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A Broken Throne - Legion XVIII - The Steel Legion

Nomus Sardauk

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Already way ahead of you there Sim, that one was a given...


EDIT: While I think about it, here's what I have so far for you to read through and give your thoughts.


Steel Legion Allies Matrix and Inter-Legion Attitudes.


Lightning Bearers/Harbingers: Fellow Warriors- Nomus and his men respect the 1st and considers them exemplars of the Legiones Astartes but ultimately that's as far as it goes, the 1st's aloofness and the early bad history between the two means they are never close. Many of the Steel Legion also cannot help but wonder if the Ist would still be able to retain their primacy without their vaunted foresight.


Crimson Lions: By Order Of The Emperor- The enmity between Hec and Nomus extends to their sons, the savage and antagonistic demeanour of the Lions completely at odds with the Steel Legionaries' logical, pragmatic mindset causing addition friction between the two legions, with accusations and insults being traded occasionally.


Void Eagles: Fellow Warriors- The Steel Legionaries appreciate the 4th's professionalism and bluntly pragmatic approach for the most part, finding their no-nonsense behaviour refreshing when compared to others like the 3rd or the 7th. However this does vary depending on the Great Fleet they are dealing with at the time. Additionally, the SL do find the VEs' opinion that Astartes are weapons and nothing more sit ill with the sons of Saepio, who admit that although made to be weapons that is not all they can, nor need be, and that to restrict themselves like that is a waste of their potential.


Halcyon Wardens: Battle Brothers- As with their fathers, the relationship between the V and XVIII is among the closest in all the Legiones Astartes with both groups complementing one another's natures perfectly, the Wardens' prescient foresight combined with the Steel Legion's inhuman co-ordination allowing the two forces to easily out-manuver, outwit and overwhelm almost any foe. Beyond the battlefield, the Warden's strong connection to common humanity and their familiarity with the minds of others allows them to relate to their cousins in the XVIIIth on a level few can.


Iron Bears: Battle Brothers- As with the Vth, the Bears' strong sense of humanity, compassion and force of personality make them a perfectly-complimenting force to the more cerebral, business-like Steel Legionaries, with their strong artistic bent encouraging the Saepians' creative sides. On the battlefield the VIth and XVIIIth work very well together, the Sons of Saepio's tactical prowess & sheer adaptability filling the gaps in the Bears' more straightforward modus operandi to a tee. Indeed, it is often said that the raw, unyielding hammer of the Bears has shattered countless foes neither Legions could've overcome alone when aided and directed by the keen analytical sons of Saepio.


Berzerkers of Uran: By Order Of The Emperor- Despised as little more than rabid animals, the bloody-handed sons of the Ashen King are viewed with undisguised disgust and contempt by the Steel Legion. Their utterly callous disregard for all outsiders, complete ignorance of collateral damage and generally antagonistic behaviour manages to provoke a rare emotional rise from the rational Saepians, they are a necessary evil barely justified in their existence by the likes of the Rangda, the Quarith, Slaughth and others xenos horrors too foul to mention.


Godslayers: Sworn Brothers- Idealistic liberators of the common man, the Godslayers' stoic, self-sacrificing nature and desire to break the chains of tyranny strikes a chord with the Sons of Saepio, evoking memories of their own people's enslavement by the Prudens. This shared experience, along with the Steel Legion's admiration for the Zbruchians' stalwart endurance, honourable conduct and earnest desire to aid their fellow humans, has led to the two Legions becoming good friends. While the shared specialisation in Siege Warfare might have sparked competition or even bitter rivalry in other Legions, the VIIIth and XVIIIth's relationship has always remained good-natured.


