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Drug-Crazed Psychic Vampire Space Elves & Other Strangeness


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This is a plog for my various Eldar.


I fell in love with the Dark Eldar when they were first released, and have been more or less obsessed with them ever since. The Dark Eldar are my passion project.


I've always been fascinated by Harlequins. I also make my meager living as a circus performer (yes, really), so there's that.


The Craftworlders are a side project. My True Kin don't hang out with Craftworlders, because they think Craftworlders are whiny idiots.


I'm going to start with my Covenites, the Cycle of Dust Coven. I made the bases using crackle paint and green stuff.










I love ossefactors, because when you shoot people with them, they bonesplode. Shouting "Bonesplosion!" is one of the great joys of my life.










I designed the Dust Cyclers' sigil based on the recycling arrows.




The freehand designs are based on diagrams of the human nervous system.










Group shot including the optional hexrifle Acothyst (which is why there are 6 models arranged around a vehicle that can only embark 5).




That's the first squad. At some point I want to go back and make some magnetized Wracks to hang on the sides of the Venoms, to show when a unit is embarked on them. I also want to make crashed versions of my Venoms to replace the models with when they get wrecked. Unfortunately, I feel like I need to focus on just getting more units painted first. People in my area don't want to play small games, and I don't want to play with a lot of unpainted models, so that means I don't get to play very often.

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Thank you!


I was actually pretty nervous about starting this project log on Bolter & Chainsword. I'm ok with people not liking my models (though they tend not to leave comments), and I think constructive criticism can be extremely helpful; I was worried about a "we don't want your kind here" reaction. I know that not everyone agreed with the decision to allow Xenos content on the forum. I've seen some people already posting Xenos models, but I think this might be the first dedicated Xenos project log in the Forge. So I appreciate the kind words.


There's definitely more! I just didn't want to stuff a million photos in the first post. For my Covenites, I have a full Scalpel Squadron (two units of Wracks in Venoms) and a Haemonculus painted, and a converted second Haemonculus, Cronos, and magnetized Talos awaiting paint. It takes me about 10 hours to paint each Wrack, so it's slow going. At the moment, I'm supposed to be working on my classic range Wych Cult, though I confess that I've been distracted by my Howling Griffons lately.


Here's the finished Haemonculus.


Before paint.






I really like the sculpt on this model, but there were two problems. First, the model is supported on a pipe and other detritus which have no business protruding from my flat, barren, lifeless bases, so that had to go. That meant I needed to figure out another way to keep the whole model from snapping off at the prehensile spine. The second problem is that however much I may like the sculpt, it still has the misfortune of being cast in the nightmare of stupid that is finecast.

And that's why I converted a Haemonculus with liquifier, flesh gauntlet, and melee weapon into a Haemonculus with liquifier, flesh gauntlet, and melee weapon.

The worst part was, after I did this conversion, the stupid resin sagged, leaving the model leaning to one side. I should probably be relieved that I hadn't painted it yet. I heated and straightened it, then used greenstuff to extend his coat onto the support bone, so hopefully his spine won't go flaccid again.

I'm not touching a model made from this garbage again until I inevitably start to forget how awful it is, and then the cycle can begin anew. Or maybe I'll just smash the next one with a hammer. We'll see.


After paint. I spent 31 hours painting this model.












Much of the vein work is based on actual anatomy (though certainly not all - he is an alien, after all). The glyphs on his coat came from my unused designs for the Coven sigil.


And here's the other Haemonculus, still awaiting paint.






When I did this, you could give a Haemonculus two stinger pistols. I'm quite happy with the effect, but in the Index it says that you have to give up a ranged weapon to take a selection from the list, so apparently this is no longer a legal model. (Neither are my Acothysts, such as the guy with the hexrifle in my previous post, because they do not come with a ranged weapon to give up, even though they and Haemonculi are the only two models with access to the Tools of Torment weapon list. There's definitely a mistake somewhere - Acothysts are clearly intended to be allowed hexrifles etc - but I don't know if my gunslinger Haemonculus will be permitted if/when that gets sorted.)

