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Dusk Raider's 3rd Grand Company Death Guard


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Thanks! Yeah, I've always had a love for the Tartaros Flamer, despite hating the actual armour. It seems his Flamer arm may be sitting a little low on his body compared to his other arm, so I'll have to fix that ASAP. I was going to use the variant heads from the Death Guard kit, but I'm not a fan of the variant helmet, and the unhelmeted head just looks... off. The standard one also happens to be the nicest one, so I just stuck with it. I'm still toying with the idea of cabling on the Chain Fists, but have to do some mock ups first. Also, I'll try to get the trim done on my Cataphractii and update this thread with some actual color progress.

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Here's another small update... I've actually got ten more Cataphractii that are 95% done, but I'm currently without a good camera, so FML. I just finished putting together this pig, the last component of my 4,150 Pride of the Legion list. I've wanted a Mk. IIb Land Raider for years now, since I played 40K Death Guard... but I heard horror stories about assembly. I can now say that those stories are true, but I have no regrets. It needs a lot of gap filling (along with three of my four Spartans, again FML), which I'll eventually get around to. I just love this pattern Land Raider, though. I was going to suck it up and get a generic Phobos pattern 40K LR, but this second hand model popped up on eBay about a month or so ago, so I had to snatch it up. I picked up some Blood and Skulls Industries treads for it to match the FW treads found on Spartans, Proteus, etc.


I was going to add more personal touches to the tank, seeing as it's my Praetor's ride, but keeping in XIVth fashion I've decided to keep it sparse and utilitarian. So here you go...






I've also decided to start a little side project (because I don't have enough on my plate)... I've always been enticed with the Word Bearers models FW has pumped out over the past year or two. There's so much detail and character that I honestly couldn't help myself. I picked up a squad of Gal Vorbak along with Zardu Layak & The Blade Slaves. I'm just doing them as a bit of a paint project, but I've been considering expanding them out into at the very least a ZM force. When I started this, I was set on going with a metallic red scheme, but I abhor airbrushing and didn't want to just use some Clear Red and call it a day. I decided I would try something... unique. I want my Word Bearers to look very visceral and dark, so I decided what better way to do that than make their armour a deep, arterial red? To accomplish this, I used the Blood for the Blood God paint effect GW released. After priming the model, it was based with Leadbelcher and highlighted using Runefang Silver. I applied three thinned down layers of Blood for the Blood God to the armour, and it worked to great effect. I've since added a thinned layer of Baal Red wash to bring the gloss down a bit, but it still looks pretty awesome. I'll try taking some updated photos soon, but in the meantime I snapped the three stages to show how it finally comes out (sans wash, which is needed).


Stage 1



Stage 2



Stage 3


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And here's the Word Bearers... I'm a little disappointed with the level of fine detail that's been filtered out in the pictures, as I've spent a lot of time on things like bone, flesh, etc... but what can you do? The (im)purity seals are pretty much done, I may do a little highlight but I'm not sure yet. They're no where near as yellow as they show in the pictures, but I did want them to look like old papyrus ala ancient Egypt. I've also given Zardu Layak tattoos on his exposed flesh in gold to emulate his Primarch, although they're not very visible in the pics. At this point, I've got to pick out the cables and armour joints, then I get to move onto the armour weathering, which I've saved for last. I've got a vision in my head for what I want with it, let's hope it comes out well.










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Thanks! It's a combination of the crackle effect and doing the chipping. I use a pick tool and wire brush on occasion and it often scores the model a bit and gives it a worn side effect. Honestly, it only really shows up in flash photography.
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I use the crackle effect to seal the rust that I base the models in prior to paint. It works well and it has a cool effect on the finished product. When I do chipping, I use Lahmian Medium, slightly brush it to mix the white with some of the rust coloration, then take a sculpting or pick tool and score the model in various places. The added benefit is that it cracks at the edges of the chipping. You can see it well in a couple of the pictures.
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Hmph... Well this seems to have become a bit of a Word Bearers thread as of late, but I promise I'll be back to my Death Guard soon enough. The Gal Vorbak are pretty much done other than a little work on the lenses and painting the Bolters where present. More work remains to be done on Zardu Layak and the Blade Slaves, mainly Layak. I've started working on the Anakatis Blades and I really want to go wild with them to show their Chaotic origin. Anyhow, here we go... I'm sure this will be over a few posts due to the number of photos (which actually came out decent this time!!).









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Holy crap, man! Those are some fantastically crusty Death Guard! It's a lot of weathering but it doesn't look overdone or ridiculous. The skin tones you have on those Gal Vorbak is fantastic and I think the weathering on the metal trim is equally impressive. How'd  you weather the metal on those GV?

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Thanks BCK, that means a lot coming from you. The trim for the Gal Vorbak was based in Leadbelcher. I gave it a thinned wash of Nuln Oil, then lightly drybrushed Runefang Silver. I thinned out some Typhus Corrosion and added it in random places, mainly crevices, then I applied thinned out Verdigris effect (the name escapes me at the moment). Finally, I thinned out some Brass Scorpion (this paint is honestly horrible and constantly separates in the bottle), applied it in various spots around the verdigris or used it as a separation between the verdigris and clean metal, then lightly dabbled it off so all that was present was a bit of a tinge or stain. I was going to go a bit more vibrant with the colors, but err'd on the side of caution.
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Hey everyone, another update. The Word Bearers are just about done now, I'll grab some photos in the next day or two... I've added to the army a bit to make it somewhat legal to run (2 HQs required)... I wanted options, so I converted both a Diabolist and a Chaplain to the cause. I'm really pleased with the Diabolist. He needs to greenstuff work here and there to complete him, but otherwise yeah. The Chaplain is a bit plain... I'm not sure if that's a good thing. I didn't want to go TOO corrupt with him, but I may add more eventually. In any case, enjoy and as always C&C is appreciated.








