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Any 40k players in Madrid?


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I just want to get a feel for the 40k players in Madrid, because a Google search yields nothing. I know that there is a thread dedicated to Spanish players already, but I felt that this deserved a separate thread, because I don't want to go through the Spanish thread, just to pick out the Madrileños. Too much effort! XD


Is there a local club? Do the players speak good enough English with someone who's starting to learn Spanish?


How often do you guys play, what points level and what kind of place do you play in like are the tables and terrain good etc.

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I'm not from Madrid really but I would suggest to drop by the GW stores as when I lived there a couple of years back there was quite some activity.

Also you can check Goblin Trader (there are two stores, one in the north and one in the south), they've got good prices there as well as tourneys of different types (KT, AoS, etc..)

I used to frequent a forum called Inmaterium but it's not very active any longer and it's in spanish. 

Sadly a lot of spaniards are not very fluent in english and maybe in the forums its complicated, but if you drop by a store I'm sure you'll have no problem speaking with the clerks and knowing some of the fellas there. What we might lack of languages we gain in various other aspects :yes:

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