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Brotherhood Of Angels Competition

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"Until the Stones Run as Blood"

Index Astartes Stoneburners

he Stoneburners were formed as part of the 6th Founding, subsequent to losses from the previous Black Crusade. The High Lords of Terra were loath even then to use more gene seed originating from the sons of the Lion, but the tactical and strategic brilliance displayed by Companies and components of three different Chapters of the Unforgiven in driving back disparate arms of the Crusade's attack gave them cause to reconsider. They agreed to the new Founding with the condition that the new Chapter pursue campaigns directly against remaining groups of Marines from the Traitor legions In the Segmentum Obscurus. This suited the character of those slated to lead this new Chapter perfectly.


Panoply as chosen by Aetrion

The Third Company Master of the Angels of Vengeance was presented as the head of the training cadre for the new Chapter and de facto Chapter Master. He brought with him several members of the Angels of Vengeance First Company and other veterans from his prior Chapter to round out the trainers. The Angels of Vengeance Grand Master then granted Aetrion a large boon for the new Chapter and bequeathed him the prime recruiting world of Akhundras, the harsh desert planet of his birth. The Chapter was presented at the Rock in a new Battle Barge with a bare compliment of Marines. Aetrion was asked for the name and panoply of the new Chapter. Aetrion spoke quickly, naming it in the old form of Caliban as the Order of the Burning Stones and for the Imperium to know them as the Stoneburners. After the details of the Chapter were set down, Aetrion took the fledging Stoneburners to his former home world to begin a massive recruiting campaign.

Given the harsh nature of Akhundras and Aetrion's need to keep the world ripe for recruiting, only aspirants from families that had more than one son were allowed to be considered, and even then, the clans were decimated or worse throughout the pan, salt flats and ergs they inhabited, though they supplied fully half of all the Marines for the Stoneburners. Aetrion foresaw that any further recruitment too quickly would stress the already hard-pressed people of the desert world to a breaking point and possibly doom the clans, so he made a bizarrely sentimental oath to the leadership of the Stoneburners that his Chapter would not take any further sons from the clan until at least four generations had passed, an oath that became a ritual in its own right after each recruiting cycle. Aetrion guided the fledgling Stoneburners toward the Segmentum Obscurus, where they completed the initial build-up of Marines for the Chapter.

The Stoneburners were first truly blooded at Grayllon Four, where they confronted several squads of Death Guard twisted by their devotions to Nurgle. The initial confrontation saw the veteran Traitors tear through two squads of the Sixth Company and the majority of the Fifth. The First, Third and Seventh Companies were immediately deployed to the surface to support the remaining Marines and annihilated the Nurgle-tainted enemy. The remaining members of the Sixth Company made a point of finding all the remaining long bone fragments they could from the enemy and incinerating them with plasma and melta-weapons in an effort to cleanse the taint of Chaos from the battlefield and prevent it from spreading further through the planet. This action would be repeated afterward on multiple worlds and eventually even to people on the worlds where the battles took place in the Stoneburners' ever expanding efforts to stem the tide of Chaos in the arm of the galaxy they patrol.

Per their mandate, the Stoneburners' bolters and blades tasted Traitor blood repeatedly over the millennia, and the implacable advances and stubborn refusals to retreat in the face of overwhelming odds has reinforced the name of the First Company, Deathwalkers, many times over. Like their forebearers and due to the influence of the people of Akhundras, the Deathwalkers have flung themselves into the jaws of Chaos and repeatedly walked back out carrying shattered teeth and horns as trophies and the bodies of their brothers-in-arms, determined to sell their lives for as high a price in Traitor blood as possible. The battles have spurred several hunts for a Fallen, leading to more than one black pearl for their Interrogator-Chaplains.

After Abaddon's 13th Black Crusade and with the continued excursions from the Eye of Terror, the Stoneburners find that they have less and less time to replenish losses. Luckily the Chapter is girded with thoughts of duty in their war against Chaos and the hunt for the Fallen, enough that they bear up well under the cost, caring not for respite, for in their future, there is only war...


Deathwalker Panoply

n temperament, the Stoneburners are very much like their progenitors, the Angels of Vengeance. This feeds over into their combat doctrine as well, but they take their single-mindedness and direct it almost exclusively on the hunt for Chaos, often favoring campaigns against Traitor marines over xenos combat. Their hatred of the Traitor marines and the taint they bring with them coupled with the distaste for the softness of much of the Imperium has led the Stoneburners to purge entire star systems for capitulating without regard for the circumstances. Given the vastness of space, there have been survivors of the purges who have given differing accounts of these cleansings while locked in the tender ministrations of Inquisitorial questioners, disputing the righteousness of these actions. The High Lords of Terra are not yet in agreement about what extent the action taken against the Chapter will be. Knowing that these events have drawn the eye of the Inquisition and High Lords, the Inner Circle of the Stoneburners has been collectively called to the Rock to stand on account and face judgement. While this is more likely to curb the excesses of the Chapter than anything short of excommunicatus the High Lords might order, the Terran Council knows none of this and perhaps rightfully fears that rather than sending a simple dogged defender into the Segmentum Obscurus, they have instead loosed an unregulated cyclonic torpedo.

The mark of the Angels of Vengeance on their descendants also shows in their overly developed stubbornness which can often override their battlefield judgement. While they have never suffered losses as severe as their progenitor Chapter, there have been several campaigns that depleted the majority of the Marines across multiple battle companies. The gall the Stoneburners felt from the lost combat time due to heavy recruiting and advanced training has caused them to seek out larger challenges that have repeatedly cost them further transhuman lives.

