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So I decided it was time to start a thread for these guys instead of clogging up the TIAT thread

So far I have a Warhound and Reaver basically complete, they both need transfers, weathering, and basing.


I'm super stoked with how they are coming out, got some games against an Astorum player coming up soon. I have two more Warhounds and another Reaver to get painted before then.

Here's another pic of the finished Reaver:

More pictures to come as I work on things!



Just realized I never washed/finished the Reaver's toes. Will do that asap!

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As I've said in other threads, the orange gradients are superb.


I'd love to see some better lit pictures of the black/grey work, as it's tough to see.

I’ve gotta agree, these look phenomenal and I love the color gradients.


One possible thought, maybe a Nuln oil wash of the missile rack and the eyes might help define the detail a little better :)


I feel it would be too tempting to do a cracked, volcanic base with Magna, but it might blend in too much with the armor panels. Good idea for a neutral grey-ash waste to contrast/pick out your lovely gradients.


I don’t see much in the way of Magna around the inter webs but you certainly set a superb standard.

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