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  1. This is my WIP of my World Eaters list. I know we are waiting on a codex but this gives me a few units to work on now that I am confident aren't going to change a whole ton. Really want to play with the Khorne, Lord of skulls, although this probably isn't the most competitive item I could be adding to the list. Let me know your thoughts as the rules stand right now. Poor choices? Units that just don't work or don't fit. It's an all comers list. New Roster (Warhammer 40,000 9th Edition) [101 PL, 1CP, 2,000pts] Battalion Detachment 0CP (Chaos - Chaos Space Marines) HQ Khârn the Betrayer Selections: Warlord Warpsmith Selections: Exalted power axe, Mark of Khorne Troops Khorne Berzerkers x5 Selections: Chaos Icon Khorne Berzerker x5 Selections: Chaos Icon Khorne Berzerker x5 Selections: Chaos Icon Khorne Berzerker x5 Selections: Chaos Icon Elites Chaos Terminator Squad - Accursed Weapons, Combi-bolter x5 Selections: Mark of Khorne, Red Butchers Fast Attack Chaos Bikers -x5 - x2 Melta Guns, x3 Astartes Chainswords Selections: Chaos Icon, Mark of Khorne Heavy Support Chaos Land Raider Selections: Havoc launcher Dedicated Transport Chaos Rhino Selections: Havoc launcher Super-Heavy Auxiliary Detachment -3CP (Chaos - Chaos Space Marines) Khorne Lord of Skulls Selections: Daemongore cannon, Hades gatling cannon
  2. Hey guys and gals, After a long break from the hobby I have decided to jump back in, this time onto the train that has no brakes. My weapon of choice is a Chainaxe. Check out the WE list I have come up with, C & C most welcomed. It is intended to be a fairly fluffy force but hopefully won’t be getting steam rolled every week - Legion: World Eaters Rite of War: Berzerker Assault +HQ+ Legion Praetor Powerfist Paragon Blade Iron Halo Digital Lasers 185pt +TROOPS+ Legion Tactical Squad + 10 Marines Exchange Bolter for Chainaxe Powerfist Legion Vexilla 260pts Legion Tactical Squad Exchange Bolter for Chainaxe Powerfist Artificer Armour Legion Vexilla Legion Tactical Squad Additional close combat weapon (Chainaxe!! :p ) Powerfist Artificer Armour Legion Vexilla Dedicated Transport: Rhino 215pts +ELITE+ Legion Rapier Battery (2) Rapier Laser Destroyers 110pts Apothecarion Detachment (1) (45) 45pts +HEAVY SUPPORT+ Legion Spartan Assault Tank Flare Shield Armoured Ceramite 370pts Legion Land Raider Squadron Land Raider Phobos Armoured Ceramite 245pts Leviathan Pattern Siege Dreadnought Cyclonic Melta Lance Armoured Ceramite Dedicated Transport: Legion Dreadnought Drop Pod 410pts TOTAL 2000pts Points of note; Praetor and Apoth in the Spartan, the rest is self explanatory. Also, no Surlak. We play campaigns fairly often at my club and sometimes no unique characters allowed. Apothecary modelwill be magnetized with a Power Axe to allow for know who, through juggling of points. If he was squeezed in the Spartan dudes would likely be Inductii. Tried to keep it fluffy, everything that can have a Chainaxe, has one. To up the game to 2.5k I will add in Red Butchers in another Phobos, single FOC still. Anything glaringly obvious I have missed? Good base of a fun, fluffy army? Interested to hear you input :tu:
  3. Iron Warriors 5th Grand Company This is where we hold them! This is where we fight! This is where they DIE!!!!!!!!!! VIXI: "I have lived" - "I have survived" ​Hi everyone So, a few week ago photobucket chosen to change there terms with out any advance notice. The result of this was, if member wish to keep using photobucket to post on forums, blogs, ebay, etc.... then they where been ask to take the plus 500 & that you had to pay $399.99. So sadly this had a big impact of my last Iron Warrior army log, with over 50 pagies worth of post & updates. Because of this, I'm now starting a brand new army log today, but will link the last one if there any information that is needed. You can find the last army log here, just the image are all down due photobucket. Iron Warriors 5th Grand Company re-born army log http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/topic/242006-iron-warriors-5th-grand-company-re-born-army-log/ You can also find my facebook page here, it just a hobby page & when I got to say events allow me show a few more photos Iron-Daemon Forge https://www.facebook.com/Iron-Daemon-Forge-180193015748679/ So onto the wordy bit, as Iron Warriors are my main force, they mean a lot to me. Just with this been first page & though be a nice intro. ​Collecting ​I've been collecting Chaos Space Marines for over 20 years now. The reason today are the same when I started the hobby in 1996. Cool models, background, way they game & most of all converting models. Converting models has always been the main part of the hobby. I like the challenge & making models "my" own. Also add, it because of White Dwarf 202 with John Blanche art work that really got me wanting to collect Chaos Marines. When I started the hobby 1996, I started near the end of September & I think this was the last month of the Chaos release during 2nd ed 40k. This art work, along with the 2nd ed codex Chaos in general have been a big source of inspiration over these years as well when ever I'm looking for ideas. Here my first ever conversion - Lord for my Black Legion force which was very Khorne heavy There been a lot that help toward idea as well. From a lot of really cool army logs on Bolter & Chainsword, from Dan the Daemon, Brother Heinrich, Brother Nihm, Midnight Runner, Bio, just to name a few. ​Then a lot of the Black Library novels, Storm of Iron which is the most go to novel for all Iron Warriors hobbist. The Bloodquest comic as well about group of exile Blood