The use of the First Company, the Deathwalkers, is little different from other Unforgiven chapters, acting as the heavy mailed fist of the Stoneburners and the direct combat force when a Fallen is identified on the battlefield and confronted. The Second Company, the Boneseekers, is atypically larger than in other Unforgiven, exceeding the Codex Astartes proscription by a time and a half. Generally a quarter of the Boneseekers are left embedded amongst each Battle Company to act as a direct scouts, but are left with the freedom to leave and rejoin the Battle Company forces as their missions dictate. In this way, the Inner Circle feels they can better analyze information on potential Fallen without devoting Deathwalkers to each combat engagement.

he Stoneburners Chapter is organized identically to the Dark Angels Chapter. The First Company bears the name Deathwalkers and the elites of this unit are known as the Scouring Whirlwind. The Second Company is known as the Boneseekers. Those personnel that have joined the Deathwalkers Company or advanced beyond and are in a command position bear a red stripe across the center of their bone colored helms, and those Deathwalkers that have been seconded back to battle companies for special missions continue to bear the company panoply. Veterans marked for consideration to advance into the Deathwalkers bear a bone stripe across the center of their black helms. The Stoneburners' Inner Circle is comprised of the following individuals: Chapter Grand Master, all other Grand Masters, Interrogator-Chaplains, all Librarians, the Master of the Forge, and all Company Masters.

Company Designators:

3rd Company: gallery_59244_5847_6295.jpg 4th Company: gallery_59244_5847_882.jpg 5th Company: gallery_59244_5847_10547.jpg

gallery_59244_5847_31000.jpg 7th Company: gallery_59244_5847_10217.jpg gallery_59244_5847_28721.jpggallery_59244_5847_25137.jpg

ost of the beliefs of the Chapter are lifted from those of the clans of the erg and pan on Akhundras or are slightly altered variants thereof. The identities of both the First and Second Companies owe their foundations to beliefs stemming from the desert planet.


Boneseeker Panoply

The legend on Akhundras says that the Deathwalker began as a death sentence for criminals condemned for the worst crimes, traitors against their clan, water thieves, and the like. The one declared Deathwalker would be taken out to the deep desert with both hands bound, no skin-suit or head coverings, and left near the den of an Achreshek in the path of a sand storm with a quarter day's ration of water. If the criminal could return to the clan with at least a single fresh Achreshek fang, then the traitorous act would be wiped clean by this redemptive act of bravery and toil. The legend says that the first man to survive this sentence met Death and broke his sword with the Achreshek's tooth after he fashioned it into a weapon such that Death could not strike him down until the Walker told Death he was finished. This changed slowly into a ritual for the truly suicidal young warriors of the clans who would make the smallest infraction that would warrant death in this manner (typically the theft of water given to a non-clan member that is also not a member of the same trade brotherhood) and and then they would go to their clan chief and ritually request a Deathwalk from the Elder's Council. Since the coming of the Dark Angels and then the formation of the Stoneburners, this has become the name of the deadly contests and trials assigned to those young warriors seeking to become initiates of the Chapter. The Stoneburners prize the legend of destroying Death's sword and the concept behind the legend enough that they named their First Company for the legend.

In a similar fashion, the Chapter also took the name of a legend of Ahkundras from a death cult of the clans there for their Second Company. The Boneseekers were believed to be both spirit and walking dead held together by a compulsion for vengeance that drives them to forever hunt. The legend states that they seek out the wronged and take up their vengeful thoughts, reforming them into a new quest each time that drives the Seekers even into the dreams of those that have wronged. They come in the night, walking from mists that billow before them like dust ground from the bones of those they hunt and drag the oppressors of the vengeful into the deep desert, stripping flesh from bone, which they collect for the next time they are reformed. The Boneseekers ride the beasts of the desert from place to place, driven by their hunt for vengeance, often taking wing as spirits on the backs of predator birds, causing the coloration to change to bone colored feathers, beaks and claws.

Scions of the Dark Angels Legion, pure in gene line and dedication to the Unforgiven.

"Until the stones run as blood!"

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Well done to the three new Chapter Masters. When I return to the land down-under in a few days I shall devise your own "Chaptermaster"chapter specific logos... in the meantime feel free to wear the Chaptermaster abnner with pride if you so wish.


I hope you all know that the small print written in blood means you are expected to allow your DIY histories to be presented in the Fortress site :HQ:


Nice work guys, an inspiration to all the newcomers and veterans who have hopes of creating their own chapters.



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Knights of the Ebon Blade







By decree of the high lords of terra during the 8th founding it was brought to high lords attention that a more permanent military presence be established in the Centaurus arm of the Segmentum Ultima. So a new chapter was to be createdk, ultimately the darks angels stock was used for there stead fast commitment to purity. They were given a fleet of battle barges and wargear from the dark angels and several successors as well as the adeptus mechanicus. The venerable barge Sentinel of truth set out for the Centaurus arm. Veteran Sergeant Argentus Otecan of the guardians of the Covenant was chosen as the first chapter master.


Present Activities


The knights currently make there home in the Centaurus arm. There they stand ready to defend the imperium and her boarders against anything threat that may emerge.





