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  1. As the title say I'm looking for suggestions on how to convert/kitbash/paint space marines or imperial guardsman to mark them out as being close allies to a Navigator house (or the Navis Nobilite as a group) and/or having worked alongside it/then for some time. Do people have any suggestions?
  2. The Zoanthrope/Venomthrope kit might be one of the most ridiculously economical kits GW has ever made. Regardless of what you build you'll get a tonne of spares. I found this out to my great delight after making some rather wacky converted venomthropes... ...And discovered that with the mere application of a genestealer chest (and puttying over the vent attachment points) I could still make some perfectly adequate zoanthropes! However, there is still one more unit that you can build from the kit, and I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to make it without having some leftover zoanthrope parts. Hardly a tragedy, but still, I thought I should push myself. And push myself I did- and it worked! The head is of course the neurothrope's crest on a head made from a Wargames Atlantic spider's thorax and abdomen, with some mawloc antennae and a face removed from a plague drone and mounted on a neck made from a genestealer tail. The chest is from the back of a genestealer, mounted onto the carapace of the neurothrope. Arms are 'stealer and WGA spider, with the vestigial legs being hormagaunt mid-limbs. The tail is a hybrid of warrior pelvis and the tail from a totally-not-tyrant-guard from Hydracast (a very nice and talented fellow from Russia and worth supporting if you can get Boosty.to to work for you!). The whole thing is held up on a weird alien fern/fungus thing made from a botched pressmold of a Fujimi praying mantis wing. He needs some putty to tidy him up around the joins but I am extremely pleased with him, doubly so as I can still build the remaining two Zoanthropes from the kit! Finally, here he is with his fellow (unpainted) brainy brother bugs.
  3. There are a lot of good chaos space marines models and a lot of good slaaneshi models but unfortunately not a lot of Emperor's Children support in current 40k. In this free for all topic we can share images of conversions, tips and suggestions to fill the gap! Emphasis not on how proud we are of our deeds but on how we can give suggestions or inspire our fratres (but, given our Legion choice, a little pride is not off topic) (I have not too much time right now so I will edit this intro later)
  4. Hey folks, I figured I would put up a thread here for my (mostly) completed works. Occasionally I will probably post ones that haven't been based or varnished, but otherwise they will be complete. (if I waited to do that, I probably wouldn't ever have anything finished). Better pictures will be used to replace these ones eventually, as will pictures of varnished and based models.
  5. Here will be posted some heavy chaos conversions/kitbashes/scratch builds that I have been working on for as long as a couple years now. I am looking for thoughts, suggestions, and opinions on how to make some really monstrous models. NOTE: Picture quality and size increase drastically later in this plog, so feel free to skip ahead Most recent project:
  6. sitnam

    IMG 3123

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    IMG 3125

  11. So after 10 years I'm finally starting a second 40k army... Grey Knights! I'm going to cross the terminator kit with heavy intercessors for truscale terminators which seems to be a pretty common practice. For the strike squads I'm going to do something a bit different. Most guides seem to recommend crossing the terminator chests with intercessor or bladeguard legs. That is very expensive and might look a little too much like my terminators so I am going to use the legs from the new Death Watch kits which are still upscaled from old marines but not as large as primaris. My question is if anyone has done this and if I should also buy the Death Watch chests off of ebay or if they look good enough with the strike squad chests. Thank you. Bonus Question, has anyone used an airbrush to pain miniatures out in the Texas sun, and does that hamper the process? I imagine it does.
  12. Here's my now complete and publishable Word Bearers Lord Discordant, built and painted for the Brush Beast 2021 competition on Facebook. Since they have now gathered all the entries and judging is underway I can now share the finished work. I tried to push myself as much as I could, refining techniques I already use to the best of my ability. The model itself has a new rider, mainly built from the Dark Apostle model, but with some alterations. I won't know until next week how I got on in the competition, but it was fun taking part. Let me know what you think!
