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DuskRaider's Word Bearers


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Bearers of the True Word, hear my call!


So I've decided to jump into this year's ETL... call it a lapse of judgement. At first I was going to pledge some of my Death Guard, my main force and the army I've been playing since the beginning of time (Chaos in 40K until FW released HH). However, this past year I started a little side project. At first it was just painting up the FW Word Bearers models, but then it sparked something inside of me. I decided I wanted a Zone Mortalis Word Bearers force. But then I couldn't help myself... I needed more. At this point I'm not 100% sure how many points I'm sitting on, but now it's well past ZM.


So for this year, I'm dedicating myself to completing what I have thus far for the XVIIth. The faithful of the Eightfold Path. The Enlightened Ones. My Word Bearers force is supposed to be The Unspeaking... a bit. Maybe an offshoot. They're fully enthralled in Chaos. Some are corrupted by the powers of the Dark Gods and have fully dedicated themselves to the Pantheon, while others are still in the process (or haven't committed themselves at all). I've tried to capture this mid-transformation by incorporating a lot of the infantry in the Legion's traditional storm grey in various stages of transition to the crimson of the Enlightened. It is not a process dictated by rank in the Legion or favor of the command line, but by favor of the Gods and the Astarte's level of dedication to the Eightfold Path.


I'll be posting the general progress of my army after this introduction, as after the ETL this will become my project log in general. So for ETL 2016 I'm dedicating the following to the cause of AoD:


5 x Gal Vorbak - 260 pts.

  -2 x Plasma

  -1 x Dark Martyr

  -2 x normal GV


10 x Word Bearers Volkite Caliver Tactical Support Squad


10 x Word Bearers Plasma Gunner Tactical Support Squad


10 x Word Bearers Melta Gunner Tactical Support Squad


10 x Word Bearers Volkite Culverin Heavy Support Squad


10 x Word Bearers Heavy Bolter Heavy Support Squad


1 x Word Bearers Contemptor Dreadnought


Pics -


Dark Martyr:




Gal Vorbak:






Volkite Caliver Squad:



Volkite Culverin Squad:



Heavy Bolter Squad:



Plasma Gunner Squad:



Contemptor Dreadnought:





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Thanks guys! I've had the idea for this force for quite some time, so it's nice to see it come to fruition.
My bits arrived today, so I was able to arm the Dark Martyr. I wanted to give him the Mace, but also a Power Fist... so I may just count it as a Fist sometimes. I was dead set on the Bloodwrath weapons, though... GW has really outdone themselves lately with their plastic models. Tonight I'm hoping to complete the Melta squad and Wednesday I'll start gap filling on the Gal Vorbak / Dark Martyr.




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Thanks! The red is done using Blood for the Blood God in multiple thin layers over a Leadbelcher base w/ Runefang Silver highlight. It's later lightly washed w/ Baal Red (or whatever the new wash is called) to bring down the gloss.


The Command squad is a mish mash of various bits. The torsos and left pauldrons are FW's Word Bearers bits. The arms are from Evil Craft, and were used due to being much more baroque than normal Space Marine bits. The heads, weapons, and Banner were picked up from Puppets War... they're stuff is awesome. The legs are from Spellcrow. The right spiked pauldrons are from Master Crafted Miniatures, and I cannot endorse his product enough... the army is full of MCM pauldrons, even the Cataphractii are wearing MCM Spiked pauldrons. Last, the power cells are from some old 40K minis... honestly, I'm not even sure what. I'm going to assume Chaos Space Marines, as that's really all I've collected SM wise, but I can't say for sure. They're older and metal. The Standard Bearer's power cell is from the Necrosius model ala FW.














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I'm back with a bit of an update... it's nothing too crazy and no paint yet, but I finished piecing together the Melta and Plasma Tactical Support Squads. The Gal Vorbak have also had their gaps filled with green stuff, so tomorrow I'll be priming the entire ETL vow to begin painting. So here's pics of the Tactical Support Squads and hopefully tomorrow around this time I'll have pics of the Gal Vorbak based.


Melta Tactical Support Squad



Plasma Tactical Support Squad


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Ace work with Gal Vorbak and Dark Martyr. Really liking the trophies scattered throughout the force. Where did the skeletal wings of the Martyr come from?

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Thank you! The Dark Martyr's wings and head are Rackham Confrontation bits. The wings are from the appropriately named Winged Skeletons and the head is from the Darkness Elemental.

Unfortunately, the game and minis have been out of production for many years now, which is a pity because they were by far the most beautiful line of models I've ever seen. eBay may have stuff, though and I believe Cool Mini or Not was attempting something of a revival.