Encounters with lies


The most notable battle of the chapters history would be the clensing of a space hulk that the marines named "labrynth" When the hulk translated into the Hadrian system that was on the outmost edge of the arm. Otecan ordered the utter distraction of the vessel. With 3 full squads of terminators from the 1st Co. and a scout squad from the tenth company, they boarded with full intent of commandeering ther bridge and destroying the hulk. With there camo cloaks on Veteran sergeant Asodon led his scouts thru air ducts and maintence ways all the while hearing over the vox that the enemy commader had become a high priority targetand went out over the vox that he at all cost was to be taken alive. Withthis new intelligence Argos decides to make his was to the bridge with the scouts to plant a telelport homer to allow a reserve squad to teleport to the bridge and deliver justice.


Sneaking onto bridge undetected proved to be the least of squad Asodon's tasks and began to snipe the bridge personnel from the shadows when the commander realized he was infiltrated he immediately spotted Asodon and his scouts and began to kill then with a very old but well kept bolt pistol. Asodon charged this madman knowing it would mean certain death. Asodon noticed black power armor under his tattered robes and saw the hint of a winged sword on the warriors paldrons..then suddenly a bolt blew out his chest and the warrior looked into his dying eyes and said "I am one of the true angels" just then there was a blinding flash and next squad Roderick was present. High velocity shells began to fill the bridge with lethal shrapnel and the smell of cordite and burnt flesh fill the air. After loosing several of his squad Roderick subdued the "Angel" in single combat. After the climatic battle Roderick noticed the dying scout was still alive. Roderick spoke to Asodon in a hushed tone "we have much to discuss". Without further ceremony Roderick picked up the fallen scout and returned to the Sentinel of truth.


Dawn of the new millennium


As the knights approach the new millennium they are guarded more than most due to the remote isolation in the arm and its systems they are becoming more and more paranoid of the wider imperium.


A new Order


Ever since the battle aboard the space hulk which since had become known as "the clensing"and their accidental exposure to the fallen they reorganized there chapter to that used by other unforgiving the 1st company becoming the knights of the spiral. And the 2nd being the huntsmen. These two companies don't completely change their armor colors like their deathwing and ravenwing cousins. When a marine is elevated to the 1st or 2nd co. They learn some of the truth about there shameful past.



Home world


When the knights were formed they were fleet based they saw this as a better way to guard against any threat that may arise. However after heated discussions between the inner circle, they eventually decided on a sol system with large asteroid belt seperating this system for the wider Centaurus arm..it was here they commission chapter serfs and tech marines to build a fortress monastery on the dead world of Hadrian IV. The Ebon blades viewed this as a perfect place to center there efforts and keep the secret of the fallen. After it was built it was named Sactum. This massive chapter keep was to be built to house the chapters secrets of the fallen. Only the smallest portion of the keep is above ground. With its labyrinthine tunnels and hangars the chapter trains its battle brothers in the keeps training Halls as well as performing long range recon patrols for the chapter scouts...

There is a inner sactumn in the keep known as the hall of angels this is the specialized barracks of the inner circle and 1st and 2nd companies.


Chapter cult


The knights isolation has caused the chapter to become very monastic in it ways very similar to the Guardians of the covenant whom their first chapter master descended from.

Robes and Tabards denote battlefield significance and rank.

Once a brother has knowledge he begins the slow process of reprinting his armor purple, the more panels that are purple the more the marine knows about the truth of his ancestors.


Combat Doctrine


The ebon blades specialize in the purity of war. Mainly by use of plasma and flamers however it is not unknown for the tactical squads to carry a heavy bolter and missile launcher. It is not unknown for the chapter to use armored assaults to utterly crush there enemy before closing in and destroying the enemy with close combat.





- Inner Circle

The inner circle is comprised of the battle captains librarians and chaplains. And the 2 specialized orders to be promoted to the inner circle one of its members must die and their proxy be voted in with a majority vote. Once inducted into the inner circle the marine will learn the full truth of the fallen.


Notable marines


Chapter master Argentus Azriel

Chief librarian Ibram

Interrogator chaplain Lukaz

Master of the Forge Zenadon

Knight commander Strahota (1st co)

Knight commander Brande (2nd co)


The marines use the color purple which they believe represents purity. They wear the dark angels chapter badge with pride




They believe in the emperor as a man not so much as god but something more than a normal man. With this being said this creates tension between the sisters of battle and the ecclesiarchly.




"Fight for the lion"

"Ultimately we're all dead men"

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Index Astartes: Angels of the Storm

"None can stand our wrath for we are the right hand of The Emperor"



Tactial Marine

The Angels of the Storm where founded in M32 form the Dark Angels. The Dark Angels where ask if they would train this new Chapter. They responded by sending Master Gabriel of the 4th Co. and a squad of veteran battle-brother. He and his brothers began to train and indoctrinating them in ways of the Dark Angels. They named the new chapter Angels of the Storm. Master Gabriel spent the next century training and arming the new Chapter. As soon as they became fully operational they began their crusade across the Gaelore sector. The Angels spent the next fifity years purging the sector by putting down rebellions, xeno forces and the forces of Chaos. Once the crusade had ended they began looking for a homeworld from which they could recruit from. This took several millennia to achieve and it wasn

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Recon0321, I have looked over your entry. At this time, I can see you being awarded ++ TWO ++ pearl for completing the task. ++ RETCONNED I have been made aware of circumstances that would merit TWO pearls. My apologies Brother. ++


Master Gabriel Macleod, though there are a couple of errors. It is complete enough to earn TWO pearls. I would encourage you to continue to add some pictures since you have some completed models of the chapter. Especially a picture showing the chapter insignia.


