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BatRep Deathwing VS Ironhands


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Hi guys.


I know I've been slogging through the Tactica topic and busy building a table, but I recently had a chance to play against the new SM codex. I was expecting a good fight and got one. Sadly as I was making the batrep on vassal it crashed and corrupted my data. I have the first 3 or 4 turns mapped out, but I'll just have to explain the last few. Hopefully it'll be ok as you should have a great understanding of what was going on. Sorry guys... my Tech-marine is going to get a good talking too.



My List -Deathwing-



Belial TH/SS


5x DW Command Squad 5x Hammers, CML, SoF


5x DWK


10x DW 1x TH/SS, 2x Hvy Flamer




LRC Dzr blade, MM (I didn't have the pts for DWV. Wish me luck)





His List -Iron Hands-


Chapter Master Artificer Armor, Power Axe, Shield Eternal

Sevrin Loth (Forge World Lib)


5x Assault Terms x5 TH/SS

5x Terms Assault Cannon


10x Tac unit (combat squaded) unit 1 - combi-plasma Sargent, plasma unit 2 -missile launcher Rhino

10x Tac unit (combat squaded) unit 1 - combi-Melta Sargent, Melta unit 2 -missile launcher Rhino


ThunderFire Cannon

ThunderFire Cannon



He might have had a few more odds and ends but I don't remember.







For mission we rolled Big Guns Never Tire. I won the first turn and decided to take it. There wasn't a real reason why I choice to go first but with night fight I really wasn't afraid of his shooting and I knew where he'd have to deploy if he wanted the objectives.









I deployed my LRC in front of the DW terms that I had to footslog due to the reserve rule. Between the vehicle and the terrain they where completely hidden. I hate footslogging. I didn't have a premade 2k list and probably would build it different if I had more than 5 min to make it, but whatever. Any game is better than no game.


My opponent deployed his two Thunderfire cannons in a large ruined building. One on the ground floor and one on the top floor. I had fought against them before and knew that they can force a lot of wounds. Between that and gaining a VP for killing them I placed them high on my priority list. He had one combat squad armed with plasma in a small bunker. The other Tac units remained in there rhinos, Sevrin Loth joining one of them.


He kept this shooty terms in reserve along with the flyer. In his LRC his warlord and the hammernators waited.



He failed to seize and we were off...... *crosses fingers*





DW Turn 1


My Landraider "Shield of Absolution" rumbled forward. If fired at the tac marines but failed to kill anything. My poor foot sloggers ran for line of sight cover.





IH Turn 1


Gunning the Engines the Iron Hand Land Raider charged forward, it's multi-melta came to life aiming square at my LRC! He rolled a 2 and there was much rejoicing. Both Thunderfire cannons shot at the LRC trying to force diff terrain rolls for me.





DW Turn 2


Deathwing Assault!


With all his scoring units hidden I focused the one I could see, the unit in the bunker, killing only three. Damned awesome rolls. My DW command squad scattered to the left a little but stayed within range of Belial's group. The other DW Term unit scored a hit and came down on one of the objectives. I passed all the dangerous terrain rolls.


With only tough choices my DWC and DW term unit that just arrived shot at and killed one of the Thunderfire cannons! Whooo! that would save some lives. The foot slogging DW terms scored a hull point of damage but couldn't break one of the rhinos.


Bad luck showed it's ugly face and I only managed a glance against the enemy LRC. As it tired to move I failed my terrain test. luckily i had a dozer blade... another 1! Noooooooo!





IH Turn 2


His revenge was furious. Both his reserve units came in. They fired at the foot sloggers, killing two. Ugh.


His LRC turned and with a newly exited Tac unit, injured bunker unit and the Gunless Tech-marine two of Belial's Term's fell (including the Sarg).


His last TF Cannon shot at my newly arrived DW terminator squad. He scored several hits, but between armor saves and 2 FNP rolls no one died!


His Warlord and Assault Term squad charged Belial. Overwatch blazed on, but none of them fell. In the issuing combat he issued a challenge, with only Belial available I accepted. Thankfully he only had a Power Axe. I suppose I could have refused, but he wouldn't double me out and I had a 3+ invuln save compared to my terms who would have died on 5+.


