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“Artillerymen believe the world consist of two types of people; other Artillerymen and targets.”


"Ultima ratio regum. (The final argument of kings)"


 Hello friends. Welcome to the armor depot of the 42nd Armored of the 8th Legiones Astartes.  The 42nd were around since the formation of the proto-Legion, though under different name and number. Several armored companies have been folded into the 42nd throughout the course of the Crusade and Horus's rebellion. Presently, the 42nd is spread throughout several ships, attached to Battlegroup Perdition predominantly, with some elements scattered within Battlegroup Labyrinth, all within the over-arching 251st Expeditionary Fleet, "the Fleet of Judgement". 

The 42nd are organized into several sections, and actions will be enacted with elements from various sections working on cohesion, also in-time with other elements of Battle-companies attached to the 251st Fleet. The over-arching commander is Ger'zass the Anvil-Lord. A Terran-born astartes, an affinity for tank-doctrine saw him elevated to platoon leader. Throughout the Crusade, he went on to secure himself a position in a Lupercal super-heavy tank, before assuming overall command of the 42nd by the time that his gene-sire Lord Curze was reunited with the Legion.

Ger'zass the Anvil-Lord earned his moniker amongst the 42nd through a series of tactics that crushed the seditious conglomerate in the Craulost system. A banding of local governors had pooled their allegiances and declared themselves Imperial-free and renounced all ties to the Imperium. During a parade meant to signify the union of the locals, hence-by referred to in this chronicle as Crauls, the governors had sponsored a military showing of the might of their once divided colonies. That such a powerful army would withstand the tyranny of the Emperor.
It was at such a moment, with all eyes gazing at the Craul governors and their generals that Ger'zass struck. Using elements of light armor and fast striking scout elements, the Talonmaster saw opportunity to bait the confidence of the generals into cockiness, as vast amounts of their forces chased the out-numbered light-armor into a section of the city that was previously known as [REDACTED], as the armies of the Crauls pulled into the square, entire city blocks erupted with the roar of dozens of cannon and anti-material fire. Momentum lost, the Crauls attempted to reverse and exit as to regroup and retaliate.
Records show that such a reaction had been anticipated, and to prevent the Craul generals from escaping, the previous light-armor struck forth from side flanks, bolstered now. Massive teleportations flared as the entirety of the companies terminator reserve teleported in, in effect sealing the fate of the Crauls. The rebels had no choice but to either face the devastation of the terminator onslaught or break themselves upon the anvil of previously concealed heavy armor.
It is said that Ger'zass had personally had lifted the last living Craul general before dashing him to death against the hull of his command tank.


The icon of the 42nd is an homage to a creature on their home-world, the Nostraman burrowing monoceros. A fearsome creature that although blind, is an adept underground hunter. Omnivorous, though it prefers a carnivorous diet. The creature excells at ambushing targets through its burrowed tunnels, creating vortex of earth that its prey cannot escape from, and having no escape from being gored upon its horns. The hide of the creature is intensely armored, meant to absorb any loose debris and prevent injury from accidental cave-ins. 
For these features, the 42nd took it upon themselves as their heraldry. An armored apex predator in its environment, striking fast and without remorse. Displaying and goring their foes upon their tanks and treads like the horn of the monoceros.





I have a shot of a dreadnought I was making for this company too. I'm not sure if I want to grab Deredo's or Leviathans for his ancient brothers. 
-edit- not sure how to scale images... Sorry if these are too big!

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Hello one and all. It's been a while, and the Warp hasn't been kind to me. It has been rather kind to the 42nd company. Without further ado... 


Here are some WIP shots.





And some marines of the 42nd.



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For me, the Sicaran is a no brainer in the Night Lords armoury. Packs a punch and is a “fast” tank so it’s the best of both worlds.


Loving your stuff so far, looking forward to a Night Lords armour company. Should be cool.

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For me, the Sicaran is a no brainer in the Night Lords armoury. Packs a punch and is a “fast” tank so it’s the best of both worlds.


Loving your stuff so far, looking forward to a Night Lords armour company. Should be cool.

I've got three deimos predators waiting to be assembled. Once I finish those, the Land Raider, we'll see about a Sicaran. :wink:


Have another few tacticals that I missed uploading earlier



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Some armor has rolled off of the Forges, ready to deploy for the 42nd...
This is but one of three deimos predators I've got lined up. they're magnetized to be used with all possible options. I also wanted some opinions. Blue or black bolter casings?
And some sneaky previews of the Sargeant/Champion...




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Why are chains wrapped around the Predator's twin-lascannon? Do you plan to suspend severed heads from the muzzles, to better intimidate the enemy? Maybe use the lascannon barrels as a display rack for a mutilated corpse?

Chains because... why not? But I guess I could dangle a head from the chain at the end there! 

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Every motorpool needs an engineer, and that's where this guy steps in. An oddity, I'm sure. You have no idea how hard it was to find references for "Night Lord techmarine"! They simply don't seem to exist! Which is odd, because someone has to warn the bloody terror squads that they're stapling trophies too close to vital components, or not using "allocated trophy racks as appropriated", right?






He's still a WIP, but you'll see just what he's in charge of upkeeping sooner than him, I'd wager. 

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+Heavy rumbling+


++VIII Legion, 42nd armored company hears and acknowledges you. Heavy fire support is en-route. ++






Hello everyone! I didn't mean to leave you all in the dark so long. I finished the bloody landraider! Those tracks were... :censored: Actually, I finished a lot of things. I just haven't took pictures and posted them here. So without further adue... 


Update on the predator from prior.



Still a work in progress, but good enough that i've played a few matches of 40k with it. Sponsons are magnetized, turret is magnetized. 



Going to have to split my post up for further additions, but let's see what else I've cooked up... 

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Another ancient has been added to the 42nd.





He really needs a name! Suggestions are open!


A minor update to the techmarine from prior...




...and other command officers of the 42nd. From left to right, a praetor/captain. Techmarine forgefather. (Painfather?) Apothecary (turned sorcerer in 40k, he's entirely magnetized) with a moritat/chaos lord on the furthest right. His left hand and coil come away to be replaced with a chainglaive or whatever I so choose. Can't wait to show you when he's finished. 




Some marines from second claw. 


I'll leave you all with this WIP. More armor!




I have some destroyers in the works (raptors for 40k), and once all of this is finished, you'll get to see it first. I'm already wishlisting a leviathan and maybe some sicarans. ;)

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