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Bad Moons Kult of Speed


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I've half tried to do a Speed Freek army for ages, from dabbling with the in Codex Armageddon to owning Gorkamorka. Now I bought the Speed Freek box, and I have a ffew buggies to my name - I thought I'd try a small army:


Outrider detachment. Bad Moons


Defkilla Wartrike - Warlord. Either might is right for offence or best armour teef can buy for 4++, Cybork body

2x Shokkjump Dragsta

1x Kustom BB

1x Megatrakk Scrapjet


This comes to 504 pts, and I hope no one will really quibble over that. Not the most optimised army, and it's not meant to be, but it feels like it would be fun to play, and games would be very fast.


Is Bad Moons the best clan for this? I'm thinking death skulls for rerolls per model, or Evil Suns for bonus movement?





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Deathskullz is probably the best, because each unit can make use of the re-rolls in both shooting and assault, as well as getting that invulnerable.

As for the list itself, you're right that it would be very quick to play, and I'm sure loads of fun. Usually, I'd say something about how struggling to score points in a mission to even keep it close would be a problem, but an no-troops, all speed freaks list won a GT this past weekend, so maybe you'll be better off then I thought :teehee:

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