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The Tyrant Rises - Update 5/18/15 - Tac Marines Done


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Hey all, I bought the Badab war books a month or two ago and was bitten by the new army bug, so I couldn't help my self and had to make an army fit for the Tyrant himself. Here are some quick and dirty photos of what I have done so far. Unfortunately I moved recently which means my light box did not make the trip, so until I make a new one these will have to do.

First off the first two members of my first tactical squad. woo, that was a lot of firsts.

The second guy uses a body from the Legion of the Damned, I love the poses in that unit so I'm trying to use some of them throughout my force where ever I can. I'm really trying to make each model an individual in this army. The Tyrant's Claw symbol is painted on each model as well. I'm not a big fan of the Lion head symbol, but it may find its way onto vehicles and banners. I figure this army is from around the time the Astral Claws pown'd the Scorpions on that moon near the end of the war.

Next up some members from my assault squad. Currently its at 5 models but is going to end at 10.

This last guy was also my test model.

Some of the assault marines and scouts started their lives as Iron Snakes, so were already mostly metal. In fact a few of the scouts were Iron Snakes, then became Crimson Fists before they became Astral Claws.

And heres an army shot so far.


I have the rest of the models for the first tactical squad and assault squad, plus a assault termie squad and a land speeder storm. Also a captain model for when i don't use the Tyrant.

My final List is going to be.

Lugft Huron

Chaplain with jump pack

5 assault termies with thunder hammers

Dreadnought with drop pod (not sure on armament yet)

10 man tac squad with melta, multi-melta, power sword and plasma pistol in a drop pod

10 man tac squad with drop pod (again not sure on load out yet)

5 scouts with ccw, power sword, melta bombs, teleport homer

10 man assault squad with power sword and flamer

3 landspeeders with assault cannons, melta, hvy flamer, hvy bolter

Landspeeder storm

6 man bike squad with attack bike (i know thats to many fast attack choices but i want to include bikes since it says they were used a lot by the Astral Claws)

Possibly a Land Raider Redeemer and a Predator.

Comments and crit welcome.

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Aquilla on a but plate didn’t theses guys turn into the corairs? Guess the were farting at the Imperium of man all along.


Seriously good work.

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great work so far, I love seeing Badab chapters on here. Your painting is really effective and nice, so I hope to see some more soon.

I think I'll have to steal that LotD conversion as well.



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Thanks everyone.


@lee265: Actually they didn't turn into the corsairs until after they fled into the maelstrom. They started to paint red crosses over their aquilas near the end, like during the siege of Badab itself, but generally they didn't see themselves as the bad guys. They still fought for the Emperor and the Imperium. They just thought the Imperium was wrong in persecuting them, and probably felt more anger towards the Inquisition then the High Lords or anything. So long story short, they kept all of their Imperial iconography throughout the war.

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Absolutely brilliant, good man. Despite the shiny bright blues and silvers and proudly-displayed aquilas (here's to you, butt-eagle), I can really feel an air of cold malice and hatred emanating from these boys, particularly the pointing one. This was the first time in a while I've seen the Space Marine standard helmet as intimidating. It's a good refresher being reminded that even while loyal, the Emprah's finest aren't nice people. Next time I pick up some marines, I'll definitely take a page from your book and rather than posing them in brave, heroic poses, give them the look of wanting to kill you and everything you love.


Edit: Can I get a recipe for your blue? That gorgeous color is getting me tempted to paint some Ultras

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these are beautiful models and one of the best one Astral Claws in the new scheme i have ever seen. what is the base color you use on them? Boltgun or chainmail just curious or did you NMM over the whole model o.O hope ya don't mind me asking really curious.
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Thanks everyone. The metal is really simple. I base coat them boltgun metal, then i go in with some P3 armor wash and shade all the recesses. I swear by that stuff, best paint invention ever. Then i give the whole thing a wash of thinned down Badab Black (appropriately fitting name) Then line highlight it with mithril. Go back and tidy up any mistakes and your done.


As for the LotD marine, the "scar" running down his helmet was due to a mold line i couldn't get rid of without obliterating other detail, so it became a scar.


Also another thing I use a lot on these guy's bases that I think is one of the best things GW has released is the Skull Pack. Just add one every few bases, I have so many left still.

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As for the LotD marine, the "scar" running down his helmet was due to a mold line i couldn't get rid of without obliterating other detail, so it became a scar.


I wouldn't have guessed if you hand't said anything!


Will this be a Tyrant's Legion force or a purely Astral Claws army?

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I need books on the subject that don't cost half rent so I can know more about them. they are well painted and posed totally love them.


As to the eagle, well some modler is going to have fun and adventure (in pain) with the inqusition for heresy.

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Thanks, yes, I am planning on buying the actual FW Lugft Huron, although that may be a ways off, recently moved and still haven't found a new job...soooo, gotta work with the models I have for a bit.


And yes, P3 is the privateer press paints.

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