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The_Bloody's War Griffons

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Warlord Titan Ferus Victor, commanded by Princeps Senioris Lord Hector Parcifal







Reaver Titan Pallida Venatrix, commanded by Princeps Domitia Gawain








Warhound Hunting Pack 01 - Bellator Araeus and Miles Gloriosus





Warhound Titan Bellator Araeus, commanded by Princeps Claudius Von Lancelot





Warhound Titan Miles Gloriosus, commanded by Princeps Caius Tristayne





House Coldshroud Questoris Support Banner - Commanded by Baroness Octavia Coldshroud





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Wow! That was out of nowhere!!!!


Impressive work there The_Bloody - I'm especially impressed by your work with yellow and the amazing detail on the Warlord's cannon plating! 


And the Knights... you really like yellow eh? :laugh.: The result is top notch!


Do you have anything else in the pipeline? 




EDIT: is Pallida Venatrix part of your TotH Task? 

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@Semper Thank you for your kind words!

Unfortunately, the Huntress is not part of my wow, because she's been painted since last october -as soon as the kit came out! I just added a couple of the new Grif transfers this week.

BUT! She has two brothers coming, and those are the two Reavers I pledged!



@Lord Uglor Thank you! For the Octad and the Omnissiah!

Gryphonicus is just so much fun both to play and paint.

The dueling rule reminds me of an old love, Bretonnia...

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Thank you very much, guys!


As soon as the new Titanicus stuff went on preorder, I bought the Titandeath supplement and two Reavers (which I pledged in the Titans event...)


This is what I received a few days ago.




Apparently, a brand new Warlord titan jumped in the shipping box instead of those reavers.


Hmmmm... well, they said I can keep it, AND they're sending back the Reavers aswell. 

I guess you really can't attack GW on their costumer service!


The supplement is nice, I would have liked to see more fluff but what is there is pretty good quality. 

The map campaign system can lend itself to a lot of interesting possibilities, some of which we might be trying soon... we will see :tongue.:

Edited by The_Bloody
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@Mendiwarrior: It is likely, yes. Since I haven't received my Reavers yet, I might as well start to work on the Warlord!


@Gamma310: I basically followed Duncan's tutorial -it is exceptional.

Hope this helps: https://www.youtube.com/embed/Jl9NszJDxt4


@Captain Semper: I did! Best news ever indeed!

Edited by The_Bloody
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