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Found 19 results

  1. Álvaro Jiménez is another spanish artist, who recently had worked in Games Workshop products and franchises, specially in Everguild's Horus Heresy Legions, Cubicle 7 W40K RPG and so. But not only his work can be appreciated in this games and companies. He also worked for Bandai Namco, Bethesda, FromSoftware, Blizzard, Dire Wolf Digital, Corvus Belli (Infinity),... By the way, today is his birthday. Cheers! You can find more about him and his art in those links: Twitter Instagram Cara Some art:
  2. Traditionally, or at least for about the last 30 years, a large number of high-quality artists related to Warhammer have emerged in Spain. Painters, sculptors, designers...and lately illustrators. Israel Llona is one of the latest talents added to the list. His Warhammer works are mostly centred in video games for the British studio Everguild(Horus Heresy Legions and Warpforge, for Horus Heresy and W40K, respectively). Most of the new illustrations of characters were made by him. If you you want to see some of them and other stuff from his portfolio checks those links below: https://www.israelllona.com/ https://wh40kartwork.tumblr.com/tagged/israel llona
  3. If someone is looking for ideas for their own projects or just want to enjoy some well made illustrations, this link is plenty of that and much more. https://earltheartist.tumblr.com/ Mostly are illustrations of Astartes but not only. Even some not related with Warhammer at all but still interesting. Enjoy!
  4. I'm still discovering lot of amazing artist in Internet and I must confess, I just found one of my favourites. David OK is a freelance artist from Canada (Vancouver, British Colombia if I'm not wrong), who makes really amazing illustrations themed in science fiction environments. And have some W40K and Horus Heresy art... Well judge yourselves under this lines. That Khârn art is just perfect, for me, and makes me want a miniature of both versions of this character. A past version looking at a future version of himself. Sadly, there are few illustrations themed in Warhammer...for now. I hope this artist can make more of this kind in a near future. Many,many more! Personal web Extra link
  5. Tamás Patkós (also known as captdiablo) is a freelance artist located on Satu Mare, Republic of Romania. He makes illustrations of female characters, mostly for W40K, but also D&D xnd and other fantasy and science fiction sagas. One of his most known art pieces is a series of portraits of Lelith Hesperax, the arch famous Drukhari Succubus of the Wych Cult known as the Cult of Strife, and the undisputed champion of the gladiatorial arenas of Commorragh. But he has many more pieces. Some can be found here https://wh40kartwork.tumblr.com/tagged/tamas patkos Or in his personal Artstarion page: https://www.artstation.com/captdiablo And also have a Patreon: https://patreon.com/captdiablo
  6. Thanks to @WargamersR inTwitter, have notice this in the reveals of the new Dark Angel miniatures. In the actual CSM codex, terminators can't have thunder hammers, but in this pic we have not only one but two Black Legion terminators having and using that kind of weapon against Deathwing terminators... Maybe is a new option in the future CSM codex. Perhaps.
  7. + Sisters of Silence + The Silent Sisterhood Departmento Investiagates of the Adeptus Astra Telepathica Psyker-hunters and Witchbane Null Maidens The Emperor's Left Hand + + + + + We are Mute but not without Power, We are Silent but not without Resolve, We are Untouchable but not without Courage, We are Sisters and have but one Father, We are Seekers and we shall find our Prey, We are Warriors and woe to those we Oppose, The Emperor's Mark is on our brow, All who deal with the Warp must beware, His Judgement and Vengeance is ours to deliver! + + + + + +] Janetia Krole, Commander of the Silent Sisterhood [+ -[ Sam Wood ]- + + + +] Janetia Krole, Commander of the Silent Sisterhood [+ -[ John Blanche ]- + + + +] Janetia Krole and Raptor Guard [+ -[ Sam Wood ]- + + + + + +] Amendera Kendel, Oblivion Knight [+ -[ Hugh Jamieson ]- + + + + + +] Null Maiden [+ -[ John Blanche ]- + + + + +
  8. At long last, the issue 5 of this hobby magazine is ready to download from their official web https://28-mag.com/ Here: https://28magcom.files.wordpress.com/2023/05/28-vol-5.pdf And also you can download older issues and magazines created by this group. All free!
  9. From the album: Sons of Horus

