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  1. "To Pierce the Veil - see beyond any deception! This is your duty, above all others!" - Chaplain Garrel, Knights Oracular 10th Company, during a speech to recruits, M39.687 Early History: Imperial Records "We have foreseen a great war coming to this world - but fear not! The Knights Oracular will defend you!" - Epistolary Aradin, Knights Oracular 3rd Company, to the Governor of Paralbos, M38.041 http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/sm.php?b62c=@hvOE9_i8TzJ.hPbn6@@@@@@@hBWPW@hCmX3__..@@@@@@@@@@@_._.@@@@@@@@@@hCmX3hk8Yt__@@@@@@@@@@@hk8Ytiakk7&grid=TRUE A Battle Brother of the Knights Oracular Imperial records first detail the existence of the Knights Oracular in the later years of M37, arriving in the region of space called the Amgyne Sphere, in the Ultima Segmentum. However, the exact date of the Chapter's creation is a matter of some debate amongst scholars. Some insist the Chapter must have been birthed in the 22nd Founding, whilst others insist the Chapter was the sole true success story of the 21st Founding. What is certain, however, is that the Knights Oracular have, from their very first appearance, been locked in an unending war with the vicious, reptillian alien species known as the Khuurladh. Taller and more muscular than typical humans, with long, snapping jaws, cruel fangs, and thick natural scale armour, the Khuurladh are heinous agressors, endlessly raiding Imperial worlds for slaves or supplies. They typically favour large infantry squads, augmented with cybernetics. These raiders take to the field in vast hosts, wielding horrific hook-bladed swords, a sleek, xeno burst-laser weapon called the "Optrica" by Imperial Militia, or two-man teams who have surgically grafted themselves to larger, more deadly weapon platforms. Resilient and ferocious, the Khuurladh are exactly the sort of malevolent alien entity that Space Marines are well-suited to do battle with. Chapter Symbol Appropriately for their name, the Knights Oracular have, over the centuries, become quite adept at predicting the movements and tactics of their hated enemy, allowing them to intercept the Khuurladh raiders and stave off the worst of their predations. On world after world, the Knights Oracular would fight off the voracious xenos, earning a heroic reputation that gradually spread all across the Amgyne Sphere. The turning point in the campaign was undoubtedly the defence of the Forge World, Vaanatar, wherein the Knights Oracular appeared in the planet's orbit in time to prevent even a single Khuurladh from making planetfall, through daring and audacious exploits of voidborne combat. Their initial campaign culminated in a devastating assault on Ineffar, the homeworld of the Khuurladh. After a brutal siege battle that lasted almost a full week, the Knights emerged victorious - not a single living Khuurladh remained on Ineffar. In a move that was one part defiant statement and one part memorial to all those whom the Khuurladh had slain, the Knights Oracular chose to establish a Fortress Monastery on Kryptis, the moon of Ineffar. Such was the esteem that the Chapter was held in by the worlds who had seen them stave off the Khuurladh's attacks, that great migrations of people came to Kryptis, building their cities inside great eco-domes that soon dotted the empty moon's jade-green surface. It was a matter of mere decades before the Knights began to recruit from the Krypthian population, and their numbers began to grow. Finally stable in their new home, the Knights Oracular vowed to protect the Amgyne Sphere, come what may. ==+++ Signal Received +++== =-=- Krypthian Datalock .833. Detected -=-= ==&&=-Parsing Information-=&&== ..=..=..=..=..=..=..= ==+++ Clearance Requested +++== >> ENTER: Oraculus Dominatus ..=..=..=..=..=..=..= ==+++ Clearance Granted +++== .-.--==Returning to Imperial Records==--.-. ..=..=..=..=..=..=..= Recent History: Imperial Records "The Knights Oracular were created to give people something to believe in! That is our mission!" - Atributed to Chapter Master Barantin, M41.070, during the battle of Bramigar However, problems for the Knights Oracular were just beginning. The Khuurladh proved to have survived the destruction of their homeworld, becoming a nomadic warhost bent solely on vengeance and annihilation. They launched a fierce attack against Krypthis, then at other worlds all around the Amgyne Sphere. On top of the resurgence of their most hated foe, the arrival of duplicitous Dark Eldar pirates and relentless Ork Waaaaghs in the Amgyne Sphere served to test the mettle of the Knights Oracular even further. Furthermore, the Inquisition - perhaps unduly - began to question how the Knights Oracular had been so effective at countering the activities of the Khuurladh, and began to pry into the Chapter's affairs. However, the Knights proved to be up to the challenge, meeting all alien threats in fearless combat. Wherever the vile xenos struck, there too would be the Knights Oracular, fighting ferociously in the defence of the Imperium, an unwavering shield against the darkness. Not even the most paranoid of Inquisitors could fault the dedication of the Knights Oracular. However, on the Hive World of Bramigar, at the dawn of the 41st Millennium, the Knights Oracular found themselves at the centre of a horrible revelation. Fighting alongside Inquisitor Jonessan against what seemed to be a typical Khuurladh horde, the Knights found themselves betrayed - several amongst their number were seen to command the aliens, setting them on their own forces and resisting all but the most spirited and ferocious attacks. But the Knights - led by no less a figure than their beloved Chapter Master Barantin, rallied together and won the day regardless, their