Hammers fell and power fists crackled to life. Like thunderous gods they roared against each other. When it was said and done three of my precious Deathwing fell. He rolled great and not one of the humorless enemy died. I did score two wounds on his warlord, who promptly gained it back due to 'it will not die' after he delivered a wound back to Belial. I lost combat, but Belial refused to budge.


I could see how this was going to go.... I needed help.






DW Turn 3


My DWK charged out of the Shield of Absolution bent on killing the nearby IH Terms. I rolled big and they made it, losing one to over watch. Just my luck.

In the following combat they activated thier maces and killed the stunned Iron Hand elites to the man! they consolidated toward the enemy Rhinos. That was more like it!


The footsloggers shot again at a Rhino scoring another hull point of damage. Bah!


The DW command squad charged the Tech-marine on the ground floor, killing him easily. They consolidated closer to the second Thunderfire cannon on the second floor.


My LRC's Multi-Melta was on target this time and in a blinding flash and a bone shattering boom the enemy Landraider exploded, ceramite, unspent ammo and fuel showering the area. Muhahaha! I think I rubbed my hands together like a evil genius when that happened..


My free DW Term unit charged into the quagmire that Belial was in, hoping to win the bloody combat. In the exchange Belial's unit lost three more and the other DW unit lost 1. In return I killed two. Belial dealt 1 wound, and received one back. With one wound left Belial was doomed. His dice rolls where good and I lost combat again.


The 3+ invuln save they all had vs my 5+ invuln save on my DW terms was killing me.





IH Turn 3


One of his Tac units exited their wounded rhino and fired at the DWK, killing 1. Ugh.. my rolling was horrible today.


On the other side of the board the last Tac unit exited and with another combat squad and StormRaven fired on the DW command squad. Between armor saves and SoF.. no one died! My luck was like a roller coaster!


In combat I used heroic intervention, letting the Sargent from the newly arrived DW term unit take Belial's place in the Duel. Thank goodness! In the combat two of Belial's unit died, leaving only 1 left! The other DW unit lost 1. Gah.. his Assault Terms were really paying for themselves. In return Belial and the remaining terms killed the remaining hammernators. His warlord scored two wounds on my poor Sargent... but I rolled a 5 and 6 on his FNP roll and he LIVED!! I won combat!


His warlord rolled and failed! He ran and Belial consolidated toward the bunker objective. the other DW term unit moved back toward the objective that they DS on.


And then.......... Vassal ate the rest of my batrep....




I know.. I was bummed too...


I clicked and banged and cussed.... but to no avail.. It wasn't gonna work.



So what happened? did his Warlord rally, joined by a tac unit and bring the battle back to Belial? Did Servin Loth Vortex of doom my knights? What happened to the Command Squad.. did they reach the last thunderfire cannon before it unleashed death again?


You'll just have to wait unit tomorrow...



It's late and I'll.... aww screw it..


Turn 4


Belial multi-charged the two tac units in the bunker killing one and causing the other one to fall back.


The knights made the charge against Loth and his tac unit that had been firing at them. Without ap3 weapons the stayed in that combat for the rest of the game.


the DW command squad easily took down the last Thunderfire cannon earning me another VP.


He warlord was joined my a tac unit and failed to charge Belial.


Turn 5


I moved Belial away from his warlord, but was still close enough for Belial's last terminator to hold the bunker objective. On his turn he rolled bad and couldn't make the charge again.


And the game ended.



I held three objectives and had killed 2 heavy units (the LRC was a transport) and he held none.


Deathwing victory!





I know.. not as good as a vassal ending.. Sorry guys. I will force my computer to repent.






Over all it was a roller coaster game. Sevrin Loth didn't do much, which was unfortunate for him as he has good potential. He was able to kill a couple of knights but not enough.


The LRC duel was fun, but scary. It was really up in the air.


I was able to line of sight his thunderfire cannons for most of the game and negated them for the most part.


His assault terms ravaged belials unit, killing at least ten terminators! Their 3+ save and his dice were on fire.


His warlord was a beast and between 3+ invuln, eternal warrior, 6+ FNP, it will not die and his power axe there wasn't much I could do to stop him. Luckily he broke.


There was a few more odds and ends, but over all that was the game.


Thanks for reading guys.

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Nah it was 3+ for his SS. Sorry i wrote this fast. I'll go back and try to make it more clear.

Could just be me and my extreme tiredness to be honest! Sorry to hear about your batrep going kaput, it was a good read and good to know that even after such a mauling, a true son of the Lion can pull a victory out of the bag. Well played brother.