    Concepts for Sons of Horus Banners
  10. I'm always looking for ideas and inspiration, and sometimes I found...well, curious things. Like this portraits of Horus Heresy characters (Mostly Primarchs, but not only) featured as Victorian age people. The artist is german and uses the nick Eatsbluecrayon. Quite funny and interesting. More here: https://www.redbubble.com/es/shop/?query=Warhammer victoriano&ref=search_box Other stuff from this artist: https://www.redbubble.com/es/people/eatsbluecrayon/shop
  11. https://orniris.com/ If you are looking for Warhammer 40K/30K art or for other games like Necromunda, this web (A well known web I think) is perfect. Lot of pics in galleries with an excellent level. And not only that. Look in Downloads: https://orniris.com/downloads/ All for free and created for the community by Orniris Terensi. Not GW material, just fan made creations. But as good as the official. Or even more.
  12. I was there… After 63 books and 17 years, the story of the Horus Heresy will finally come to its close with The End and the Death. It's been a long, sometimes bumpy, but more often than not epic road from Horus Rising to here. While reading certain moments of the recently released The End and the Death Volume 1 I was honestly feeling quite moved by the fact that we have now actually reached the finishing line of this journey that started all the way back in 2006. For a series with such an impossibly high page-count as the HH and with such an enormous mountain of stories published under its banner, the question of "What's the best reading order?" has basically become its own genre among fans by now. In response to this, there are plenty of "Just the hits"-rundowns, "Avoid at all costs"-blacklists, trackers for specific Legions and Primarchs, or the awesome achievement of Black Librarium’s series spanning web of connections...They're all out there and all have their worth, in my opinion. And honestly? It's just fun to create these kinds of things. It's fun to think about a series that one has spent so much time with, it's fun to dissect it, to edit it, to try to make sense of it. That's one of the reasons I've always loved playing around with reading orders, or why I'm always delighted to talk about this when a friend asks me where to go next in the series. With regards to a reading order and the question of the perfect way to publish the Horus Heresy I was always fond of omnibuses. Black Library at one point got serious with bundling the HH into sensible story-packages and started releasing the HH in omnibus format: Crusade's End, The Razing of Prospero and The Last Phoenix. Those three books all collected two or three novels of the burgeoning series alongside a chosen handful of the scattered novellas and short-stories into a story package that guided a reader right along a chosen thread of the Heresy-web. I loved them! But alas, it was not meant to last: Black Library stopped producing further omnibuses and eventually even stopped selling the existing ones. Still, the idea of omnibuses for the HH had stuck with me, and I kept throwing together reading orders for my custom "omnibuses" for fun. In 2021, I decided to get serious with this and started a personal, series-spanning project: +++ The Horus Heresy Omnibus Project: https://www.heresyomnibus.com +++ What I present there is a reading order that assembles every Horus Heresy novel, novella and short story into a network of twenty-one (theoretical) omnibuses. The result is a fully-grown website that's supposed to help navigate and hopefully entice people to engage with this humongous, mad, epic literary series that has accompanied me and so many other fans for such a long time and will hopefully entertain new readers for years to come. Along the way I started collaborating with the incredibly talented pixel artist Eric Alloway, who had started painting pixel versions of Horus Heresy characters on his Twitter account . We both liked what the other one was doing and decided to join forces. As a result, the website is now littered with pixel versions of all the major Horus Heresy characters, which should make browsing the page fun for veterans and newcomers alike. A friend of mine with experience in software engineering completes our three-man team and takes care of the IT-side of things, of which I understand next to nothing. The website has been way over a year in the making and I hope that both existing fans that eagerly await the final Volume of The End and the Death to hit the shelves as well as newcomers who are just starting to get interested in The Horus Heresy and Warhammer 40,000 find the site useful or at least fun to browse. It would mean a lot to us if fans of these books would engage with and enjoy what we’ve built here, so if you like what you see, please spread the word! We’re also happy to receive constructive feedback to further improve the site. The site will also be the place where I will publish reviews, blog posts, interviews and my long-form analysis of Warhammer books through the lens of different schools of psychology, so if you're interested in this it might be worth a visit and return from time to time. Currently available are Stories told by Monsters, an analysis of Josh Reynolds’s Fabius Bile- and Lukas the Trickster- novels through the lens of Narrative Therapy, and The Dark Coil in contact with Gestalt therapy, an analysis of Peter Fehervari's Dark Coil series through the lens of Gestalt Therapy. Down the line I have a project in the works about a certain Angel and his murderous vigilante brother, so if you're interested in that, stay tuned. For orientation, I recommend starting out with the first omnibus or taking a look at the FAQ. We've also opened threads about the project on Twitter and Reddit, so if you are active there, come and say hi!
  13. I think this is a good place for this post. But if not, please I beg moderatii to move it in better place. This is not 100% Sisters of Battle art, but can be use as that. And is truly inspirational indeed. It can be perfectly a representation of a saint or martyr or the base an alternative Saint Celestine. Luna is an artist from Spain who made this illustration and many others. And the commissions are now open. You can see more illustrations and info, here: https://mobile.twitter.com/lunaevayg
  14. From the album: Miscellaneous Images

