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Iron Hulks - The LV Grand Company of the IV Legion


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When you are going to give up, it will tell you to go on.

It’s in your body.

When your thoughts become weak, it tells you not to give in.

It’s in your mind.

Carry it with you all the time, on every battlefield and you are going to be victorious.

Its lessons are timeless.

When you are about to fall, it will whisper discipline, courage and power.

It has been given you these things.

So praise the Iron because without it you would be only a mere human.

Iron within, Iron without!


-The Glorification of Iron-


Hello followers of the dark paths. I welcome you to the awakening of my Iron Warriors army from the 55th Grand Company, known as the Iron Hulks. In this thread I will post some fluff and a lot of pictures of the units.


For a long time I wasn’t sure which Legion I should choose. Black Legion never came up, because they seem to be everywhere. The Alpha Legion would have been nice, especially after the novel “Legion”, but I always see them as a small task force behind the enemies lines, so when I’m going to use them, it will be as an additional detachment. I was really close to choose the Night Lords because of their psychological warfare, but again I see them as a small task force. The Word Bearers would Have been another choice for me (you can’t deny that they count many lunatic killers) but in the end I had to admit
that if I want a really great looking Word Bearer army, I would have to improve my conversation and painting skills (it was RazakelXIII fault, because his host looks so damn gorgeous that it destroyed my self-confidence http://image.bolterandchainsword.com//public/style_emoticons/default/cry.gif  http://image.bolterandchainsword.com//public/style_emoticons/default/msn-wink.gif ). It is really hard to great the unholy aura of such an host.


In the end I joined the great Iron Warriors. Storm of Iron was the first novel I read about Chaos Space Marines and I always liked their personality. They are logical, kind of psychopathic, paranoid, dark and use everything and everybody in order to reach their goal. Due to their logistical expertise and my other (real) life I also sensed mutuality. That and the great looking army of Insane Psychopath (really a great work http://image.bolterandchainsword.com//public/style_emoticons/default/thumbsup.gif ) convinced me to create a warband for the glory of the IV Legion and to devastate the weak fortresses of the Imperium.


Normally I have a busy life and more motivation to convert models than painting them. http://image.bolterandchainsword.com//public/style_emoticons/default/blush.png

To avoid any more delay of starting my Iron Warrior army, I joined the CALL OF CHAOS.


I think that was enough talk… now some pictures!!! http://image.bolterandchainsword.com//public/style_emoticons/default/wink.png


First my Warsmith Drayke (CoC Entry)

IMG 4713

IMG 4715

The Iron Immortals (CoC Entry)

IMG 4710

Dark Apostle Eduches

IMG 4718

IMG 4717

Obliterator *insert name here*

IMG 4719

IMG 4720

Terminator squad Indomitas

IMG 4723

Havoc Squad Desolator

IMG 4725



more to come http://image.bolterandchainsword.com//public/style_emoticons/default/wink.png

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It’s already some time since I posted something… I hope that the chaos entities won’t haunt me 
At least they won’t haunt me due to my vow in the recent Call of Chaos. But I wasn’t happy with the outcome so I added some details (and the quality of the pics were sh****) http://image.bolterandchainsword.com//public/style_emoticons/default/pinch.gif 
Because of some changes in my daily life I am quite sure to increase the amount of posts. I still have a lot of Iron Warriors to paint and assemble, so you are going to see a lot more of the great 55th Grand Company.


First my finished Warsmith

IMG 4785

IMG 4786


The Iron Immortals

IMG 4772

IMG 4774


and my very first Iron Warrior (the test model)

IMG 4779

IMG 4783


last but not least a squad of CSM WIP

IMG 4778



right now i work on the fluff... i hope it will be finished soon

hope you like the models http://image.bolterandchainsword.com//public/style_emoticons/default/whistlingW.gif

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It’s already some time since I posted something… I hope that the chaos entities won’t haunt me 


hope you like the models http://image.bolterandchainsword.com//public/style_emoticons/default/whistlingW.gif


It's all good, fellow Warsmith. Keep up the good work!