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Because sanity (and sleep) is for the weak, I've finished the Anakatis Blades... here's some pictures. The flesh colors are still being filtered out, I wish there was something I could do about it other than pick up a better camera. *shrug*


I'm also looking for some opinions... I've done the Bolter / Bolt Pistols on the Gal Vorbak. They're black w/ basic silver for the barrel, mag, and counterweight on the front of the weapons. I've done a basic wash of Nuln Oil on the silver, but I'm wondering if I should do the corruption as I've done on the armour trim. Some feedback would be helpful, so I can finally call them complete. Anyhow, here's the pictures.











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They're finished.


At last, after a month... the Blessed Ones are completed. What a bittersweet achievement... they were the most intensive painting ventures I've done in quite some time, but if I could do it all over again I would. I've still got the Diabolist and Chaplain to paint and I've yet to receive the Mhara Gal, but still... I've decided I will definitely be expanding the force to around 1,000 - 1,500 points and focusing mainly on Zone Mortalis for now. I've uploaded what I thought were the best pics of those I took to this thread, but there are complete 360 views on my Photobucket if you're interested in taking a look. I've also included pics of my Diabolist WIP, I've added some purity seals (more like scrolls) to his armour and would love a yay or nay on it, if you'd please. Keep an eye out for updates to my Death Guard soon as well, as they're my focus again. So without further ado, enjoy:













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  Look what we have here, one of dem der updatifcations... So I finished the second squad of Cataphractii, this time Combi-Weapons + an extra Reaper Autocannon. This means I have all of my intended Zone Mortalis force painted sans the Contemptor(s). I'm really happy how these turned out... not sure why there appears to be a gloss on them, however. May be the flash *shrug*


 In any case, enjoy and as always C+C is appreciated! I've also got a pic of the Contemptor up, pre-paint.






















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Well here we are... I just finished adding the bronze trim and it hasn't been washed yet, so that would be why it's still got a shine to it. The Dreadnought will be gripping a Salamander, as it was the XIVth that wiped the Angels of Nocturne out. As designated by the left knee guard on each of the Legionnaires of the XIVth, most of these Astartes hail from Terra or tithed worlds.

The Command Squad of the Third Grand Company was transferred from Fifth Grand Company, 16th Battalion, where Captain Braegan Camshronacht, the Kin Slayer, was formerly the designated Siege Master for 5th GC. The Command Squad, led by Standard Bearer Torcull Blacach, were outfitted specifically for the hell that was Siege warfare, in particular fortification breaching. Their Cataphractii armour was customized to be a weapon itself, covered in large adamantium spikes to aid in unarmed combat. Each member of the Squad is armed with a custom Chain Fist, a modified version of the standard Cataphractii gauntlet to allow free movement of the limb. Each Astartes is armed with a Combi-Melta, preferred for hull perforation and sundering heavy armour. The exception is Ciaran Ceallach, the Squad's Chem Master, who wields a custom-mounted Tartaros-pattern Heavy Flamer, further modified to accept chemical ammunition. It's smaller, lighter frame allows better manouverability in the confines of trenches, corridors, and breaches.


As always, C&C is appreciated.




















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Well look what we have here... an update.


So the Command Squad is finished. I still need to get th courage to cut out and attempt to mount to banner decal, but otherwise they're good to go. Likewise, the Contemptor is also complete (although looking at the pics I took, I missed some cabling on the Plasma Cannon). I've also sealed 14 Cataphractii and will be throwing some paint at them tonight. Two of the remaining 6 are being re-armed with Heavy Flamers to replace their Plasma Blasters (what was I thinking?!) and the other 4 need to have their rust pigment applied before sealing. I've also included pictures of the completed Primus Medicae and Siege Breaker, as I noticed I never did. I'm still contemplating replacing the Siege Breaker with the new Event Exclusive Praetor, but I haven't made up my mind yet. I've noticed something odd about the models... as if either the Simple Green soak they got last year or maybe an odd reaction with the pigment and Lahmian Medium has made them look a bit textured in pictures. Odd, because they don't really look that way in person. That kind of bothers me, actually...


So here we are... back to my roots.





























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Hey everyone, another update. The Word Bearers are just about done now, I'll grab some photos in the next day or two... I've added to the army a bit to make it somewhat legal to run (2 HQs required)... I wanted options, so I converted both a Diabolist and a Chaplain to the cause. I'm really pleased with the Diabolist. He needs to greenstuff work here and there to complete him, but otherwise yeah. The Chaplain is a bit plain... I'm not sure if that's a good thing. I didn't want to go TOO corrupt with him, but I may add more eventually. In any case, enjoy and as always C&C is appreciated.








That guy is really epic, very gruesome, the chainsword/macuahuitl looks like is made from a sawfish rustrum which have a likely feral feeling. Hope he is being painted soon :)

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