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Thinking of IH Baby Marines for upcoming Tourney

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Thinking of running this list for LoLs and "let's see what happens?" on a Saturday tourney:



Jump Libby: Chief Librarian, boltgun/force axe, WT: psychic mastery, WT2: Target Protocols, Relic: Neural Shroud, Smite, Psysteel Armor, Reforge

Jump Chappy: Master of Sanc, combi-melta, WT: wise orator, Relic: Tempered Helm, Littany of Hate, Catechism of Fire, Canticle of Hate


5 Tacs: plasma, c-plas

5 Tacs: plasma, c-plas

5 Tacs: heavy bolter


10 Sternguard, power axe

10 Terminators:, 2x assault cannons, 9x chainfists

1 Ironclad dread: 2 heavy flamers, 2 HKM, dread chainfist, dread combat weapon, march of ancients, hero of chapter (undecided on WT)


10 devastators: 4 lascannons, arm cher

1 storm talon gunship: twin assault, skyhammer missile

1 drop pod


Idea is to get the terminators out front with psysteel armor (a few in cover) for 0+ armor saves and RtFEtM and tank everything.

Chaplain goes with them for Littany of Hate/Canticle of Hate


IFF hangs back with dev squad to make best use of Lascannons


Sternguard in Drop Pod (probably) for turn 2 tactical doctrine

Devastators have lascannons because that's what they are modeled with and they were made like 6 years ago back when lascannon range > multimelta double shots.

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