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(HH) Ultramarines 168th Company


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Hello! I've been playing around with Horus Heresy armies for a while now and I've finally decided its time to actually make a topic and stick to a legion.


The Legion I've gone for and decided to stick with is the Ultra's, plenty of fluff to write my own company into and just generally a legion I feel are more my style.... and because I have a decent excuse to have gold (i do have a like for the shiney shiney - when I'm in the mood to paint).


Background fluff will follow (I'm away from home at the moment so I don't have access to any of my fluff)


Quick basis of the fluff. The 168th Company 

  • Was mauled heavily during a compliance operation shortly before the Calth Muster (by mauled roughly 12 men per 20 man squad are currently fresh from neophytes
  • Because of their mauled-ness they missed the Calth incident and are still effectively at full strength
  • Because they have a huge amount of neophytes the company has a unusual number of apothecaries seconded from other companies to oversee the process 
  • Although led by a Captain, most operations are led by the company's Librarian, following Guilliman allowing the use of the Librarius again
  • Large number of consul's [simply because as I said before, I like the shiney shiney no fluffy reason as to why they have so many as of yet.... Open to suggestions =) ]


This is a tabletop army as well. I always struggle with customising my marines, I know I want them to have personal heraldry etc. but I can never decide on what I want. SO. all marines will gain awards and extra's depending on table top games played. eases my load on frying my brain cells working out what I want, and it will eventually give each marine his own personality which is unscripted, which I like the sound of.


Tabletop Format

My army is based as a doubles alongside my friends Imperial Armour list - I bring the men, he brings the guns




  • Force Axe
  • Artificer Armour


20 man Tactical squad

  • Sergeant - Power Sword, Artificer Armour
  • Apothecary - Power Sword, Artificer Armour

20 man Tactical squad

  • Sergeant - Power Sword, Artificer Armour
  • Apothecary - Power Sword, Artificer Armour


Contemptor Dreadnought (Mortis)

  • Twin- Lascannons 

7 man Invictarus Suzerian squad (Librarian Bodyguard unit)

  • Rhino Transport

Fast Attack

  • Xiphon Interceptor

Extra Stuff which is not used tabletop



Multiple Chaplains (Courtesy of Betrayal at Calth)


  • Power Axe
  • Artificer Armour

The Avenging Son, Lord of Ultramar, XIII Son of the Emperor - Roboute Guilliman


Very likely to have multiple others in near future 



Another 30 Tactical Marines


5 man Seeker Squad (Currently the most decorated squad in the army with 3 Justaerin Kills and 3 wounds on Horus in a single round of shooting) 

5 man Seeker Squad (Did nothing while their brother squad ruined the pride of a Sons of Horus army)


More set for the future- 



25 Cataphractii Terminators (5 Power Swords/Volkite, 5 Thunder Hammers/Combi-Bolters, 10 Power Axes/Combi-Bolters, 5 Lightning Claws)

3 lone Invictarus which can't fit with the 7 already in the tabletop army

Contemptor Dreadnought (Mortis) - Assault Cannons

Contemptor Dreadnought (Courtesy of Betrayal at Calth)

Veteran Squad - Assortment of power weapons


Heavy Support

5 Man Devastator squad - Heavy Bolters


So! without further rambling... (okay maybe a little more) - some images of the army (that I have with me)




Captain Vel Asina - Commander of the 168th Company - Ultramarines

 - He still needs to be based and I've just noticed he has a scroll on his right shoulder pad I seem to have missed, sorry for the poor photos, ill take some better ones when I get back home and replace them










- Not really sure about his backpack, as much as a like the Invictarus backpacks with the Ultra on, it seems a little big, i'm thinking of replacing it for a Mk4 pack


Chaplain (Hasn't got a name yet....) 

 - Needs to be based 






And finally for now - an image of the predominant tabletop force with both 20man squads, Librarian, Captain Asina and the Seeker squad at the back




I'm open to all! Critiques, Comments, Suggestions - what have ye =)



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Impressive (labored breathing) Most..Impressive (more labored breathing) lol.  I've seen a lot of Ultramarines in my day, and I'm liking yours a lot.