cunning and skill-at-arms driving the traitors into retreat. However, Chapter Master Barantin had fallen in combat with the treacherous Captain Karek, whose blade lay stuck through the back of the heroic Chapter Master. It was quickly discovered the traitors had been part of a fiendish ruse by Alpha Legion spies, who had sought to overthrow and discredit the Chapter by supplanting them after harassing them with innumerable attacks by their Khuurladh servants. In the aftermath, a conclave of Inquisitors levied a Penitence Crusade on the Chapter, sending fully half of the remaining Knights Oracular in pursuit of their betrayers, heading towards the Eye of Terror. The Chapter accepted these terms unflinchingly, knowing in their hearts that atonement was required for their lack of vigilance. Those Knights that remained in the Amgyne Sphere pledged to hunt down and eradicate every single traitor marine that dared to show themselves in the Sphere. Even in the Dark Millennium, this promise holds true. The Knights Oracular display a level of ferocious hatred for their betrayers that can be frightening to behold, and will never show mercy when faced with one of their former 'brothers'. ==&&=-Parsing Information-=&&== ..=..=..=..=..=..=..= ==+++ Clearance Granted +++== .-.--==Returning to Imperial Records==--.-. ..=..=..=..=..=..=..= Beliefs: Imperial Records "We die, so that the Imperium lives on." - Last words of Brother Feriex, at the battle of Ephera, M39.893 The Knights Oracular place the defence of the people of the Imperium above all other concerns, even their own survival. No matter how ferocious the foe, or how great their numbers, the Knights Oracular fight with every ounce of strength they can muster to protect humanity. They believe it is the Will of The Emperor to do so, and to die fulfilling His Will is the greatest death that one can achieve. The Chapter displays an absolute hatred of their long-time enemies, the Khuurladh, and of the Alpha Legion forces that once infiltrated their ranks. Seeking out and destroying these two vile forces is what drives the Chapter's vigilant watch over the Amgyne Sphere. The Knights Oracular take pride in their heroic reputation, and their armour is often replete with hard-earned decorations. Purity seals, campaign markings, banners and capes are commonplace amongst sergeants and veterans. ==&&=-Parsing Information-=&&== ..=..=..=..=..=..=..= ==+++ Clearance Granted +++== .-.--==Returning to Imperial Records==--.-. ..=..=..=..=..=..=..= Combat Doctrine: Imperial Records "Wars are won with knowledge, conviction and decisive action." - Sergeant Makaran, Knights Oracular 8th Company, M41.550 The Knights Oracular largely conduct warfare according to the doctrines of the Codex Astartes - flexibility and adaptation to battlefield circumstances are the hallmarks of their methods. The Chapter's Librarians specialise in the divination of enemy movements, both on a tactical and strategic scale, all-but ensuring the Knights have an edge that can be levied even against the most dangerous of foes. Even in battle, the Chapter's librarians are known for their powerful displays, especially against the Khuurladh, where their power can disable or destroy entire squads with a single, powerful strike. The Knights Oracular have been so constantly at war with the Khuurladh that the Chapter at times seems to run the risk of becoming overspecialised, sometimes appearing to struggle in adapting their typical approaches to combat with Orks, traitor Space Marines, or Dark Eldar. ==&&=-Parsing Information-=&&== ..=..=..=..=..=..=..= ==+++ Clearance Granted +++== .-.--==Returning to Imperial Records==--.-. ..=..=..=..=..=..=..= Organisation: Imperial Records "The Codex Astartes doesn't support this action... but we do have contingencies in place for such occasions." - Captain Ebreck, Knights Oracular 9th Company, M39.076 The Knights Oracular maintain a broadly Codex-Adherent structure, keeping ten Companies of a hundred Space Marines. Howerver, if the parameters of a mission or campaign call for an adjustment to the Codex-approved approach, the Knights Oracular do not hesitate to embrace the challenge. The Chapter is badly under strength after the betrayal at Bramigar, and the subsequent Penitence Crusade issued unto them. The Knights Oracular are currently roughly five hundred in number, excluding the first generations of Primaris Space Marines that the Chapter has recently adopted. Though the Chapter was given the means to create Primaris Marines, they were not directly given Primaris reinforcements. The Knights Oracular have accepted this gift humbly, knowing they can use to protect the Amgyne Sphere more capably than ever through its use. ==&&=-Parsing Information-=&&== ..=..=..=..=..=..=..= ==+++ Clearance Granted +++== .-.--==Returning to Imperial Records==--.-. ..=..=..=..=..=..=..= Geneseed: Imperial Records "We see through all deceptions. We are the Knights Oracular, and our justice is swift!" - Brother Jaranse, Knights Oracular Fifth Company, M41.790 Though no official records confirm the primogentor of the Knights Oracular, their geneseed tithes submitted to Forge World Vaanatar most closely resemble that of the Ultramarines, with little to no genetic degradation. Obvious ties to their gene-father are present in other aspects of the Chapter, however: chiefly the Knights' flexible, pragmatic approach to warfare, and their noble dedication to the protection of the Imperium and its people. ==&&=-Parsing Information-=&&== ..=..=..=..=..=..=..= ==+++ Clearance Granted +++== .-.--==Returning to Imperial Records==--.-. +++ Pierce The Veil, Brother +++ ..=..=..=..=..=..=..= +++>> Oraculus Dominatus <<+++ .-.--==Message Concludes==--.-.
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