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Doctor Perils

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“Brothers of the Iron Fourth! Sons of Perturabo! The cowardly Imperial Fists are drawing recruits and shoring up their defenses, getting ready to weather the assault of that commander of the Black Legion.
Will we let the lily-livered lapdogs of the False Emperor cower behind their walls? Will we let our cousins in black get all the glory? NO! For we are the IVth Legion, the Iron Warriors! We shall tear down their walls, and burn their cities to the ground! We shall humiliate them, and teach them fear!

We shall make them pay!!!


As the Imperial Fists get ready for their IV Expansion, it becomes obvious that the Iron Warriors - true masters of siege warfare - must also reload their boltguns and sharpen their chainswords. Buoyed up by Captain Semper's E Tenebrae Lux event, I would like to present The Iron Without, a painting contest for the IVth Legion, and any splinter warbands of the Iron Warriors you may like.

(Please note, this contest does not restrict access to Call of Chaos or any Age of Darkness painting contests.)

gallery_77459_12304_737.png THE IRON WITHOUT

Are you are true Son of Perturabo who has models to paint but no motivation? Are your Basilisks only waiting for a coat of silver and stripes to pummel the Fist’s walls to dust and rubble? If this sounds like you, welcome to the first edition of the Iron Without, a painting contest for the Iron Warriors and the IVth Legion!

Proposed merely a week ago but already gathering many dedicated painters, the Iron Without is set to be a fun and exciting event.
Not only will we be motivating each other to paint ever more sons of the Iron Lord, with ever greater skill and technique, but for this first edition, we shall be competing against the Legion that has ever attempted to rival us, the Imperial Fists. Through our strength and determination, our dogged stubbornness in the face of adversity, we shall show them the folly of their arrogance!

Once more unto the breach, scions of Perturabo, once more;

Or close the wall up with our Iron dead.


gallery_77459_12304_737.png OUTLINE

The Iron Without is an event open to all Sons of Perturabo, whether in the disant past of M30/M31 or in the dark future of the 41st Millennium, with the aim of getting your unpainted models out of boxes and onto the painting table!

You will have four months to paint as many models/points as possible. Since we are competing against the Imperial Fists, the aim shall be to paint more points than they have in the same time frame.

While you will only be able to vow Codex-legal units, there will be one small exception (that we will cover later on) for people who just want to paint a one-off model to test out a colour scheme, join in the fun without committing to paint too much, or both!

Reward-wise, there shall be two types: personal rewards shall be in the shape of signature banners for each and every person who completes their vow(s) in the given time; and if we beat the Imperial side (which we will msn-wink.gif), we shall proudly display our Iron Banners as the winning team.

As this new event is largely based on the Imperial Fists Expansion events, you might want to check out last year's event to get a feel of what it shall be like (ie. heaps of fun).

gallery_77459_12304_737.png RULES

The rules for this event are simple:

You pick a side between the Imperial Fists and their successors or the Iron Warriors and their splinter groups. If you are reading this, the choice is already made. Welcome to the winning team, fellow Warsmith.

Every participant on either side must make at least one (1) and up to a maximum of seven (7) vows. Each of these vows must have at least one (1) and up to four (4) Codex-legal units. There is no limit on points.
To be accepted, the vow must be posted either in this thread (for the Sons of Perturabo) or the Imperial Fists Expansion IV thread (for the Sons of Dorn) using the following format (minor variations accepted):

I, [insert name here], vow on the honour of [insert Chapter/Legion name here] to fully paint at least [unit name, wargear, and quantity] from [source (ie. book, dataslate, etc)] with a total points value of [points] by Saturday 3rd December 2016. I promise to provide at least one "start" picture and a final "vow completed" picture in that time. I vow to bring honour to Perturabo and the Iron Warriors by completing my vow and not failing my brothers-in-arms.


