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IA: Striking Falcons


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The Striking falcons


“Like the soaring falcons of Hercynia, we strike with speed and ferocity, sowing fear and chaos in our wake. The enemy knows not from where we will strike. Enemies and traitors to the Emperor and his Realm shall know neither mercy, nor quarter.  We will defend the Imperium that He built by striking our enemies wherever they may hide!”

- Chapter Master Ambrose Lawrence



The Striking Falcons are a young chapter, entering into existence only in the early 700’s of M41. Thrust into war as the Chapter was in its infancy, they were fist blooded during the Sabbat Worlds Crusade. They have ever since been steadfast defenders of the Imperium, destroying all who would threaten it.


The High Lords of Terra had originally conceived of the Striking Falcons as a way to stabilize the Sabbat Worlds Cluster. However, by the time it was fully authorized, and the machinations had begun to create it, the Cluster had been all but overrun. As a result, the purpose of the Chapter shifted to become a component of the future Crusade that would be needed to reclaim the lost worlds. 

The Striking Falcons would see their first combat during the Battle for Balhaut in 765.M41, a decade after the start of the Crusade. It was there that the Striking Falcons began to build their reputation and forge their identity. Striking the Arch Enemy’s forces from the shadows and sowing confusion behind their lines soon became their hallmark.


Due to casualties, and the high attrition rate suffered during the implantation process, the Chapter’s achievement of full strength was delayed by decades. It could have imperiled the very survival of the Chapter if the scouts had taken heavier casualties. Had changes not been made to recruitment, it would have been catastrophic.

This perilous start would go on to influence the very fabric of the Striking Falcons’ being and their tactical doctrines. It also instilled in them a reverence for their scouts as they are the future of the Chapter and established the reputation that has been maintained to this day.


Neophyte Recruitment
At the outset of the Chapter’s existence, neophytes were solely recruited from the ranks of those who had survived the coming-of-age trial that had long existed. It was believed, despite knowing the implants were at increased risk of failure, that this would produce superior quality neophytes. While the quality of neophytes bore this belief out, the failure rate was considerably greater than had been feared. It was clear that the Chapter’s very survival would be at stake if they did not adapt. The cadre debated on how best to obtain younger recruits without alienating the populace. The typical options were unlikely to work as Caldonia was not the usual feral or feudal world favored by the Astartes. The solution was ultimately proposed by one of the neophytes, the future Chapter Master, Ambrose Lawrence. Overhearing the debate, he proposed to the cadre that they could create a new coming-of-age trial, open only to those males that had reached fourteen years of age. This new trial would be in addition to the traditional one and would only be undertaken by those that wished to ascend to the ranks of the Adeptus Astartes. When the proposal was presented to the populace, it was enthusiastically embraced, thus securing the Chapter’s survival.



The homeworld of the Striking Falcons is Hercynia Secondus. it is part of the “Hermes” system and is the smaller of the two habitable planets, the other being Hercynia Primus. Both planets share similar habitats, however, Hercynia Secondus is cooler and has produced much larger and fiercer predators. This has resulted in the planet being comparatively less populated and developed than Hercynia Primus.


The continents are heavily forested and rich in mineral resources. The primary industries are mining and forestry. Due to rules put in place by the King of Hercynia, the planet has managed to avoid the ravages that plague many Imperial worlds. In fact, both Hercynia Primus, and Hercynia Secondus are very much like Macragge in that regard.

Hercynia Secondus was chosen as the homeworld for the Striking Falcons due to the fierce predators that stalk the planet and the strong martial traditions that both Hercynia Primus and Hercynia Secondus have running through their veins. These features have resulted in a populace that is skilled in the art of war. Hercynia Secondus in particular has produced some very skilled and hardy individuals as a result of its coming of age tradition for adolescents. When children turn 16, they are sent into the forests for a month, provided only with a knife and a powerful bolt action rifle. They are expected to use their wits and skills to survive whatever the forest can throw at them. When they return, they are feted and welcomed into society as full-fledged adults. If they return with a trophy of one of the planets fearsome predators, such as the Iron Hide Kodiaks or Hexapanthers, they receive extra honors and privileges. This leads to children spending much of their time honing their wilderness skills in addition to their regular schooling. It thus makes it prime recruiting grounds for neophytes. 