Angels go to the Eye of Terror & battle on Daemonic planet, just the art work & look of Chaos. ​Iron Warriors ​This is my 6th Iron Warriors force. When I started the topic on this, it was to mark 10 year of collecting & I wanted to start a new force. Part of this was to move away from the old inks & just way my painting was, as well as lot of other reason. Also because I like going to a lot of different events. Pretty much I started collect Iron Warriors back in November 17th 2001, with Warsmith Abhorred Riddick been the first model. ​I started the Iron Warriors for a lot of different reason. With the Index Astartis article from the White Dwarf, as Iron Warriors just got there a few month before I started collect the IV Legion, give background, shown great art work & given some rules to help theme the force. Also I find they suit a lot of my own traits, with me having a forum of autism. Also history wise, siege & trench warfare one of my favorited & days off often go to few castle, there three with in 10 min train/drive from my home. One of my friends converted up some really nice Obliterators for his Thasound Son army, before we had the current models we have today. Also gaming wise Obliterators where complete diffrent from the way they are today & your able to take up to 6 in a single unit. But I've been collecting this version, Mk6 of my Iron Warriors since 2011. The aim, as well as adding cool new models. Was to build update version of past models & character, to carry on there glory & history in future games. A few exsample is one of my main HQ beside Warsmith Abhorred Riddick, is Lord Narach Delau - He was once a Champion as part of my Warsmith bodyguard (when we use to be able to take unit chosen as body guard) & because of how well he'd done in games, during codex 3.5 he was rise to rank of Lieutenant, a lower wound HQ chose & took part in the Medusa V campaign & then brought back to this version in 2012, just with Daemon Prince been a bit more costly in points. Lord Narach Delau, was recently give the Siege Breaker Mace relic when Traitor Legion supplement was release last year. ​All the models in my Iron Warriors force are converted & all have a theme/sub theme to help tell there story. Having a narrative & theme for the armies I collect are very important to me. I've also had my Iron Warriors force feature in the White Dwarf as part of Army of the Month article - White Dwarf August 2013. Really grateful for the help & support from the White Dwarf team & the great care they'd taken with my Iron Warriors. You can not guess how happy I was for this to happen & still a great highlight for me. ​Trophies ​Having a narrative for my armies is really important to me. One of the thing I've been doing with this Iron Warriors force is trophies. Ever trophy you see on my models are base on someone I've game against over the years of collect Iron Warriors in general. So any games that have been really great, I want to rememeber them & this is a great way to do it. It also nice to wind up a few friends from time to time, as there a friend who collect Ultramarine who always get mad when they see a Ultramarine trophy. ​Just this is important to me & really help further make this my army. Events When I started my Iron Warriors back in 2001, it was for my first ever event - Conflict Scotland & what has gotten me to attend event ever since then. For me I like going to a lot of different events. It ether a single day or weekend of gaming, as I don't get to game as often as I'd like to (use to be 15 games per week 2005). It not just that, but for me it really important & main part for me seen all the different armies, the painting & conversion people put into there own collection. Though I will say, I've not gone to as many event as I'd like to over the past few years. This is just due to, I don't care about the win, loss or draw, I'm just there to get those games. But I dislike gaming against Win that all cost player & those who goal are to wipe the oppent in 20 min, deathstar list was one of the main thing putting me off last year. I dislike been told to drop my Iron Warriors because Chaos maybe not the top thing & instead go for Tau or Eldar (anyone know me, know both armies are not for me), I just don't like that mentality. Like wise I had no interest in the ETC or ITC scene, it just not how I wish to enjoy the gaming side of the hobby. ​I prefer going to Warhammer World events like Throne of Skulls, there really great. Everyone just take the list, units & models they like. End of the day it a great weekend & it in the best gaming venue I've been to, with Warhammer World been the great place for the Games Workshop hobby & a place everyone should try get to. I go to a few local gaming club for there tournament, again just like minded people & great to game against. One of my hardest fought games was during Throne of Skulls Nov 2012, against Space Wolves. By turn 4 to turn 7, we ended up with just three models each. With a lot of epic moment, like my Champion Bronn Tal slay a Wolf Priest in a challenge, turn into a Daemon Prince.......only be slay in return by a Space Wolf Lord. Since then, when I made a Power Axe version of Bronn Tal, he had a Space Wolf trophy to mark that great game. As said I originally started my first Iron Warriors force for Conflict Scotland. While the Mk6, this version was been built & getting ready for there first return with Throne of Skulls April 2012. Since then they've went onto a lot of other event, fought a lot great games. One of the recently once was the Boralis Schism campaign weekend that Warhammer World, base after Cadia Fall from the Gathering Storm narrative. I