It is crucial to note the following things:

  • If you fail to complete one vow, then all previous vows are considered void and do not count towards the final points total;
  • You must start work on your vow after having submitted it. Miniatures that are entered into the challenge must be unpainted, undercoated, or in the very early stages of painting. If you are unsure whether or not your models qualify for entry, please ask.
  • A vow must be completed before another is made. Also, once submitted, a vow cannot be modified in any shape or form so think before you pledge!

Once the event is over and the dust has settled, a number of things shall happen.

Firstly, for all of those who have successfully completed all of their vows, there shall be a signature banner celebrating their personal success and the upkeep of their promise. Wear it with pride as you continue your activities on the Bolter & Chainsword!

Secondly, Dosjetka and I shall have the wonderful task of going through all of the vows and do the tally of successful vows to determine which of the two teams is the winner. The winning team will receive a special signature badge to celebrate victory over their rivals.

gallery_77459_12304_737.png DEADLINES

FIRST VOW START DATE: Saturday 20th August 2016
PAINTING START DATE: Saturday 27th August 2016 (Get your brushes out already)
FIRST VOW DEADLINE: Saturday 17th September 2016, at 18:00 GMT
PAINTING END DATE: Saturday 3rd December 2016, at 18:00 GMT

All deadlines shall be strictly observed. Make sure you give yourself enough time to post your vows and then complete them to avoid any disappointment! There shall be no exceptions!

gallery_77459_12304_737.png LEGAL UNITS

Each vow must be made up of at least one unit from the latest Codex: Chaos Space Marines, Imperial Armour Vol 13 - War Machines of the Lost and the Damned, the Black Legion supplement, or the relevant Forge World Horus Heresy books and dataslates. These can be mixed and matched but their source must be clear. If you have any doubts, please ask.

As the rumours indicate that a new Chaos Codex and/or supplement is just around the corner, vows made after the book’s release date can use new units, and must use the updated points. This will not affect previous vows.

There is one exception to this rule for the people who just want to join in for a bit of fun without painting masses of models:

You can vow a single, infantry-sized model (in power armour and variants or Terminator armour) of your choice as your first vow. No other units can be pledged in this first vow and you can only make such a vow once during the whole event. Whatever the wargear choice, model in game terms, etc. this entry will always have a fixed value of 50 points. This is to give people the opportunity to model and paint a one-off model of their choice while also allowing them to contribute to the overall effort.

It goes without saying that all models must represent a member of the Iron Warriors Legion or one of its splinter warbands.

It also goes without saying that all vowed models must respect WYSIWYG as much as possible.

gallery_77459_12304_737.png TROPHIES

Since we are doing this event in tandem with the Imperial Fists B&C community, Dosjetka and I have decided to introduce the concept of trophies. Trophies are a way to add detail to your models while also giving you a small points bonus for the overall points score. The given bonus will be a +10% point increase (rounding down) for the trophy'd unit when we do the totals at the end of the event. To be eligible, at least 50% of the unit's models need to have a trophy. For example, in the case of a Dreadnought unit made up of one Dreadnought, you only need to add a single element to the Dreadnought's base (a split helmet) for it to be considered trophy'd. However in a five-man Tactical Squad, three of the five models need to have a trophy for the unit to be considered trophy'd. In the case of a ten-man Squad, at least five models must have a trophy.

A trophy can be one of the following (non-exhaustive list):
  • The helmet of a fallen warrior;
  • A banner that has been cast down;
  • The burning remains of armour/a vehicle;
  • Etc

It goes without saying that these trophies must represent the opposing team (in our case, Imperial Fists) and must immediately recognisable as such – Successor chapters are allowed, but have to be recognisable as an Imperial Fists successor (eg. Black Templars, Crimson Fists, Executionners etc.)

gallery_77459_12304_737.png IMPORTANT STUFF

I could put whole list of things here but most of that is common sense. However, if you have any questions concerning anything that might be unclear or not mentioned in the post above, please do not hesitate to ask by posting in this very thread or by sending me a PM!