Prior to the founding of the Striking Falcons, Hercynia Secondus was ruled directly by the King of Hercynia Primus, Callum MacGregor. This was a result of the planet having been colonized by settlers sent from Hercynia. The primary city, Connaught, is located on the coast of the continent of Columbia, the largest on the planet. This location has allowed the city to thrive as it is the main port for all goods and materials collected on the planet before being sent to Hercynia Primus for processing. It was also the seat of Hercynia’s Governor General. Upon their founding, it was decided it would be best to allow the current governance structure to continue. It was clear that it was working, thus, there was no need to interfere. However, should the planet come under attack, or civil order begin to collapse, they will take direct control and proceed as they see fit.


The recruits of the Striking Falcons are proud of their home and know what it means to sacrifice for the good of the Imperium. They are fiercely loyal and will die before they betray their home or chapter. The spirit permeating the Striking Falcons makes this loyalty absolute. They believe in The Emperor’s vision for humanity’s future and that it is to be ever strived for. However, they are saddened by the excesses that plague vast swathes of the Imperium. They see the success of their homeworld and that of the Ultramar system, as a vision of what the Imperium can and should be. What The Emperor meant for it to be.


The Striking Falcons abhor Chaos. To fall prey to the lure of Chaos is to be weak. It is to betray humanity. Most egregious of all, it is to betray The Emperor, to spit on the throne of the man that saved humanity from the darkness. This is unforgiveable. Any who fall to Chaos will be shown no mercy. The driver of this hatred were the horrors they witnessed during the Sabbat Worlds Crusade.


Combat Doctrine
As a result of its early history, the Striking Falcons’ tactics have evolved to favor infiltrating strike forces and small team tactics. They specialize in deep reconnaissance, terror, sabotage, and decapitation operations. They eschew the bright livery of other chapters and take to the field in subdued colors, as appropriate to the theater.

They strike from the shadows, tearing holes in enemy logistics and command structures. They strike where the enemy is weak and force them to spread their forces thin to defend against attacks from anywhere. They sow fear and confusion as they launch simultaneous attacks against enemy commands and positions. Like the falcons of their homeworld, they strike when they see the time is right. The strike arriving like a bolt of lightning and leaving just as quickly. The enemy knows neither when, nor where they will be struck, but struck they will be.



The Striking Falcons largely follow the structure as laid down by the Codex Astartes. There is one notable exception, the structure of the 3rd Company. The 3rd Company is not a typical battleline company but instead functions as a specialized scout company. Prior to the creation of the Primaris Marines, it consisted of tactical squads that specialized in infiltration and sabotage missions. They carried limited heavy weaponry to increase mobility and eschewed vehicle support.


The members of the company are full battle-brothers that have spent their lives honing their skills in guerilla warfare. Only the most adept brothers are selected to join the 3rd. In that sense, it functions as an additional veteran company. Unlike the 1st Company, whose members are exceptionally capable, and experienced generalists, the 3rd Company’s veterans have specialized in guerilla warfare. They are given the most difficult and dangerous infiltration missions. Their skill and proficiency has earned them the nickname of “Sealgairean”, a native Hercynian word for hunters.


With the advent of Primaris Marines, the 3rd Company in particular has seen the advantages they bring and readily embraced them. In fact, the “Sealgairean” have had the largest number of members cross the Rubicon to become Primaris. As a result, the Company has been reorganized as a Vanguard company in order to avail themselves of the new equipment that will enhance their primary mission. 

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Come on down to the Liber Astartes forum for all your DIY Chapter needs!




As a side point, remember that 2/3rds of all Chapters are Ultramarine Successors and the UM are well versed in all tactical aspects of war, including stealth, etc. So it would be perfectly reasonable that one of their descendants might focus on those tactics and make them of a similar mindset to the RG?

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Just a note: Geneseed does not dictate tactical preferences as much as people think it does. Not all Ultramarine successors are strict adherents of the Codex Astartes. Geneseed does play a factor, but so does chapter culture.


The Carcharodons , whilst still reasonably stealthy, are much more suited to brutal close combat. The Mortifactors are essentially night world barbarians more akin to Night Lords then Ultramarines, but they are UM successors all the same. The Mantis Warriors are more guerilla fighters then the mongol bikers that the White Scars are.


You dont have to restrict yourself to a geneseed just due to tactical preference, although no hard in it either

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The background and tactics I’m planning for them fit better with Raven Guard, however, I don’t like the gene seed corruption that causes them all to become pale and black eyed. Is it possible to have the gene seed partially corrected or is that a big no? For reference, the chapter was founded prior to the Ultima founding.

