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Players in Munich, Germany


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Hello and welcome to Munich, glad to have you :smile.:


Couple of pointers for wargaming in Munich:

- Local Warhammer store

- Funtainment Store They have both a store and a bigger area to play in. More MTG than Warhammer, but basically THE store for the hobby in Munich

- Magic Warehouse: new store. Obviously bigger focus on MTG, but wants to have a larger payer base for Warhammer as well 

- as mentioned "Weiß-Blaue Strategen

- and last but very much not the least: Hammer und Schild. I'm a member in this club. We have around 30 members, play predominantly 40k, with various people playing AoS, 9th age, X-Wing, Hobbit
If you want to visit, shoot me a PM.

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Anyone push out to Regensburg or Nuremberg? I live a ways north of those places and getting a feel for the land


Live near Nürnberg, but also need to go to Ratisbona or Schweinfurt for good tournaments.


For casual games the Warhammer store in Nürnberg is a great place , especially after an update recently.


Be sure to also check out this website for all German tournaments :



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