Out-of-competiton vows

There could be cases that what people want to build/paint cannot be reconciled with the rules posted above. For example, some might want to do crazy conversions or scratch builds; others might want to paint miniatures from other gaming systems, such as Epic, BFG, etc; some might miss the deadline for joining in; or some want to paint models which aren't included within the allowed Codecies and books. It’s also a possibility that some cases people might want to paint miniatures from the rival team (HERESY! furious.gif).

With that in mind, out-of-competition vows are allowed and can be added to the Rules & Vow thread (this one) but shall not be counted towards the team totals at the end of the event! You are expected to finish your vow(s) however so make sure you get them done by the deadline!

If unsure...
I could put whole list of other things here but most of that is common sense. However, if you have any questions concerning anything that might be unclear or not mentioned in the post above, please do not hesitate to ask by posting in this very thread or by sending me a PM!

The most important rule of all

Have fun! thumbsup.gif

For the Legion and Perturabo!

gallery_77459_12304_737.png VOW BADGES








How about renegade knights?

The idea is really to represent the Iron Warriors themselves (and the heads of their foes msn-wink.gif ), and in current fluff Knights are explicitly part of neither chapter or legion. On the Chaos side, things are a bit more mirky, but out of fairness for the loyalists, it has been decided that Knights should remain out of it. Sorry guys, but we can still make do msn-wink.gif

Also am I ok to use a Iron Circle model as a Chaos Contemptor w/Extra Armour (shield) & twin linked heavy bolter?

In this event the Iron Warriors are allowed to draw either from codex or horus heresy:

  • if you have the Horus Heresy rulebooks for the Iron Warriors, you should vow the Iron Circle as the Iron Circle.
  • If you haven't got the Horus Heresy rulebooks, you should vow it as a Chaos Contemptor with Extra Armour and a Twin Linked Heavy Bolter

I have a newbie question to these kinds of competition: Do all the vows have to be put forth at first, or only the 1st vow and then later vows can be made? Also since the rules state "units" do vehicles and the like (e.g. Helbrute) not count? Sorry have never participated in something like this before.

You have to make one vow (maximum four legal units from the publications mentioned, or else a single infantry model as a colour test - worth 50 points). When you have completed that vow, you can make your second (maximum 4 legal units, no colour testing any more). Once that one is completed... and so on. You can make a maximum of seven vows over the next four months.

Could I do some Iron Warriors themed BLoodletters as an ooc vow? I have been itching to do them in black and yellow with some chain weapons to start working on a daemonkin force that doesn't use red or brass.

That sounds like an awesome idea! Yes, you can of course make these as an out of competition vow

When we're talking about IW warbands, how should one go about identifying the models as IW? Keep IW pad? Add hazard stripes? I was thinking about squad of IW blackshields, just curious if that is out or can be done with enough care...

Stuff to do with the Skull Mask or Hazard Stripes would both work - if done right, even some amount of gunmetal or silver could work: if you have an idea in mind, post it up, and we can see smile.png

Unfortunately, the Dark Brotherhood aren't explicitely an old part of the Iron Warriors (I can't remember their fluff but they're rather heterogeneous iirc) so I don't think we can go as far as to allow that. I'm also not sure that the Knights Errant can really be qualified as ex-Iron Warriors, more proto-Grey Knights.

Oh, okay, fair enough. I can see why this is an issue, though in this case, 'warband' should be understood in 30K sense, still original colours, not 40K 'paint anything you want' Chaos, correct?

As for Dark Brotherhood, I picked because they were drawn from multiple Legions, diverse enough to start shooting civil war inside when the question who to help in HH was raised. It was the other Blackshield bands who were heterogeneous. Ditto for Knights Errant, they were proto-Inquisition, not Grey Knights, for one we have origins of GK and they have nothing to do with KE, and second, vast majority of Knights Errant had zero psychic abilities which doesn't fit GK. I considered them as they were recruiting everyone, including Blackshields (from Dark Brotherhood) and loyal members of traitors, if they had World Eater Iron Warrior would definitely fit. Still, sure, back to drawing board.

