesting (converted) sergeants, command squad, and librarians (well one, the DV one is fine as he is).


The core to this is the banner (and associated command squad) and the librarians, boosting all those tactical bolters. Started on the banner and a tactical squad sergeant.




Oh, and there is a small 6 man devastator squad with missile launchers otherwise anything with an AV will just laugh :smile.:


It was seeing Totem Pole's Brother Baradiel that made me realise the DV lot will be Okay to use, and with a bit of Doghousing they shouldn't look too clone like.


Making scenic basis should help, and I'll be going for monastic rubble with these.

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@The_Chaplain: Thanks. Yeah, lots of little reliquaries hanging off it, and skulls, little shields (from grey knights) etc. I have some brass wire somewhere that looks like it'll be good for cord. Just working on a left handed robed command squad guy at the moment. Going to get the basic frames together then I'll morbidly monasticise them. I'll restrain myself on the rank and file or it'll defeat the point :smile.:


Edit: Then I went to the club last night, which is in a pub, where I got drunk, and the 1650 point mini-league was mentioned for early July now that 7th is here.


Which changes things somewhat...


I really enjoyed doing the DAs as quick concepts but now I want to do the army properly and the DV models may not make the cut without being...well....cut up properly Doghouse style. Which takes time, and with work I won't get that done in 5 weeks.


Also I have quite a lot of Minotaurs built, but as yet I am unclear one whether we are going to be able to use FW Chapter Tactics and Moloch etc. If yes, it'll be Minotaurs just because I'll have a chance to get them built and I was enjoying doing it.


However I bumped into an old mate at work that quit the hobby a long time ago and he has a stack of Black Templars to sell, and rhinos with FW doors, and several LR Crusaders, and termies with FW BT shields etc. Stripping these, blinging them with some FW brass etch I have knocking about and various BT bits as well means I could get an army done very quick. I always intended to do a very teutonic BT army at some point, upon which I would go mental with Grand Line rivets (like on my Doom Fists).


And of course I still have the Imperial Fists I partly did as well as a stack of part built tanks, rhinos etc.


So I am currently making a lot of lists in Quartermaster, and also rummaging in boxes and mini cases to see what can be quickly mustered if required.


Trying not to think about an allied detachment...

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Well, I got a load off minis of a mate. Black Templars mostly (lots of stuff, with various FW doors).


For playing though they will do as pieces until I eventually strip and redo them.


However they will do for Minotaurs for now which means I can play.


I have been working on the armour side though, as well as the various infantry squads above.


The armour (and some infantry) and my new chopping board:




The infantry (including various odd projects for my fists):




I was hoping to get the armour finished and maybe even undercoated and base airbrushed with bronze but I still have bits to finish on some tanks and the comtemptor Hecaton Palaemon to finish (well, build). Spent a while on giving his claw a meltagun as I noticed you could in IA2 2nd edition and FW don't seem to do one yet so I built one.


Have a 2k battle on Wednesday versus necrons to break myself into 7th so I will be doing some serious building for the next three evenings. No paint until next weekend at the earliest.

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