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  1. +++ WORK IN PROGRESS +++ The Roaring Lions "Let your plans be dark and impenetrable as night, and when you move, fall like a thunderbolt." - Captain Icarus (Sun Tzu) http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/sm/bpe=002FFF&bpj=002FFF&bp=002FFF&bpc=002FFF&hdt=002FFF&hdm=002FFF&hdl=002FFF&ey=00FF15&er=002FFF&pi=595959&nk=002FFF&ch=002FFF&eg=FFEBA8&sk=FFEBA8&abs=002FFF&bt=002FFF&cod=002FFF&ull=002FFF&lk=FFFFFF&lll=002FFF&lft=002FFF&url=FF0000&rk=000000&lrl=FF0000&rft=FF0000&slt=FFEBA8&sli=FF0000&srt=FFEBA8&sri=002FFF&ula=FF0000&lel=FF0000&lla=FF0000&lw=FF0000&lh=FF0000&ura=002FFF&rel=002FFF&rla=002FFF&rw=002FFF&rh=002FFF&bg=212121&rb=595959&gr=595959&qu=FF0000&wg=true&hs=FFFFFF&laurel=true&chps=CC0000&comi=FFFFFF&slips=CC0000&lkg1=000000&rkg1=FFFFFF&bpr=FAE8B4&cs=FAE8B4&spl1=533B1C&spr1=533B1C&spl2=533B1C&spr2=533B1C&/spacemarine.jpgThe Roaring Lions were formed during the Ultima Founding but missed the Indomitus Campaign entirely. When Guilliman requisitioned the Primaris marines he pulled aside the Roaring Lions and sent them on a special mission in Segmentum Pacificus. This mission was to secure several planets that were vital in supplying the main forces of the Indomitus Fleets. The Roaring Lions did not like being sent on guard duty. They had been training solidly for years and yearned for battle. After they obtained supplies from Mars they left aboard their battle barge Emperor's Teeth before the Indomitus Campaign left Terra with the millions of other reinforcements. Upon entering the system of Stellar they found panic brewing. A large Ork WAAAGH had sprung up in the nearby systems and was threatening the supply line that would be funneling into the Indomitus Campaign. The Roaring Lions sprung into action, using Stellar 4 as a base of operations they helped devise planetary and orbital defenses while sending out several companies to scout and setup defenses as well. Within months the Orks were met in the battle field of night. The Ork fleet was massive and slowly started pushing back the Roaring Lions. It wasn't until the arrival of 6th company and the allies they made with the mechanicus that the Ork push was slowed. Nearly five decades later the chapter is still fighting against the Ork WAAAGH under the command of Warboss Toothnabba of the Bad Moons clan. All intelligence on Toothnabba has shown him to be one of the wealthiest warbosses that the Imperium has ever had to deal with. This wealth has caused a large number of other Ork clans to come to his aid and has caused a significant issue in extinguishing this WAAAGH. Several years into the war the Roaring Lions found that Toothnabba was sending in gretchin to collect teethfrom the dead. It took a significant amount of digging through the bureaucracy, about a decade, of the Imperium to find out that the Orks used teeth as currency and the Roaring Lions decided to implement a new tactic to try and stifle the WAAAGH. They started to collect the teeth of all the Ork casualties after every battle and use them to set traps for the roaming Ork WAAAGH. This was successful for a time and helped dely the Ork WAAGH for about a decade. As in all things, the war evolved over time. Some years are filled with bloody losses and losing ground and others are filled with new heroes and victories thought impossible. What remains is war. The region has been in a consistent state of production and war shaping the populations of the nearby star systems into ideal candidates for implantation. It is this population that has helped sustain the Roaring Lions' ranks over the years and less than 100 of the original 1000 primaris marines are still alive this day. The war is on a knife's edge. One wrong move and it is lost, another and they give themselves another year of survival. Requests for aid have been sent to Terra for the past decade, but the same response is always returned. Silence. The Roaring Lions have setup recruiting posts on a number of worlds in Segmentum Pacificus and continue to keep their numbers strong and their marines ready for the fight, but as of now whispers of lost hope are starting to spread through the under hives. This has led to a new threat arising within the region. Chaos. **Anything in this post can change. I'm just writing down ideas as they come to me. Some may work, others may not work. Roaring Lions' Lists Thread: http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/topic/347443-roaring-lions-list-compliation/ Sweet Documentary on Lions, Narrated by Jeremy Irons "Attack is the secret of defense; defense is the planning of an attack." - Sergeant Adonis, 3rd squad of 4th company https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TrJ0y5iRiMY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sYj9-ZJLKzk https://i.pinimg.com/originals/45/36/ac/4536acf24233eb6ac24c5295b8593d4e.jpg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZQ7eiBgLxbg Potential Icons to get made into transfers for the Chapter Badge
  2. "As much as we protect the Panopticon in our world of Hyaedia, the Guides defend the deeds of our predecessors and the history of our glorious chapter as per the dictates of the Tome of Khantias. But they are not alone in their duty, for the teachings of our chapter are as part of us as our very flesh and blood. So all of us must share our knowledge as much as we can. Our brotherhood was created on the eve of the 35th milleninum as an effort to preserve the ancient tomes that reside in our home planet of Hyaedia and its surrounding system. Ours is a lineage of noble deeds, for we are heirs of the blood of Guilliman and duty bound by him to seek the knowledge of old for the benefit of mankind. But our way is not the hoarding of memories to store in a forgotten vault, or to recollect the words of ancient eras to meddle on their secrets for personal benefit. Our way is that of the scholar, of the professor, of the protector. To teach our brothers, to guide our sisters, to be an icon of radiance for our peers and to be the shield of the weak when the enemies of illumination come with envy in their eyes to try to rob humanity of their grand heritage! We have followed