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@Max: thx, i will do my best http://image.bolterandchainsword.com//public/style_emoticons/default/cool.png


@deathspectersgt: sry, i have no clue how to insert bigger pics in threads http://image.bolterandchainsword.com//public/style_emoticons/default/blush.png

But if you klick on the images you can look at them in my gallery, where the pics should be big enough http://image.bolterandchainsword.com//public/style_emoticons/default/wink.png

and http://image.bolterandchainsword.com//public/style_emoticons/default/thanks.gif


@Lord Marshal: thanks, i hope you think the same when i publish the fluff http://image.bolterandchainsword.com//public/style_emoticons/default/laugh.png  (but that will take some time... damn writer's block http://image.bolterandchainsword.com//public/style_emoticons/default/censored.gif )

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did you meant like this? http://image.bolterandchainsword.com//public/style_emoticons/default/whistling.gif


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Today I present you some of the promised fluff http://image.bolterandchainsword.com//public/style_emoticons/default/yes.gif 
I had the core of the legend of the famous 55th Grand Company already some time in my mind… but I had problems to put it into a proper English version that is worthy of them. But now we can start:



During the Great Crusade Warsmith Prisintus led the 55th. At this time the forces of the Great Company were scattered across the whole Imperium of Man to maintain the security of its borders, especially in the region known as the Ghoul Stars. During their duty they fought bravely against any hostile force and protected Humanity from threats that now are unknown and lost in the depths of time.

But the border patrol was not their only duty. Some worlds on which the 55th had garrisons stationed bore noble earths that were important for the imperial machinery of war. They surveyed the extraction of these resources and invented a high advanced infrastructure system to transport the materials to different production sites of the Adeptus Mechanicum. One of these sites was the Manufactorum Complex Ceta 985 Primaris on a backwater world named Paludum. The main part of the 55th was assembled there to protect the important Mechanicum plants and to react to threats like Xenos-pirates in the system. Beside of a battle fleet of remarkable size, was the 55th also in control of a star fort.

“Protector of Armentha” was the name of this formidable star fort. It was smaller than a Ramilies class star fort, but still big enough to be used as a dockyard for several ships and had several immense Warp drives so that it could act in the whole sector and beyond it. The Protector was the base of the 55th and was the only thing they could call home. Due to their garrison duties they were far from other contingents of the IV Legion, not to speak of other imperial forces, and it was common that no warrior of the 55th would see Olympia for several decades.

When the Heresy took place the 55th followed their Primarch and Ceta 985 Primaris produced materials of war for the Traitor Legions. But denying their old oaths was no easy thing for them to do. A fast number of Legionaries descended from an old warrior cult on Olympia that trusted no one beside their brothers in arms. Honour, courage and conscientiousness were the pillars of this warrior cult and the heresy was against all of them. But they were also angry and wary regarding the way the Imperium of Man was going to take, and so they set their trust in their Primarch.

Around one Year before the Siege of Terra took place, the 55th got the order to send all products of Ceta 985 Primaris, together with the main part of the Legionaries, to the forces of the Warmaster. Warsmith Prisintus obeyed without hesitation, but he wasn’t going to travel with his soldiers. He was already a very old warrior with numerous bionics and past his zenith of strength, so he sent his second-in-command, Captain Drayke. Drayke was a former pupil of 1st captain Forrix, and like his teacher he was a master of logistics. He was a formidable warrior as well as a great politician. Prisintus was sure that the political finesse of his second-in-command would come handy if the 55th had to join with other Legions. Beside Captain Drayke, he also sent all the remaining Chaplains (I saw a name for IW Chaplains but I forgot it… any guesses???)  and Apothecaries with him, together with Draykes younger brother, and third-in-command, Captain Dantye.

