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  1. Hey all. Some of you may recognise me making a nuisance of myself over in the Adeptus Mechanicus forum. I have a load of Tech Priests coloured green. Orks are my other green, walker heavy army. Since I've got quite a lot of pictures I am not going to flood the "Show me what you've got" page with pictures, I will post a project log of my work so far. My Ork force wasn't painted to as high a standard as my Mechanicus but hopefully people will find what I've made so far interesting. First up is my Warboss. He is painted in the same style as my rank and file, but he gets to embellish some of his wargear since he's in charge. The sandy yellow and blue stripes were inspired by the 2nd edition codex. The grey urban camo in spots is because I'm a glutton for paint-related punishment. I love this model. I'm just a little sad that the belt fed bullets are a bit to fragile for a gaming piece. Next up is my Deff Dread. This is possibly the first of many. I went for a bit of a dramatic scene on the base, it was good fun trying to get the pose how I liked it. I've got a Big Mek here. He was an experiement with GW metallic, I had quite a bit of fun trying out techniques that I have now completely forgotten how to replicate. When I started my Mechanicus army I kept a notebook to describe the ways I painted various effects. I might do that when I get round to my Orks again. A Warboss, because one Warboss isn't enough to start an entertaining squabble. I've got a 10-strong unit of Stormboys, here are the most interesting three. I have more boxes of Stormboys to bolster the unit, but making them match the first batch will prove tricky. Note here that the camo scheme is reversed on the Stormboys, blue with tan stripes.
  2. Hi all, long-time lurker (to the extent that I legitimately forgot I had an account here and had to get Kurgan the Lurker's help recovering it [thanks man!]) and I thought that, since I'm a responsibleish adult, I felt that I should make a WIP log of my, already sizable collections. Now, my one, true love for factions is the World Eaters/Khorne Daemonkin. Even though it's the smallest of my factions right now, as I managed to luck out with some friends not wanting the Death Guard halves of Dark Imperium, so I got those on the cheap. And the Dark Angels were literally given to me by a friend who said, and I quote "Yeah, they're yours. I don't have the time to play 40k, or the space to store these". So I was just casually given at least 2k points of Dark Angels. So, welcome to my WIP thread. Some pretty pictures: Maulerfiend I'm most happy about how the eyes and legion badge came out Skarbrand Everyone's favorite madman: Khârn the Betrayer Some Daemons and a Spawn Mortarion More to come!
  3. Here is the start of my speed waaagh - painted for a monthly painting challenge but i've ended up purchasing a whole 1000 point starter force. I needed something new so I went to my local GW and had a look and fell In Love with the new Kult of Speed models and the deffkilla wartrike. I had to have it. I brought it and then got home and built it up and promptly painted it blue! I know that red they may go faster but blue iz lucky! I wrote about the details on my blog https://paintinginthedark.blog/2019/07/31/start-of-a-speed-waaagh/
  4. tentagil