To all who are considering writing up an article. Do not be overly concerned about how fancy it looks. For it is the details of your chapter that makes them unique that is of paramount importance and the listing of the deeds that they have done in battle (on the table or in your head).

Edited by Grand Master Belial
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Little confused. I mainly just put mine up here cause I had the idea for the Knights Immaculate banging around inside my head and needed to put it down. I didn't vow any models for them for the Path of Redemption (Mainly cause I felt like getting two pearls for writing something I was going to write anyway and painting one HQ model seemed like cheating to me... guess I want to earn my redemption the hard way!)


I didn't think we were open to the Chapter Master reward because the contest was closed anyway. But if it is open... what else do I need to do to get it? :biggrin.: Write some historic actions my Knights Immaculate took part of? Paint a fig and post pictures? Do both?

Edited by Avon Rekaes
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Shadow Guard has already awarded you the banner, Avon Rekaes. He just needs to make it when he has some free time.


This thread has been reopened (it never really closed) to new entries to allow members to earn the six white pearls and the coveted black pearl.


The minimum standard is all sections filled out with a color photo or SM Painter (currently not active) showing the different paint schemes and either a sketch or written description of the chapter insignia. (So that anyone could paint up a miniature representing your chapter. Something I plan to do in the near future.)


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A quick question for the Grand Master.


I appreciate that this is for DIY Successor Chapters, but let's face it, the amount of background (official or not) on the official Successors is fairly limited. Would there be any merit in fleshing out official successors, such as my GotC?


I say this because frankly I'm fed up of not actually having an offical Covenant to Guard! ;)

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I was planning on revisiting the Differences of the Successors in separate topics to tackle the (Un)official background for the known Successors.

Then I shall watch this space with the patience of a patient thing :D

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Index Astartes: Angels Ardent

"For we are Angels of Death, burning ardently with His undeniable Light and Truth, and we bring it upon all the subjects of the Imperium, material or immaterial! Let it illuminate our strides and cower our enemies before us! Where our brothers and forefathers have fallen, we shall stride onwards and true! For the Lion! For the Emperor! Truth, Honor, and Faith!"


The Angels Ardent are one of the most recent successor chapters of Dark Angels stock, not founded until sometime in M39 - but their roots are much older. Even amongst the First Legion, one of the most stringent of all Adeptus Astartes in their screenings, indoctrination, and dogma, dissenting voices do still arise. The Angels Ardent trace their thinking to a small sect from the days of the Scourging, started by a Terran-born Company Master named Elyas. When the Dark Angels discovered the Fallen were still at large across the galaxy, Elyas did not deny the importance of capturing them, but thought much less redemptionist about it - they had much newfound glory and respect, he argued, from their actions pushing back against the Great Enemy, and they should continue to do so that the Imperium would not question their actions. His words mostly went unheeded, and he relented, throwing himself into his Legion's work. There were some brothers - proteges, if you will - who did agree, and Elyas formed something of a small intellectual sect among them, which has been passed from brother to brother over the years. Dedicated, and deemed trustworthy enough to consistently make it into the outer rings of the Inner Circle, they have at times acted as some voice of human conscience to the rest of the Chapter leadership yet kept at enough length to be easily ignored.

Angels Ardent Battle Brother

Things continued this way for millenia, waxing and waning with the overall mood of the Inner Circle (though the school of thought had been gaining some traction in M37) until brought to a head in M39. One Brother Troyan, inducted into the Deathwing but serving with the 4th Company Master, saw a great opportunity with the Redemption Crusades, and argued heavily for the Dark Angel's participation. While the Chapter did send out splinter fleets, it was not nearly the strong, visible effort as Troyan was arguing for. He accompanied elements of the 4th, 6th, 8th, and 9th Companies, with token squads from the Deathwing and Ravenwing just in case, out into Segmentum Obscurus, reclaiming worlds near the border of the Gothic Sector. The Dark Angels elements became a lynchpin for their Crusade group, Troyan's personal zeal, growing oratory, and acts of valor inspiring the same from Chapter mates and Crusading brothers alike. Grievous injuries to 4th Company Master Machariel at Anvil 206 put Troyan into the role of battlefield leader, and there he was able to demonstrate a talent for melding the tactical genius the Sons of the Lion were reputed for with the fiery passion he was able to inspire.

Fifty years later, the Redemption Crusades sputtered to a close, armies exhausted and 'Saints' vanished. The Dark Angels plotted their course home, but already reconquered worlds were staring to slip from Imperial Control, and the fleet began to receive more and more distress calls from worlds liberated not forty years ago - Orks had moved in, cults had formed, Imperial Governors rebelled to claim their worlds their own. Against large pressure to speed home to replenish men and reunite with their brethren at the Rock, Troyan nonetheless managed to convince his brothers to stop where they could, frequently deploying his entire contingent of Space Marines at once to resolve conflicts as quickly as possible. Losses were mounting higher, but when Troyan's tactical foresight failed, his zealous at-the-front battlefield heroics and the grim resolve of his geneseed succeeded in turning situations around, including against the surprise appearance of an Alpha Legion warband pulling the strings on Dimmamar and the start-up Waaagh! Zokland on Tenebus XVIII.

By the time the splinter fleet returned home - another 25 years later, and very much bloodied for it – it became apparent the Inner Circle had a firebrand on their hands. They were given some pause in extinguishing it, though, by Troyan's battlefield and inspirational skill, and how much he had fuelled the same in the brothers he had returned with - even some of the members of the 1st. Troyan's proposed solution gave them pause too, but it was ultimately found agreeable: he would take his veterans and form a Successor Chapter, with some aid from the Dark Angels, and more from the Angels of Absolution, whose dogma over the Unforgiven's role was more compatible.