Dantye was a better tactician and fighter than his older brother, but he was also a very introverted, calm and silent person (despite his curses during engagements… he looooves to curse in action). So due to his personality was Drayke always promoted before him. When Drayke and his strikeforce left Paludum, less than 100 Legionaries were left behind with Warsmith Prisitnus, to maintain the security and production quotas of Ceta 985 Primaris and the other plants in the sector.

The forces of the 55th arrived one week before the attack on Terra began and joined their Primarch in the battle preparations. During the Siege of Terra a lot of great victories were achieved by Drayke and his fellow Legionaries, but they also lost many battle brothers and friends there.

As the Emperor slayed Horus and the Traitor Legions fled Terra, was the 55th one of the last forces to leave Terra alive. At that time was Drayke on the edge of falling into a coma and Dantye suffered severe injuries.  By following the last orders of Captain Drayke, Chaplain Eduches picked all their fellow Traitor Legionaries, that were abandoned  by their own Legion, up and together they headed with the ships of the 55th for Paludum.

After a fierce escape and a long way home they arrived at the coordinates of Paludum. But at the time of their arrival the couldn’t make out the Protector of Armentha or any sign of the planet.



More to come http://image.bolterandchainsword.com//public/style_emoticons/default/wink.png

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Sorry for the long time away guys (and girls http://image.bolterandchainsword.com//public/style_emoticons/default/wink.png )
I started a new episode in my life and so I had other/boring things to do.
As soon as I organized my paint station in my new home, I will publish more pictures… but now to the second part of the story.http://image.bolterandchainsword.com//public/style_emoticons/default/sweat.gif




It was impossible! How can a mighty star fort, not to speak of the planet itself, vanish without a trace? All of the Iron Warriors felt like they were set free in the cold vacuum of space, when they realised that they lost another home. Olympia was the place of their origin, but after their long stay at Paludum, this was now their real home. With the purge of Olympia and now with the losing of Paludum they were homeless and lost. After 3 months of staying in the system they called once home, Dantye, who recoverd from his wounds, decided to return to Olympia. He was sure that elements of their Legion would regroup there and fight against the vengeful Loyalists.

Dantye offered the Legionaries they saved from Terra to give them one of their ships so that they can return to their own Legion. Some were grateful for this chance, others were doubtful if they should return to a Legion that left them without a word alone to die. In the end all foreign Space Marines decided to stay with their Saviours until they were able to make contact with their own Legion. Together the chances of survival were better than alone.

During their journey the little fleet raided all loyal ships and planets the came across, to replenish their stock of ammunition, fuel and food. In the end the ships of the patchwork force were full with supplies, enough to conquer several systems. Only a few light-years  away from Olympia got the fleet trapped in a warp storm. After 2 weeks in the storm did Drayke awake from his coma. Dantye was relieved that his brother was well again, but he noticed some kind of cold and alien aura around his captain.

Before he awoke had Drayke a vision of Olympia and how to get there, and together with a Librarian of the Thousand Sons called Ophris, they re-entered into real space near Olympia. But at that time laid the home world of the Iron Warriors Legion already under siege. The Iron Warriors and their fellow Legionaries realized that they were trapped in the warp for several years.

The fleet of the loyalists was too occupied with the bombardments and the siege of the planet and they were sure that no hostile threat, which would side with the traitors, was in the area. Because of that and a lot of luck (some would say the blessing of the dark gods) the little strike force was able to move near enough the planet so that they could contact their besieged brothers. In the end they came to the conclusion that not all of their brothers could be saved. But it was possible that they could save the majority of the gene-seed stock and with that the future of their Legion.