 Thanks! I hope I can continue the trend of you liking them =), When I get back from my holiday on the 5th Jan I'll post some more pics =)



Nice gold, the detailing on the axe head looks good too.

Ta! the new GW golds have made it so easy to get a nice gold I find,  and I reckon I could neaten the axe head in a few places but overall I'm really happy with it =)


Any reason his right greave is painted blue when the rest of his limbs' plates are painted gold? I'd have painted both legs gold personally (though it might come off as a little gaudy) with the left greave's studs painted metal.


Lovely captain.

I find studs a pain to highlight and look nice on a good day so on that basis I figured his studded leg could be metallic (had to be gold, no other was considered http://image.bolterandchainsword.com//public/style_emoticons/default/biggrin.png) so I painted over the blue which it had been originally, found I quite liked the mix and it evens the amount of gold on him as before he had no gold on his lower half and it looked a bit out of place, and I wasn't sure about making the other leg for the worry it would be too much.


As for the gold vambraces, I'm thinking of tying it into some sort of informal rank honorific, Asina is the company commander so he has both his vambraces gold, whereas the Chaplain (its hard to see in the photo, I'll get a better one when I get back) only has his right vambrace gold. Thinking maybe having consuls having a single right vambrace gold and maybe even going as far as having sergeants with a left vambrace gold.. not sure, open to suggestions as always =)



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They're looking awesome! I'm interested in the fluff side of things - who/ what were they fighting during their compliance before the Calth muster? Why were they mauled so badly?


In all honesty that's still a part i'm toying with, I like the idea of a small xenos race which have only got control of perhaps a few planets in their solar system, but again as to how they managed to maul a company of ultras, not to mention the usual expeditionary fleet alongside the Ultras, I keep coming back to the idea of technologically beating marine armour.. but then all I can think of is Tau, who hadn't evolved yet, or natural technology like the Megaarchanid =/. Shout some ideas at me =) even wacky things!



Uuuh pretty! I'm gonna keep an eye on this.


Thanks! =) i'll be making some more proper updates from about the 5th off jan or so



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I'm back from abroad so i can start updating properly!

So to begin with some cleaner photo's of the praetor and chaplain 

(still need to have basing finished [as well as the scroll on the right shoulder])





168th Company, 1st Squad Veteran Sergeant Maro

(Needs basing, backpack + neatening of highlighting)




168th Company, 1st Squad

(All in various stages of completion)




168th Company, 1st Squad Veterans 





(2IC of 1st Squad)




168th Company, 2nd Squad

(All in various stages of completion)



168th Company, 2nd Squad Veteran Sergeant Tiberius 

(undergoing helmet changes and stuff)




168th Company, 2nd Squad Veterans

(again all in different stages of completion and conversion from other paint schemes)



(2IC of 2nd Squad)



168th Company Seeker Squad



Seeker Squad Sergeant




Startings of a Veteran Squad (from bits lying spare)



Hopefully have some more fully painted by next week or so =)


Critique, Comments and Suggestions always welcome =)



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Isn't 168th Co. Aeonid Thiel's outfit? It seems to ring a bell for some reason.


I love the Praetor, and the veterans in particular. You've got a really good style of highlighting; I'd personally make some of the lines a little thinner but it works well as-is and if you're happy with it that's the main thing. I also like that you're making quite an individualised force of Ultras. I tend to be biased in that regard, but I think it really adds to the 'realism' of a force, with each warrior having subtly distinct wargear (especially the veterans).


Keep it coming, brother.

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Wow...this is unbelievable. I salute you, for you have the most beautiful Ultramarines I have ever seen!

My thanks, it makes me very happy to know you like my smurfs =D


Isn't 168th Co. Aeonid Thiel's outfit? It seems to ring a bell for some reason.


I love the Praetor, and the veterans in particular. You've got a really good style of highlighting; I'd personally make some of the lines a little thinner but it works well as-is and if you're happy with it that's the main thing. I also like that you're making quite an individualised force of Ultras. I tend to be biased in that regard, but I think it really adds to the 'realism' of a force, with each warrior having subtly distinct wargear (especially the veterans).


