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GENE-SEED: Dark Angels

FOUNDING: 23rd “Sentinel” Founding [M.38]

CHAPTER MASTER: Marshal Edmunt Raik, Castellan of the Crimson Rooks

CHAPTER WORLDS: Eistvin, Ostlund & Vollstadt


SPECIALTY: Operational control, precision engagements and information dominance

BATTLE-CRY: 'Imperator Vult!' is a common warcry, however 'Victus aut nihil' is the Chapter motto


KNOWN DESCENDANTS: Bronze Knights, Savage Brotherhood [disputed]



Part of an ongoing struggle for the High Lords of Terra to utilize the pure gene-seed of the former First Legion without the participation and influence of the Dark Angels or their prominent successors, when the Knights Sovereign were created they were tutored instead by a detachment of the Imperial Fists, a worthy selection to guide a Chapter of the Sentinel Founding. The influence of the sons of Dorn can be readily seen in the Chapter for centuries to come, however their brother sons of the Lion were not to be denied. Shortly after the Knights had gained the trust of the Imperial Fists and earned their independence, overseeing a turbulent Sector that had long suffered for its severely lower average technological capabilities, a contingent of the Dark Angels and other successors arrived to acquaint themselves with this new Chapter. How these other sons of the Lion knew of the Knights Sovereign true heritage is not entirely known, expected given their typically reticent nature. Multiple concerted investigations over the past millennia have revealed numerous agents suspected of feeding information to the Dark Angels and their closest successors, and it is assumed they came to this information by similar means. These Chapters showed great honor to the Knights Sovereign, with many of their retinues consisting of their highest ranking officers, including Chapter Master Grasciel of Dark Angels. The inner circles of these Chapters communed together deep within Durumtal, while specialist officers of the First and Second Companies intermingled, enlightening the Knights Sovereign to their own particular brand of war-making.


While this communion was short-lived, the bonds of brotherhood forged on this day had a lasting effect, with many of these Chapters regularly appearing within the Knights' territory and vice versa. It had also made an impression on the young Chapter's organization, especially the First and Second Companies. The Knights Sovereign still retained much of their identity as forged under the watchful eyes of the Imperial Fists, but they had grown more insular, more in keeping with the typical Dark Angels character. Indeed, their later character can be readily connected to the manner of the ancient knightly orders of the Dark Angels' long-dead home world. This marriage of traits and ideals, in many ways opposing but also complementary, has guided the Knights Sovereign for the thousands of years since.


Chapter Worlds

Early in their formation, the Knights Sovereign were given a choice of three feudal home worlds within the Lowermains Sector. Though ultimately settling upon Eistvin, located near the largest nexus of Sector traffic, the discarded worlds of Ostlund and Vollstadt did dominate strategically resourceful zones. Chapter keeps were planted on these worlds, a practice perhaps learned from the Imperial Fists Chapter. Officially, Eistvin alone is classified as an Adeptus Astartes world, however after centuries of keeping close ties and recruitment practices on Ostlund and Vollstadt, the local officials tithe the worlds as if they were.


Nestled deep in the Eistvin mountains is the Durumtal, fortress-monastery to the Knights Sovereign. Building began as soon as Eistvin was selected as their home world, and had finished scant months before the Knights showed up themselves. This immense, rugged structure blends seamlessly with its surroundings. If an unaugmented human was to stand upon an outer peak, looking into the range, they would be unable to distinguish the crenelated towers from natural mountaintops. However, the Knights Sovereign took to giving it a different name than the Magos-Tektons provided: the Crimson Rook. With the Chapter keeps on Ostlund and Vollstadt being heavily inspired by, and in imitation of, the Durumtal, they are collectively known as the Crimson Rooks.