  13. From the album: Khornate Build

    An (admittedly basic) example of the conversions for standard troops. Mixing Space Wolf, Chaos, and various other components to get a "feral, wolf-like" feel for this blood crazed Khorne army. Every model will be kitbashed in some similar way, even if it to this small degree.
  14. Hello everybody, I am Marko form Germany. I am quietly reading this forum for some time, but now I am trying fulfill my dream of a World Eater Army and I want share it with you. I have been in the hobby for about 20 years and the most fun for me is kitbashing and converting miniatures (even a little bit more than playing the game). Painting whole armies has always been a rather annoying duty for me. I've learned a solid set of painting skills but it takes me forever to paint one miniature. So my dream is to spend my spare time (besides family and work) with kitbashing and playing 40k and to leave the painting to an expert. I always found CSM and especially World Eaters cool, but the models could never live up to my expectations. Since the appearance of the Khorne models for Age of Sigmar, the thought of making True Scale Berserkers has never let go of me. My gaming group started a year ago preparing for a larger Chaos vs. Imperium campaign (only painted armies allowed). That was the starting shot for me to finally really realize this dream project. Since I knew that I would never get the army painted in time for the campaign start this spring, I found me an excellent hobby painter in a german forum who occasionally accepts commissions. Fortunately for me, he also loves World Eaters and likes my conversions and therefore invests a little more time and love than he charges me. All miniatures shown in this thread are converted by me but painted by (the incredible) Solmar. http://scherlock.net/pictures/khorne/warband.jpghttp://scherlock.net/pictures/khorne/warband.small.jpg[/img] http://scherlock.net/pictures/khorne/warband.small.jpg http://scherlock.net/pictures/khorne/Khârn.front.small.jpg http://scherlock.net/pictures/khorne/Khârn.back.small.jpg http://scherlock.net/pictures/khorne/berserkers.01.front.small.jpg http://scherlock.net/pictures/khorne/berserkers.01.back.small.jpg http://scherlock.net/pictures/khorne/berserkers.02.front.small.jpg http://scherlock.net/pictures/khorne/berserkers.02.side.small.jpg http://scherlock.net/pictures/khorne/berserkers.03.front.small.jpg http://scherlock.net/pictures/khorne/berserkers.03.back.small.jpg http://scherlock.net/pictures/khorne/berserkers.04.front.small.jpg http://scherlock.net/pictures/khorne/berserkers.04.back.small.jpg PS: Yes, this project is much too expensive and complicated... but unfortunately i love it...
  15. After a bit of time away I’m back with a small project. I have found with deadlines and such my larger projects don’t get the time they deserve for WIP shots and breakdowns as I’m often no stering through 2k+ in a couple of months. This however is a lovely slow burn. A local group has set out on an ambitious Inq28 campaign that involves lots of creative writing, everyone building terrain, war bands and GM aids like gangs, rouge psychers and non player characters. So lots of variety right off the bat and plenty of scope for war bands to grow along with all the extra stuff that we are committed to doing. So my project. Well I have done a lot of reading on all things inquisition, the major Ordo’s have plenty of lore but none were getting the creativity going. The minor Ordo’s on the other hand just started ticking boxes. I settled on Ordo Astra. The branch of the inquisition that deals with astrological events that could threaten the imperium of man. Things like black stone fortresses appearing, planets re emerging from the warp. The destruction of Cadia would all fall into their jurisdiction for investigation. With that in mind I set off on trying to build my Inquisitor. I wanted to keep my Inquisitor a little more bare bones, soace faring adventurer type. Trying to keep the human feel of him and leaving the darker side of Inq28 for some of his warband. So bellow are some WIP pics of a few characters at various stages. Although we are all doing a marine they are not taking part in any warband. Hope you all enjoy. Stray