Three frigates of the Gladius class manoeuvred into an geostationary orbit, two bare of any Legion symbol and one with the signs of the Imperial fists which was captured during one of their previous raids, the bigger ships attacked the rear of the loyalists to throw their line into chaos. While the majority of the Drayke’s forces where en route to attack the loyalists, the three lonely frigates started an orbital bombardment at some already destroyed fortress, so that it seems that they were taking part into the siege. They also sent some empty transport ships and Stormbirds for “landing actions”. Dantye was the commander of this force, but the idea for this part of the plan came from the leader of the Alpha Legion forces that where part of their patchwork force. Until today the Iron Warriors know him only as Alpharius (oooooh what a surprise http://image.bolterandchainsword.com//public/style_emoticons/default/happy.png ).

Every time the landing ships returned to the frigates, they had been full with weaponry, wounded Iron Warriors and gene-seed. Only a little part of the evacuated Legionaries was more or less healthy. On Olympia were no Apothecaries and only few Techmarines and Librarian left when the frigates broke orbit. The securing of the gene seed was not finished, but Drayke and his ships had to flee the system after they lost 4 ships and were nearly surrounded by loyalist ships. And again they had the blessings of the dar…. Ehhh the fortune of the brave and bold on their side. The lost during the void fight only 38 Astartes and while they lost 4 ships they were able to capture a Vanguard cruiser from the Ultramarines (story will follow). Shortly after that, they withdraw to the Eye of Terror; the survivors had told them that their Primarch would be there.

After a long journey they arrived at Medrengard. Clad to meet their brothers all the Iron Warriors were in a state of euphoric enthusiasm. The Astartes of the other Legions where not so happy. They weren’t sure how their future would look like, and if they are going to leaf Medrengard alive. On their way through the Eye of Terror, they received some distressing news about the fight between the Traitor Legions and what they had become. The fleet was even attacked by a small force of World Eaters, but it was only a short one.  Although their ships were still in a bad shape after fleeing Olympia, they had enough firepower to obliterate the attacking force. 

When Drayke, Dantye and their fellow officers show up before the council of Warsmiths they were shocked. Perturabo was now a Daemon Primarch and also his Warsmiths were not the same as they used to be. Forrix, mentor of Drayke and master of the 1st Grand Company, lost some of the fire in his eyes. The Wasmith former known as Barban Falk had a dangerous and cold aura, while the bloodlust in Kroeger’s eyes would be more fitting for an insane Berserk of the World Eaters than for a Warsmith that should be master of cold logic. Warsmith Erezkna, who was highly respected by Dantye for his tactical fines, seemed to be swollen under his now rusty power armour and was spiting phlegm every few minutes.

Overcoming his disgust praised Captain Drayke the majestic Daemon Primarch (always the diplomat our Drayke) and presented the rescued gene-seed and a huge portion of weaponry and ammunition that they raided during their travel to Olympia. After listening silently to the report of Drayke, Perturabo promoted him to the rank of a Warsmith and allowed him to keep some of the gene-seed. He praised the actions of his new Warsmith and the 55th Grand Company. But he was unpleased to see Astartes of other Legions to set foot on his Daemon World, so he ordered to kill them. While Drayke was totally speechless to be ordered such an act of treachery, Dantye spoke boldly up. He was never a man of big words and so everyone was surprised about the flow of words that praised the teamwork of the 55th Grand Company with their new Battle-Brothers. With his cold logic and the prosaic nature of his speech, he was able to persuade the Primarch to let the other Legionaries life.

Some of the other Warsmiths, especially which suffered horrible losses due to fights with other Legions which were now part of the 55th Grand Company, were against that decision and their voices were loud. But Warsmith Drayke, who had pulled himself finally together, argued with them and used his diplomatic expertise (and some bribery) to silence them.

After this meeting the word get around that the both Iron Warrior brothers risked their life to save the other Astartes. Sure that they would never find such a trustful and honourable environment elsewhere in the Eye of Terror, and also because the saw and heard what had become of the Traitor Legion, they repainted their power armour in the colours of the 55th and swore Drayke and Dantye their allegiance. But now was the 55th an despised Grand Company and others would think they are a conglomerate of raiders, murders, half breeds and weaklings, nothing more.

