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Thousand Sons/Tzeentch Army Idea Help


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Hi i have been considering a number of CSM legions to start but i have settled on Tzeentch if my idea makes sense, so just wanted to check with more experianced members with the fluff.


General principle is a TS Sorcerer and his underlings plus Rubric Marines joining up with another Tzeentch worshiping renegade chapter, basicly so i can do a themed and converted Tzeentch army withought being resricted to only Sorcerers and Rubric Marines which our cool but id like to freedom to have other units, especially including some of the new Chosen and Cultists models.



Thanks for any help you can offer as i like to stay fluffy especially as i recently started playing again for the first time in 10 years and my local group is more fun then competative.

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Fluff is brilliant, for instance I'v just started working on my Scarab Occult for my Tzeentchien army and they look awesome while still fitting with my theme. However the biggest fluff advantage for Tzeentch is that he can use almost anything. I think there is a quote somewhere from a Tzeentch sorcerer basically just saying that he doesn't care what army anyone belongs to or what chaos God they worship because in the grand scheme of things, if Tzeentch didn't want it to happen, it wouldn't happen. Basically what this means for your list is, if you want something cool or useful in your army, stick it in. Tzeentch doesn't work in obvious ways, he works in mysterious ways. Why not do something crazy that will benefit you in the game? It's just what Tzeentch would do?

Just make sure if it's not Tzeentchien it dies before the end of the game still (suicide missions) so that he is pleased and the fluff remains apeased.

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