Out of curiosity, would the one off model (the one worth 50 pts) Iron Warrior mini also need to follow the above rules?

I think there's some leeway for the colour schemes (like the Steel Brethren), as the Imperial Fists get access to successor chapters. However, it shouldn't be a colour scheme belonging to a canon warband/chapter that is explicitly not of the Iron Warriors: we want something here that is (or was) explicitly of the legion => For that reason, I didn't make any special case allowing people to paint Minotaurs or Silver Skulls, as they aren't explicitly successors of the Iron Warriors.
Of course, Blackshields and Knights Errant are a bit of a special case: they don't necessarily deny that they were once part of a specific legion, but they don't identify themselves as part of their legion any more.

If it can help, those Astartes that identify themselves as Sons of Perturabo are fair game: for instance, Honsou has part Imperial Fists gene-seed, but identifies himself as a Son of Perturabo - he is authorised; the Minotaurs are (probably) truly gene-sons of Perturabo, but don't identify themselves as such - they are not authorised.

Creating a DIY warband is not only authorised, but encouraged - however, in this case, they should identify themselves as Sons of Perturabo (which can bring a host of problems if they aren't under his authority in fluff - seeing how you get around this restriction would be very interesting), they should have something in the colour scheme that is reminiscent of the Iron Warriors or the IVth Legion before Perturabo, and this colour scheme should be as little reminiscent as possible to well known canon examples that aren't Sons of Perturabo (ie, it shouldn't be mainly yellow, despite having hazard stripes on their weapons) - as this is rather subjective, post up an example colour scheme using the Bolter and Chainsword painters, and Dosjetka and I will deliberate.

If you do create a DIY warband, a short fluff description would be very welcome here and in the Liber Astartes forum msn-wink.gif

Is this acceptable to vow? It has a plate mail metal basecoat, along with a nuln oil wash. No further details ar done.


We'll allow up-to and including this level of paint (as the event announcement was made so late), but we would still like to encourage you to have as little paint as possible.

Hey guys,

I will be vowing!!! I swear... Just waiting on some stuff to come in. Don't want to cash checks with my brush I can't keep.

If I'm using a Knight Errant in my legion force is it kosher to vow him? Or is that a no...?

Imperial Knights have no geneseed, and especially no IV legion geneseed. Not are they vehicles part of the Legion/Chapter proper. So unfortunately that's a no. sad.png

As Augustus said in the other thread, Knights aren't part of the Legion so no, they wouldn't qualify for an official vow. You can always do the Knight as an out-of-competition entry though.

And please...

jimbo13 was talking about Knights Errant, not Imperial Knights - however, I'd say that Knights Errant do not identify themselves as Sons of Dorn or Perturabo anymore, so in the same way, they do not qualify.

gallery_77459_12304_737.png VOWS AND COMPLETIONS

Member Vow 1 Vow 2 Vow 3 Vow 4 Vow 5 Vow 6 Vow 7 Total Vowed Total Completed
Beachymike123 662 [/td] 662 0
BolterTama 335 C 335 335
Brightstar 550 550 0
Brother Kortmer 50 C 50 50
Captain Titus 515 515 0
Celtic_cauldron 450 C 432 882 0
conscriptboris 455 455 0
Dantioch 150 150 0
Eldrick Shadowblade 125 125 0
gaurdian31 139 C 139 139
Insane Psychopath 580 C 145 C 725 725
Iron Skull Mask 321 C 210 531 0
Kierdale 50 C 50 50
KrautScientist 99 C 99 99
Larkyn 412 412 0
lokkorex 315 C 1758 2073 0
Lord Commander Eidolon 40 40 0
Lord Thørn 382 382 0
MindOfMetal 320 320 0
Morovir 50 50 0
Nemac Vradon 105 105 0
Ninjaman 712 C 712 712
NovaScotius 545 545 0
Scourged 55 C 55 55
Teetengee 50 50 0
undeadsoldier 1040 C 1210 2250 0
Uveron 210 C 275 485 0
Wayniac 137 C 220 C 357 357

