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Dusk Raider's 3rd Grand Company Death Guard


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Hey folks,

  Well, I've decided it's time to finally start my log over here on B&C. I've had it going for a while on 30K Heresy, but there's a lot of people on here that don't have an account on there as well. I've been working on my Pre - Heresy / Heresy Era Death Guard for about 3 years now (since Betrayal first came out), and it's gone through numerous revisions. I recently decided to strip the whole army down and start anew. I'm going for a look that shows the Legion in the midst of a hard fought campaign, trudging through chem tainted trenches. To give this feel, I've gone with heavy weathering including rust. I know, some folks will claim ceramite doesn't rust, however I've heard some crazy tales of military grade chemicals that do things that shouldn't be possible anyhow. I've got a backstory for this force, but at the moment I'm not really in the mood to write it out.


   Anyhow... I'll try to refrain from posting a metric ton of pictures here, although I have many more on my Photobucket so I do invite you to take a gander, some go back to the very beginning of my delving into the grand world of 30K. I'll start with the HQs. All are in various stages of WIP.


Praetor WIP




This guy is still in the early stages. I'm currently awaiting the arrival of Kromlech Ripper Swords, as I'm replacing his Power Scythe (which was a Paragon Blade counts-as anyhow) with something much more brutal looking.


Primus Medicae #1 WIP




Primus Medicae #2 WIP




I'm running a Pride of the Legion list with (so far) four complete squads of Cataphractii Terminators in Spartans. To compliment this, I've made two Primus Medicae to accompany them.


Siege Breaker WIP




I think this guy is pretty self explanatory. I'll be running a squadron of Medusa, obviously with Phosphex. I wanted this guy to look imposing, so he stands a bit larger than a normal Cataphractii.


Moritat WIP





This guy is hands-down my favorite conversion I've done. I've posted him in the past when he was painted up in my old scheme. This time around, I've removed the Plasma Pistols in favor of Volkite Serpentas.


Champion WIP





I'm kinda diggin' this guy, too. I loved the Delegatus model and while I initially felt he may be too ornate for the XIVth, I've decided to model him with a certain amount of arrogance.


That's all I've got to show for now. They're much closer to complete since taking these, so bare with me and I should have completed uploads in a few day's time. Thanks for looking!

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@BCK: For greenstuff? I've contemplated it, but I absolutely abhor working with the stuff. The cabling I'm using on the Praetor is actually from Zinge Industries, it's the flexible cables. I don't know if I intend on adding it to much more, but I had seen Eye of Error's blog with his Sons of Horus Librarian and it inspired me somewhat.


@fire golem: Yeah, they're pretty weathered. I was a bit worried I chipped them a little too much, but these shots are also before I added paint to a lot of the trim and things, so they don't look as bad now. I'll be mixing up the amount of weathering on each model, and in the lore they state the veterans' armour would be much more scored and pitted as they wear their damage as a badge of honor.

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Thank you, Der_H!


The Primus Medicae were something I've been meaning to build for a while, and when I ordered another Deathshroud kit I figured it would be a good time to make them. Both of them, along with the Siege Breaker, were made with Deathshroud torsos & Grave Warden legs, which goes a long way to show just how compatible the two Terminators suits are. The Siege Breaker also uses Grave Warden Chem Master arms, but I clipped the Power Fist off in order to give him a Thunder Hammer, which I modeled after a medieval Lucerne Hammer. The Primus Medicae's Narthecium Gauntlets were made by simply adding a Plasticard rod for the needle into the nozzle of them Hand Flamers and adding the Chain Fist attachment from the Grave Warden kit.


I just remembered, I do have some WIP photos of my Terminators as well. These guys look a bit different because I was experimenting with Incubi Darkness primer and FW Orange Rust pigment... which I later regret. It's too orange. *shrug*






Here's Mortarion, who's been completed since these pictures have been taken







Adrian Smith's artwork was a big inspiration for me when painting the Death Lord, along with our very own Lorenzen.

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Great use of the Delegatus model! When once its' ornate nature expressed grace and maybe even decadence, it now looks diseased and filthy. I love it. Your painting scheme makes me feel grimy, good job. True sons of Mortarion!

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Well, a little update of sorts... While not any painted pictures unfortunately, seeing as my current mobile phone is absolute garbage when attempting to capture color, I'm awaiting the arrival of an actual camera (!!!). In the meantime, I decided to start on a little side project that I had been planning for quite some time.