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Great work! Beautiful conversions and pantjob! I like your style! I would aim at similar resoults of "grimdark realism", unfortunately my attempts usually end in a too dark miniature ^^;; 

(Lately, with chaos I've less of that "realistic and dirty" approach, to a more managable (for me) tabletop quality)

Any suggestion?


I also remember confrontation... still have a Wolfen army and a box of Devourers from Ragnarok (don't even remember where and why I picked them up)...


I immediatly recognized the "morbid angel" wings (undead had some great models....well, every faction), those where the finest bit.


Thanks also for reminding me of the Devourers box! Will use one as a Chaos Spawn for this Etl

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Yeah man, Confrontation was such a great game. The mechanics were just about flawless and the models were top notch... it's a shame the company went belly up, it's the game that got me really into tabletop. I still have a ton of models and I think my full Ophidian army is somewhere, but unfortunately after a decade of not being used its all in shambles.

Morbid Angels, that's what they were! Like the band. The best advice I have to anyone is, if you can get your hands in the metal Rackham models, don't hesitate. Even just for bits.

I should have an update tonight, the Gal Vorbak and Contemptor have been primed. I'm still working up to priming the 40 infantry models...

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Wow, your word bearers are very http://image.bolterandchainsword.com//public/style_emoticons/default/censored.gif good, the red is just perfect and all of your added bits are exactly how Id imagine them, amazing work, I cant express how much I like 'em http://image.bolterandchainsword.com//public/style_emoticons/default/laugh.png

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Here's a quick update for Week One of ETL. The Dark Martyr's armour has been completed and I've begun his red pauldrons and knee guard. He'll end up having a similar scheme to the Command Squad and Chaplains, just a lot more... corrupt.


The Gal Vorbak have gotten two coats of Blood for the Blood God on their armour, they'll only need another coat or two before I begin the wash. I'm going to refrain from constant updates and limit them to once a week, when I also update the AoD ETL thread. So until next Sunday, have a great week! Also, C&C is appreciated (for everything in the thread).


Dark Martyr




Gal Vorbak



This guy has been updated since the first shots. He's received a tentacle on his power cell and you can see I used a Bloodletter arm for this Mantid Arm.








Group Shot


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Well, as promised, here's my Week Two Update!


They're not quite finished, a few odds and ends (weapons, lenses, parchements, and some of the green flame). I'll most likely forego waiting until next week and just post them when they're done. So here you go, guys...















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WELP.... as promised, I finished these guys and here they are. Worked through the night to make sure they were finished within 24 hours of my first update... so here you are, I also took pics of the whole unit and all of my possessed Word Bearers as well just for the hell of it.


Dark Martyr





Gal Vorbak Plasma Gunner #1 - This guy has gold tattoos all over his face to emulate Lorgar and what I also did with Zardu Layak. It's kind of hard to pick out the detail, but it's there.






Gal Vorbak Plasma Gunner #2





Gal Vorbak







Gal Vorbak Squad



The Blessed Ones


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Week Three Update:

Well, I wish I had more to show. Between toiling away at a Tyranid commission I'm doing and family life, progress was slow this week. I'm not sure if I'm satisfied with the red on the Contemptor yet, I may do another layer or two. The Plasma Gunners have been separated into two groups: those in Crimson Clad and those still Storm Grey.

The Crimson guys have only received one layer of Blood for the Blood God so far, they'll get a couple more before washing.

After taking the pictures, I noticed I never highlighted the grey in the other Marines... ugh.

I've decided all Tactical Support Squad Astartes will have silver helms. This will help pick them out in a crowd, and I think it looks pretty cool. Not too sure what I'm going to do to differentiate the Heavy Support SquadSquad.

In any case, here's the pics. I'm hoping to have more to show next week.





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Well... here's another update. It's not ETL related, but it's definitely Word Bearers. My Word Bearers Contemptor finally arrived and I eagerly pieced him together. Unfortunately, he won't be touched until I'm done with my first vow... which may be a while. If I finish the first vow by August 15th, this guy will be my second vow.






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Week 5 ETL Update:


Hail, Bearers of the True Word. I bring you updates to my vow... albeit, still not complete. So unfortunately, I've had a hectic week. It's the last week of school for my kids, then they go to Texas with their mother for the summer... so I've been trying to get as much time with them as I can before they leave. This means my Plasma Gunners and Contemptor are still not finished, BUT... they're just about there. I did a fair amount in a week's time, including the skin tone on those without helms, and also the Iconography on the pauldrons, which I'm really pleased with. I wanted the flame to look metallic, yet show the color of fire (as is usually represented in Word Bearers iconography, that is). These will be completed by next Sunday, then I'll move on to the rest.








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