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Fangbangers of Fenris: vanquish 2015


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Hey y'all and welcome to my plog!


Kinda new to all this so bare with me....


So I started back into 40k by joining an esscalation league at my local club. I figured it would be good to start something on here to coincide with it to keep me motivated and add another dimension to my hobby.


After a little bit of army swapping over the past year, I have decided to roll out a space wolves army. No idea why as when I started looking at 40k again, I found the idea of thunder wolves massively Derby..


Yet here I am with my first 500 points.....a champions of fenris detachment....of thunder wolves....




The army consists of:


Harald deathwolf


5 fenrisian wolves

2 servitors


This is taken as a company of the great wolf detachment (the servitors serve as the elite tax). I figured this to be quite strong and a good core to build the army around.


I toyed with colours for a while. Didn't like the baby blue standard, felt the was too many grey ones about and so opted for a blue/turquoise sort of thing:




Here are some other images of my work thus far:









Still got heads, wepons and some final details/washing to do, as well as adding snow to the TWC but I am quite happy so far. We get hobby points for completed units at the start of each month so nothing required this month, but try our first game of febuary, we have to have our core 500points painted.


This weekend I had my first matche's for the league. We have to play 3 a month and these where to be my first 40k games, not off to a good start....


game 1: tyranids


This guy has 2 flyrants and 2 spores. With me only having bolt pistols, I called it a day after turn 3...


Game 2: dark eldar


A bit better this time, I made it to turn 5 before getting tabled! He had 2 raiders, 2 vipers, some wracks and other pieces. The wolves could not handle the amount of shots but did do some über damage in close combat. Still, a loss is a loss!


Game 3: nids again


This guys list was a crone and a flyrant....so we both agreed that this wouldn't be much fun and so he fielded a different list instead:



5 stealers with broolord

Ripper swarms

2 biovores


And at last...a fun game! These TWC are beasts in cc! Was a good match up and needed in me winning 9 points to 7! A real friendly guy who said we can have our own separate league games with him using this list instead of hi beast list to make it more fun!


Overall an interesting start, just need to get my head around rules etc...!


Any comments or criticism both positive and negative greatly welcomed and appreciated


Thanks for reading!

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Nice work there, look forward to seeing more. Nice to see different colour schemes. Only thing is the name "fangbanger" http://image.bolterandchainsword.com//public/style_emoticons/default/no.gif, thats for the Baal crowd.

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The blue turquoise ais a really nice change up and still looks space wolves-ish. I have to admit, blue-turquoise had me envisoning wolves in Alpha Legin colours, but no. You really pulled it out of the bag with this one!! Haralds shield almost looks NMM..

The bases are pretty awesome too

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"Come at me bro"




As you can see, we have faces now!






A bit Derpy but I will get the hang of it one day!


Still left to do:


Wolf details

Snow on bases

Finish weapons

Shoulder pads


Fine details


All that...and the next 250pts...




Oh and these flangy things. They are going to be my servitors. I hate the actual servitor model and necromunda pit slaves are too expensive on eBay.




On the gaming side, first 750 battle!


I added the above and another TWC and played around with some load outs. My match up was against jason, our leagues eldar player. We chose maelstrom and his list was the following


1 x wraith knight

1 x wave serpent with dire avengers

5 x warp spiders

3 x jet bike

3 x jet bike





So we deployed at opposite corners and I knew from the start trying take units out will be hard so concentrated on my malestrom missions and I got pretty lucky!


The objectives the servitors where sat on cropped up a couple of times while the pod and marines managed to get another before being scrubbed out. The TWC unit managed to bag me one in the middle of the board before being totally destroyed bar 1 meanwhile herald and his pet dogs claimed another 2 and the only thing left on the board for me. But joy among joys the game did not go on and I won on malestrom 9-7!


Those eldar have some nifty old tricks. My TWC never saw combat yet their speed helped clench the win.


First official fang bang and points on the table but the lack of fire power is very noticeable. Any ideas for the next 250?


In the words of Rufio...




Oh and clipping bits from sprues is getting old quickly

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  • 2 weeks later...

What up fellow hobbyists


Been doing some gaming latley and finished my 750 point league games off...


First up was a guard gun line. I have no idea what he had. Just some squads and a lemon russ variation of some kind.




Anyway, got my tic tacs all wrong for this one....tried being sneaky sneaky and running up the side but alas, just took too long to get into combat.