The warriors of the 55th Grand Company think of themselves as a (nearly) perfect siege force. They have the intelligence experts of the Alpha Legion, the fierceness of the World Eaters, the unnatural forces of the Warp (because of the few Sorcerers of the Thousand Sons), the durable Death Guard, the frightening Night Lords, the fanatic Word Bearers, the perfectionistic Emperors Children and of course the masters of siege warfare, the Iron Warriors.

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Hello fellow slayers of man, scourge of the imperium, follower of chaos!



I am really sorry about the long silence of this thread. Due to a long lasting Warpstorm (called real life) I was unable to continue my Iron Hulks. As an apology I will present you another story and vow to attend the Call of Chaos… as soon as I decided which units I will take http://image.bolterandchainsword.com//public/style_emoticons/default/msn-wink.gif



So her is the story:




Time: During the Siege of Olympia

Where: Space somewhere near Olympia


Slowly he opened his eye. Why could he only open one eye? He reached with his hand to his face to search for the reason of his half sight. He was glad when he noticed that the left half of his face was just too swollen as that he could open his eye. But why was it so swollen?


He scrambled up and stood finally on his shaggy feet. As his hearing came back like when you dive up from deep waters, he noticed that he wasn’t able to hear anything until a moment ago. With his good eye he saw the bridge of a space ship. But there was no sign of the organized and busy atmosphere that was common for an Astartes ship. Some of the consoles stood aflame, pipes and wires dangled from the roof and cogitators spurted sparks and everywhere lay bodies. The bright flames hurt his open eye. As he saw the stubby form of Sergeant Quirk from the Death Guard bellowing orders, he realized where he was.


It was the Durable Maid, a Dictator Cruiser of the Death Guard Legion. The Maid is a formidable ship which Aircrafts supported his Legion on Terra and it saved his life from dying on the same planet. Although it was the ship of another Legion, he started to like it during their journey from Terra to Paludum and from there to Olympia. He corrected himself: the Durable Maid WAS a formidable ship. They are in the middle of a void war over Olympia and the Durable Maid had suffered a lot since the diversion attack began.


“Did our little Night Lord fall?” asked Quirk with his raw voice as Methus stumbled to him. “I was sleeping, but your rough flight style woke me up, captain,” was the mumbled reply. Damn, he wasn’t able to talk properly because of that swelling. Quirk squinted as always when Methus called him captain. Quirk had the highest rank of the Death Guards on this ship, and so he was the commander of it after the real Captain died on Terra.


The Maid shook as she got hitten again. “Void Shilds in Sector 33 are collapsing! Several hull breaks on deck 10,” screamed a naval officer from his console. “Damn Ultramarines! Their Nova’s are hitting us while we are occupied with their Light Cruisers. If I could get these Nova’s just into her hair cross.” Quirk seemed more depressed than ever since he became the Maids commander.


Methus wanted to ask why it was impossible to shoot at them, but then he remembered that one of the first lance strikes the Maid had suffered destroyed the long range target systems. He moved to a still working console and looked at its readings. It was bad. It was really bad. Even worse than during their escape from the Sol system. He was no man of Void fights, but even he knew that the Durable Maid is near her end. If the readings were right, it was a miracle that the maid was still manoeuvrable and could fight back.


A battered Apothecary from the Word Bearers came and tried to fix the swollen face of Methus. He cut it open, so that the impound blood could escape and sprayed something on the wound to cool the swelling. Due to that and his enhanced physiology he would be able to see on both eyes in a few minutes. But only if they are going to survive long enough.


In its actual stat it was impossible for the Maid to escape, they have to abandon her. But to which place could they flee? Olympia was too far away and is going to die soon enough. They won’t be able to travel to another ship of their fleet, there are too many enemies between them and their allies as that they would survive that. Was there no other option?


