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How much is too much here?


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A plan to run a Khorne Lord with a certain space shark in mind.


Chaos Lord, Terminator Armor, Sigil of Corruption, Mark of Khorne, Gift of Mutation, Chainfist main hand, Chainfist off hand.


May seem like I'm gimping myself to death with no ranged but with 2+/4+ and a pair of armor-chewing, people-grinding chainfists how can it be stopped in close combat?


Just stick em in a land raider with some chosen terminators (yes I still think of them as chosen in termie armor) and put them right up in your face, things will probably go my way.

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What's wrong with two chainfists though?
In 6th, having a pair of "Specialist Weapons" gives you +1 attack, even if they don't match. So, 2 Chainfists gives you +1 Attack, but Chainfist+Lightning Claw gives you +1 Attack, the option to use an L Claw instead of the C Fist if you want to strike in Initiative order, and is cheaper.
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Same note on Lightning CLaw


Also, skip the 25 points for 4++ invul save, you already get 5++ from termy armor, 25 points for a slightly better save feels like it could be more well spent elsewhere



Otherwise, LOVE the idea of Khorne Termy Lord

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For three more points than the CF+LC combo, you get the axe of blind fury instead, who gives you S6 AP2 attacks at initiative, and he doesn't loose his shooty attack.


I agree it will most likely be a kickass model though! :)

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So lightning claws are the best options out there? I wish Chainfists were better. :whistling:


You missed what people are saying.


Take both.


2 Chainfists is v.expensive, gets you +1A, and you always strike last at AP2.


Chainfist+claw is cheaper, gets you +1A, and you have the option to strike at I with AP3, or last with AP2.


And the Shark models weapons are already custom chainfist/lightening claw combi weapons.

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