Warbringers: Fellow Warriors-


Fire Keepers: Fellow Warriors- Fellow Masters of Siege Warfare, the Fire Keepers are held in high regard as the Steel Legion's balancing opposite on such matters, where the XVIIIth are perhaps the greatest Siege-Masters in the Imperium, methodically dissecting enemy fortification with frightening efficiency, the Xth are it's Master Architects, raising the mightiest, most impregnable fortresses and strongholds the galaxy has ever seen. As a result, the Sons of Saepio view their Obsalian cousins as valued colleagues in their chosen field whose work they may learn from to improve their own craft. Indeed, Techmarines and Siege Breaker Consuls of the Steel Legion are known to trade information on such matters with their Fire Keeper counterparts when possible, often using digital recreations of Fire Keeper-designed bastions in simulated war games within the Collective to sharpen their skills while provided analyses & feedback to it's designers.


Wardens of Light: Fellow Warriors-


Eagle Warriors: Distrusted-


Dune Serpents: Distrusted-


Grave Stalkers: By Order Of The Emperor-


The Drowned: Distrusted-


Warriors of Peace: Fellow Warriors-


Scions Hospitaller: Fellow Warriors-


Predators: Distrusted- In the early Great Crusade the nascent XXth Legion, the Ebon Blades, were regarded enviously by their cousins of the XVIIIth. While both Legions were fragmented by infighting, the Ebon Blades would be reformed into a single cohesive whole by the famed Legion Master Cassus, while the XVIIIth remained divided, the gang-companies of the Silent Chorus simply too far-flung and viciously adversarial to each other to unite.

This icy relationship would remain even past both forces' reunion with their fathers, albeit for different reasons. The modern Steel Legion see Andezo's changes to the XXth and find themselves missing the discipline of Cassus's reign, the new Predators are savage in a similar manner as the Lions of Mycenae but possess none of the IIIrd's heroic bent. Brutal killers Who value only victory, they are secretive, unpredictable in the extreme and deeply mired in illogical superstitions in flagrant violation of the Imperial Truth. Thus the Predators are viewed with no small disquiet and suspicion by the Steel Legion, who are more than happy to keep their reclusive cousins at arm's length.

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Since this is information that will go into Book 1, I think I can count this as a Cat 1 task.


  • Harbingers - Fair, though Distrusted could be a good option here.
  • Crimson Lions - good
  • VE - Good
  • HW - I obviously approve
  • IB - Good
  • BoU - Good
  • SoE - It's good...but is it necessary? Are we really going to have to add yet another line on the ally chart?
  • Godslayers - Good, but a potential candidate for Sworn Brothers
  • WB - Obviously there is some bias here since this is one of the Suzerainty legions. But I imagine it's fair since the SL can appreciate the WB's emphasis on protocol and uniting different military elements into a cohesive whole. The caveat being that the WB's large emphasis on honour and command of 'lesser' beings prevents them from being Sworn Brothers. At least before the Scouring.



Side question, in Praetorian of Dorn, the members of the Alpha Legion are referred to as Legionnaires instead of Legionaries to distinguish them from the Legiones Astartes as a whole. Will you do something similar?

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Thanks for the feedback Sim, I appreciate your thoughts.


• LB/Harbingers: I'd prefer to leave them as Fellow Warriors, despite the shadows of the past still lingering somewhat among the Terran vets the Legion generally still respects the 1st for their accomplishments both on and off the battlefield, plus part of me feels the 1st being distrusted stretches belief as to why then the SL would follow them into Insurrection.


• SoE: I thought they were important enough to warrant a mention but I'll remove them if you feel it's unnecessary. I had initially planned to make it part of the Zerkers entry but together it would have been way too big so I thought I'd make it a separate entry.


• Godslayers: Yeah, the more I think about this one the more sense you make, sworn brothers just fits these two, plus it'll make the emotional fallout of Daerr'd's murder over Kataii even worse as Nomus immediately turns his back on Koschei, unable to forgive him for what he did.


• Warbringers: I like your take on this one, especially given I was struggling with it myself but you've provided some excellent insights. I imagine it's only the WB's elitist mindset and dangerous ambitions that prevent them from being Sworn Brothers, so I'll make sure to amend their entry in the previous post.


Hmm, I have always preferred the term Legionnaire to Legionary, so yeah probably, that way I can get away with using the two interchangeably. :p

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  • FK: It's good

WoL: How does the SL feel about the masked-wearing legion and their Pariah nature?