Current Disposition

The Knights Sovereign have been at war with the Orks of WAAAGH! Urlkin for decades, a massive incursion the Sector had never before seen, led by an Ork of such impressive size that Archmagos-Biologis from several Sectors around have insisted could not exist. This Ork, crafty for his kind, has grown large on the excesses of his armies, leading regular hunts into nearby regions with such regularity that the end of most hunts is merely the beginning of another. The Knights Sovereign have tried, unsuccessfully, to convince local Administratum officials to sanction a crusade into Ork territory and end the threat once and for all. However, with the Knights' own worlds declared the targets of a hunt that has virtually emptied the Ork territories for Sectors around, more recently they have become more concerned with defense. The ongoing conflicts have stretched the Knights Sovereign thin. By the close of the 41st millennium, their numbers are reported as being four companies' worth, including officers and auxiliaries. The Chapter has undergone necessary, but drastic changes to their organization, in light of the eradication of two of their battle-companies, as well as their specialized rapid-reaction forces in the 2nd Company, not to mention the depleted numbers of their surviving companies.


Chapter Organization

The Knights Sovereign would not consider themselves as deviant, however to them it is deviancy from their forebears rather than the Codex Astartes that is relevant. Though the Codex Astartes is, as it should be, held in high regard as the epitome of all things war, the Space Marine way, the Knights Sovereign do deviate in organization. This is not seen as a contradiction or hypocrisy, but merely derived from the simple fact that the Codex could not accommodate all possible circumstances. And indeed, the inheritors of the Lion are of a unique circumstance, and so fashion themselves accordingly.


The First Company is organized into the Justiciary, and are of the ordained task of bringing the light of justice and nobility to the darkest places of the galaxy. It is said that all who gain a place among the Justiciars must first confront truth and sin in equal measure, and it is their ash-white armor that shows their absolvement. The Knights also field the 2nd Company as a rapid response force, the Errantry. The Knights-Errant exist outside the normal Chapter organization, and as such they paint their armor a deep black. Unlike the elevated Knights-Justiciar, it is only the master of the Errantry, the Earl-Errant, who sits above his brothers as a member of the Inner Circle.


The auxiliary organizations within the Knights Sovereign are primarily Codex-adherent, with the only exception being within the Reclusiam. This deviation is in fact rather common among the Unforgiven, where an additional level in the hierarchy is added. Typically known as Interrogator-Chaplains, in the Knights Sovereign they are the Prelates, a classification of Chaplains second only to the Pontifex, Chapter reclusiarch. The other prominent branches, the ironsmiths and hospitallers, are of no noticeable difference from Codex standard, though their highest ranking officers are believed to be a part of the Chapter's Inner Circle.


Fleet Assets

The Crimson Galleon – So named for its mimicry of the Crimson Rooks, intended as a bastion equal to these immense fortresses that would ply the stars, delivering the wrath of the angels. This battle-barge is often assigned to the Justiciary. Its current deployment in geosynchronous orbit over the the Crimson Rook of Vollstadt has for several months prevented the Orks from dropping ordinance and savages on the Chapter keep directly. However, the Orks have made planetfall in multiple other regions across Vollstadt, and not the mortal warriors or the Galleon's guns have been able to keep the hordes from laying siege.


Recruitment & Advancement

The Crimson Rooks are not difficult to access by the mortal populations, unlike the fortress-monasteries of many other Chapters. Thousands of people regularly seek shelter or asylum within its walls, each and every one swearing binding oaths of lifelong servitude to their new transhuman masters. These people form the Chapter serfdom, ranging from mortal knights to spread the law of the Chapter across the world to learned, trained fleet armsmen. Swearing one's life to the God-Emperor's living representatives is no hardship when compared to a life of similar service to some fickle lord or king, and so the Chapter rarely finds itself without a surplus of mortal servants. The majority of these legions of serfs will never leave their world of birth, serving the Chapter well enough there. Rather than seeking recruits from among the general populace, the Knights look to the young of their serfs. Having such large populations spread across three worlds, the Knights have their choice of candidates. The offspring of the Chapter's serfs are a more viable recruitment stock than the general populace, as all their male children go through a more intensive and extensive training in preparation for potential recruitment. However, it is not unknown for the Chapter to look to the outer kingdoms and city-states of their worlds for occasional recruitment programs in an effort to encourage diversity in thought and character, or to recover from devastating casualty rates