“Why is this ship not firing at us?” asked an Iron Warrior named Lyn’trec. Methus and Quirk ran to the screen where Lyn’trec stood. “It is a Vanguard Class Strike Cruiser. We are probably out of its efficient Weapon range. Its offensive weapons have not such a great range. But its defensive systems are devastating,” answered the Death Guard Sergeant. “Or we are to less of a thread to them.”


Methus put a murderous smile on his face. Due to his swellings it looked even more gruesome than it would look normally with his gaunt, pale face. “Even the strongest shield will be useless against a dagger in the back,” mumbled he when I walked to the injured Manoeuvre officer.


Sergeant Quirk looked confused but Lyn’trec began also to grin. “Did he loose his mind? What does he mean with a dagger?” asked the Death Guard. “He wants to attack the Cruiser in its rear sectors,” answered the other Legionnaire. “I repeat my question: Did he loose his mind? How should we do that?” The Night Lord answered without looking up from the manoeuvre console. “We are going to vent some plasma and oxygen so that it looks like we got a critical hit, while we drift slowly towards the Vanguard Cruiser. As soon as we are near enough to board it, we are going to move with full trust even nearer. We have to use every Drop Pod, Assault Boat and Ship to evacuate the people. The first wave will consist of Battle Brothers to consolidate a bridgehead; the mortals will be in the second wave.”


“You are insane! That will never work out. The Assault Boats will be vaporized by the defensive systems… if we can get even near enough to try it,” grunted Quirk suspiciously. Then he sighed and added “But it is the only thing that we can do in this situation. That, or a suicide attack. Let us get started!”



“Durable Maid, Durable Maid! Do you read me? This is Dantye.” The voice was nearly not understandable over the heavy static bursts of the damaged Vox speakers. “Quirk speaking. We can read you.”


“What the hell are you doing? I ordered you to retreat 10 minutes ago, and now you stopped your engines and your damn batteries are also silent. Are you already dead or do you want to die so badly that you are not defending yourself? I want to hear a damn good explanation why you risk so many lives with such a move, or I swear that I will come over and haunt your sorry remains after I cleaned here up!”


Quirk and Methus looked silently at each other. They knew the second-in command of the Iron Warrios well enough to notice the slight timbre of grief in his voice. The Captain knew that the Durable Maid was done for. Dantye was always a very calm person, but in engagements, especially in desperate situations like this, he swore so much and with such creativity that any gang member back on Nostramo would be ashamed. Like an affirmation they could hear another, very colourful, curse out of the voxspeakers. “… polluted asses! I want an answer why you are not retreating!”


“We wouldn’t survive a retreat. The Maid is surrounded and we lost nearly all of our weapon systems. But we have a plan how to save as many peoples as possible… you only have to trust us, Sir.”


“Should I ever see your face again... I will break your ugly nose! Dantye over and out!” and with that the connection was cut. Methus looked at Quirk and said “We all know that you are his sweetheart. Now let us start this suicide mission.” The Death Guard spit on the floor and muttered “When the Iron Warrior break my nose, I will break yours.” He was still angry about giving up the Maid, but he could see the sense behind their planned actions.



Lyn’trec put his Boarding Shild in place and looked at the other two officers. “My Iron Warriors are going to be the first wave. Sergeant Methus and his assault marines will attack the machine room. Sergeant Quirk and his squads will conquer the armoury and after that we will besiege the bridge. Any suggestions?” “The fourth Legion and their sieges. You would besiege even a nun, just for the fun, wouldn’t you?” chuckled the Night Lord. While checking his Bolter Lyn´trec answered with his monotone voice “If it is reasonable and logical… why not?”