  16. 'It is a time of legend. The galaxy is in flames. The Emperor's glorious vision for humanity is in ruins. His favoured son, Horus, has turned from his father's light and embraced Chaos. His armies, the mighty and redoubtable Space Marines, are locked in a brutal civil war. Once, these ultimate warriors fought side by side as brothers, protecting the galaxy and bringing mankind back into the Emperor's light. Now they are divided' - Unknown. 'It is the great irony of the Legiones Astartes: engineered to kill to achieve a victory of peace that they can then be no part of' - Roboute Guilliman, prior to the Battle of Calth. XIIIth Legion - Ultramarines Homeworld: Mcragge Observed Strategic Tendencies: Mass Assault, Targeted Decimations, Planetary Interdiction. Formation of Note 8th Chapter - 66th Company - 'The Bloody Hawks’ Personnel of Note Centurion Iskandar Locke - Commander of the 66th Company and Terran veteran, inducted into the XIII Legion during the Solar Reclamation. Member of the 8th Chapter’s Terminator cadre prior to taking command of the 66th Company in time for the muster at Calth… +++ So what's this then? Well, I've always loved the narrative side of the hobby and was a massive fan of the Heresy back from when William King's Siege of Terra story appeared in White Dwarf many years ago. During ten odd years away from all things toy soldier related, the Black Library HH series was pretty much my only interaction with GW stuff. Having played Ultramarines from 3rd edition onwards, I am also a fan of the colour blue... While getting back into the hobby, I have ended up with a load of ideas based on the narrative of a XIII Legion fighting company from the Heresy/Scouring era, as well as a motley collection of GW plastics, FW limited edition and 3rd party bits. So, to keep myself motivated and get feedback, I've decided to use this thread to post both completed and WiP images and share some of the background as well! Above is my Legion Praetor, with a little bit of background. You may have seen him in the Hall of Honour where he has been posted before. Below is the next character I'm working on, a fairly straightforward kit bash of a veteran marine. Let me know what you think! All C&C welcome!
  17. Hello! Looks like there is some interest in a Kitbash thread so I am starting this for all of us Meks and builders here on the B&C. The goal of this thread is to share information, ideas and get help with what ever it is that your bashing up. The thread is aimed at vehicles more than infantry models but it's to your own judgment if it belongs here or not really. Things you might like to post. Conversions / kitbashes that are complete or in the works. Build a longs. Finished projects with a how too/ tutorial. Ideas for a project. Stuff like that. If I have missed anything please let me know. Start your engines! Ready, set, go.!
  18. Hello all! I come to you with a question on the eve of a potential project! I have gotten my grubby hands on some space marine legs that look like they are jumping and leaping in preparation for creating a small Flesh Tearer Vanguard force for my existing Dark Angels army. Command of this detachment will be shared between Seth and a nameless Jump Pack Lieutenant with a Power Sword. I had an idea while getting my materials laid out about having him leaping off a piece of scenery on his base with his sword held high over his head, like he is preparing to execute someone. After experimenting with the bits that I had, I found that every attempt I made ended in failure. I am not very good with greenstuff, but I still gave it a try that night and couldn't come up with anything that looked all that great. So my question is, have any of ya'll done a similar conversion? If so, how did you do it? Are there any third party conversion kits that could help with this process? I apologize if this has already been asked, and thanks in advance for your time!! PS I am also going to attach a picture of some artwork that kind of captures what I am talking about. The Gabriel Seth model is also close to what I'm looking for, but I really want the sword more over the head than anything else.