Upon recruitment and successful term in the Chapter's tenth company, the young scout must petition for advancement into the Reserve Companies, following a path through the Reserve Companies as delineated in the Codex Astartes. In the Reserve Companies, they hold the rank of Knight-Companion, an as yet not fully recognized Knight until advancement into the Battle Companies. A Knight-Companion must be wary of how or when he petitions to join a Battle Company, as their Masters will often refuse a Knight-Companion they deem unworthy to join their company. It is not unknown for Knights-Companion to aim too high in their petitioning, some seeking to skip advancement through the Reserves or will petition for a spot in a master's personal retinue, though it is considered disdainful and will injure the Marines' future if rejected often. No Knight or Knight-Companion can petition to join the Justiciary or Errantry. Those who join these orders are chosen by their lords, an honor none in the Chapter can refuse.


To rise in rank to Sergeant within one's company is possible regardless of one's place in the hierarchy. Typically, a Sergeant will select from among his retinue a successor to take his place should he ever fall or advance beyond this station. Sergeants of the 10th Company are provided the customary title of Castellan, sharing in the responsibility of the Crimson Rooks, which collectively fall under the purview of the Master of the 10th Company. These Masters, known by the title of Earl, are one and all arisen from the ranks of the Justiciary, at the behest of the Chapter Master, the Marshal of the Knights Sovereign Chapter. It is the Justiciary, the Earls and Marshal who form the Chapter's Inner Circle. Also prominent in the Inner Circle are the Pontifex, and his Prelates, who are responsible for selecting one from among the Inner Circle the Marshal's successor should he ever fall.


Combat Doctrine

The strength of their sword arm and the accuracy of their aim are what the Knights most admire. While their battle formations have a strong reliance on infantry tactics, the Space Marine, the Knights are experts in cavalry warfare, utilizing fast vehicles to retain combat superiority and battlefield control. The Knights' approach warfare is thoroughly informed by their copy of the Codex Astartes, a five volume military discourse on: Space Marine recruitment and training; the composition and structure of the Chapter into Companies; practiced field tactics; the conduct of sieges, either offensively or defensively; and the role of the Chapter fleet.


In battle, the Knights are the fiercest of foes, full of sound and fury. Early in the Chapter's history, a previously unknown xenoform appeared within Sovereign space. Classified as the Airbreeders for the explosive population increases the xenos experienced when in contact with oxygen, the alien race proved exceptionally difficult to purge in its entirety. The Knights sought to implement purgation protocols proven successful against the Ork, however disaster struck at nearly every turn. Quickly it was discovered that the xenos race had free access to the Knights' vox communications, seemingly unaffected by encryption. Forced to adapt, the Knights began disseminating orders on the battlefield through the use of audible, vocal blasts and visual signals utilizing specialized banners. With this, the Knights were able to reclaim the initiative, and eventually every last of one of the inexplicably duplicating, hulking beasts were burned from the lands of nearly half a dozen crater-ridden Imperial domains. However, this xenos threat would persist for centuries before final eradication, and the antiquated communications became a more permanent feature.


Local Rituals & Beliefs

Integral to the Chapter cult is the Oath of Office. Like many Chapters, the Knights Sovereign swear oaths before each battle, swearing themselves to the action and sometimes a specific task they set before themselves. The oaths are affixed to their armor, and they are expected to carry through with the oath throughout the action. Oaths of Office, however, are permanent. They are drawn up at their induction ceremony where the recruited mortals have arisen as one of the Knights-Companion, and will remain with them. Addendums are added throughout the Marine's life, marking their progress through the Chapter hierarchy. Each new rank or advancement requires a new Oath of Office, adding onto the old. So it is that the longest serving Marines, the highest ranking of the Chapter, have lengthy and complex Oaths of Office finely delineating their given tasks and expectations for themselves. Like Oaths of Moment, they are highly individualized reminders of their loyalties and responsibilities, as well as personal promises of feats or endeavors, or oaths bonding the Knight in fealty to a lord or in alliance with those outside the Chapter, for the entirety of that Knight's service to the Chapter and the Emperor. Within each Knight's chambers, they keep a locked rosewood box to contain their Oath of Office, centering their devotions upon its yellowed parchment and ink of blood.