When I decided I would take the plunge into 30K back when FW began this whole shindig, I wasn't going to do Death Guard. I already had a sizeable 40K Death Guard force and wasn't keen on doing the same force. In the beginning, I was set on choosing either World Eaters, Night Lords, or my namesake... Dusk Raiders. While World Eaters sounded like a lot of fun (and I had briefly dipped my toes into a 40K World Eaters force back in the day), I ultimately decided against it; someone I knew had chosen the Legion first. Night Lords were really tempting, but their lack of Legion rules at the time made me wary, and I wasn't liking the challenge of painting lightning... either it would look convincing or I wouldn't touch it at all. It came down to my beloved XIVth Legion.


I had actually painted both a Dusk Raiders and a Death Guard test mini for a side by side comparison, and both turned out nice. However, when it came down to brass tacks I couldn't envision an entire Dusk Raiders force being relevant in the Heresy. By the time the largest war in the galaxy came to fruition, the Dusk Raiders had long since been changed to Death Guard, most of their numbers were also lost to history. There was no place in the timeline for an entire company of Dusk Raiders. The thing is... since the beginning of this army, I had already decided on a backstory for my Third Grand Company, and it revolved around two fraternal brothers. Both were recruited from the Highlands of Albia during the end of the Unification Wars / the dawn of the Great Crusade. One had risen through the ranks of the pre-Primarch Legion to become the Legion Master's Standard Bearer, while the other was relegated to a random Company's Siege Breaker. One would ultimately lead an entire Great Company, while the other stayed more or less stagnant, although still becoming Fifth Grand Company's Master Siege Breaker. So, when Isstvan III erupted, one would choose the side of the Emperor while the other would remain loyal to his Primarch.


This WIP is the older of the two brothers, his name was Raghnall Camshronacht. I will be posting a more elaborate backstory, including family history, their role in the unification of Albia with the Imperium, and that sword he's carrying as well. For now, enjoy the pics.


Raghnall Camshronacht, Standard Bearer of the XIVth Legion






The armour worn by the Praetor is an early Mk. III model, heavily artificed and built to match the Legion Master's Tactical Dreadnought Armour (as most of the Command Squad also wore). His left pauldron bears the Raptor Imperialis to signify that Camshronacht had directly campaigned with the Emperor. He wields a Phobos Pattern Combi-Flamer, regularly seen issued to the Terminator elite. His blade, Foesbane, is an Albian relic, and predates the Unification of the country with the Imperium by centuries.

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Alright, after a bit of a hiatus (working on a commission), I've finally got some updates for everyone. I've posted them over on the AoD Boards for the XIV Paint Thread, but they deserve mention in here.


First is my Dusk Raiders Praetor, Raghnall Camshronacht. I've changed out his sword, as I felt it may give off too much of a Daemon Weapon feel. I picked up the Kromlech weapons pack, mainly for the Eviscerator-esque weapons. It worked out pretty well, since it also included a Claymore looking blade, and seeing as Dusk Raiders are Albian, I want to give them a somewhat Celtic feel.






The Death Guard Praetor has also been assembled and will be receiving paint shortly.





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Hey folks, long time no update. As some may have seen last month, I finished the Death Guard Praetor for the March of the Legions, but I never got around to updating my thread. Well it's alright because it's now going to be a massive update with more completed pieces via the potato! So first up, my completed Praetor, Braegan Camshronacht "Kinslayer", Captain of the Third Grand Company, XIVth Legion:






Up next: The first 10 Cataphractii in my new scheme. These guys have also been done for a few weeks, but I've just been too busy to get some proper pics and post them up.








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Next are some completed characters... I've also finished the Primus Medicae & Siege Breaker, but I forgot about the chainmail on the loincloths / pauldrons (they're using Grave Warden bits). So here we go:


Breacher Sergeant... still don't actually have any Breachers, and this guy flies in the face of what my Artificer Armour looks like otherwise in the army, so yeah:






Next up is the Champion... I'm a little disappointed in the pictures, his helmet lens are actually really bright red. I think it may have something to do with the color as well, it's a red-gold which may pull away from the lens coloration. The detail on his chest plate also lost some detail in the weathering, I believe. Ah well...






Here's my Moritat... I still absolutely love this model. I'm a bit miffed about the nerf to double Plasma Pistols (they look awesome on the model), but still probably my favorite model of the entire force.