The 21st "Cursed" Founding saw multiple attempts to correct gene-seed defects, only to introduce new defects in turn, e.g., "curing" a Blood Angels successor (Lamenters) of the Red Thirst and the Black Rage, only to curse them with extremely bad luck. Will curing a Raven Guard successor of pale skin make the Marines darken, like the Salamanders? Grow scales, feathers, or fur, like beastmen and other mutants? Become bloodthirsty, like the Blood Angels?

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As some other frater have said, UM geneseed works for your needs and gives you some advantages:


-UM geneseed for foundings prior to Ultima don’t really need to be explained. The High Lords love using it, it isn’t degraded, and most Chapters are created using it.


-UM geneseed over RG for a stealthy force makes them immediately more interesting IMHO.

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We need more Successors that aren't just clones of the founders.


Also, when you get down to it, the "inherited preferred tactics" of the various geneseeds come down to culture, rather than anything inherent to the geneseed itself. Blood Angels and their successors love jump-packs because their Primarch was an angel, and they want to emulate the Primarch. Geneseed does seem to pass on some psychological traits, but these tend to be either tied to an actual geneseed abnormality (the aggression/Red Thirst of the Blood Angels), or be more generic (the stubbornness of the Dorn geneline, the desire to punish wrongdoers for the Night Lords). 

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Thanks for the feedback everyone. I’m going to go with them being an Ultramarines successor that is slightly divergent. Essentially, one of the battle line companies is a dedicated infiltrator/recon unit that operates similarly to the scout company. The chapter readily embraced the new Primaris Marines, particularly the recon company. They were only too happy to make use of the abilities the new phobos armor has provided.


I have a couple more things I’d like some advice on. The planet the Chapter is to be established on is one I created for my imperial guard. Thus the planet is already governed and has founded a number of IG regiments over the years. My impression is that a Chapter’s planet is essentially its fief. Would the planet still be able to operate largely independently and still replenish and/or recruit IG regiments?


I was also planning on having them founded in the founding preceding the Ultima founding, which I think is the 26th founding in the mid 700s M41. The idea is that they were founded in an area near the Sabbat Worlds cluster in response to the planning of the Crusade to reclaim it. This was done despite knowing the Chapter would be understrength for the start of the Crusade but that the experience gained would justify it.


Is any of this unreasonable in the lore or is it workable?


Thanks to anyone that reads the wall of text and takes the time to offer advice.

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Many Things are possible.


Each Chapter see there Planet other. Yours can have there Monastery on a deserted place in the World.


A isolated Isle or build inside a Montain Range. Look what your Planet offer you, and what suits them best.


Basically it give 3 Rule Types, Direct, over Stewards and only residing and catch your Aspirants.


Each of them can modified of course.


I could Image that your Chapter reside either in the highest Floors of a Hive City or somewhere more Dangerous and Isolated.


Ruling the Planet over a Steward Sounds fine. They Direct the Planet as whole, but the Details are deligated.


Possibly they embrace the Warrior Culture more, found many War Colleges to train the Youth, and pick the best for the Chapter.


The Point with Help for the Crusade should work. Imperial Burrecary is slow and weird sometimes.


Go with it, i think it should work.

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It's an interesting question. Chapter Homeworlds are technically exempt from the requirement to provide regiments for the Guard. Some Astartes worlds are feudal or even feral in culture, and typically have smaller populations making it difficult to raise the numbers needed. Plus many Chapters are proud of their autonomy and would refuse to send troops even if they could.


However, some Chapters (Ultramarines being the obvious example) live on and recruit from highly civilised/technologically advanced worlds. If a world is successful enough to be able to provide warriors for the Chapter plus their support staff and planetary defenders, with troops to spare, then they might well levy a portion of their troops for the Guard. So it could certainly work.


The Ultras do get let off a little though, due to their reputation. A less well known and loved Chapter that builds forces beyond what they need to support their Marines might get accused of breaking the rules about the division of Imperial war elements? (Like what happened to the Astral Claws) A simple alternative if you're worried about those accusations of empire building would be to put the Chapter on a nearby barren world/moon/asteroid/star fort/whatever and just say that they visit the IG world periodically to recruit?

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I’m not horribly concerned by empire building accusations and could see some potential ways around it. First, no new regiments would be raised but the existing ones would still be supported. I would expect abandoning the existing regiments would be a poor way to make one’s new subjects happy.


The second alternative is existing regiments are supported and new ones are raised. However, the new ones would not be controlled by the chapter but would be a voluntary contribution to the Astra Militarum. The founding of new regiments would also be infrequent.