Normally, a Knight will write his own Oaths of Office, keeping its writings to himself. Advancement, especially to the Justiciary or Errantry, will be the traditional break from this custom. Where a Knight is unaware of the duties or responsibilities that await him, it is his immediate superior who will write these additions. It is not unknown for another Knight to assist in the inscribing, such as a mentor who tasks a promising pupil with surpassing his own achievements. Upon the death of a marine, if recovery is possible, his remains will be interred in a great stone crypt on the grounds of the keep or fortress he last served. The Oath will be placed upon his chest and set alight, his oaths thus fulfilled. Those interred into the mighty Dreadnoughts receive a similar ceremony. Though they serve still the Chapter and the Emperor, they have fulfilled the oaths of the living nonetheless, and exist now free from such burdens.



The genetic legacy of the Lion runs strong in the Knights, as pure now as it was in the days of the First Legion, a legacy confirmed by extensive testing by brother sons of the Lion all those centuries ago. Though the foundation of the Knights Sovereign was an experimentation of sorts, it appears that the gene-forges of ancient Mars had learned the lessons of the 21st Founding well. There were no signs of genetic manipulation of the Knights Sovereign gene-seed outside of acceptable parameters. The purity of the Lion's gene-seed has aided the Knights greatly in the past, enabling quick recoveries from crippling losses and a less lethal implantation process.


Champions of the Chapter

Marshal Edmunt Raik – Chapter Master of the Knights Sovereign, going on the third year of his disappearance. Last seen aboard the Lion's Dagger, the Marshal was to take personal command of the battle for Vollstadt and turn the tide. However, the vessel did not return to realspace at its scheduled time. Investigation along its projected path provided no revelations on its disappearance. Warp-travel is far from precise, and such disappearances are not unknown, but it could not have come at a more difficult time. While the Earl-Justiciar Hadrian Normson has taken nominal command of the Chapter since then, the Inner Circle has yet to meet on choosing an official successor.


Pontifex Theocritus VII – Born Prentis Brenmoor, the current Pontifex of the Knights Sovereign is a hard, embittered and unforgiving man, scarred not only from actions on the battlefield but from the resistance of captives stolen from hotly contested secessionist worlds. Like his namesakes, this is not a Pontifex who would prefer to remain closed away within the interrogation cells deep within the Crimson Rooks, but will often be seen at the forefront of battle among his brothers.


Earl-Errant Sydorn Lyndswor – Captain of the 2nd Company, and the oldest living Knight outside the Dreadnought ancients. He has led the Knights-Errant longer than any other Earl before him, and none of the Marines under his command have known any other Earl-Errant. His list of achievements and victories are as long as his years, though much is hidden from those not initiated into the higher knowledge. In more recent years, he has been forced to give up the Ironsteed, his advanced years and the inevitable degradation of his transhuman form preventing him from fully connecting and integrating to its biomechanics. Instead, he has taken to commanding the Errantry from the gunner's seat of a Land Speeder.












Note that unlike other sons of the Lion, the Knights Sovereign have few suits of Terminator armor



Pict-capture: Defense of Vollstadt, Knights Sovereign Sergeant in profile




Marshal's Banner - The Crimson Rook

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is what you wanted to talk about this?


The first sentence has a lot of jargon in it that is meaningless to me. You have High Lords, gene seed, First Legion, and these even in a really long preposition without even getting to the actual sentence. Of course I know what those things are, I like this game I'm on this website and I have some white dwarfs with indexes Astartes in them. They still don't mean anything to me bcause they are jargon, and what's more is I will never meet a high lord or be subject to his laws, so try to use a generic term like politician or oligarch or tyrant.


The sentence also has the problem of using your chapter as the subject. This is really bad, because since your article is the only place I've ever encountered your chapter, you're telling me the article isn't about anything interesting. So even if you say "part of an ongoing struggle by politicians (a concept relatable to me) to..." you are still telling me about something I don't care about.


Then oh, it's not clear how the Dark Angels know about the chapter, there is no need to use a name for the DA master of the time, and you seem to have an unnecessarally broad idea about marine recruiting worlds, for instance Necromunda seems to do a tithe just fine.

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  • 4 weeks later...

is what you wanted to talk about this?