The High Lords of Terra had a glimmer of what kind of a breakaway this was, and were surprisingly happy to oblige, helping more than normal with aids of geneseed, men, and equipment and hoping to get a degree of influence upon the new Chapter. They have mostly been stymied in that, however, the Angels Ardent more than capable of closing ranks on them as any other good Son of the Lion.

Since that time, the Angels Ardent have been active across the galaxy – as much as their smaller numbers, owing to their late siring, allow – but are particularly active in the Segmentum Obscurus. They first acted alongside other Unforgiven chapters in the Hundred Planet Rebellion in 519.M39, and later in the vicinity of the Dark Angels' actions on Minoria in 832.M41, but the Angels Ardent force that deployed to help combat Waagh! Drillakilla on Percilac Prime arrived bloodied and was nearly wiped out to a man when they deployed full-scale via drop pod into the capital hive. The Chapter was active during the Gothic War, and actions in outlying systems in the various Armageddon Wars as well. Lately they have been focusing more on Obscurus localities, nearer and nearer to the Eye of Terror.

Angels Ardent Veteran Battle Brother

The Angels Ardent are a hybrid between the stubborn tactical discipline and, even, genius of their Lionate lineage and the crusading zeal brought by Troyan and the line of masters before him. They are quicker to rise than their brethren, though also oddly quicker to calm, as if they were more akin to fits of rage than settling moods that last for extended periods of time. The Angels Ardent tend to be less brooding and insular, finding inspiration for their zeal in the Adeptus Astartes' (and particularly the Unforgiven's) oft-ignored duty to protect mankind. They therefore seem to find more sympathy with the common man than most Space Marines and will prioritize aiding and defending beleaguered colleagues and allies... even if it is by a full strength drop right in the heart of the enemy, be he xenos, traitor, or Daemon.

The Angels Ardent are fleet-based chapter, like their parent Chapter, but look in fact look something more like the Black Templars in logistical breakdown. Though there strictly speaking are Companies, the Angels Ardent allow an unusually high amount of personalization, and Company heraldry is often evenly mixed with personal and Crusade heraldry. Companies may divvy up across multiple Crusade fleets, or dedicate to one in entirety. What there is of the First Company does resemble the Deathwing - increased knowledge of their lineage's history, a favoritism for Terminator Armor - but not in different panoply. The Chapter as a whole somewhat eschews the use of bikes, so while there is also a mounted Second Company, their numbers are small.

A brother ascending through the ranks of the Angels Ardent is made to experience all aspects of combat the Astartes follow, but is allowed to specialize in that which he chooses. Their tactical doctrine, summarized, is the correct application of what resources are available - they frequently find themselves less concerned about the assets they don't have available to them.

Troyan found, to his chagrin, that despite his distate for the Hunt, it was still necessary to set up many of the same upper level structures as the Dark Angels exhibit, and so while their numbers are perhaps smaller and their focus different, the Angels Ardent do maintain an Inner Circle that knows the full truth of their past and watches over their younger brethren.

Aside from the differences already stated, the Angels Ardent mostly follow the beliefs of the rest of the Unforgiven and the Adeptus Astartes in general. They do, oddly, exhibit a slant towards a much older, less deistic version of the Imperial Truth, also a point of view passed down from their roots in the Scourging.

Angels Ardent Company Master/Crusade Marshal

Even drawn from the Dark Angels so late, their geneseed is still highly pure and healthy as they recruit across multiple different planetary types.

"For the Lion and the Emperor! Truth, Honor, and Faith!"

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Because I want extra pearls... Why? Because its cool to want them :whistling: 


I plan on writing another to complete the 3 required.


FOUNDING:- 26th (940.M41)
SPECIALITY:- Specialist Battle Companies
BATTLE CRY:- "We are your Wrath and Ruin."

The Angels of Exculpation Space Marines Chapter




What originally started as an Unforgiven Honour Company became a full blown chapter in the year 940.M41. How this was ratified by the High Lords of Terra remains unknown but their livery and name was entered into record.
The unique thing of the Angels of Exculpation not one member of the chapter knows of the original sin that haunts the Dark Angels and the rest of the Unforgiven. Membership to the Honour Company is given to members of the Unforgiven Chapters that have been found not suitable to be inducted to the Inner Circles. 
Whether this was by design has been forgotten in the ages. It however gives the Angels of Exculpation something that the Unforgiven don't have and that is free reign to wage war against the enemies of the Imperium without having the sin of hunting the Fallen.
Given the the fact eight Companies where brought together to make the chapter one can only wonder how many of these Companies exist. 

Home World

The Angels of Exculpation are a space bound chapter. They lead the flotilla of Spacecraft at the head of this is the modified Retribution Class Battleship called the Pride of Caliban.
They spend nearly all of their time in Segmentum Pacificus. Which they see as their solemn duty to protect.
They recruit from a group of worlds in the Hargus system, out of five worlds two of them are Deathworlds, these provided the Angels of Exculpation with their first batch of recruits.  

