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The Iron Inspirit, War Gallery

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As the Legion has done away with chaos corruption, we needed new sorcerers capable of bending the warp to our armor and destruction. 

Our first Armorsmith.

Armorsmith 1


Armorsmith 2

In the future, he'll hold a shield effect on the magnet in his hand, to show him projecting the warp into a lattice of shielding.

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Posted (edited)
Just the Infantry of the legion so far.

Just The Infantry


Because any self respecting Iron Warrior would have the numbers, there are:
79 Cultists.
30 Chosen
2 Lords in Terminator Armor
1 Chaos Lord with Jump Pack
1 Chaos lord with dual lightning claws
2 Sorcerers in terminator armor
1 master of possession
2 Dark Disciples
Fabius Bile (Vladmir Kushkin)
1 Daemon Prince with Axe
15 Reaper Chaincannon Havocs
4 Autocannon Havocs
4 Heavy Bolter Havocs
4 Lascannon Havocs
12 Tyrant Siege Terminators
28 Terminators
9 Obliterators
54 CSM.

There are 60 more infantry in the forges.

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Arc Priestess. As the Dark Mechanicus elements within the legion grow, and the forceful avalanche of anti-chaotic Iron the Inspirit epitomize hardens within the souls of all, new and wondrous creations appear. Arc Priests and Priestess control gravity, electricity, and magnetism, and leverage these primordial powers against warp sorcerers and foes alike.

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She looks cool - what's the mini from?


Sillouette wise, she reminds of the villaness from the Power Rangers.  Colourwise, they are nothing alike. :smile.:

She totally does now that I think about it, and that only makes her cooler. The mini is from Frontline Gaming. I grabbed this up when I got some of their fantastic battle matts. 

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Matri-Arc 001, forgemistress, and leader of the Dark Mechanicus elements within the Iron Inspirit.

Drawn to the unceasing destruction and creation of weapons to further that goal, Matri-Arc 001 quickly found her calling helping to craft Wraithium into a viable weapon. Namely, the wraithium vapor bomb. She takes cold calculated pleasure in unleashing these weapons upon the galaxy, and pours over combat footage. She also plays a full orchestra of 164 members on the UltraViolet. 


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