Sorry it took me so long to get to this. I received the email notification that I got feedback, but then couldn't find it in the Brotherhood of the Angels thread and for some reason forgot I had made a separate thread here, too.


The first sentence has a lot of jargon in it that is meaningless to me. You have High Lords, gene seed, First Legion, and these even in a really long preposition without even getting to the actual sentence. Of course I know what those things are, I like this game I'm on this website and I have some white dwarfs with indexes Astartes in them. They still don't mean anything to me bcause they are jargon, and what's more is I will never meet a high lord or be subject to his laws, so try to use a generic term like politician or oligarch or tyrant.

I edited the High Lords to be High Lords of Terra, but I'm afraid I disagree about the use of jargon. I did recreate it with generic terms, and it just didn't have what I want it to have. It could just be me, but it kind of read like a local Governor was doing his own Founding and making his own Chapter, as the generic terms made it seem more like a local political event.


The sentence also has the problem of using your chapter as the subject. This is really bad, because since your article is the only place I've ever encountered your chapter, you're telling me the article isn't about anything interesting. So even if you say "part of an ongoing struggle by politicians (a concept relatable to me) to..." you are still telling me about something I don't care about.

I'm honestly not sure I understand this, would you mind clarifying for me? It sounds like you're suggesting making the article something other than the Chapter the article is being written about, so I'm assuming that I'm not understanding you correctly.


Then oh, it's not clear how the Dark Angels know about the chapter, there is no need to use a name for the DA master of the time, and you seem to have an unnecessarally broad idea about marine recruiting worlds, for instance Necromunda seems to do a tithe just fine.

You're right, I do leave that part unclear. If I get more feedback on it not being a good 'murkiness,' I'll elaborate on it. Until then, it's meant to be unclear. I made up a Dark Angel Chapter Master name, as originally just having the title made it sound . . . fake, I think is the word I'm going for. The point of making it the Chapter Master of a First Founding Chapter is to show how important this kind of thing is, something the readers would already be aware of, having some sort of pre-knowledge of the Dark Angels and the Unforgiven.


As for the home worlds, I'm going off of how Chapter home worlds are exempt from tithes, with worlds like Macragge being notable exceptions. Necromunda is a common recruitment ground for the Imperial Fists, but it is not a Chapter home world. It's just a hive world, and is susceptible to the tithes of a typical hive world.



I realize that I'm disagreeing with a lot of this feedback, but to be clear, I am thankful for it, just because it made me re-read and re-consider these aspects you brought up with a more critical eye. At the moment, there are no changes to the article, but I'll work in some of the edits I'll make in response to this feedback when I next update the article.

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First post has been updated, and is now complete. That said, there's more I'd like to add at a future date, and I'm always open for some C&C.


I also have something to post about the mortal denizens of the Chapter's primary home world, Eistvin. This lore has been built utilizing the Song of Ice and Fire RPG sourcebooks, which go into detail the creation of a Game of Thrones style House. As such, there are probably going to be a lot of similarities and it may very well appear derivative. It's been a while since I've looked at it, so hopefully it's not terrible. I'm open to some C&C on this as well as the article itself.