    A piece of art work I had commissioned from Blazbaros on DeviantArt (as part of his Chapter Approved 2: Approved Harder multi-piece work), depicting a member of my British Redcoats-inspired DIY Chapter from the Liber Cluster thread, the Scarlet Sentinels.
  15. Some artwork I produced for my WIP Codex Lore Supplement for my homebrew chapter. Follow the link to see what's going on! NS
  16. One of my other hobbies aside from not finishing models is drawing. I do it quite a lot, enough that the majority of my Instagram entries are weird concept sketches for Tyranids. Anyway, I thought I'd share a few of them on the B&C. There's a lot more than this, but I need to scan and upload it all. Some weird Tyranid creatures- a "Scorchgaunt" carrying a flamespurt, a bio-plasma spore mine, a Carnifex intended as a ranged version of the Screamer-Killer and a more seahorsey Zoanthrope. This Wraithlord is intended to play up the skeletal/ghostly vibe a bit of Eldar wraith-constructs. And finally (for now), some Space Marine concepts for a homebrew chapter, the Death Crusaders. From left to right, an interpretation of the Furibundus Dreadnought (inspired heavily by an old piece of concept art for the Castraferrum "box" Dreadnought I saw in Index Astartes: Apocrypha), a Marine for scale, a serf for more scale and a weird little abhuman servitor creature that is intended to be converted from a night goblin.
  17. Threw together a croppy-paste concept of what my MkIX "Medius Armor" might look like. As an armor type that acts as a midway point between MkVIII "Errant Armor" and MkX "Tacticus Armor" it shares a few traits of the more modern Primaris armor backwards applied to Firstborn Astartes armor. After all, all space marines should have an opportunity at armor that is more or less equivalent, it builds more cohesion that way. As you can see, it's the MkVIII, (which itself is derived of the classic MkVII "Aquilon") but it has added vents, larger breathing tubes, larger ears, new belt buckle and new knee pads. I think it looks pretty cool, even if I did a pretty silly job mashing two armors together. Who knows, maybe you guys can appreciate it. Credit to 40kResources on DeviantArt for the templates I used to make this. yes, I am aware, you can see the edit lines and it's cropped really poorly... I don't have photoshop, made this in google docs drawings...
  18. Almost two months ago I made a thread asking if anybody had seen a series of Primarch portraits that I vaguely recalled. I'd given up on finding them, but today I managed to stumble across a few of them by chance! I'm very happy to share the ones I have found with all of you. Turns out I wasn't crazy after all, which is always a relief. If these jog the memories of anybody, and they have the missing ones of Corax, Khan, Horus, Perturabo, El'Jonson, Mortarion, Alpharius, or Vulkan please don't hesitate to post them below!
  19. From the album: Concepts and musings

    Torso concept for traitor commander Krovak Argues.

    © Andvarr A

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