Methus chuckeld and turned to his friend Quirk. It was rare for him to call someone a friend, especially outside from his own Legion. He wanted to tell him that it was time for him to take his seat in the boarding ship. Suddenly he felt a sudden pain in the middle of his face and stumbled back into the small ship. Blood ran down his chin and he could see how Quirk turned away and closed the door, which connected the boarding ship with the Durable Maid. Before the door was completely closed, Methus could hear how Quirk said “Dantye would break my nose if I leave the Maid. Unfortunately I can’t let her die alone. I hope that your broken nose compensate him for my stubbornness. Sorry Methus, my friend, my… brother.”


With a hiss the door shut and the light in the compartment changed from a dull with to a dim red, but Methus wasn’t sure if it was the light of the boarding ship or his ascending rage. He fought on Terra, Erinka V and many more battlefields together with Quirk and now, after all this fights, he betrayed him to sheed blood with his brother in arms again. First his cousin in the alleys of Nostramos suburbs. Then his former Sergeant on the fields of Ormount, the Ultramarines in the Xerta system and his Primarch on Terra. Finally his brother Quirk.


Although Quriks betrayal wasn’t as life threatening as the other ones, it hurts the most. Not the broken nose was an issue here... it was the denial of a last stand together. He knew that only in death he would see his friend again… he will bring a lot of enemies with him, so that they can fight them again in the afterlife. As he clenched his fists, his Power Claws activated and in the red light of the boarding ship, they already looked like they were covered in blood.



“Ensing, activate the engines and bring us near the Strike Cruiser. Weapon officer, if we have any torpedo bays left, fire everything at their front decks. As soon as they target these torpedoes, send the boarding ships on their way! Let us see what our sweet Maid can achieve when she is mad.” Quirk knew that everybody on the ship will die very soon, but he was happy. He would have preferred to fight alongside his new comrades and his brother Methus, but he had his obligations. Only in death ends the service and damn what service. He will guard the Durable Maid on her way to the death.


(sry for the bad grammer and spelling errors... but its already 2 in the morning http://image.bolterandchainsword.com//public/style_emoticons/default/tongue.png )

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My first entry for the actual Call of Chaos!!!
The following units will join the warband of the Iron Hulks:


Dark Apostle Eduches (well, i is already part of the 55th Grand Company, but i had no time to paint him)

IMG 4718

IMG 4717


The Mutilator *insert name here*

IMG 5375

IMG 5376


My second Obliterator *insert name here*

IMG 5380

IMG 5381

I personally like him better than my first one... is it bc of the terminator armor or the weapon choice???


A 10 men Squad of Chaos Space Marines with CCW and the Mark of the Khorne

IMG 5384

IMG 5386

IMG 5391

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Back from the dead http://image.bolterandchainsword.com//public/style_emoticons/default/ph34r.png 
Life got in my way, so I had to stop visiting B&C
But now I'm back http://image.bolterandchainsword.com//public/style_emoticons/default/msn-wink.gif 
I will post some recent pics of my Iron Hulks next week http://image.bolterandchainsword.com//public/style_emoticons/default/biggrin.png

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Some pics of my recent project: 30k Iron Warriors http://image.bolterandchainsword.com//public/style_emoticons/default/Elite.gif


First of my Siege Breaker/Forrix 



Next are the first of my Iron Havocs. What do you think of the sarge with Lasconnon? I know that MK VI is not that common for the Iron Warriors, but the Iron Hulks test a lot of weapons and armor for the Mechanicum... so it should be okay http://image.bolterandchainsword.com//public/style_emoticons/default/sweat.gif




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Looks good mate. I wouldn't worry about the MK VI marine, the old "this legion only had these marks of armour..." has kind of gone out the window now. ;)


The way I personally have always seen armour marks is more down to when the army is set in the heresy time line, really any late crusade era or heresy era army is going to have access to the later marks of armour due to the shift in when the armour was accessible to the Legion. There was a time when MK VI armour was only around at the time of the Siege of Terra but like a lot of things Heresy related this was retconned so it's perfectly plausible for your lascannon guy to have it. :)

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