01. House Gerritsen "In chains I do not yield"
The royalty of the Western Plains are a troubled family. The earliest histories of the House say that they were once House Verlone, founded by a bastard son of the Kircaids. This man was a villainous being, who utilized his power for nefarious purposes. It was said that he plotted against the King, then of the Kircaids, before being stopped by his own son, Gerritsen. Becoming Lord Gerritsen, the son proved his loyalty to the Kircaids by waging wars against the unruly northern islanders. The great glory Gerritsen provided was of such worth that the King renamed his House in his honor. Though the Gerritsens survived for some time as peaceful rulers, another Verlone creeped up the family tree. This Gerritsen acted upon his plots, invading the eastern lands and crowning himself the King. However, all of the other great Houses stood against him and, for the first time, Westernight fell. The Gerritsens are still to this day attempting to reclaim their former glories, stringing their ravaged lands and peoples back to their banner.
Based out of Westernight, an immense castle built over an ancient ruin with a small hamlet community surrounding it, the western end of the Greatway, the largest road on Eistvin.
Though a comparably uninfluential house, they have are lords of the largest wealth of land on Eistvin, ruling the great western plains. The land is not especially populous, its people coalescing into small town communities at their largest. Though small of population, crime is a major problem to Westernight. Though the men who garrison the great castle are some of the most elite soldiers on Eistvin, the lords have for some time utilized criminal-slaves as army fodder. Despite having a large army, the majority of their meagre gold is utilized for defense rather than offense.
The Gerritsens have two Banner Houses, House Westerlies, a bastard offshoot, and House Golvire, a seaside trader family.
Arms is an Ermine Shield (white with black dots) with three diagonal chains wrapped around it, middle chain's middle links shattered.
02. House Teagen "Do not drown with the ebb and tide"
A young House that was once bannerman to the Gerritsens. The Teagens betrayed the Gerritsens during the invasion, turning the tide against them and ensuring their defeat. In recognition of this, the royal House Garnmist granted that the Teagen lands be bereft of the Gerritsen's realms, raising the House to be equal to those once their lords. Though a great honor, this has made the Teagens bitter rivals of the Gerritsens, providing a buffer for the east against the potential aggressions of another tyrant Gerritsen.
Based out of Solbay Port, a small town along the coast with a lesser castle  rising over it. Though minor in influence still, their land is becoming more populous, orderly and wealthy and the House's fortunes are sure to rise. In fear of Gerritsen reprisal, the Teagens have long kept a large armed force at the ready, including a strong naval contingent.
Arms is two hands rising up, holding aloft a sword. Wrists are manacled together, but the chains are broken. The hand clutching the blade bleeds.
03. House Kircaid "Never be soft"
This old House is based from Everhardt, a long Hall built upon the ashes of better days. The Kircaids originated out of the Larungtin Isles as raiders and reavers. They invaded the Great Land, the largest landmass on Eistvin and established themselves as one of the Great Kings, absolute rulers over much of the northern and western lands. Though the Kircaids kept their position longer than many other dynasties of the past, inevitably they were overthrown when their people revolted against them. Their great capital city was burned to the ground, its grand castle torn apart brick by brick and tossed into the sea. Since then, these one-time conquerers now bend the knee to the sole remaining of the Great Kings, the Garnmists. During the bloodshed and turmoil begun by the Gerritsens in recent history, House Kircaid was instrumental during the war effort. Following the invasion of western lands the Kircaids had regained much of their former lands. Despite their lesser place these days, the Kircaids remain the richest of all the Houses, in no small part due to their raiding days.
House arms is a Rampant Sea Serpent across a blue-green field.
04. House Vergin "Be silent yet vigilant"
House Vergin is an old House but not one that has been widely known for long. Typically, the Vergins have contented themselves with remaining a lesser known landed knight family, however the Gerritsens changed their fortunes forever. When the Gerritsens invaded the populous water-rich central lands, they chose not to keep its powerful Houses as prisoners for ransom. When the Gerritsens were pushed back and defeated, the central lands were left lordless. Nearly all of its Houses had been put to the sword. House Vergin was loyal to the Garnmists during this conflict and found themselves to have the highest stature of the surviving central Houses. They were granted favor by the Great King and raised to be its new lords. Despite their newfound authority, they remain the least of the High Houses.
House arms is a gauntlet clutching the hilt of a sword with shining blade.
05. House Neirsten "Never broken"
House Neirsten is one of the most ancient Houses of Eistvin and has experienced great hardships and success, though sadly more of the former than the latter. Legend says that the first Neirsten was a Great King who suffered great madness before being betrayed by another House. The Neirsten's dedicated their existence to repay them in kind, eventually exterminating this other House so thoroughly that none remember its name. The Neirsten's then spent an age increasing their standing and power, earning great favor but never being able to regain kingship. However, this age ended with a great catastrophe as the natural dam that was once the Barshield Mountain range suffered from a devastating earthquake. The large valley that was once the Neirsten's base of power flooded within days, creating a large bay. Though the Neirsten's have relocated they have been in decline ever since. Despite their ill-favored history, the Neirsten's a great powerhouse on Eistvin, having the loyalties of more Houses than any other outside of the Great King. However, the other High Houses wonder how long it will take before these lesser Houses decide to usurp the Neirsten's, having already surpassed them in many ways. With the current Neirsten lord remaining bereft of an heir and advancing of age, that time may be soon.