Keep it coming, brother.

From memory I believe Thiel's outfit is the 138th, although I could be wrong =)


Can't say how happy it makes me to know that you like my marines, in my opinion your Ultra's are by far the best I have ever seen and your thread is an absolute inspiration! as for the highlighting, I do notice they are very messy at times, its just I get bored of highlighting after a while so my focus tends to slip on the brighter highlight and I can't bring myself around to cleaning them up, my patience is slowly improving so hopefully as my army increases the highlighting will get neater.... hopefully =D.


And I am completely with you on the individualised look to a force, my personal view point would be that each marine puts his own touch to his armour, whether that's large scale decoration or just some etched script, to battle veterans who have had damaged pieces of armour and so getting a mixed set of armour styles and marks is more realistic and how it should be


Mettius looks awesome! Yes, even with the unmatching pauldrons and weird golden blade. http://image.bolterandchainsword.com//public/style_emoticons/default/tongue.png

Aha, yeah I couldn't find another shoulder pad which went well with the left one in my bitz box so I resignedly went with the one he has on, as for the blade.... i'm not even sure myself, I have no idea as to why I gave him a golden blade, although i'm presuming my brain decided that more gold is always best and went "meh, making the blade gold is a suitable way of more gold" http://image.bolterandchainsword.com//public/style_emoticons/default/laugh.png



And now, seeing as I have had time, I have made a consul for the Breacher section of my army that I want to make at some point


Polus Vitus, Captain, Commander of the CLXVIII Company Breacher Unit


The clash of bolter rounds against hardened ceramite reverberated around the confined spaces of the Word Bearers Grand Cruiser, the mass reactive rounds smashing harmlessly against the boarding shields of the Ultramarine attackers, ranked in rows of 5, covering the entire width of the corridor with the slab-sided boarding shields they all carried. Behind the rows of cobalt blue a solitary figure strolled up and down the width of the corridor, his hammer, deactivated for now, swinging a circle in the air, never once looking at the unfolding firefight, never once appearing to take any notice. The markings on the lone warrior stated him as Captain Polus Vitus, the marine in charge of the CLXVIII Company’s Breacher outfit. Within his blunt mk3 helmet Vitus examined the battle through multiple camera views, fed through into his visor from the front rank of breachers. He examined the two squads of Word Bearers who hid in the alcoves on the left and right of the corridor, pouring fire into the stoic bastion front the XIII legion had erected, listening to the commands of a young sergeant who he had put in command of the situation.


He sighed to himself, the sergeant was a good leader, but he was still green and had no real experience of boarding actions before his ascension to a full legionnaire, shortly before the Calth incident. The sergeant had failed to notice the XVII legion squad hiding on the left were not as experienced as the one on the right, slower reload speed, poor choosing of target, significantly less zealous, and most importantly, a smaller number of marines with heavy close combat weapons.  Combat blades are no match for boarding shields smiled the captain. Vitus sighed to himself again, to take advantage the Ultramarines should have advanced, standing here waiting for heavier weapons would just give the enemy time to work out a strategy against them.


The young sergeant was halfway through giving an order when Vitus placed his deactivated hammer against the sergeant’s left pauldron and gently pushed him aside. “My turn to deal with these whelps” he said softly to the sergeant as he continued on through the files of breachers, each file opening up to allow him through in perfect synergy and without any order being needed. As he reached the front file he brought up his own boarding shield and stepped into the centre of the file, the marine previously holding that position neatly stepping aside and behind his captain. Without need of a command Vitus started advancing on the Word Bearers, the highly experienced first rank, his own squad, advanced alongside him. 4 minutes later the 20 Word Bearers lay dead, at least 8 of them attributed to the almost casual swings of Captain Polus Vitus.



Polus Vitus WIP (scavenged Salamander sergeant body)




(concept 1)



(concept 2)



Final Build

(still needs basing)






(bit blurry - will try and get a better photo tomorrow)



(And a photo with flash on)



Comments and critique always welcome! =)



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