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XIth: Wardens of Light - Destined to be forgotten


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The next update is here. I nearly finished the work on Micheal the Scorpion and next will be his base. Just doing small details and wanted to give you better pics.  I still have to decide if he gets a jump pack or not.


Well here is he in all his unpainted glory.


2015 03 20 11.30.37

2015 03 20 11.32.34

2015 03 20 11.33.33

2015 03 20 11.34.46

2015 03 20 11.35.47

2015 03 20 11.36.48

2015 03 20 11.37.37

2015 03 20 11.38.32

2015 03 20 11.39.21



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Okay, here is the test mini. I will try the Colorscheme on him. Hope it will look good.

2015 03 24 15.32.22

2015 03 24 15.32.56

2015 03 24 15.33.35

2015 03 24 15.34.17

2015 03 24 15.34.54

He is a Senior Warden called Laharl, and is Melyn-born. He uses a Tonfa and a hidden blade on his Pigtail. For ranged Combat he utilizes an Combibolter-Flamer.As you can see, i used a mask from a sunguinary guard. Chaptersymbol and sun illustrations still absent, but i will try to add them today.
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Bling Bling we blind the Enemy with our armour alone.


@DimDim: Thanks for the critic. Will Look if i can find a Bretter Mask for the later Units. Plan was, that the Senior Wardens have all some Kind of a Mask but. Have a few ideas to solle the problem ;)

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"We're standing on the edge of time
We're riding to the stars
And we never will surrender
Lonely knights we are

And we are flying into the open sky
Gliding to the stars
We are standing strong together
But still they seem so far

And we're diving into eternity
Facing destiny
And we are flying away eternally
Forever riding free

Hands up high
Oh wardens of light
And carry on a thousand times
You're forever lasting ride

Land of light
The glorious unite
Oasis for a thousand lifes
Forever we survive

We're flying to the promised land
To the gates of no return
We're heading for the future
And we'll fight until the end"


Here we go again. I make slow progress, but nontheless progress. So too shorten for you the waiting time for new stuff, I post new WIP posts.

The testmini is almost finished . I decided, that the weapon will be black to give some contrast to the gold armour and to widen my used colors.

I couldn`t wait until my testmini is finished, so I already started painting on Micheal the Scorpion.


Have fun^^


2015 03 29 12.12.31

2015 03 29 12.11.49

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"Ja, ich weiß, woher ich stamme, Ungesättigt gleich der Flamme Glühe und verzehr’ ich mich. Licht wird alles was ich fasse, Kohle alles, was ich lasse, Flamme bin ich sicherlich."                                           Nietzsche  



Just a little PIC from my Tactical Squad. Scorpion is nearly finished. Need the backpack and have to correct a few painitng mistakes. Hope I will give you the finished works on the next days.    
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Thx, you are too kind.

Yep used the tissue trick from BCK. GREAT looking capes in nearly no time. I only model them now, if I need a more dynamic flow as seen on Micheal. Hope you like the finished models. I am slow but I will not back off ;)

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Tonight, we bath in Light.


Here we go again. First Tactical troop is in the painting stadium. So a few WIP-PICS. Halted the work on scorpion until my skills have improved. Doesn't want to mess him up.

So here are some standard marines. no armes tough, hadn't the time to prime them.


2015 04 16 23.43.52

2015 04 16 23.44.45

2015 04 16 23.48.59

2015 04 16 23.49.28

2015 04 16 23.50.28

2015 04 16 23.51.04

2015 04 16 23.51.37

2015 04 16 23.52.19



2 Questions I have: What do you propose for a lense colour?

And: Is there somebody who could make me legion decals for my wardens? because the painted ones look terrible...

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Really liking how this is coming together and the sense of movement in the models.


Can I recommend you try flipping the tonfas around in the primarchs hands though? I know they aren't usually used that way but I think they are lost too much in the model and its pose as is. With the low stance and direction of movement the model has the blades out and skimmingt the ground could look very cool.

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Hello again. Not really an update but I thought I should show that the wardens are still alive;)

Well for the lenses I went for the red ones. Yeah I know celestial lions ( didn't know them before.) I tried green lenses and they didn't pop. Best was ice blue or red and fate ( in the body of my little son) decided red was the right color.

Fluff is there in my head. I have the beginning. The concept the end but no time to write it properly down. In my little free time i work on my marines. Add new things which lenghtens the process. But it looks so good;)


2015 04 28 21.14.26


@ Thousand Eyes: what do you exactly mean? Like a sword which comes from a upwards swing and ripps hrough the ground?

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