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IVth Legion, 105th Grand Battalion


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(Quick note: If this is the wrong forum for this, I apologise, but it didn't seem to fit into the Army List forum either so erred on the side of the forum that more often has pretty pictures...)

Hello all!


So like most of us, I've decided to embark upon a 30k army project, mostly due to my regular gaming group already working one several of their own. We currently have a player with a Salamanders and Emperors Children army, a player with Loyalist Death Guard, and a player with Traitor Death Guard. My choice for my first Legion was pretty much a no brainer for me - the IVth. What can I say, Storm of iron was my first 40k novel and I loved it! http://image.bolterandchainsword.com//public/style_emoticons/default/biggrin.png

Anyway, with a nice hefty preorder placed which will be picked up this weekend, I figured it would be nice to try to attempt to chart my progress through such an endeavour. My idea was to create the 30k version of my current IW army, a splinter forge that dwelled within a spacehulk known as the Sin of Logic. The result is the Truth of Logic Project, which will be effectively me building an army to represent the kind of force on would find on a Space Marine cruiser. So yes, Zone Mortalis will be involved at some point. In that far, far, faaaaar future though...

Moving on! Thanks to the lovely folks on these very boards, I have some idea of what the Iron Warriors have, so my preorder for Salute included not only Book 3: Extermination, but also:

  • A Mk3 Command set
  • A Legion Squad Power Weapon pack
  • The 30 Legion Tactical Squad bundle (split to form a 20 man unit and a ten man unit respectively)
  • 25 Breachers (to make a full 20 man unit, and leave me some spares to equip my characters with boarding shields)
  • Mk3 Command Upgrade (for the Breachers)

These will provide me with 1 HQ and 3 troops, which is the minimum Force Org. required to run the Hammer of Olympia RoW. Said HQ being a siege breaker of course. Gotta love those phosphex bombs! I am mainly intending to use Mk3 and Mk2 armour throughout the army, to represent being relatively low on the priority list when it comes to being issues new equipment. I'll also probably add a Mechanicum contingent sometime in the future to represent the forces maintaining the engines and other systems of the Truth of Logic.


For now, that's all sadly, but I'll be sure to post an update once I have all the shiny goodies in my grip after this weekend!



Iron Warriors 105th Grand Battalion

Slate of Organisation and Equipment


The 4th Legion, commanded by Perturabo.

105th Grand Battalion, led by Warsmith Kobol. Commands the battleship The Truth of Logic.


The Logis Guard - Honour Guard assigned to Kobol.

Champion Ferite - Battalion Champion

Librarian Escher

Chaplain Deesel

Vigilator Haskell


105th Grand Battalion Dispositions


1st Grand Company

RIte of War: Pride of the Legion

Force Org: Age of Darkness

Captain Midas (1st Company Commander. Commands the cruiser Ironwrought)

The Hammer - Terminators.

The Anvil - Terminators.


2nd Grand Company

Rite of War ---

Force Org: Castellum

Captain Axiom (2nd Company Commander).

Master of Signal Bertrand Konnig.

Squad Iolaus – Twenty man tactical squad.

Squad Orestes – Twenty man tactical squad.

Squad Lyceus – Twenty man breacher squad.

Squad Borias –

Squad Draco –

Squad Solan –

Squad Salmoneus – Recon squad with sniper rifles.

Squad Autolycus – Recon squad.

Demi-Squad Minos – Five man heavy support squad with autocannons.

Dreadnought Talon - Iphicles, Mabon, Bahadur


3rd Grand Company

Rite of War: Hammer of Olympia

Force Org: Onslaught

Siege Breaker Cython (3rd Company Commander)

Vice-Captain Alef (Delegatus)


8th Grand Company - The Knightslayers

Rite of War: N/A

Force Org: Age of Darkness

Captain Comal (8th Company Commander)


The Armory

Forge Lord Godel

Praevian Cotlin

Moritat Idris

Destroyer Squad

Dreadnought - Momus

Cerberus Heavy Tank Destroyer - The Rook



Primaris Medicae Janus

Apothecary Jason

Apothecary Deon


Mechanicum Auxiliaries

Magos Teferii

Formation Djinn - Thallax Cohort

Formation Hadhayosh - Castellax Cohort

Formation Shadhahvar - Vorclex Cohort



Wall of Martyrs



The Truth of Logic - Battleship

Ironwrought - Cruiser

Forlorn Hope - Cobra Destroyer (Crew: 5 marines, 50 serfs).

Iron Will - Cobra Destroyer (Crew: 5 marines, 50 serfs).


The Dropsite Massacre

Cotlin's Hunt


The War for Bar'nt

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Jaspcat: Feel free. It's based off the Legion Organisation chart in Book 1: Betrayal.


And making a note here before I froget: Shipmaster Kobol will most likely use Erasmus Golg's rules, and will probably be made up of an IH Iron Father, a Preator and various Cataphract bits. Hmmm, maybe use the arms off Tyberos the Red Wake....

