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Favourite Warhammer 40,000 video game


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Was just thinking, does anybody remember Kill Team on Xbox 360/PS3 (and now available on steam) just before the release of Space Marine? 

You play as a marine in a top down isometric shooter. Classes were Tech marine, librarian, assualt, heavy or tactical. Each with their own strengths/weaknesses. 

It was a very short game, but it was very loosely tied to Space Marine, in so much as the Ork Kroozer you are tasked with destroying, was the kroozer that appeared in Space Marine at the start. 

That was actually a very fun game for what it was.

Below is a screenshot taken from the steam purchase page.


I remember it, but I never played it. I didn't really give it a chance to be fair, I was waiting for Space Marine to come out.

That game was fun. Quick, easy, enjoyable when playing split-screen co-op with a friend.


Also, HILARIOUS with certain upgrades. The Techmarine and Devastator especially, as one of the upgrades made your gun split-fire. And there was no overheating. So I had a split-firing Plasma Cannon that acted like a chaingun. It was GLORIOUS :laugh.:

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Space Hulk: Vengeance of the Blood Angels on the PSx (PS1) was my first foray into Warhammer 40,000 without knowing it at the time. Whilst i love this game through rose tinted glasses it was slow moving and just crushing, impossibly hard.


That said however Space Marine (XB360) and Dawn of War (PC) were lovely and well handled pieces of 40k. Infinitely fun and easy to pickup and play.


I also enjoyed the newest (first installment) Blood Bowl game (XB1). Again fun and easy pickup and just go.


Vermintide (XB1) however, i can't say enjoyed much. It seemed like a mobile fps COD knockoff and lootbox cash grab.


I haven't yet played Inquisitor (XB1) but am looking forward to it immensely when i get the chance.


Edit: I forgot Kill Team (PSP). I enjoyed the small unit tactics style but i can't for the life of me remember much else beyond battling Orks in the early missions of the game.


Space Wolf (Android) is a fun combination card game/tactical rpg that i sank many hours into. Unfortunately the taint of lootboxes and pay to win mechanics ruin this one for me.


There are something like four mobile games whose names are similar to/are Warhammer Quest. I've played several and enjoyed the all but can't engender enough of them /individually/ to comment any further.


I joined the beta of Conquest (Android) and downloaded it day one however i have not taken the time to play it yet.

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I just started Deathwing and after hearing mixed to negative things and it's...actually pretty good? Sure the mechanics aren't anything new, but the actual layout of how your HUD works and the squad controls, plus the story and environments make it feel very much how I always wanted a space hulk game to feel.
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