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Imperial Knights of House Khorras (Desert Knights)

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My first three Imperial Knights are finally done and here they are! After watching the movie Dune I felt like making an Imperial Knight household inspired by desert and I put to work in creating a colour scheme that was both slightly evocative but also very down to earth (or sand, in this case). I challenged myself to make all the heraldry as close to a "proper" Imperial Knight house as possible. That meant commissioning transfers for a House Crest and Emblem (thank you Scumb4g Kustoms). I also made things a bit difficult for myself by making the colour scheme divided in the middle, something you typically don't see in a Knightly House. This meant that the Baron, which usually have two stripes down the hull to show off his rank, had to be done slightly differently. In the end I think the idea for my Baron worked out well.

So, without futher ado; The Imperial Knights of House Khorras!

Baron Casimir in his Knight Warden
“Knighthood lies above eternity; it doesn’t live off fame, but rather deeds.”

Imperial Knight Warden

Lady Valora in her Knight Gallant
“Rage is the eternal fuel for victory!”

Imperial Knight Gallant

Sir Emeric in his Knight Castellan
“Certainty can only be achieved with total obliteration.”

Imperial Knight Castellan


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