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Warsmith of the 105th Grand Battalion, "The Voidclaw", Master of the Truth of Logic





Captain of the The Truth of Logic, Kobol is an Olympian by birth, and took part in the razing of his own homeworld with nary a word. Quiet and competent, he has risen through the ranks of his Legion thanks to fortune as much as thanks to his skills. He has proven himself an able starship commander, specialising in boarding assaults. This came about from his penchant to treat enemy ships as more fortresses to fall beneath the hammer that is the IVth.


Currently, he and his ship have been left behind to take part in the extermination of loyalist survivors on Istvaan V.


Warsmith Kobol - 230pts

Twin Lightning Claws

Cataphractii Armour


Iron Halo

Cortex Controller



NOTE: Special thanks to my friend DigitalFlash for gifting me the 3rd party shoulderpads! ...and for assembling this before I could get it back XD It's basically the Iron Hands Forge Father with Tyberos the Red Wake's arms. In friendly games we let him have a lighting claw and a chainfist as his two weapons...

EDIT: Removed Pts cost of equipment for fear of potentially violating rules. Thanks to lokkorex for pointing that out.

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Moritat of the 105th Grand Battalion




One of the few terrans left within the ranks of the 105th, Idris once served in the assault contingent of the Truth of Logic before his poor leadership during the taking of the xeno vessel known as the Scarred Star resulted in his squad failing their objective to take the bridge. He alone survived, dragging his half functioning body back to the boarding craft to await aid. As punishment, Kobol appointed him as the company's Moritat, tasked with stalking the corridors of enemy ships and wiping out any targets of opportunity. Further, his armour was marked with honor emblems to make him a priority target for enemies, making him also a distraction during boarding actions.


During the dropsite massacre, Idris was tasked with holding one of the outlying bunkers making up the Iron Warriors defences, classified as Outpost T34, when it came under attack by Salamander forces. Though he managed to slay the enemy commander, the vengeful cataphracts of the Salamanders levelled the building he had taken cover in. Buried in the rubble for two days, he was finally dug out by Kobol and Janus when they arrived with forces to investigate what had happened.


He is currently on assignment on the plains of Istvaan V.


Moritat Idris - 125pts

Artificer Armour

Refractor Field

2x Volkite Serpenta

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Primaris Medicae of the 105th Grand Battalion


A warrior who was inducted into the Legion at the same time as Kobol, Janus undertook apothecary training soon after becoming a full marine. His talent in the field of medicine and surgery was soon recognised, and he often found himself assigned to honor guard units. Thanks to his talents, he and those he served alongisde managed to survive time and time again, until he was finally rewarded with the position of Primaris Medicae. Recently, Janus was 'gifted' with a suit of Terminator armour by the Emperors Children in return for the safe return of their geneseed that he had harvested upon the plains of Istvaan V.

The apothecary has proven himself an absolutely lethal fighter, applying his knowledge of anatomy to land crippling blows on his enemies. His reductor has reaped a bloody tally upon loyalist forces deployed to the Istvaan system. Janus is currently stationed aboard the Truth of Logic, performing his duties as part of the 105th Grand Battalion's Apothecarion.

Primaris Medicae Janus - 137pts
Terminator Armour

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Siege Breaker of the 105th Grand Battalion, Commander of the 2nd Company






Born of Olympia, Cython always preferred construction to destruction. Born to a family of architects, he was nevertheless called upon to serve the IVth Legion, and proved himself worthy of ascension. Even when he became a marine, Cython preferred more scholarly pursuits, spedning large amounts of time studying various literary works as well as mathematical theorems, building upon his architectural knowledge. Kobol saw the warrior's talent at identifying weak points in fortifications, and assigned him to the Truth of Logic's assault forces, trusting him to direct the offense whenever the Warsmith was unavailable.


Cython stands ready to deploy to Istvaan V upon the location of the main force of surviving loyalists.


Siege Breaker Cython - 170pts

Artificer Armour

Thunder Hammer

Boarding Shield

3x Phosphex bombs

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Ah one of the finest Warsmiths graces me with his presence ^_^


Thank you for the praise! Now a queastion to the folks of B&C - what is the color scheme for Horus Heresy era Apothecaries? And Apothecaries in Terminator armour?

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As far as I know Heresy-era apothecaries wore their legion's colours with small splashes of white - most likely the shoulder pad that has the Prime Helix on it, and possibly a knee pad as well.
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Some really nice stuff so far brother!


If I was painting an Apothecary, I would likely only paint the narthecium white, and the rest of the model in the regular colours.

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Tactical squad, "The Homeguard"




A unit that has spent much of its existence serving aboard the Truth of Logic, Squad Iolaus has earned the name "The Homeguard" for their frequent garrisson postings. Having served as the guardians of the ship's bridge for a century now, they are often viewed as well suited to holding fortifications. The unit's sergeant, Iolaus, is a loud and almost boisterous warrior, weilding a heavy chainsword to cut down any who would face him.


