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The slow awakening of my Szarakhan legion [painting blog]


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The necropolis awakens! Hail Szarekh!


I wasn't planning on starting a Necron army, it was only after the insistence of my daughter that I decided to keep the Necrons of the Indomitus box.

And I 'm glad I did, they are so much fun to paint! Easier than my Blood Angels too!


So I shall record here my slow progress in painting my first ever Necrons of the Szarekhan dynasty. 

I chose the Szarekhan colors because of rule of cool, I like how the look (and they are the Silent King's own). And I intend to play them as such.


So here are the first to awaken!





DSC 0370

DSC 0369



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The royal court is awake!





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The Overlord's pet protector...






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Looks great! Is it color shift paint?


No, it's the lighting I guess.

The Necron bodies are painted with leadbelcher and runelord brass, then passed over with a bit of agrax earthshade.

The Canopteks have additionally canopteck alloy on their carapaces.

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The mechanic...



DSC 0378

DSC 0379

DSC 0380




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Impressive work.


Thank you!

It's just basic painting, white undercoat, a thick (LOL) layer of paint, and Agrax Earthshade.

I actually find Necrons a lot easier to paint than Space Marines.

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