  19. Figured I go ahead and start my WIP thread now I done got back into the groove of things (14 years out the game) and decided to go Deathwatch due to the fact, I wanted to kitbash everything I possibly could. Coming along nicely, only sucky part is waiting on the international shipping to come through. So I decided to go with Deathwatch, cause of all the flavors I can throw all into the pot. Essentially, my Deathwatch company serves under Inquisitor Aleth Varox who requested dedicated soldiers to following his cause. They could never go back to their homeland, they will have no chapter and their lives should be dedicated to the investigations of xeno races intelligence, and the potential chances of Chaos seeping into the alien race through the warp. So a little lore to help you get the gist of what im going for. Watch Sergeant Kill Team 1 As you can see, I didnt want to do the boring black and silver (also i havent perfected the black armor shading and highlight) So I decided to go with a charcoal grey, Gold deathwatch arms, the sergeant has a gold helm and im debating if i wanna do gold helms for the whole unit, but we will see. No chapter, because they are all black shields. So im sticking mostly with Sternguard shoulder pads or any unique shoulder pads, because hey they are still decorated soldiers, just gave up their chapter to serve this inquisitors purpose for the Imperium. Most of the parts are either from GK, DA, Sternguard and whatever i can find on ebay. SN: the marine in the back with the silver arm was the first model i painted in over 10 years. he was the test subject when i realized i didnt want to do traditional black and silver. And i still have to work on the watch sergeant xeno blade again, didnt come out the way I wanted so Im going about it a different way. Librarian Pure kitbash, was inspired on pinterest, this guy was fun to do. Wish i had more dynamic legs, but im still waiting on a package from canada to come through. but looking for bits on ebay took about 4 hrs to do. But was fun looking. cost me close to 30 bucks, but you get so much more for other soldiers. His blade came from a necron, thrown on top of a gk force weapon. his hand came from a thousand sons sergeant i believe. GK body till i get this bit bag in. Death company legs. sternguard shoulder pads and random arms cut from bolter wielding and a command squad pointy finger. his cape came from a death guard set. Which was hard to put on because i dont / not good with green stuff. so alot of shaving, cutting, and blue tac has it together now. but it came out well. I need to find some rocks to elevate him possibly but we will see. Watch Sergeant For Kill Team 2 he was cool to do, just a GK leg and sterguard torso with deathwatch boltgun and xeno blade. DA head and some extra knick knack on his backpack But that is as far as got on Sunday. Still waiting on my space wolves bit bag. and waiting on my package from overseas to work on my watch master and inquisitor. bought a box of imperial guard for my ally detachment and we will see where that will go. Hope you enjoyed.
  20. Has anyone tried to fit the plastic cadian heads on the torsos from Anvil? Given the difference in neck joints between the two was it easy to accomplish? Any pictures would be greatly appreciated if you have them.
  21. Hey all, I’m mostly known here for my Iron Warriors 30k thread. Haven’t had a lot of time or money to devote to them recently so I haven’t made a lot of progress with them. Today I was digging around in my garage, where I’ve got a lot of old boxes filled with models that have been bought and never seen the light of day, gifted to me by a family friend who didn’t want them any more. I noticed an unopened Warhammer Giant and the idea for this thread came to me immediately. If any one man in the 40k universe could grow a giant, it would be Fabulous Bill. What if he grew a whole warband in his vats? Astartes, Giants, other, more twisted creatures? This thread will probably update slowly, but i’ll be exploring the idea of Fabius Bile growing an army of his own. Currently this Giant (further augmented by the Dark Mechanicum) will serve as a contemptor dreadnought or helbrute. It’s a very early WIP at the moment, but I’m going to get another ranged contemptor weapon for his right arm and I’ll potentially explore bionic legs for him too. I’d love to hear what you all think of the idea and the execution. Happy hobbying!
