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The Rumour Engine - 24th May

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Posted (edited)

Fascinating rumour engine image




Lovely books, this could be 40K or AoS or something else? Although the text might be a clue:



Like all Votann, the Rumour Engine is stuffed full of secrets lost within its wizened digital architecture, with no way of knowing when they might surface… or why. Here’s yet another blessing from the Ancestor Core. There’s a lot packed into this giant mechanical noggin, and some of it even makes sense. 

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With the toothed bottom, my first thought was ‘is it some how eating the books’ - does it literally parse them into digital data somehow? :huh.:

Mechanicus machines take tomes as input almost like punch cards :D


That would certainly be amusing.

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Posted (edited)

Toothed bit reminds me of that sharp bit on cling film packaging, Squat catering division cookbook shelf?? 


Could be the printer bit for their STC?? 

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Clearly a main rulebook, army codex, faction supplement, campaign book, Chapter Approved, and White Dwarf index update.


Nice of them to let the Votanni know this far in advance that they'll be needing that much shelf space.

Thats both funny, and not funny because its true. :lol

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