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Night Lords Hellbrute


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As everybody in this board is aware [/sarcasm], I'm thinking about a mini diorama in my FW DA dreadnought chaplain (link)


Since I'm yet unsure how I'll solve it, I decided to go for a test model in order to figure out how to splash some heretic paint...and since a marine was a bit meh, I broke my brush-fasting (almost 1 year, yikes!!) with this:






So aftersome thinking (a fulll 2 minutes at least!), I pulled out the guns and went this way:






Add some ink...







Up to this point, I had taken me something like 3 hours (breaking the sprues, filing, scrapping moldlines, glue, basing and the paint you see above). Note: its the first time I build this kit and did so with no instructions...which explains why there are such huge gaps (ie, the model is not properly fitted). Since its not a big deal, I let it run...but don't rail me :P


And now the current stage:




This took me another couple of hours...but I really want to give it a good shot at fleshing out the skin (pun intended) and see how eery I can make this guy.


The goal was to have it finished by tomorrow evening, but honestly, I thinkthat with a couple of touch ups it would probably be table top worthy...


So there you have it: this time its not so much as C&C (which are always welcome) and more sharing a project with our great community and encourage others to take a step forward and say "what the heck, today I'm painiting 'cuz I feel like it, no obligations!".


Have an awesome weekend :)

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@Dallo Thanks for your kind words!


I could only do the gold trimming yesterday but it took me the better part of 2 hours (I'm a slow painter)





Next step is doing the base colour for the base and then start highlighting the armour a bit and the skin (a lot)

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Nice colours, love the skin tone!


Thanks :)


The idea for the skin is to take it all the way to dead flesh and maybe even some more with a bit of ice blue or some very light grey.


Kind of a being that has not been touched by the light of sun...


The armour I'm a bit stuck of how to highlight it..I really like the rich dark blue it has now!

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The armour I'm a bit stuck of how to highlight it..I really like the rich dark blue it has now!

Now to me it looks purple (but I am a bit colour blind), but either way, I find adding a light blue-grey to the base colour works well to build up highlights on blues and purples.


As for the skin though, excellent colours. If you're going to try and make it look like the Sun is catching it in places you can add a touch of yellow to the highlight colour.


Nice to see the liquid gold in use. And I've never see those liquid watercolours.

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@Darth Thanks :)


@Forte Darn, I've attracted a real NL !! hehe


The armour does have purple (prior to a violet wash), but in hand it has a nice dark hue...I'll try your highlight suggestion on a small plate and see how it interects :)


And good idea the yellow highlight for the Sun thing...thanks!


The liquid watercolours...I'm always open to experiments, so I came across them at an art store and they work nicely as softer washed (50/50 with water)... if we're willing to incorporate oils to our pallet, why not watercolours? :)

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Hi all,


The project is finished and the model given as a surprise gift.


I did take the final shots (best quality I could...which is not much) so...here you have it:




















Thanks for all the comments and input and hopefully someone will see this thread and think "if such a bad painter could enjoy slapping paint, so could I..lets give primer to plastic".


Yes, I know I missed a few mold-lines.


Yes, I didn't assemble the model properly and it forced the cracks in some spots...


But remember, you're probably seeing it x300%+ ;)


Have an awesome day!

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