  22. =][= Inquisitor Silas Marek, Ordo Militum Calixis =][= Battlefleet Calixis guards the citizens of the Calixis Sector from the hazards of the Halo Stars and defends the worlds of the sector in the Emperor’s name. Many thousands of vessels, some millennia old, patrol the stars under the guidance of the Lord-Admiral Calixis and her staff at Port Wrath, Battlefleet Calixis’ headquarters and one of the most vital installations in the whole sector. Orders passed down from Port Wrath to the admirals, commodores, and captains that control day-to-day battlefleet operations ensure that ships are directed to where they are most needed to combat the Emperor’s enemies and defend His people. Monitoring the activities of Battlefleet Calixis and ensuring that the mighty power of the Imperial Navy isn’t squandered, subverted, or wasted falls under the auspices of the Ordo Militum Calixis, one of the Ordos Minoris within the Calixian Conclave. Charged with supervising the military bodies of the sector – the Astra Militarum, the Imperial Navy, even the vaunted Adeptus Astartes – the Inquisitors of the Ordo Militum Calixis scrutinise orders, monitor battlegroups, and root out subversion and heresy within the ranks. Inquisitor Silas Marek is one of those Inquisitors. Recruited into the ordos by his former master, Inquisitor Essam, Marek is a former Imperial Navy lieutenant who now investigates and reviews the actions of Battlefleet Calixis from outside of the naval hierarchy. An experienced investigator and veteran combat leader, Marek has been drawn away from Port Wrath by the sudden disappearance of his old mentor. Inquisitor Essam, the senior Inquisitor within the Ordo Militum Calixis, vanished while en-route to review Patrol Group 686, the so-called Retaliator Group, when his vessel failed to re-emerge from the Immaterium. Inquisitor Essam had been travelling aboard the Chalice-class battlecruiser Redemptor Sanctus. The disproportionate number of losses among that class - many of them inexplicable - alongside the loss of his mentor, have drawn Inquisitor Marek into an enigma that may shake the core of Battlefleet Calixis. Master-at-Arms Jerrod Hanspur is a born-and-bred naval man. Born aboard the Dauntless-class light cruiser Sword of Truth he initially served as a cabin boy, messenger, and general dogsbody until he came of age and followed his father into service as part of the ship’s company of armsmen. Charged with guarding the vessel from enemies within and without, Hanspur took his duties seriously. He worked his way up through the ranks with a combination of attention to detail, an unshakeable will, and a willingness to escalate to maximum violence as soon as necessary. Hanspur was assigned to the bodyguard detail of Inquisitor Marek when he came aboard the Sword of Truth some five standard years ago as part of a review of the commanding officer’s difficulty in following orders. Marek’s investigation uncovered a cult of personality surrounding the first officer, who had been subverting the ailing captain’s orders for his own gain and leading his junior officers into the worship of forbidden gods in an attempt to increase his personal power. Hanspur fought alongside Inquisitor Marek as they cleansed the officers’ mess of the cult and prevented a daemonic incursion which would almost certainly have doomed the vessel and every soul aboard. Pleased with Hanspur’s martial skills and strength of character, Marek recruited him into his cadre to fight with him in the battles to come. Dariel Sh’Rass was a hunter and scout on Ganf Magna before he joined up with Inquisitor Marek. A frontier world plagued by roving bands of feral Orks, Ganf Magna provides the Imperial war machine with polygum, a tree sap used in the manufacture of many explosives. The few settlements are well defended by the planetary defence force and the shipping lanes are guarded against pirates and marauders by the ships of Battlefleet Calixis. A squadron of Sword-class frigates, Squadron Epsilon-Theta 4, under Captain Lesic was the designated patrol group two standard years ago when a marked increase in pirate activity saw the output of Ganf Magna threatened. Sent by the Calixian Conclave to investigate possible renegade activity by Squadron Epsilon-Theta 4 Inquisitor Marek found a competent group led by a skilled but overlooked commanding officer. His investigations took him down to the surface of Ganf Magna where unusual warp transmissions had been detected by the squadron’s astropaths. Though this would normally have fallen under the purview of ordos outside of Marek’s remit he nonetheless investigated as he was inevitably the nearest available inquisitor. He and his small cadre were guided through the dense forest by the very experienced Dariel Sh’Rass, a man of advancing years who had honed his skills in the forests of his homeworld for decades, protecting the logging camps from ork raids and tracking down nests of greenskins for extermination by the PDF. The warp signature detected from orbit led to a grotto in the