EW: This one I'm curious about, though part of the problem is their Crusade-identity seems to be in flux. We know they fall to Chaos, but what about before that? The EW are known for their bloody assaults and their unusual zeal, but is that enough to put the SL off?

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Morning all, I know this thread hasn't been posted in for a while but I just wanted to say thanks for all the fun I had reading about the Steel Legion over on the wiki. I origionally found out about it through some artwork done on deviantart of Nomus and followed on from there. I read the entire thing and loved it as I'm a bit of a technophile, and even wrote some stuff on the drop-pod bunkers myself. I was wondering if it would be cool to post it here? I don't want to impose or mess with what's currently written after all. 

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Greetings Dark, and welcome to the Brotherhood of the Lost! As Legion Master of the Steel Legion I would like to express my heartfelt thanks for your interest in the XVIIIth, it's always encouraging to hear such postive feedback from newcomers like yourself and I would love to hear whatever ideas you might have for their future development, so please post away. :) Edited by SanguiniusReborn
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Legiones Astartes (Steel Legion)


Hailing from the hidden world of Saepio, the Steel Legion are possessed of a cool, rational mindset, coupled with a love of precision and efficiency in all things. While outwardly they seem cold and robotic, in truth they are a tightly-knit brotherhood bound together through a Legion-wide neural network that makes the Legion greater than the sum of it's parts. In battle the Steel Legion is an unstoppable force, adapting to changing conditions with frightening speed as squads and armour advance relentlessly upon enemy positions beneath a deluge of deadly-precise artillery, all the while, cunning infiltrators stalk unseen behind the foe's lines, wreaking havoc in their wake through assassination and sabotage.

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BL Fluff Segment (12k words)

Anthology: 30% - Incomplete - (There's never enough!)

FW Fluff Segment (10k? words)

History: 15% - Complete

Organization: 15% - Incomplete - (I did start one though.)

Exemplary Battles: 15% - N/A


Legiones Astartes & Unique Wargear: 5% - N/A

Rites of War: 5% - N/A

Unique Units: 5% - Incomplete - (Some stuff, not sure how anchored they are.)

Unique Characters: 5% - N/A

Primarch: 5% - N/A


Total - 15%


I'm surprised no one has tried to create a rulesheet for Nomus yet. 

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Unit Formation and Structure




Another aspect of this relentless pursuit for efficiency was a rejection of more traditional types of warfare. The Legiones Astartes as a whole, due in no small part to the Emperor's own emphases and cutting edge equipment, were more inclined to melee combat. It was not unheard of for the space marines to form literal spearheads in their on-going wars against the enemies of Mankind. With this return of traditional weapons came an emphasis on old codes of honour and martial sensibilities. This was not a hard rule as evidenced by other Legions, but the Steel Legion treated melee combat with limited tolerance. While no Steel Legion chapter ever forsook their close combat arms, close allies of the Legion noted a disdain, even quiet embarrassment, if the Legionnaires faced an enemy requiring them to use their blades.


A natural consequence of this underlying philosophy was that marksmen were especially valued among the Steel Legion. This extended to all calibers of weaponry, all the way up to and including siege cannons. The inverse of this attitude was a complete aversion to honour duels which were almost universal among the rest of their cousins. Among the more traditional-minded Legions, this earned no small amount of scorn and mockery. Compounding this was a well-known loophole. Whether it be allies seeking to sharpen skills or enemies attempting to exploit the Legion, all could persuade a Steel Legionnaire to engage in a duel so long as they named it a 'training exercise'. While the Steel Legion was well aware of the semantic issue at play, they never rejected an offer. Thus, their detractors claimed hypocrisy in addition to weakness. 

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The Silver Son reminded himself to angle his shoulders two degrees off the plane. Although a small change, Nomus had already catalogued a 17% improvement in his social interactions with unfamiliar people. Whenever he had maintained perfect posture, it had intensified his interactions. To one half of humanity, it was awe-inspiring. The other half, intimidating. In neither case did it encouraged a friendlier disposition towards Nomus. However, by introducing a slight imperfection, it eased the minds of others, even if it was subconscious.