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Some minor green stuff work I did on the Wracks.








The second Wracks cell. I gave them each a double line along the bottom of their skirts to distinguish them from the first cell.














Eventually I want to make a hexrifle Acothyst for this squad as well, partly for symmetry and partly because I think hexrifles are awesome. I haven't yet because, despite having awesome looks and lore, the hexrifle has had decidedly not awesome rules since the 7th ed codex. Not that I would let that stop me, but it does effect how I prioritize.


I apparently forgot to take a WIP shot of it, but I did a fair amount of conversion work on the Venom in order to ensure that it and its twin did not have identical trophies mounted in identical places.










And here's the complete Scalpel Squadron.




That's it for now for my Coven. I have a Talos and Cronos ready for paint, and I intend to add a third, larger cell of Wracks, either with a Raider or on foot. (Which is weird! Wracks specifically do occasionally walk, and it looks like pedestrian Wracks might be a reasonable choice in 8th ed, but having a Dark Eldar unit walk still feels wrong.)


You may have noticed the conspicuous absence of Grotesques. I don't have a unit of Grotesques because there is only a single, monopose, finecast model for them. If you go to The Dark City, the Dark Eldar community forums, you'll find that literally none of them use the official model for their Grotesques. There are a few standardized conversions that people use instead - the most common is Vampire Counts Crypt Horrors with bits from the Talos/Cronos kit - and they're fine, but they're not what I want my Grotesques to look like. (Among other things, it is very important to me that Covenite models be corseted.) When I get around to making mine, it will involve a massive amount of sculpting work, and I'm kind of afraid of it. I'm kind of hoping that if I put it off long enough, if I do the rest of my planned Coven stuff first (Talos, Cronos, a couple more Haemonculi, one or two Raiders, and a third cell of Wracks) GW will release a plastic Grotesques kit and save me the trouble. This is a problematic strategy because I also categorically assume that GW will never release anything else for the Dark Eldar ever again. I do that so I'm not constantly disappointed and am occasionally pleasantly surprised. It's one of my coping mechanisms. (The other one is whiskey.)

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Awesome HC, stellar work all around! The freehand is awesome of course, but I really like the tortured look you've given to the flesh. About the grotesques, go for it! For me that kind of challenging conversions are the ones that really make you improve your skills and making fleshy monsters full of weapons of torture just seems like a huge deal of fun :P!
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Next up are Harlequins.


I've always loved Harlequins. I had a small Harlequin army that I played back in 2nd ed, though it was stolen along with my first Dark Eldar army in 2001 or thereabouts. Today I make my living (ish) in circus, so if anything I feel more of a connection to the Laughing God than ever. I've painted two of the new Harlequins so far.


I decided to use elements of Art Nouveau on these models for reasons that honestly escape me now, probably because of getting hit in the head a lot, but I suspect the reason was "Because it would be cool."


The Solitaire.












Solitaires are supposed to blend in with the troupe, or wander incognito. I wanted the model to evoke She Who Thirsts, but also look like they could go unnoticed amidst the spectacle of the troupe; I also wanted the model to have sense of austerity and concealed darkness. (Yes, I just used the word "austerity" to describe a model I painted bright pink.) That's why I stuck largely with solid colors, with just a simple line pattern around the edges, and why everything concealed beneath that pink coat is black and white.


And here's my Death Jester.














Again, being a Death Jester, I tried to keep him relatively restrained. I wanted him to be more ornamental than the Solitaire, but I didn't want it all jumping out at you right away, because Death Jester. I'm rather proud of the stripes to diamonds transition on his legs, and the Art Nouveau halo design on his collar. I tried to use a mix of Craftworld (bone, gems) and Commorite (bronze, gold) elements on his shrieker cannon.


The next time I decide to spend a month or more painting a Harlequin, it'll probably be a Shadowseer. It will be the first one I really cut loose on - as opposed to these "austere," "restrained" Harlequins - which should be fun, or a disaster, or both.


"'No. Stop. Don't go in there. You'll all be killed,' Motley murmured sardonically."

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