House arms is a green shield with black chevrons with a super-imposed Rampant Lion.
06. House Brenmoore "Hard as the stone, fluid as the sea, furious as the storm"
The Brenmoores are a very old House, raised from the lesser Houses when they betrayed their former lieges in favor of the invading Kircaids. Under the Kircaids, the Brenmoores knew nothing but peace and prosperity. However, since the Kircaids fell from power and the Garnmists rose the Brenmoores have been in the decline. Once the Brenmoores ruled over large tracts of land from their three castles as one of the Great Kings. Presently, two of the castles are in ruins, overlooking lands that are now under the authority of other Houses. However, the Brenmoores have been prudent. Though they have grown smaller, less influential, they have retained their power and standing.  It wasn't until the rise of the Garnmists that they lost their claim to kingship. What is left of their land has the most defensible terrain in Eistvin and has the Brenmoore's sole remaining Castle, far superior to any other castle of the other Houses. Law is firm among the manageable population, and though the Brenmoores have seen wealthier days they are able to provide for themselves, their people and a sizable army.
House arms are three red towers upon a blue field.
07. House Garnmist "Solid as honor"
The Garnmists were born at the height of the Kircaid power. When the Kircaid's expanded into the northeastern peninsula, they raised one of their banner houses, the Garnmists, to rule over the newly acquired lands in their name. The Garnmists conquered the remainder of the peninsula and have successfully maintained their power throughout the ages, surviving even the fall of the Kircaids from power. As the Great Kings of the Eistvin began to dwindle in power, a particularly ambitious Garnmist rose to power. With political maneuvering and highly mobile elite armies he toppled the Great Kings one by one, claiming the title for himself over all of Eistvin's great continent. So focused was the Garnmist on his goal that he neglected the lands and people to a fault. However, the Garnmists have extended their superior governance throughout the large continent. It is perhaps for that reason alone that the Garnmists have been able to maintain their position as the greatest of the Great Kings far longer than any other in the past.
House arms is a conical knight's helm on a shield quartered by green and orange.
08. House Ranclide "Our lives will never be forgotten"
The Ranclides are a recently raised House, though their history is as colorful as many of the older Houses. Because of their often treacherous nature, their words are often deliberately misspoken by others as "Our lies will never be forgotten." Though none may trust their word, they can trust their steel. The Ranclides field the largest army on Eistvin, a truth none can ignore and which gained them some favor during the recent war against the Gerritsens. However, it is said that the Ranclides are the least liked of the High Houses, or of any House. Oddly, the Ranclides show an odd pride about how they are perceived by others. To them they are not treacherous or distrustful, only practical.
House arms is of a knife pointing down on a field of deep blue-black, simplistically summing up their nature with an ill-advised pride.
09. House Bulgarve "The sea is our blood"
The Bulgarves are an old House who rose to power in the vacuum the Kircaids left when they moved to the southern continent. The House now dominates the Larungtin Isles from their stronghold among the Ayvol Ruins of Crescent Island. The Bulgarves keep a strong naval fleet which they use to enforce their power over the island chains and to lead raids upon the 'softer' lands to the south.
House arms is a stylized letter 'B.' Those placed upon the sails of the Bulgarve great ships are extremely ornate, depicting the letter in various marine settings and themes.
10. House Sidwind "Rise Higher"
The Sidwinds might be one of the most successful and ancient Houses of Eistvin. They rose to prominence in victory and glory, taking total control of the island continent of Sidland, from which they took their name. The Sidwinds were one of the Great Kings of Eistvin and have held the titles of kings longer than some of the oldest Houses have lived. Though no longer considered a Great King since the Garnmists ousted them from the southern continent, the Sidwinds are the only other House to style their Lords and Ladies as Kings and Queens. With the Bulgarves, they are the last of the High Houses to maintain independence from the Garnmists. Though favor had been on their side for much of their history, the current long-lived King had a touch of madness to him. He funneled great resources into maniacal plans that would allow them to lift their boats into the air like the birds. Many fault a particular guild that had risen in prominence on Sidland, utilizing the mad fool's great riches for their own ends while feeding him delusions and fantasies. However, it will be those naysayers who are the fools. Whatever madness may touch the Sidwind King, his delusions have become reality. One can ponder on what changes the future will bring, now that the Sidwinds have successfully built a small fleet of 'Falcon-Ships.'
House arms is a falcon looking up and with wings partially unfurled, as if about to take flight, upon a laterally bisected field of silver and gold.
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The recent edits have made this less clear: is your chapter a member of the Unforgiven? Do they know of the Fallen? If so, what is the disposition towards the Fallen? Do they believe, like the Angels of Absolution, that they are already redeemed? Or do they believe, like other members of the Unforgiven, that they may not be forgiven until the Fallen have repented? What forces, if any, do they dedicate to hunting the Fallen? Did your chapter know that while being raised by the Imperial Fists, their progenitor is Lion El'Jonson? If not, when did they find this out?