Combat Doctrine

Due to the lack of influence of the Inner Circle the Angels of Exculpation function as a specialised codex chapter. They do however use their 2nd Company to great effect like the Ravenwing.
With a few number of suits of Terminator armour the first company fight mainly as Sternguard Veterans which accompany the Chapter Master in battle. 
Due to the way the chapter was founded they are influenced by the chapters they came from so it comes as no surprise that they fight with different tactics. The 4th Company are considered to be the Siege Specialists where the 6th Company are Masters of the Chapters Armoury and usually ride into battle in Predators and Land Raiders.


As the Angels of Exculpation where originally set-up as Honour Company they where organised as a Battle Companies, as the Honour Companies grew the Chapters organisation did not change, so as it stands the full Chapter is organised as Battle Companies, with the exception of the 2nd & 10th Companies
As the Chapter is not a member of the Unforgiven they do not have the Inner Circle, Interrogator Chaplains. 
The 1st Company only owns 12 suits of Terminator armour as such only the most decorated veterans get to wear them.
The 2nd Company only goes to battle on either Bikes or Landspeeders.
The Chapter Master of the Angels of Exculpation will still answer the call from the Dark Angels if the need arises.

 Appearance and Iconography



Like all space marines the Angels of Exculpation venerate the Emperor as the creator of all marines and his greatest sons, of which Lion El Johnson held in highest regard. The Angels of Exculpation are considered to be over-zealous in similar ways to the Black Templars.


Like all of the Unforgiven the Angels of Exculpation use the Dark Angels gene-seed, known to suffer very little impurities.


"We are your wrath and ruin."

Selected Battles

949.M41 Taking of the Temptation of Pride.

Heroes of Note

Chapter Master Baradiel First Master of the Angels of Exculpation.
Baradiel was one of main Sergeants of the Honour Company, he was originally a Sergeant in the Disciples of Caliban, he was marked for greatness but it was considered by the Librarians and Interrogator Chaplains of the Disciples that he would not be able to understand the sins of the Legion. With this weakness it was considered to be better for him to be placed in the Honour Company. 
He had led the 4th Honour Company for over 30 years as acting Captain at the time of the formation of the Chapter. When it came time to choose the Chapter Master he was considered the most experienced by the other Company Sergeants the vote was unanimous. 
During his short time as the Chapter Master he was instrumental in organising the Chapter into a cohesive fighting force, instead of organising them as a normal Codex Chapter each Company has its own speciality. Baradiel's original company was the 4th who are Siege Specialists.
His first major action of note was the destruction of the Space Hulk Temptation of Pride. The full Chapter was deployed to gut out the hulk, at the vanguard of the breech Baradiel led all his Terminator Veterans and 1st Company to the bridge where he personally killed Sathash the Proud Fell Champion of Slaanesh.



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The three is only for those with NO pearls. Since you have some pearls already. You would only to write the number needed to get you to six pearls. Now, Shadow Guard has something up his sleeve for this that go above and beyond.


So keep on writing.

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My 3rd IA article I hope people like it.


C&C Welcome.


FOUNDING:- Suspected 21st Founding
CHAPTER MASTER:- Loyalist - Hyrael / Chaos - The Occulus
CHAPTER WORLD:- Loyalist - Tarth Nel / Chaos - Maelstrom
FORTRESS MONASTERY:- Loyalist Unknown Underground Bunker Complex (Destroyed) / Chaos - Battlebarge Soul Jammer
MAIN COLOURS:- Loyalist - Bone/Black Halved / Chaos - Bone/Blue
SPECIALITY:- Loyalist - Deathwing, Ravenwing Formations / Chaos - Sorcerers
BATTLE CRY:- Loyalist  "We are your Castigators / Chaos "Your souls are ours."
CURRENT STRENGTH:- Loyalist Destroyed / Chaos 300+

The Angels of Castigation Space Marines Chapter
The Sons of The Occulus Chaos Warband





The Angels of Castigations founding has been in question for numerous, some say it was during the time of the cursed founding, others say it was later. Whatever the truth their fall from the Emperors grace has been well documented.
During the cleaning of Chaos in the Seatis system, The Chief Librarian of the Angels of Castigation, Caphriel had already sold his soul to Tzeentch, he gave unreliable information to Grand Master Hyrael, this led to the Angels of Castigation suffering heavy losses in battles by the 4th month of the campaign they had suffered over 50% losses. Hyrael had considered pulling out his forces but it was at this time Caphriel's betrayal was known, the whole Librarius had already been involved they too had been leading the companies into more poorly thought battles.
Hyrael never had a chance to confront his treacherous Librarians he along with most of the 1st Company were sacrificed in a ritual of chaos sorcery, the Chaplains that were loyal to Caphriel had given them false purity seals which allowed daemons to be summoned into their armour. Caphriel used these battles to kill off most of the loyalists in the Chapter. By the time it had ended the Angels of Castigation were down to under 350 out of this 276 had swore oaths to Tzeentch. 
With all these sacrifices Caphriel was given boon after boon by Tzeentch his Terminator Armour became warped as is became part of him, he was reborn as The Occulus Prophet of Change.
Whether the Angels of Castigation were a member of the Unforgiven is speculation, it is known that the Blades of Altena have declared that they will destroy the Sons of The Occulus to the last man.

Home World

The Homeworld of the the Angels of Castigation was called Tarth Nel, Their Fortress-Monastery was build underground as a series of bunkers. This was destroyed during the cleaning of Tarth Nel by the Angels of Vengeance and the Blades of Altena.
What was unknown at the time was the Angels of Castigation had a secondary bunker complex, this was to become the Sons of The Occulus's main base of operation before they fled into the Maelstrom. 