And Nomus wanted this meeting to come to a successful and fruitful conclusion in friendship.


The amatharine stormbird finished docking before Nomus and his protectors. Only a second passed before it opened to reveal the being who's presence Nomus anticipated, both positively and negatively. Alexandros Darshan VonSalim, the first of Nomus' brothers to seek him out, walked down the ramp as it finished unloading. Nomus' brother was shorter than he was. According to Imperial records, Alexandros was the shortest of the Primarchs recovered. Given the average height of the discovered Primarchs, Nomus hypothesized Alexandros may very well be the shortest of all of them. Nomus revised his estimation. His brother didn't just 'walk'. He invested a peculiar strain of emotion into his gait. It was something Nomus had read of but had never witnessed in his physical presence.


I believe the term is 'swagger'. Is this a compensation for his height?


"It's finally a pleasure to meet you, dear brother!" Alexandros declared with a wide grin and a wave of his hand. Nomus stopped himself from imitating his brother's friendly gesture. He wasn't sure he could do it right. Oh, yes, he could perfectly mimicked the exact arc of the arm swing and the open palm. Mimicry, however, was not the same thing as reproduction. It was a painful lesson that Nomus couldn't stop himself from repeating.


"Salutations, Alexandros Darshan VonSalim. It's a pleaure to meet you." Nomus hoped his voice did not sound as flat as he feared.


"Come now!" Alexandros declared before doing something no one had ever done to Nomus. He pulled Nomus into a hug. "Call me Alex!" Nomus revised his estimation again. Alexandros may have been the shortest of Primarchs, yet he possessed a power Nomus desperately craved understanding of: charisma.

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Praetor profile:


XVIIIth Legion Praetor 
Lycur Ciibran
Praetor of the 31st Echelon
The Eastern Fringe Campaign 
  Favoured by the Primarch as one of his most subtle and capable sons, Ciibran was born and raised among the labyrinthian streets of Saepio’s polar dome-hives. A veteran of the Krypteia squads, his ability to get inside the minds of his opponents made him an exceptional tactician. This was displayed in the Purge of the Olamic Quietude, when Ciibran led a daring insertion that saw himself and ten hand-picked Marines slipped into the system, their Storm Eagle coasting without power. Delivering data-djinn designed by the Primarch himself into the systems of the great starfort-repository which hung over the Olamic homeworld, they infected the Olamic's entire defence grid. With the planet open to orbital assault, Ciibran’s subsequent extermination campaign on the surface was a short one.
  By the time of the Insurrection, Ciibran had risen to command the 31st Echelon. He was assigned to campaign independently of Nomus’ main force against the Dune Serpents and their allies, operating from the Umbra-class stealth cruiser Silent Desolation. With leave from the Primarch to operate however he saw fit, Ciibran would wreak havoc on the Loyalists, wielding the Desolation's stealth and cyber warfare capabilities to devastating effect. A plague of misinformation, sabotage and assassination would descend upon Loyalist worlds in the Nubla subsector, throwing the region into chaos as fleets and armies mobilised to do battle with foes that were not there, or fell upon one another in paranoid confusion. Anarchy flared across an entire subsector, and Lycur Ciibran held the torch.
  Ciibran still wears the Mk VI “Jackal” armour from his days in the Krypteia, albeit heavily artificered to serve his position and with its cameoline field deactivated. Known for their use of stealth-capable wargear, the Steel Legion were instrumental in the development and field-testing of Mk VI, giving them a thorough understanding of its systems. While somewhat spartan in terms of decoration Lycur's suit bears a few honour markings, most notably the Broken Mask on his left knee representing his eradication of the Quietude. For wargear, Lycur bears a power sword and a combi-disintegrator. This sidearm is an exceedingly rare weapon from the Dark Age of Technology which even Saepio’s forges produced in only small numbers.
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