Personal opinions you may feel free to ignore:


Personally, given your theme, I think the Black Templars might be more suitable than the Imperial Fists as advisors/trainers/culture successors what-have-you. It's not clear where the Knight inspiration is coming from with the Imperial Fists and, while Caliban had a knightly tradition, your chapter did not have early ties to the Dark Angels. Switching the Imperial Fists to the Black Templars might be a quick fix.


I think that the Knights Sovereign should not know their progenitor is the Lion until the Dark Angels/Unforgiven approach them.


The Dark Angels should probably not tell your chapter about the Fall of Luther at their initial meeting given their secretive nature. I think that narratively, it might be better to have the Dark Angels/Unforgiven grow closer and closer to the Knights Sovereign, in such a way that the Knights Sovereign don't even realize they are becoming a member of the Unforgiven themselves. Maybe the Dark Angels don't even tell the Chapter Master when they finally spill the beans about their deepest darkest, maybe they tell someone they think is going to become Chapter Master and then maneuver the Knights Sovereign into making that someone the next Chapter Master (because of course the previous Chapter Master died or went missing under mysterious circumstances).


Just some thoughts.

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Thanks for the thoughts Micius. Some of the questions you raise are things I had intentionally left vague, but had hoped the answers would be evident to the reader nonetheless. I'll point out where I had dropped those answers, and I'd appreciate if you'd let me know if they're enough, now that I've drawn attention to it. The fact that I need to draw attention means it's not enough, but it'll help me determine how much more clear I need to be in order for the truth to come across, while hopefully still being intentionally veiled.


As for their place in the Unforgiven, the amicable terms that the other Unforgiven chapters leave the Knights on, plus their continued relationships, and the Deathwing/Ravenwing style 1st and 2nd companies, are intended to show that the Knights Sovereign likely are, in fact, part of the Unforgiven.


I had left a hint of the Fallen in the bit on the Pontifex Theocritus VII, about how his scars are as much due to violent prisoners pulled from secessionist worlds. That's typically how the Fallen are described, leading worlds into rebellion, followed by the Dark Angels assaulting all-out and dragging him off in chains made of secret-metal.


As for their belief on the Fallen . . . I don't know, for some reason I think of that with the Knights Sovereign and I think "irrelevant." It's not that the question is irrelevant, or that the answer might not be relevant for other Unforgiven (it's integral to some at the very least), it's that I don't think the answer particularly matters to the Knights Sovereign.



Now, as for the knightly theme, the Knights Sovereign are knightly because the Knights Sovereign are knightly. There are parallels to be drawn in ancient Calibanite culture and the Teutonic Templar, but neither their Calibanite heritage or their Dornian tutelage are the cause of their theme. I'll not switch it to the Black Templars, as it'd be counter-intuitive for the High Lords to select another untrustworthy Chapter to provide this role, when it was the lack of trustworthiness in the Dark Angels that made them choose a different tutor-force in the first place.



Now, as for the last bits, it's something that I didn't really consider would be "too quick." I'll think on it, and likely I will edit that section to draw the period out.


Thanks for the review, mate. :tu:

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