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WD475 - Campaign, Aces, Custom Aircraft

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Hi all,


My copy of WD 475 arrived yesterday. If anyone's interested, there's a ~4-5 page bit for Aeronautica:

  • Campaign Rules: short-form campaign rules (~1 page) which covers gaining experience and aircraft/pilot losses (there's a chance downed planes aren't destroyed).
  • Ace Rules: a bunch of ace abilities (~2 pages), which can be either purchased, or earned through feats ("destroy 2 ground targets and get an extra firepower die when doing a bombing run" type of thing).
  • Custom Aircraft: a small list (~1 page) of purchasable modifications to aircraft, e.g. larger bomb bay, etc.
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Ok, so this is the Squat issue of White Dwarf, what with Squats on the cover.


Brother...this is a big heads up, thank you.  The Custom Aircraft rules finally lets me make the Orkdeptus Mekanicus custom Dakkajets that let me differentiate from my friend's Timperial Guard's Orky list.  Initially, he said he would split the original boxset with me, he takes Imperial Navy and I take Orks...he always takes the protag side and I take the antagonist side...then I visited him and all his Ork stuff was painted.  He was like, "Oh I decided to keep them."


I honestly sometimes question if he's really my friend.  Now, I'll show him with my Kustomjetz.


You see what you're doing, Brother Cordova?  You're giving me the gift of vengeance.

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So, I finished making my ace, Rayna Marnett and her Voss pattern Lightning - Hellcat (she is part of my Inquisitor's retinue and usually pilots the void craft, but in times of war, she pilots her old plane at the Inquisitor's request)


She is armed with multilasers and 3 sets of skystrike missiles.


She has the 'fly-by shooter' and 'up close and personal' ace skills, alongside the 'neural interface', 'redundant systems' and 'reinforced structure' vehicle upgrades.

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