Combat Doctrine
Before their betrayal the Angels of Castigation, were known to use Terminators to great effect the 1st Company were mostly deployed to board enemy spacecraft. They had earned a good reputation regarding Void Wars.
The 2nd Company like the Dark Angels make use of Bike, Landspeeders and other fast attack craft.
The rest of the Chapter fought in all facets of war with equal zeal, they don't seem to share the stubborn streak the Dark Angels and most of their Successors share. This again brings into question whether they are the Sons of the Lion after all.


As the Angels of Castigation they were set out like the Dark Angels, Their 1st and 2nd Companies functioned like Deathwing and Ravenwing. The rest of the chapter was set out like a Codex Chapter.
As their heritage is in doubt it looks unlikely they had anything like the Inner Circle but like most of the origins of the chapter this has not been confirmed. It is obvious now that the Librarius where very secretive to all but their fellow Librarians.
When the Chapter turned to Chaos the organisation of the Angels of Castigation has pretty much fallen apart, squads now function in the sacred number of the Changer of the Ways. All remaining Terminators became The Eyes of Change and loyal bodyguard to The Occulus, the remainder of the 2nd became fused to their Bikes and Landspeeders. 
Mutations became part of the Sons of The Occulus this just confirmed more to them that they were blessed by a greater power. 

 Appearance and Iconography


Before they turned the Angels of Castigation used a halved colour scheme, Bone and Black. They wear green robes, gold trim and red markings. The Chapter symbol was a Red Flail


As Traitors the colours changed to Bone and Blue with Brass trim. Chapter symbol became a Bone   serpent head.



Before their fall, the Angels of Castigation looked at the Emperor as their Master, he alone created the Space Marines and nobody was above him in their oaths. 
After their fall, all remaining Librarians gave themselves willingly to Tzeentch, The rest of the betrayers swore their oaths as the culling began. Squads turned on each other, Brother killed brother. The remaining Chaplains lead the betrayers in ceremonies dedicated to the Changer of the Ways.



It is in dispute to the origin of the Angels of Castigation's geneseed, they claimed that they were Successors to the Dark Angels Legacy but this has never been confirmed.  And the Dark Angels themselves have never acknowledged them.
Given their founding is rumoured to be during the Cursed Founding it is possible their gene-seed is a mix of 2 or 3 of the original 18 Legions.


Loyalist We are your castigators. / Chaos Your souls are ours.

Selected Battles


Heroes of Note
Hyrael Grand Master of the Angels of Castigation.
Hyrael had only been the Grand Master of the Angels of Castigation for little over a century at the time of the betrayal of his chapters Librarius. During the Seatis Campaign he began to notice the war of attrition on his men was a lot heavier than himself and his Company Masters has predicted. At the time he suspected spies in the high levels of the Imperial Guard Command after a cult was rooted out in the Officers. 
After 4 months it became apparent that the Traitor was in his own chapter, he noticed some of his Librarians becoming more arrogant and their displays of power, while his men died the Librarians emerged unscathed from every battle. He consulted his Master of Sanctity not knowing he was also part of the conspiracy. 
So the plan by Caphiel put in motion and he and most of his 1st Company were used to summon a pack of Lords of Change, some of Tzeentch's favoured sons ripped apart the Grand Master and his men with foul chaos sorcery, Some died in implosions of blue and white light. Terminator Armour is formidable but even its protection could not prevent the Purple Rays of Death burning their souls.
It was at this point Hyrael seen his Traitor, but it was too late, Caphiel rammed his Force Sword into his Grand Masters chest then caused Hyrael to melt into his armour with his foul new powers.  
Traitors of Note
The Occulus Prophet of Change 
Caphiel Grand Master of the Librarius Chief Librarian of the Angels of Castigation
Caphiels fall from the Emperors Light was written in destiny, as a young boy on Tarth Nel he was already involved with the Cult of Ways. As it came near time for the Angels of Castigations yearly toll, Caphiel was given his task during his dreams a Lord of Change by the name of Tas'Jiy Soulburner whispered into his mind Tzeentchs plans. He was chosen to bring down the Angels of Castigation. Tas'Jiy taught him many ways to hide his thoughts without giving him away.
At the age of 15 Caphiel was accepted to the Chapter, little knowing this young man was the doom of the chapter. His psychic talent was noted pretty much right away. He did not raise through the ranks too fast, he kept his power in check using what he needed.
It was over 3 centuries before he became an Epistolary, this could have been sooner but Tzeentch is a patient master. Now he was in this position he arranged the death of the Chief Librarian Varcan. Varcan was killed in a elaborate psychic trap Caphiel had set up, his soul was ripped out and imprisoned into Caphiels Force Sword. He led the investigation of Varcans death which led to Varcan being regarded as a Traitor as items of worship to the God Slaanesh was found. With his death nothing was in Caphiels way to be the new Chief Librarian, this was welcomed by his Brother Librarians.
Little was it known that the Cult of the Way was already in the Chapter, Caphiel has already tempted most of the Librarians, power was quite welcome within the Librarius. Out of 35 Librarians 31 turned. The remaining 4 were imprisoned then sacrificed by the Librarius as they practised their Sorcery.
Then began the long path to route out the Loyalists of the Chapter and the Fall to Tzeentch and Chaos.
Brother Isiah after the Chapter turned Traitor.
Company Master Serapiel before the Seatis Campaign


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Another IA article 


Probably my last for now I would really like C&C for them :smile.:


GENE-SEED (PREDECESSOR):- Angels of Vengeance
FOUNDING:- 11th Founding
MAIN COLOURS:- Bone / Dark Gray
SPECIALITY:- Chaplains / Company Veterans
BATTLE CRY:- Your sins are many! We do not forgive!