I also got the outflank rule totally confused which might have changed things, but either way he did me on malstrom. Not befor badman harald took,down the tank and a comand squad with only 1 wound and no wolfies remaining. champ


Today was up against crons. He had a couple of barge things, I transport scythe thing and 2 squads of warriors. This, was a tight affair...


The TWC squad absolutely demolished a squad of warriors early on while,his warlord in a rage took,on my marine squad that had prodded in at the back. Whilst locked in combat, harald and his pups outflanked next to them and managed to get in amongst it the turn after finally taking him down the turn after. Damn regeneration...


All the while the pack got shot to :cuss.


This went the full 7 turns. If it had ended at 5 it would of been mine but the last 2 turns saw us both trying to gran those last few injections to seal the deal




Great game finished 10 a piece with 3 kill points each also



In the nerd cave however the grey tide has turned White (not in a racist way....)




With all the league games done for this month, it is full steam ahead with the painting. Although my crappy chinease airbrush died so,awaiting the arrival of my h&s ultra. So looking forward to busting that out!


Will post back soon with the results



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I've thought of making a melta arm for one of my Dreads. The single melta shot on a 100 point unit rather disgusts me.


You gonna run it as a base Dread or swap the storm bolter for a heavy flamer?


If you could get the 2 down together they could make a nice anvil for your thunderwolves to crash against

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Heavy flamer aswell! And yeah it is costly but however it gives me a reliable source of popping armour anywhere on the field turn one, especially as the wolves will be the target. The whole army is based around protecting them, give the player units in his deployment that he has to deal with from the get go as the cav advance.


I just ordered my dreads and will defo magnatize them to play around with different load outs

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Nice thread man! Lots of stuff going on for only a 1-page thread, which is promising :d! I like your little reports, makes me want to play the game more. You wolves look really nice, I'll echo others and say that your choice of colour hit the spot. Do take care of mold lines mate! It'd be a shame to see those still there after the finish. I also see a couple of burrs on top of the heads of the wolves, and some modelling ridges that could easily be filled with a little green stuff work. Your bases are superb, very characterful. Love to see more! :tu:
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Ah thanks man that's really kind of you!


And thanks for the pointers. I totally agree. The problem with being in an escalation legue is trying to get everything done for each month. I prefer to paint before assembly so often find myself rushing through a little to get stuff done with the limited time I have. It's true though, mould lines and burs can let the whole thing down so from on I think a little extra time on the small things will pay off in the long run.


It's great to get feedback and ways to improve. It's part of the reason for doing this so please keep it coming!

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My advice: assemble as much as you can, and only wait with assembly if assembly makes it impossible or difficult for your brush to reach. I guarantee that saves more time than painting everything separately, then assemble everything and then having to do all those touch ups, and then still having models with burrs and mold lines! :tu:


Good luck brother, looking forward to more of your army :d

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I always hear that lady off of comand and conquer red alert saying the words "reinforcements have arrived" whenever I get new units in the post.......




All that is left now is to order my sicaran and my 1750 is completed!


Got a few weeks away from games to give me time to get some of this together.......pods and dreads first me thinks

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Two dreads and a set of terminators - I agree with your purchase good sir.


Damn I want that dread kit so bad ... looks awesome, if you get the time would you be so kind as to pop up your thoughts on the kit and how much is left over to make a second please?

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Ok so dreads built and wow, what a kit!


You can make 3 dreads in total: ven dread, Bjorn and Murderfang. I decided to build fang and magnatise the other as a ven although you could if you wanted magnatise one fully for all 3 although would be slightly fiddley and time consuming.




I didn't have the right size magnets or patience so I have done quite a sloppy job on it but actually, it's quite straight forward.




The right arm is either the great axe, or a ranged weapon and you get a separate arm housing for each allowing you to make both. The wepons themselves (hell frost cannon, assult canon and melta) can also be magnatized and slid out of the arm casing allowing you to interchange




The left arm is eithe a wolf claw or blizzard shield and you have a wrist ring for each. The wolf one is also used with separate blades to make Bjorns true claw but would be fiddley to magnatize. I magnatized this arm incase I got some other wepons later on down the line like auto cannons but it isn't necessary. I didnt magnatise the wrist either as it fits quit snug and can interchange


I also did the storm bolter and heaven flamer to give me more options too




I did a pretty crap job, however if you want to do it properly try these links...




Hope that helps!

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That helps a great deal, thank you very much !  Great piccies, I really didn't realise the right arms were done that way, or the shield.  Your choice of builds in the first picture are exactly what I'd have done, can't wait to see these painted up.

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