central uplands of Ganf Magna’s largest island, within which a local shaman and his unholy brethren had been attempting to draw the power of Chaos into the forests of the planet to destroy the polygum forests and turn them into a plague-ridden morass to create a kingdom fit for their daemonic patrons. Marek led the attack, autopistol barking and his transonic blade – a gift from his friend and ally Magos Galra of the Lathe Worlds – singing and slicing. Rather than standing away Dariel waded into battle, shots from his recurve bow splitting heads with barely a whisper. When the dust settled into the blood-soaked floor, Marek had a new comrade and Dariel had found a new calling – hunting down the enemies of the Imperium. Inspired by the many excellent Inquisition WIPs and threads here on B&C and on the wider internet I decided to start my own cadre. I’ve been a fan of the Inquisition since I first read the original Codex: Daemonhunters and Codex: Witchhunters, and playing in a long running Dark Heresy game deepened my love. Having recently returned to 40K with my Raven Guard, and being a kitbasher at heart, I set my mind on creating a small cadre from one of the Ordos Minoris, who are often overlooked in favour of the more widespread and well-known Ordos Majoris. The Ordo Militum took my fancy and I combined it with a fascination with the Imperial Navy (originally kindled by Battlefleet Gothic) to create Inquisitor Marek. The Ordo Militum doesn’t seem to be as fleshed out as many of the other Ordos so I’ve run with what I think they represent. Comments/criticism/ridicule/befuddlement are all welcome as I start building up the Inquisitor and his cadre.
  23. This Thread Covers all of my Chaos projects but is primarally for my Thousand Sons and Daemons with a few other bits as well that dont fit into my other Threads. Possessed Chaos Space Marines (Pages 1 - 4) Warp Talons (pages 4 - 5, incomplete) Khornate Renegade Knight (pages 5 - 12) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Possessed Space Marines. So... a bit of background information on the project. I acquired a second hand unit of pre built, possessed chaos space marines for my Thousand Sons army. I was pretty happy to get them as my army has no standard marines in it and I could do with some close combat units to compliment my Rubricae. This was a few editions ago and Possessed weren't even that good, being over priced for what they could do. I don't really play competitively though and I like the idea of the concept of the units. That being said... they stayed in a small box for a very long time, years possibly... Recently I dug them back out while sorting my projects "to do" list and decided they needed attention. Looking at them all though, I thought they looked weird. Not in the good, "look how messed up these daemonic marines are" kind of way, but ... look how weirdly uniform these are. From what I've read, I feel like the rolling maelstrom of the warp is a limitless plane that does not abide by the laws of physics and contains boundless, unreal realms that are inhabited by an infinite varieties of warp entities that include the daemons we know and love. So why... do my possessed, not only have 2 arms, 2 legs, a head and body... but some have identical bladed weapons, heads, legs... and so on. We know the answer is that its cheaper and easier to just design enough parts to spread among the models and give the illusion of variety and freedom to design your possessed. This isn't good enough for me, at least not anymore. I want MY possessed to look like any one of a billion weird things has wormed its way into the marines body... with unpredictable results. My next idea was born of how I think my Thousand Sons would feel being possessed. That is, not great. I have read the Ahriman books though and in that daemons are summoned and imprisoned in the bodies... I think. If i'm mistaken, then never mind... its a cool idea right. My Thousand Sons fear the flesh change and those who actually have flesh to change are not keen on handing over a portion of their freedom to a warp entity. They want knowledge, and power... and tools to that let them get it. In order to imprison a daemon they need vessels, not necessarily willing ones... My possessed will be painted in the colours of other chapters and legions and I want the possessons themselves to be more varied than the kits allow. My first few picture are of complete models, before I even had intentions of having and account on Bolter, never mind posting my work in progress. After these pictures the amount of WIP pics I can provide increases. I hope you all enjoy them and I welcome any and all feedback, I'm trying to improve my painting, kit bashing and sculpting with these models. My efforts were a little more tentative at first and then get more adventurous as they progress... Here is the Imperial fist, I think this was the first model I modified. Very basic, I think his wibbly left arm came from some spawn spares and I cut down his horns to make his head look different from