Out Of Competition
Member Vow 1 Vow 2 Vow 3 Vow 4 Vow 5 Vow 6 Vow 7 Total Vowed Total Completed
Augustus b’Raass 410 410 0
Insane Psychopath 430 C 110 540 0
Scared to death 310 310 0
Teentengee 155 155 0
The Psycho 165 C 165 165
Warsmith Aznable 345 345 0
Xin Ceithan 0
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rules? timelines?

Sounds interesting and I sure got some models to finish, but what about number of vows, updates, start, deadline and so on? Will this be a competition between Iron Warrior and Imperial Fist painters/players on the board, or what do the men in black have to do with it?

Glad you asked :D


As Dosjetka and I are trying to put this up together as an Imperial Fists versus Iron Warriors contest, we're going to keep the same rules for both factions. I'm not too sure when he wants to post up his rules, but they'll be coming in the next few days (if not today)

What I can say is that it is both for 40k and Age of Darkness

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Rules up this weekend. If you want an idea of what to expect, check out the older editions of the Imperial Fists Expansion. msn-wink.gif

I always get a bit lost with all the competitions and events running on the B&C, so forgive me for asking, but where can I find the older editions?

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Well I was planning to build and paint some Rapiers in the coming months... might have to move them a bit forwards in the painting line devil.gif


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My Iron Warriors' XIIth Grand Company will hear the battle call and respond it with the appropriate amount of firepower.


Only a few units but still enough to teach a lesson or two to the Sons of the Praetorian...



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My Iron Warriors' XIIth Grand Company will hear the battle call and respond it with the appropriate amount of firepower.

Only a few units but still enough to teach a lesson or two to the Sons of the Praetorian...


Indeed, they shall rue the day they thought they could stand up to the might of the IVth devil.gif

Hmm, and I seem to be putting together a load of Iron Warriors together and this occurs - If i were a paranoid man I'd be thinking that someone was watching me...

ph34r.png huh.png

Of course, if you're playing Iron Warriors, you should be paranoid msn-wink.gif

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"Warsmiths of the IV Legion."

So the broad-spectrum transmission begins, addressing the many lords and commanders of the legion of Perturabo. Across the gathering fleet of Iron, in command chambers and personal sanctums, the hololithic image of one of their most hated foes speaks these words. The Imperial Fist is clad in simple armor, but minor things attest to his rank: the cross upon his shoulder, the markings of Shield-Commandant on his breast, the mere fact he addresses them now.

"Warsmiths of the IV Legion. I know your bitterness at us, I saw it in the furnace of this war we are embroiled in. I do not understand it, but I know it - your hatred, your thirst for vengeance, your bitterness. It is a hatred that has festered for too long, and I wonder, where did it originate? In the Great Crusade, or even earlier - perhaps even since Roma? Whatever the case might be, you have hated us, and that hatred has killed too many of my men and brothers to simply let it slide. I am not a man given in to sanguine humors, so believe me when I say this is not a quest for vengeance, it is not an act made in wrath. No. It is an act of retribution, one of justice. As at Phall, we shall stand once more against your heresy and your perversion, but we shall finish the blow this time. Your Legion will fall, your fortifications put to the torch. Your walls will fall because I, a son of Dorn, stand against them. This is the duty I have undertaken, my oath of moment. One thing you should remember, my cousins, and that my brothers and I will show you in the coming war: Iron corrodes."


All in good nature of course msn-wink.gif For Dorn and the Emperor!

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