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Finally... last, but not least... my Dusk Raider Praetor. After looking at the photos, I noticed I didn't finish the left pauldron, and I need to shade the joint connectors between the hip and the leg, but otherwise he's more or less finished. I had originally intended on starting a ZM Dusk Raider force, but they may now be on the back burner for the foreseeable future.






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Thanks, folks. The only thing I'm a bit disappointed in, mainly the Cataphractii, is the way the FW Orange Rust came through. I stippled it on the Aged Rust (this was before I had picked up MIG pigment), but it really just overpowered the whole rust color underneath and made it a bit too orange. The next batch are strictly MIG Dark Rust, so they look a lot more natural. I've yet to hit them with some Matte Varnish, so they're a little shiny in the pads as well. I'll get some WIP pics up of the next Cataphractii soon, maybe tomorrow as it's my Saturday. I'd love some C+C, I know the pics aren't the best and the shadows have pulled detail from them.

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Well looks like another update. Twice in a week! Mad world, this is... Anyhow, here's the next batch of Cataphractii. This is how I intend the rest of the weathering to be on this force. I'm really happy with these guys so far, and hopefully the rest of the army will come out the same. Mind you this is very early in the WIP process, but would love some C+C.


















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The pteurges will be dark brown with gold buttons. In my prior scheme, I had them oxblood red with blood buttons, but decided to make them much more plain looking. Death Guard wouldn't really be concerned with embellishment and whatnot, so some dark, aged leather will suit them fine.

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What I like the most about these is how the armor has a sort of biological look about it. Most of the colors used resemble skin tones and that paired with the heavy cataphractii armor gives a weird fleshy/steel look that I find fantastic. It's a cool way to foreshadow the legion's destiny, Awesome stuff man.

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No paint progress to really report as of now, but I did get around to finally putting together my Command Squad. I had always loved the brutality of the Justaerin Cataphractii armour, while at the same time it fit in perfectly with the normal armour kit. I needed to do something with it, and the idea of a Terminator Command Squad always sounded cool to me. My Praetor was the former Siege Master of the 5th Grand Company, 17th Battalion XIVth Legion, so I wanted that kind of feel to follow him when he rose to command an entire Grand Company. With that in mind, the Command Squad has the weaponry to conduct a siege assault.


To counter his Paragon Blade... which obviously sucks when cutting into tanks or Dreadnoughts... the entire Command Squad is armed with Chain Fists. I didn't want to go with the normal Cataphractii Chain Fist, since it would have looked pretty dumb using the same bit on all five members. The solution? Grave Warden Chain Fist add-ons. I never used them on my GWs (and I'm not really even sure I'll ever field the Grave Wardens themselves, although it IS tempting in Zone Mortalis), so I figured why not throw them onto the Cataphractii Power Fists? There's four variants in the kit, so it ensures they all have a different pose (barring two, meh). It also gives them a much more heavy feel compared to the normal Chain Fist. I'm thinking about going back with some of my Zinge Industries cabling and making them look a little more barbaric or whatever, but I'm not 100%.


A few of them still bear the Eye of Horus on their armour. I shaved most of them off, which will probably be replaced with transfers post-paint (finally picked up Micro Sol / Set!). I figure that the XIVth and the XVIth were always quite close throughout their Legion history, and what better way to show that comraderie than conveying the favor of the Warmaster himself on their plate? Obviously, I've mixed the Death Guard Cataphractii Pauldrons with the Justaerin on a couple (only wanted the spiked pauldrons), otherwise they wear the crossed scythes to show the favor of the Death Lord himself as well, something not even the Praetor is adorned with... being a Terran and all.


Regular Marine helms DO fit in Justaerin torsos, as you can see in the pics below. This also rings true with Deathshroud torsos, in case anyone is curious. The Heavy Flamer is a Tartaros-pattern modified to fit the Cataphractii arm. I could have gone with a classic Cataphractii-pattern, but again I wanted to convey this assault theme with the Command Squad. What better way than a smaller Flamer, underslung from this hulking plate? It would be easy to swing to and fro in close quarter battle, unlike the massive Cataphractii weapon.


The remaining Command Squad members are toting Combi-Meltas. These guys need to have all the tank busting tricks they can to make up for the Praetor's infantry threshing only capabilities.


So here we go... comments and criticism are appreciated, always.







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