Squad Iolaus was last deployed on Istvaan V, holding Outpost T34. Contact was lost when they came under attack by forces of the Salamanders legion, but a relief force led by Kobol and Janus discovered the wreckage of the outpost two days later. The Salamanders had broken through, but had paid a heavy price. Iolaus had survived the battle, his leg smashed by a thunder hammer, and had fallen into a coma. Janus made sure to retrieve the sergeant, and since then he has rebuilt the Homeguard with recently promoted scouts.


Squad Iolaus - 315pts

10 additional Legion Space Marines

20 additional combat blades

Legion vexilla


Heavy chainsword

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So, after a period of inactivity I'm back! Work and life threw me into a blender but I'm gonna be aiming to finish off all my current stuff by October in time for a local Armies on Parade event.


In the interests of making my army more "canonical" I've got my hands on some foritifactions (Wall of Martyrs + Bunker) and a full nine man unit of Thallax. I must say, Thallax are kinda daunting at first when it comes to assembly...


Also, I doubt they'll prove instrumental in any game I play, but a nine man thallax cohort acting as Kobol's bodyguards looks kinda cool. Also, the anti-infiltration measure works for playing heavily on the defensive...


Going to have my first Heresy game this weekend. Against an Imperial Fists force led by Sigismund. Yeah, it's probably gonna go badly for me ^_^ 

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I'm a wannabe writer so I love making an army with character too! Recently got a unit of Thallax which are SO fun to use! Sadly, my army as it currently stnads is a frustrating tar pit for my enemies and little else - need to figure out some sort of damage dealing...

ANyway, this weekend, the Truth of Logic force had a clash against the eternal enemies that are the Imperial Fists in a game we dubbed "Rattling the Cage". A force of Templar Bretheren and Phalanx Wardens stormed a small outpost held by the Iron Warriors.


And pretty much curb-stomped them. Final tally of VPs was 8:2, at 1750 pts. It was a damn fun game, and very characterful. Next on my to-get list: Iron Havocs to garrison my bunker.

For those of you interested, we played the second mission from Stronghold Assault, and will be trying to play a follow up sometime next month after we get reinforcements for our armies.

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So, in the time since last I reported, my IW found themselves facing another Legion - the Salamanders. A 2000pt game, with my IW holding an outpost supported with two battlecannons against breachers and terminators. The battlecannon weapon batteries earned their value again and again, effecitvely shelling the Salamanders, but the star of the battle was my Moritat, who on the second turn wiped out half a unit of terminators and the enemy preator in a Chain Shot attack. Of course, he died immediately after when the remaining terminators collapsed the building on his head...


Meanwhile, the breachers charged my troops manning the trenches, and both of their attached apotheecaries issued challenges my sergeants answered. The duels involved were the stuff of legend, lasting a full three turns before my sergeants finally fell (our dice were cursed - my opponent couldn't hit, I couldn't wound!)

The mission was the third from Stronghold Assault (Last Stand I believe it's called), and the final VPs were 15:8 in favor of the Salamanders. But it was a great game, and I managed to force a pyrhic victory upon my opponent.


In other words, a perfect Dropsite Massacre game :D

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Thallax Cohort




A thallax cohort attached to the 105th Grand Battalion, Formation Djinn has gone through many masters before falling under Warsmith Kobol's command. They are often consigned to the Truth of Logic's engineerium, defending the tech-priests within against boarders. However, their blank faces unnerve most of the crew, and as such they are rarely deployed in other parts of the ship. This confinement doesn't bother the thallax themselves, nor the manner in which they are wielded in combat by Kobol and his sub-ordinates - as little more than fodder.

Magos Teferii frowns upon such wastefulness, but there is no lack of supplies from which to replenish Formation Djinn's numbers on board.


Formation Djinn - 420pts

6 Additional Thallax

9 Heavy Chainblades

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Captain of the 105th Grand Battalion




Axiom is a native of Olympia, who has earned a reputation for being level-headed in all things. He steadily rose through the ranks thanks to his ability to always see things clearly, first as scout, then as a battle-brother, and then a veteran. Always stoic and never panicking, Axiom is a solid and reliable officer, though he lacks enough initiative to advance further within the ranks. Ever since he was a scout, Axiom has carried the same plasma gun into every battle, keeping the weapon with him as he became a full space marine, and maintaining it over the years until he became a veteran. Then, finally, in a battle against Eldar raiders, the gun malfunctioned and went into meltdown.


In need of a weapon, Axiom salvaged a bolter from a fallen marine and continued to fight. After the battle however, he took the remains of his plasma gun to the armoury aboard the Truth of Logic. The weapon was beyond repair, so instead Axiom had it merged with the scavenged bolter, creating his combi-weapon.


Captain Axiom - 105pts



Refractor field

Artificer armour

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Thanks for the praise!


Painting up Squad Iolaus now, and built half of Squad Borias. Also got my hands on some Skitarii to make my "counts as" Solar Auxilia - the Household Guard of the Knight House allied with Kobol. Will post pics of those when i get home (sadly running low on parts so only have about four assembled).


Should I post pictures of my completed fortifications too? ^_^ (as the Enfield Eviscerators say, they play 30k, I play tower defence :P)

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