The Zealots of the Emperor Space Marines Chapter





As has been documented the High Lords of Terra do not like to use the pure geneseed of the Dark Angels so as to why they sanctioned the use this time round is a question that they refuse to answer. 
The honour of founding the Chapter fell to Supreme Grand Master Conrad Cabriel of the Angels of Vengeance. With enough geneseed to make 200 Space Marines. Conrad selected his 6th Company to found the new Chapter. 
Under the leadership of Kadmiel the Knights of Vengeance as he named them, set out from the Rock in the Battle Barge Ferrum Angelus to find a world to claim for their new Homeworld.
When the Knights of Vengeance made planet fall the then Lord Confessor of Vaska confronted the Space Marines and stood toe to toe with Kadmiel. So impressed with the fire and steel in his eyes, not once did he turn his gaze. 
Kadmiel declared rites of conquest after hours of negotiations.

Home World

Vaska is located in Segmentum Obscurus, its a mountainous ice planet. The population are fanatics in their belief in the Emperor being a God, normally this would not be a suitable Astartes but the people are tough and zealous.
The planet has very little in the way of overground travel, most Cites and Towns are connected by vast underground tunnels only the most fanatical travel above ground this includes all the Confessors. 
There is no name for the continents, the City States control their own territory. As of 999.M41 there are 23 States. The largest of these is Kazan with a population of 150 million people. There is very little on the surface of the planet, most cities and towns are built underground, they are very similar to Hives on worlds like Necromunda. With the planet being frozen massive machines dot the planet pumping fresh water into the Cities. 
Priests known as Confessors travel from Town to Town, City to City, preaching the Word of the Emperor, from the smallest village to the biggest cities all have churches dedicated to the Emperor. It is rare to find any non believer. 
The Chapters Fortress-Monastery is a cliff side complex on the eastern mountain range near Kazan.

Combat Doctrine
The Knights of Vengeance wage war like Fanatics, the Chapter has a very high proportion of Chaplains, they make great use of Flame based weapons. Company Veterans are known to take to war carrying ornate flamers.
Land Raider Redeemers play a big part in their warfare, usually to transport all veterans. Devastators are usually armed with Multi-Meltas. 
Like all other members of the Unforgiven the Knights of Vengeance make extensive use of Terminators in their 1st Company. And their 2nd Company functions like Ravenwing.


Before the mind wipe the Chapter functioned exactly like their parent Chapter the Angels of Vengeance, after this the organisation of the Chapter changed quite dramatically.
Now the Zealots make heavy use of Chaplains it it not surprising to have the Chapter Master also be a Chaplain, Terminators are still used for close range fire. Their Ravenwing company has now become more like a Battle Company. 

 Appearance and Iconography


The Zealots of the Emperor, Use dark grey and bone for their main colours with red as the contrasting colour. 


They make use of the Maltese Cross as their Chapter Symbol which is also painted Red.



As more recruits came from Vaska, there was a trend developing in the Chapter. This came to the attention of the other Unforgiven chapters that the Knights of Vengeance were becoming more and more zealous in their worship of the Emperor as a God. Seeing this as a threat in putting worship above what is considered more important than hunting the Fallen. The Angels of Vengeance Supreme Grand Master put forth a cleansing solution for the Knights. 
The Knights were given the ultimatum to surrender their Inner Circle for mind wiping or to be destroyed, the current Supreme Grand Master at the time took the first option. After a few centuries the Chapters Inner Circle is nothing but myth and rumour. With this their status of one of the Unforgiven is is doubt.
As the Chapter grew more zealous it has been noted that they are not to dissimilar to the Adepta Sororitas, in fact its not surprising to find the Zealots of the Emperor there, The Chaplains of the Chapter have also been known to study under various members of the Ecclesiarchy who visit Vaska. 



The Zealots of the Emperor were given stocks of the Angels of Vengeance, which is turn is the 1st Legion. Next to the Ultramarines there is no purer Gene-seed. 



Your sins are many! We do not forgive!


Selected Battles

243.M37 - The Fall of Yudine VI
Joint forces of the Order of the Blessed Saint and the Knights of Vengeance answer a distress call from a Cardinal of the Ecclesiarchy, Chaos forces led by a Plague Lord called Gellux Foulblood. The Knights of Vengeance took to the forces of Nurgle with Fire and Zeal. It was noted by the Cannoness Felicia that the Knights were true zealots of the Emperor, something the Chapter Master took to heart. After the battle the Chapter Master held council with his senior Captains and they agreed to change their name to something more fitting their beliefs and ideals, so they became known as the Zealots of the Emperor.

Heroes of Note
Lord Confessor Alexei Pash
Alexei has been the current Chapter Master since 724.M41, Considered to be one of the finest Weapon Masters the Chapter has ever had. He is also one of the most senior Chaplain, when one of the Chaplains becomes the Chapter Master he also takes on the title of Lord Confessor.
Of all the weapons he uses his weapon of choice is the Black Star Mace, a relic from the Angels of Vengeance. 
Alexei embodies the Chapters zealous behaviour, His worship of the Emperor gives him the belief he will not fall to heretics or fall in his duty. 
Master Captain Grigory after his promotion.
Brother Luka before his induction to the Reclusiam.
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