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Current Projects and *rough* % Completion



Warhammer 40k;

Primaris - Iron Snakes 20% Complete (as at Sept 22)

Badab War Firstborn - Astral Claws 10% (as at Sept 22)

Badab War Firstborn - Lamenters 15% (as at Sept 22)

Badab War Firstborn - Mantis Warriors 5% (as at Sept 22)

Badab War Firstborn - Executioners 25% (as at Sept 22)

Badab War - Tyrants Legion 0% (as at Sept 22)

Tyranids 75% (as at Sept 22)

Necrons 85% (as at Sept 22)

CSM Red Corsairs 55% (as at Sept 22)


Horus Heresy;

Dark Angels 15% (as at Sept 22)

Emperors Children 40% (as at Sept 22)




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I have a friend who has some of the Loyalist armies. Unfortunately I am working my 40k Red Corsairs and HH EC, then my Badab, maybe get some army shots around the Xmas Hols! (although my main Badab activity is picking up Firstborn bargains from FB and eBay!)

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