    From the album: Tentagil's Orks

  5. Hello folks, So I have finally given in and decided to dip my toe into the big green ocean that is da orkz. Unfortunately I know nuffin' about 'em. But I intend to learn! And shall post my various adventures in ork kind here for your viewing pleasure! Having just listened to 'Prophets of waaargh' (highly recommend it - superbly good and funny) i decided id start with a big mek. However I wanted a bigger big mek. So I thought I'd try building one based on a slave ogryn body. Also grabbed the ork painboss for some parts. This is it so far, let me know what you think! Any feedback /advice most welcome. Cheers, GM
  6. As the title says, i'll be sharing all my works in progress of my Flyers & bases from Aeronautica Imperialis (AI from now on, i can't be bothered typing that all out everytime ) here's a WiP of my next Dakkajet - DeffSkullz !! Cheers, Mithril
  7. Waa-ork! Here are the Arch-Arsonist's crack* ladz from the Charadon Empire; Luggub's Droppaz: * Definitely implying elite, and not a euphemism for 'expendable'. + Hruk's Gang + Cheerful looking bunch, aren't they? I guess when your boss is the boss' mate, you get best pick of the loot (well, after da boss and da boss' boss – and da uvver bosses – have had their go). I think the greenstuffed grins are my favourite part of this mob, but the nailed-on hand that allows Hruk to use the bolter he looted from some luckless Crimson Fist veteran is a close runner up. The flaming skull on his belly plate is the Charadon Empire symbol (see below). + Zerox's Gitz + This squad's got the best examples of the Rogue Trader elements I've tried to get in: a mix of ramshackle weaponry that nevertheless looks manufactured rather than all custom-built; heavier armour than modern orks; and a (slightly anarchic) sense of uniformity. I've tried to get more of a sense of individuality through, so they look like an undisciplined army, rather than a warband of beasts. + Wortoof's Mob + The clans – Deathskull, Evil Sunz etc. – weren't around for the Battle for the Farm era, so I ummed and erred about whether to retcon them in or not. In the end, I decided to keep things simple to avoid diluting the look. With that said, not showing it off isn't the same as saying it's not there – I think it'd be possible to pick out a mob of more Snakebitey-looking boyz, such as the fur-clad Wortoof here. Similarly, the two in the front rank here look slightly more like Blood Axes than the others. + Splatta's squad + This mob's a good example of the contrast between the jokier-looking ork on the right, and the more savage Splatta in the centre. I'm not against humour in orks; I just think it's more fitting when there's a nasty streak to it... + Ident-markers and ikonography + Backplates came in with Waaagh the Orks, and were given a lot of emphasis in terms of markings – working as a bit of blank space equivalent to a Space Marine's shoulderpad. They haven't really been mentioned much since 3rd edition, though they haven't explicitly been written out. The models, however, still have 'em, so I used the info from Rogue Trader to add the symbol of Luggub's Drop Legion to them: Warpaint's also mentioned, so a few of the boyz have got classic chequers, dags and – what better for the troops of the Arch-Arsonist? – flames.
  8. 'ello ladz 'n' welkum to da tuff boyz tread o'orkses. dis'ere boyz was rekruited frum good ol'greenskins from dat old land o magik 'n' choppa dat was blown up by da power of da waaagh!. Bekuz deys was floatin' 'n spheez all alone iz put some shootas on em 'n' give'em a puspos: ta fight da meaniest 'ummiez da galaxy haz 'n' stom'em into bitz. butz i gotz me teef stolen by some git in a snot race so da waaagh! be buildin' slow n steady, all sneaky like. when i wuz on dis planet Angelos i gots me mob into da lootin 'n' fightin' game o' gorkamorka to get me sum shiny teef for me waaagh! so herez sum pikturz of dem Tuff Boyz mob dis ere iz Tuffgit. he be da Nob of me mob dis un be Grimskul, da slaver. ees a bit slow but packs a mean punch coz he be da gunna of Mousey dis un be Razgob, da spanner in charge of Mousey, da buggy Speakin of Mousey, ere she iz. What a beauty, aint she? dis un iz Gorlum, anotha spanna of me mob dis git ere be Badgit, one of da boyz. Ee haz a mean swin wit dat choppa Dis snot face son of a grot be Rotfang. Meanest boy evah. Ee even might get Tuffgit if he don't take care. Dis miserable runt here be Lolo, da new grot on da mob. Dis git ere be Snotstikk. Eez not part of da band but he be helpin' me on da big waaagh! when time comez. ere be all da gits on a piktur. ere be me with me pet Buggit, sum boyz and da banna git. Iz still av ta paint me armur and da boyz but well, time iz short when youz a mean warboss. Datz all o me boyz' pikz, all o'da rest be in da rok keepin it in proppa orky shape and buildin more trukkz 'n' such, so deys don't come today. I hope ya gitz like me boyz an tell me any shuggestun ya av. Cheerz
  9. nusphigor

    base size

    hi all! i had no idea orks were allowed on b&c now! (i guess i should learn how to read...) Since i have spent some time re purposing my old fantasy orcs to use in 40k (scratch building shootas, trukks, buggys, etc) i bought a box of savage orcs for my choppa and slugga boyz mob, but imagine my surprise when i saw that they came with 32mm bases! As you can see, i am very retired from the gaming scene so i wanted to ask you guys, do ork boyz come with 32mm bases now? i already made a bunch of them in wood, but still what should i mount my orks on? 32 or 28mm? thanks and lets hope snakebitez get klan rules in the next codex (and also a grot hq XD) cheers!
  10. Closet Skeleton

    2021 orktober Vow 1

    From the album: Orks

  11. Closet Skeleton

    Squigasaur wip1

    From the album: Orks

  12. Closet Skeleton

    orktober vow1

    From the album: Orks

  13. Closet Skeleton

    beast snaggas

    From the album: Orks

  14. tentagil

    Big Mek WIP

    From the album: Tentagil WIP

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