similar ones on the other possessed (specifically his friend the Ravenguard). I had started some of the conversions before deciding I would have marines from other legions and chapters. When I did decide, this guy holding his left "fist" in the air looked like a fun mockery of the symbol so it seemed and appropriate fit. His new name: "Spikey Fist" This is my 30k World Eater, I liked how this head from the spawn sprue looks kind of like a minotaur or something and with the charging pose of the body it seemed to fit nicely. Combined with the winged backpack, I felt like I had no option but to give him a tail. "Mini Thirster" This find fellow is a Ravenguard, and while i haven't specifically been converting converting these models to pervert their original profiles... cutting up a Possessed claw and grafting it onto his face seemed like a fun way for a daemon to make fun of his body. It was for a long time the only modification I made to the model... then i noticed he shared his right arm with another model. So I took the Forgeworld Cockatrice tail I had left over from another project and fitted that instead. Even though I doubt anyone else would notice, I like that this claw also has a bird-like connection. Say hello "Beaky". This fun guy is my 40k World Eater Berzerker. Another early conversion, I used a Berzerker helmet and used the top of it to replace the top of a possessed head that had kind of Predator mandibles. I like the little connection there that they are both things that hunt for the sake of killing. I gave him a chainsword I stole from a Black Templar that wont be needing it as much anymore, and since completing it Im told (by the owner of this colourscheme) that the Black Templars took the chained weapon idea FROM the World Eaters! so that came together nicely. Oh, this is also the first example of a missing backpack. The winged backpacks are obviously quite recognisable so I cut those off and was obviously down a few backpacks, come to think of it, more than losing those winged ones would suggest. given the amount of organic looking bits of this model it was a happy coincidence that when I thought about trying a carnifex thresher tail... it was almost the exact dementions of a space marine backpack. Rise sir... "Predzerker". This handsome chap is an Ultra Marine... all I really did here was cut out a quarter of his head and replace it with the eye and head tendrils of a pink horror head. The stance and sword make him look like a bit of a fencer... which reminds me of some of the stories i've heard about the emperors children. So I picked a daemonic colour i associated with daemonettes and their Slaaneshi connection. Thats all there really is to this guy, I guess the daemon was also making fun of the blandness of Ultramarines. I think I shall call him... "Ultra Bland" Ok, from here it gets a bit more interresting and includes WIP pics of some sort or another. I originally just popped a big Spawn eye in his belly while doing the other early efforts and thought "Eye of Magnus!", so he was destined to be a Thousand Son Sorcerer that went a bit wrong. However by the time I got back around to him I was getting a bit more confidence and thought he was a bit plain. ... so I sculpted 6 other eyes onto him. Around this time I'd started posting this stuff onto the Krakendoomcool Blog and also networking with other hobbyists on Twitter for the first time. I was running out of space marine armies belonging to my friends to use in my Possessed so I started asking about on Twitter if anyone wanted to "donate" one of their men to my cause. One really nice guy (@DrakePoldragon) offered up two different chapters, and I suggest two of my models including this one. I suggest this will be the Dark Angel, and based on the poor first photo I sent he thought he was wearing a hood so that he would be blind to the truth of his actions. I laughed at the idea he would ever be blind to anything anymore... but he had a point, Dark Angels love them some Hoods and Cloaks. So I had my first crack and Green Stuffing a cloak onto a model. It was a bit tricky because of the big spike coming out of his head and that his backpack was already glued on, but I just followed a tutorial and winged the rest of it from there. I'm pretty happy with the results. I'm not as happy with the paint job on the cloak as I am with the construction but I can always go back over it. I'm happy with how this guy turned out and he lookes pretty unique for a possessed which is what I was going for. I like to call this guy "Dark Eyengel" I hope thats ok for now, I will have more stuff to post semi regularly and the rest of my projects should have WIP pics now that the projects have caught up to the present point in time. As I said, please let me know what you think, I wont be offended and I'm eager to learn more. If you have any ideas of your own, feel free to suggest them, I bought a box of vanilla marines to fuel this project for a bit longer than I originally planned...
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