this path of glory and humbleness for many millennia and our reward for it is to stare at the grandose Merope, the capital of our world, and see the beauty it has become! To walk among its people and see that ideas and reason hang in the air, to hear the citizens in the middle of their studies and see their faces of joy and happiness in the knowledge that we have brought peace and prosperity to the sacred bastion of the Panopticon in the name of humanity and the Emperor's ideals of truth and learning! Remember this very well, novitiates! Keep these words in your heart and mind for they will help you in the struggles of our sworn duty. They are the very same words of the Tome of Khantias as dictated by our glorious primarch!" -- Grandmaester Gaius on the 23rd Quotation to the Novitiatii in the halls of the Macaenon -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello all and welcome to the Guardians of the Panopticon thread. Here i will showcase my advances on my homebrew chapter as well as random fluff that i create from time to time. As maybe you have already read this chapter was created in order to protect the world of Hyaedia, it's ancient Panopticon and its tomes of wisdom, among them the Tome of Khantias. I wanted to create this chapter as a force of warrior-scholars that seek the betterment of mankind through reason and the sharing of knowledge, something like the philosophers of ancient greece but mixed with the various qualities that the lineages of Guilliman share as per various comments some of you guys made when i was asking about them. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Chapter Structure Curiously i made the chapter non-codex in the way that it doesn't have any tactical squads, assault squads or those kind of divisions. Instead of that I created a division very similar to that of the Black Templars but based on the amount of knowledge and deeds related to protection that the chapter's members have done. The Novitiatii: They are the new recruits of the chapter, very much like the scouts. They are trained in the various ways to protect the "Brothers and Sisters" (Mankind) as well as they are trained in ways to learn and how to think with reason and logic. Pretty much what one learns when studying philosophy but with 140% more guns and aggression. The Inductii: When a Brother-Novitiatii learns how to think and how to defend mankind properly (as per the dictates of the codex astartes) they "graduate" to the rank of Inductii. A Brother-Inductii is one that knows how to serve humanity, how to defend its realm and one that now is learning how to teach humanity about how to grow and become what the Emperor wanted. A Brother-Inductii is a teacher to lesser men, an astartes on the road to become a true beacon of hope, guidance and protection for its peers. The Aprentices: The first thing the Astartes learns when he finally understands how to teach humanity is that he is but a drop of water in a lake. The Brother-Inductii learns that only deeds and humbleness are the better ways to better mankind. This knowledge is earned only by time and tenacity, so when the time is right he enters into the rank of the Aprentices, by all means the rank of the veterans of the chapter. The Paths of Illumination In all of its life as an Astartes, an individual of the chapter may pursuit many kinds of knowledge called Paths. Each Path finally ends in one of 5 ways, as follows: The Guardians of Souls: This is the path of the keeper of its brothers and sisters, the path of he who fortifies the soul and heart of humanity by predicating the old scriptures of Imperial Reason and Logic. It has many similarities with the Chapelains of other chapters but without the religiousness of them. Just pure clarity and logic to teach humankind how to steel themselves from the enemies that attack mining the moral and ethics of the Imperium. The Guides of the Mind: This is the path of those who have been touched by the warp and have met the many denizens of unreality. The path of Whispers and Shadows, as many whithin the chapter call it, is dedicated to protect mankind from the daemons of the warp as well as those who let themselves be possessed by its many lies. In other chapters these would be called Librarians, except that the Guardians of the Panopticon distrust of the many lures of the warp and its energies. The Followers of the Hand: This is the path of those that have met with the creations that humanity can make, and it is followed by those who devote themselves to the wonders of machines and engineering. They are the ones that have learnt how to teach to the machines how to work in many different ways and as such they are the ones that protect the many secrets these cold objects have. They are at odds with many in the Mechanicum for the same philosophy of the chapter aplies to them: Knowledge is meant to be shared in order to better mankind, not to be hoarded and stored in a dark cell. The Rod of Caduceus: This is the path of those who protect the bodies of their brethren. Of those who have learnt how to heal and keep others in good shape. Of those who strive against mutation in order to keep humanity and the chapter pure. Those that walk this path are akin to those in the apothecarions of other chapters. The Bearers of the Torch: This is the path of the Laurels and the Crown of thorns, of the Fire and the Vulture. This is the path of Leadership within the Chapter. There are only 7 Bearers of the Torch (Captains) within the Guardians of the Panopticon, and they form a council that supports the title of Grand Maester (The Chapter Master). Many of the aspirants to this path soon learn that true leadership comes from serving others, and so they strive to see for humanity and guide them as beacons in the night. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is what i have written so far. I have made some heraldry for each of the different ranks and paths but i will upload them as soon as i can. I hope you guys like it and accompany me in the developement of this chapter. If you have any questions or suggestions please don't hesitate to write them. Thank you for reading
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