The concern for the Chapter is that the planet has a strong martial tradition that they fear weakening if they cease supplying troops to the IG. I feel either scenario would work, but that only maintaining the support of active regiments would ruffle fewer feathers. I have no intention of having the chapter raise and command its own IG regiments. Additionally, the only real change to the governance of the planet would be that the Chapter would be the nominal rulers. However, they plan on letting the planet continue to run itself largely the way it did prior to the Chapter’s founding. The Chapter would only offer guidance.

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What would be the justification for your Space Marine Chapter taking an IG world as their Home World? For me, that’s your biggest obstacle. Being founded for the beginning of a crusade to me implies the force would be required to be quite fluid in its base of operations. Maybe make it fleet-based— that perhaps anchors off your IG planet, and recruits from liberated worlds as the crusade moves onward?
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Part of the reason I want to use the planet I’m talking about is because it’s one I’ve already created and has gradually been fleshed out as I played Dark Heresy.


In regards to the homeworld, is the decision not made by imperial bureaucracy? Also, the planet doesn’t provide a massive number of regiments, it’s just provided a number that have earned distinguished honors. The fleet base idea isn’t bad, and I’ll need to consider it, but the other purpose of the Chapter was to provide a permanent presence in the area after the crusade. Also, the Chapter would likely be too weak to participate with the very start of the crusade. This is due to the founding occurring only about a decade before the start of the Sabbat World Crusade they would be taking part in. This may be part of my problem. I like the setting Abnett created a lot and really want them to have been involved with it in some way, but without playing a starring role.

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A simple alternative if you're worried about those accusations of empire building would be to put the Chapter on a nearby barren world/moon/asteroid/star fort/whatever and just say that they visit the IG world periodically to recruit?

I think this works best. Say the Astra Militarum recruiting world suffered a [insert enemy here] invasion, and your Chapter helped repel this invasion, and then claimed to the moon and its low-gravity manufactories as compensation for its aid? That should reduce friction between the Chapter and the Astra Militarum (and by extension, the High Lords of Terra), as well as the chance the Inquisition perceives your Chapter as "Astral Claws 2.0".


The Chapter should seek volunteers to reduce conflict with Astra Militarum recruiters and draft boards, maybe via annual athletic or martial arts competitions, the Chapter taking winners of these compeitions for transformation into Astartes. The Chapter should also recruit from other worlds, so the Astra Militarum and Planetary Defense Forces' need for bodies wouldn't end up limiting the Chapter's size.

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Welcome to the B&C and the Liber, Brother hortanium:yes:


This is absolutely the proper place for this discussion. 


Ultramarine v Raven Guard:happy.:: It's really your choice. Just a few things to keep in mind.... As others have pointed out, Ultramarine gene-seed is the foundation of the majority of non-first founding chapters due to stability and relative purity (..... and Ultramarines are just awesome because, they're BLUE you know:wub:). Don't let the culture of the primogenitor chapter influence you (or let it, as you choose). Gene-seed doesn't make the culture. Were you contemplating Raven Guard because you like the idea of them being the founding chapter but don't care for the genetic mutation? That's fine too. But, as Brother Bjorn pointed out, prior attempts at gene-seed manipulation lead to problematic consequences. It can be a subtle mutation if you wish, but some sort of consequence might add some spice to your chapter.


Settling your Chapter in the area of the Sabbat worlds just prior the Sabbat Crusade is a super idea. The Abnett corner of the 40Kverse is very rich ground. As the Chapter is still in it's infancy, Scouts might make a good contribution to the war effort. Also, when it comes to the regiments of the AM that your home planet provided prior to becoming an Astartes homeworld, new regiments can be converted to PDF units and be seconded to the AM to bolster their forces and give your human troops useful combat experience. The Ultramarian PDF do this, so there is precedence.


I'm looking forward to seeing how this all develops. Have fun and welcome aboard:thumbsup:

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When a Chapter is founded, how is the first Chapter Master selected? Is a new recruit chosen or is a Marine from another Chapter assigned to initially guide the new Chapter? I’ve tried to do some searching but haven’t had any luck.


He will likely be a Captain or a Veteran Sergeant promoted from the parent Chapter :)

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What we 'know' about training cadres is largely just assumption. That said, logic says that you'd probably have at least a squad of capable veterans to act as commanders/trainers, plus at least 1 rep from each of the various Chapter specialists; Chaplain, Techmarine, Apothecary, Librarian (and possibly 2 or 3 depending on which group?)
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