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Guardians of the Covenant, DA Successor


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DV Limited Edition Chaplain.....





DV Terminators - I converted one of the DV terminators (one of the twin SB/PF termies) to twin LCs, and am also trying a new technique with the power sword which I saw in the Grey Knights sub-forum (White Knights thread, so thanks to Vash - not quite finished yet though)


Just cos I love Lightning claws :)


and finally.....a GotC motivational poster ;)


Next up is the DV Librarian ^_^

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I'd normally consider the Chaplain's color scheme a bad idea, on paper anyway; having the colors be so similar to one another I mean. It actually kinda works though, and gives him a muted, dark fell, while the gold does a good job at keeping it all from just turning into a singular gray smear. I agree on the daggers though. Giving them that same coat of dark crimson (even on just the hilt and/or center of the scabbard) like the pistol and shoulder have would do a lot to break up the shape without ruining the effect, I think.
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I've finished the Chaplain and the Llibrarian, hope you enjoy! :)







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Am I allowed to carry out threadomancy on my own thread? biggrin.png

Anyway.....I've painted a few things since last November, but here are some of my personal faves.....

Tutor Primus Elamiz - 1st Company Knightmaster


and the rest of the Knights


Aquilifer Primus Lucian - 1st Company Standard Bearer


and the rest of the Command Squad


I chucked together a "Guardian Pattern" Whirlwind launcher from spare Typhoon missile bits


and also got round to painting Sammy - Prefect Cassiel of the Guardian's 2nd Company


and a biker Librarian converted from the Dark Vengeance bike sergeant - Chronicler Zianor


and finally, a group shot of the stuff I did for the DA sub-forum Path to Redemption painting challenge, which ran until March this year.


Hope you enjoy smile.png

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Posted · Hidden by Captain Semper, October 18, 2014 - Threadomancy
Hidden by Captain Semper, October 18, 2014 - Threadomancy

Am I allowed to carry out threadomancy on my own thread? biggrin.png

God I hope so! I do it all the time. :teehee:

More lovely goodness, really. My one peeve is the tank. Much of the metal paint on the red looks more like the fleck-spatter from drybrushing from the metal bits, rather than the battle damage I assume it was meant to be. I think it needs more directionality™ like the gashes on the metal panels, rather than simply being dusted on.

Some super smooth metallic work on the big boss.

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Posted · Hidden by Captain Semper, October 18, 2014 - Threadomancy
Hidden by Captain Semper, October 18, 2014 - Threadomancy

Nice stuff facmanpob,

i really love wub.png Tutor Primus Elamiz - 1st Company Knightmaster he is very cool.png

i remember you starting this way back...so congrats on getting it done!!


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