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Excellent report!  You know...your command squad makes me think of a bit of cheaterish cheese in the FAQ.  In intending to prevent you from having more than one deathwing champion, they removed the requirement that the deathwing champion be a member of the command squad.  If RAW were still in force (it's not, praised be the Emperor!), you could argue that, while you need a deathwing command squad to have access to a champion, he can be in ANY deathwing squad (but he can't replace the sergeant!)  After all, the new wording reads "one deathwing terminator in the army may"  http://image.bolterandchainsword.com//public/style_emoticons/default/teehee.gif   Under RAW, you could have a command squad of pure thundernator goodness, like you do, and still take the halberd in another squad.  Oh, by the way, the deathwing champion is a character, so you'd have two characters in that squad...perfect addition to the ten man DWA Belail surprise...more melee prowess and two gimps to take challenges for the boss!!!  Of course, this is all just idle talk, RAI is back in force, and it's obvious that the deathwing champion is intended to be the "sergeant" of the command squad.

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That bit about the champion is something I never thought of.  Looking around the internet people seem to think that you can't do that, but I think you are totally right that you can put the champion in any DW squad you want.


Fun BR good narrative forgin'.  I saw the one knight squad (I think? since vassal doesn't have Knights) had the term libby model but I didn't see that mentioned in the list?  Gotta say I'm glad he didn't have any centurions, I think that would have been a slightly harder battle for you.

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As written, the rules would seem to allow it, but "read as written" is no longer in force.  It's obvious that GW did not intend for you to put the champion anywhere but in the command squad, they were just a little thoughtless in the way they worded the FAQ whose only intent was to keep you from taking more than one champion.

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Great battle report as always Typher!


Though one thing, the TFCs are barrage now so they could have shot up your dudes out of LOS http://image.bolterandchainsword.com//public/style_emoticons/default/teehee.gif

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As written, the rules would seem to allow it, but "read as written" is no longer in force.  It's obvious that GW did not intend for you to put the champion anywhere but in the command squad, they were just a little thoughtless in the way they worded the FAQ whose only intent was to keep you from taking more than one champion.


Well this finally clarifies for me what 'RAW' meant.  I could sort of tell it meant a bizzaroland literalist reading of rules, but this helps now when I see the term flung around.


Thank you again Typher for another exicting Bat Rep!  I'm saddened you couldn't finish your Bat Rep images; harkens me back to the good ole' days of WD when they gave you an actual Bat Rep and not 'Let me show off all the new models for sale without giving any real description of what is taking place'.


Well done!  Victory over the 'Borg Marines'!

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Doesn't "It will not die" only regenerate one wound/hull point per turn?


Yup. He only regenerated 2 for the whole battle, each in separate turns. There was no way Belial could deal with that. For 215 pts his CM was a beast.

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Nice BatRep!


Shame about your Vassal those screen shots are great.


Don't be too hard on your Tech Marine...


The problem could be that while the First fought the Tenth and won, exposure to the tech of the Tenth was a bit too much for your Machine Spirits!

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Wow, and yet another case of tactics triumphs over even poor rolling. I always thought that Deathwing Armies can NEVER afford to have poor rolling, having not enough bodies as it is. I was really worried about the Thunderfire cannons forcing numerous wounds on your turn (not to metion Barrage being able to snipe at Belial) but in the end you pulled through.


Well done son of the Lion.

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Wow, and yet another case of tactics triumphs over even poor rolling. I always thought that Deathwing Armies can NEVER afford to have poor rolling, having not enough bodies as it is. I was really worried about the Thunderfire cannons forcing numerous wounds on your turn (not to metion Barrage being able to snipe at Belial) but in the end you pulled through.


Well done son of the Lion.

I've played this opponent before, so targeting the TFC are a priotity, as if they are left alone they can force a lot of wounds. Plus it was Big Guns.. so they were worth a VP each!

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Wanted to ask as well, what does Sevrin Loth do? How is he different from regular librarian?


Given how powerful librarians are these days, (actually psykers in general for sixth ed) I'm surprised you still won. What kind of powers was he rolling? I know regular librarians can't have divination, so how did he perform?

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Not great in this fight. He has great potential with being lvl 3, having votrex of doom, and. 2+ invuln.


I fought against him before if you check the Desthwing VS Spacemarine batrep



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