still don't believe in the Imperial propaganda & that Chaos won the campaign in the name of the gods It was a great weekend, with a lot of new trophies to add onto future models. I'm now looking forward getting my Iron Warriors ready for going back down to Nottingham. For Throne of Skulls Dark Imperium in September. Throne of Skulls events are really great & I'm always going to high suggest them, as said there held that Warhammer World. Future When I collect armies, I keep adding onto them, keep adding models I think look cool. So with the Iron Warriors, dispite having over 300 models between my Iron Warriors, Dark Mechanicus, Chaos Knights & Chaos Guards. There also more to add. This topic not only going to cover my Iron Warriors. But I'm going to look into other Chaos faction. Right now I've just started my Nurgle Marines force, thanks to the new Dark Imperium box game. As said it due to the models looking really cool. But it not going to stop there. Right now the Black Crusade project going to be Iron Warriors (Main), Inc: Dark mechanicus, Chaos Guards & Chaos Knights. World Eater/Daemonkin. Theme wise, there old allies to my Iron Warriors. Fought along side each other during the Great Crusade, Horus Heresy, Legion Wars, the Long War. There trusted as far as a Iron Warrior can trust in someone. So idea is that they are currently understrength after taken part in a Blood Crusade on Angelus Prime (Warhammer World biggest display). This will tie in with the Fate of Konor campaign that happen soon Black Legion. I've been wanting to bring back my old Black Legion warband as well, in a all updated version. Theme there a warband sent by Abaddon to make sure mission are done in his name. There not trusted that all. Nurgle. Main part Warband will be Death Guards, but included a few other unit in different warbands. There meant to be on a crusade in Nurgle name, sign shown that they need to be here. Red Corsair. I've not really seen many Red Corsair armies & there a lot of really cool thing you can do. There under Huron order that no one out side them know. It going to be great, convert up fallen Space Marines & base them on a few of my friends Marine armies. Night Lords. ADB Novels pretty much. Background, there just here to cause terror, know that there will be a great fight. Fallen Angels. I use to have Fallen force & really want to get them on the go again. Also Cypher always been my favorited Character. Thousand Sons. After painting a force for my friend. There great models. I'm thinking pick up my first box this Saturday as it seem like it maybe a little while until we see the multi part Death Guards models. I think gaming wise there going to be a power level force. I'm just waiting for new Chaos Marines to get release before some of these start. Like the World Eater. ​Here how the Iron Warriors are looking, this photo was taken Oct last year. Then the Warhammer World display that help a lot with idea toward my Iron Warriors over the past two years So that it for now. Should hopeful have my first update for this log tomorrow with my new Nurgle force. I think that the bottom on my post, I'll try put the Legion down, sort like Key words help if people are wanting to search.
  4. Hello everybody, I am Marko form Germany. I am quietly reading this forum for some time, but now I am trying fulfill my dream of a World Eater Army and I want share it with you. I have been in the hobby for about 20 years and the most fun for me is kitbashing and converting miniatures (even a little bit more than playing the game). Painting whole armies has always been a rather annoying duty for me. I've learned a solid set of painting skills but it takes me forever to paint one miniature. So my dream is to spend my spare time (besides family and work) with kitbashing and playing 40k and to leave the painting to an expert. I always found CSM and especially World Eaters cool, but the models could never live up to my expectations. Since the appearance of the Khorne models for Age of Sigmar, the thought of making True Scale Berserkers has never let go of me. My gaming group started a year ago preparing for a larger Chaos vs. Imperium campaign (only painted armies allowed). That was the starting shot for me to finally really realize this dream project. Since I knew that I would never get the army painted in time for the campaign start this spring, I found me an excellent hobby painter in a german forum who occasionally accepts commissions. Fortunately for me, he also loves World Eaters and likes my conversions and therefore invests a little more time and love than he charges me. All miniatures shown in this thread are converted by me but painted by (the incredible) Solmar. http://scherlock.net/pictures/khorne/warband.jpghttp://scherlock.net/pictures/khorne/warband.small.jpg[/img] http://scherlock.net/pictures/khorne/warband.small.jpg http://scherlock.net/pictures/khorne/Khârn.front.small.jpg http://scherlock.net/pictures/khorne/Khârn.back.small.jpg http://scherlock.net/pictures/khorne/berserkers.01.front.small.jpg http://scherlock.net/pictures/khorne/berserkers.01.back.small.jpg http://scherlock.net/pictures/khorne/berserkers.02.front.small.jpg http://scherlock.net/pictures/khorne/berserkers.02.side.small.jpg http://scherlock.net/pictures/khorne/berserkers.03.front.small.jpg http://scherlock.net/pictures/khorne/berserkers.03.back.small.jpg http://scherlock.net/pictures/khorne/berserkers.04.front.small.jpg http://scherlock.net/pictures/khorne/berserkers.04.back.small.jpg PS: Yes, this project is much too expensive and complicated... but unfortunately i love it...
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