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Dusk Raider's 3rd Grand Company Death Guard


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He's about halfway done at this point, as are most of my Word Bearers HQs. I'll go back to them eventually, I just needed to get back to my roots... I missed my XIVth http://image.bolterandchainsword.com//public/style_emoticons/default/sad.png

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Hey, Death Guard update time!


Well, here it is... the Breacher / Siege Contemptor Dreadnought of the XIVth. Pretty much just kitbashing a bit with the Iron Circle Domitar and the Death Guard Contemptor... it needs a little cleaning up in places, but otherwise it's good. I'll be using the Iron Circle model to make a Cortus Contemptor utilizing Decimator Siege Claws... if it turns out good, I'll probably pick up two Domitar and make a full Talon. So here you go!











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Thanks everyone! I've been wanting to build this guy for a looking time.


So, a little update here on the Contemptor... I was pretty disappointed in the Shield placement, as I wanted it closer to the body, as if being used to... well, shield the Dreadnought. I did some repositioning, and here's the result. I'm much happier with it now, as it seems he's using the Shield to block while just following through with a swing of the Hammer. I also had to ensure that the Shield, while positioned to protect the Dreadnought, would not hinder his line of sight. Maybe I'll prime him tomorrow if the weather is nice.










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I'm actually using the Domitar body to make a Cortus Contemptor. The way I envision the Cortus is this stripped down mechanical monstrosity that's unstable and built for CC. The Domitar chassis is perfect for that!


It's pretty simple really. I cut out (rather poorly, derp) the ball used for the head socket and added the Death Guard Contemptor head. I was going to use Decimator arms, but after seeing how large they are on the frame I ditched that idea. So now I'm waiting on Contemptor claws... I've set up a little rig that should allow the claws to mate up to the body.


I don't know if I'll do anything else, we'll see.

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Update time...


Finally got the DCCW arms to slap on the Cortus Contemptor prototype. I purposefully left the arms devoid of any weapon system, as I intend to pick up the pintle mounted kit and add the Heavy Flamer weapon to the back of the model since there's now an empty space where the Mauler Bolter would have been placed. Let me know what you think!







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Thanks man! Yeah, if I do any more I'm using regular Domitar and not Iron Circle. I felt obligated to do something with the model and not just use it for the Hammer & Shield. I had placed a Contemptor head in the chassis at first, but it didn't look right, so I picked up a couple third party heads meant for the Castellon or whatever the hell that derpy 40K Ad Mech. robot is called. I kinda wish I could have incorporated more Contemptor parts to make sure it's understood it's a Cortus, but what can you do? Maybe a Leviathan head would work.
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