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Robo's Anvilarium - Iron Hands WIP


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Hey everybody!

So I thought I would finally start my own thread here and post some of my work. I have always found other people's threads here to be a big inspiration and motivation for me to work on my own stuff. I can't say that my skills can come close so some of the work here on B&C, but hey, that is what practice is for right?

Anyway, right now (apart from my Blood & Zeal vows) I am working on an Iron Hands army for a 30k campaign that my friends are going to be putting together. The thing is, is that we all really like 8th edition so we are going to be playing 30k with some homebrew 8th ed rules. So really its more like 30k flavored 40k, and that is why you will probably see some stuff that isn't technically 30k in my 30k army.

But enough about that, here are the models I have been working on so far!

First up are some of the tactical marines. I know that 30k Iron Hands weren't as crazy about bionics as they are in 40k, but I think they look cool so I am going to try and make sure that every marine has at least one bionic.

Next is the beginning of my assault terminator squad. I still need to add a bit of greenstuff to fill some gaps before I attach the arms

And last is my relic contemptor. This is just a mock up at the moment, the arms haven't been attached yet, I still have greenstuff work to do on the torso and arms, and the legs reeeeaaalllly need reposed. Seriously, the stock legs on the plastic contemptor suck.

So that is what I have been working on. Hopefully having a thread will help keep me motivated to get to work on this army, as I would like to have it completely painted for the campaign (which is going to be 100 power level, that's right its a 30k campaign using 8th ed rules and power levels instead of points! :tongue.:). I will probably throw some pictures of my Lamenters on here as well, since I have been working on them lately too.

Let me know what you think! Like I said above, B&C has been an inspiration for me, so hopefully something I post on here will inspire someone else to make something cool!

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I'm glad the Contemptor is upgunned (all Dreadnoughts should have the carapace-mounted missile launcher as an option), but those cables/pipes are exposed, vulnerable, liable to snag on something and render the components they feed unusable. The cables/pipes on the chest should be behind armor; the heavy flamer's fuel pipe should be taped to the arm, so they won't snag on tree branches or other obstacles.
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Thanks!  Those bionics are the best part of GW's upgrade pack, the shoulders are a little underwhelming but should look fine with some paint.  The terminator is sporting the armor from a Kataphron, however those autocannons are from a genestealer cult goliath truck that I had laying around for an ork conversion!


@Bjorn Firewalker

I like how the cyclone missiles came out too, the extra weapons really make dreads feel like walking tanks!  While that is true about the exposed cabling, GW loves to put that stuff on bionics (just look at the legs and arms from the upgrade pack, as well as some of forgeworld's Iron Hands!) so I went for rule of cool with this guy, plus the cabling will make him fit in with the other models.  The one on the flamer is a bit long though, that will get shortened up since it isn't glued yet.



Thanks, that is the plan!

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I have been kind of busy this week, so not much progress in general.

No more work on the contemptor so far, but I did get an apothecary put together!

I still need to add a little greenstuff to the shoulder and the narthecium as well as his shoulder pad.


I also got two more marines done. the flamer guy needs a little work on his bionic, but it is coming along.

Let me know what you think! I am also thinking of adding some extra pouches and one of the mkIII slung chainswords on the apothecary's back... I'm just not sure if it would be too much though.

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Ok... So I haven't posted in this thread in a while, but life gets in the way some times. But, I'm ready for the ETL (he says while scrambling to put models together in a state fit to be painted for said ETL...) and I sort of kind of maybe have a plan to get all this stuff painted. Anyway, with some inspiration from all the great hobbiests on this forum I know I'll be able to get this project done despite my poor planning! :thumbsup:

So here is what I have planned out for my first ETL vow, just a few extra things to add before officially making the vow tomorrow.


A pair of Ironclads...


...a squad of predators...


...a whirlwind and the assault terminators I had previously been working on.

I should also have a 10 man tactical squad and my apothecary to vow too, I still need to build three more tacticals though! I'll probably take some better individual pictures of the terminators and stuff before I prime them, just because I am happy with how they came out and I like looking at them :tongue.:

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Just a quick update on my terminators, I'm pretty happy with how they are turning out. I tried to emulate Forge World's paint scheme that they have on the Gorgon Terminators and Medusan Immortals, only using GW paints and washes since that is what I have. I really like the green and purple tones that come through, it makes the armor look more interesting than just a flat black (in my opinion anyway!)... Anyway, back to work! I still have plenty more to do on these guys before they are finished!







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Thanks for the kind words everybody!


@hushrong - Thanks!  Getting bionics on everybody has been a fun little challenge, and yes, I really like the etched brass as well.  Its a shame they stopped making it, I only have one more full sheet!


@Bjorn - Thanks, I'm pretty happy with the color scheme.  The pictures don't show it as well, but it is a lot less gray and has a lot more green and purple tones.  Kind of like the 30k gorgon terminators (which was the look I was going for).  As for if the cannon supports it... well, I don't see why not as it was their 30k colors.  Really, I just didn't want to paint flat black :teehee:


@sockwithaticket - Thanks, I really like how he turned out too.  


@WarriorFish - Thanks, that is why I chose the Iron Hands in the first place, I figured bionics and stuff would give me a lot of opportunities to do some cool conversions.  Plus, you don't see Iron Hands as often, which is a shame because they have some really cool lore!


@sarabando - Yep, they were scratch built and cast by my friend.  They are close enough to pass as 30k tanks, but they do have some significant differences from the actual forge world ones.


Also, forge world got me with their last chance to buy on dreadnoughts this weekend.  I always wanted to pick up a few of them... and well, I guess now I have!  The ironclad dread is going to be getting a pair of autocannons and some etched brass to become an Iron Hands mortis dread.

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Well, that work in adding the bionics is paying off on these minis. Again, it looks great and definitely adds some character cool points.

It is a shame about the etched brass. I literally found out a week ago as I started getting an order together. I am hoping to find another one for the SoH and get some plasticard to make stencils/cut outs to keep on going. As least for the bigger ones to use on tanks as I don't think my hands could do the small ones.

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