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Help me arming the Zhufor's retinue


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Hello everyone!


I got a World Eaters Terminator Lord Zhufo as birthday gift from my brother and now I ordered terminator upgrade kit for his retinue. I just am not sure really how to arm them. I would like to go Khrone way and tool them for assault (even if its 6th edition) since I want to go fluffy wise. How to tool best my World Eater termies to please the blood God?


Lot's of lightning claws, heavy flamer and power fist?


Rest of my army is mostly Death Guard and Plaguenators who do shooting and other work. I lack purely assault / counter assault force that scares my opponent. Zhufor is good beginning for adding my Khornate wing and expand there little bit.


thank you in advance for help!

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Well first off, how are you delivering them? If by Land Raider then you can't fit more than 4 Termis in with Zhufor so you can't have a heavy weapon. If deep striking, you're going to want some decent firepower for the turn in which you come down.


Personally I've equipped 3 of mine with power axes and combi-meltas as it keeps them cheap but also gives me the ability to open up a transport or strip a few wounds from enemy TEQs or an MC. Also, in my mind termis need to be able to counter other termis so swords won't cut it here (And what self-respecting World Eater would say no to an axe?). Meanwhile, the champ gets a pair of LCs so that he can ruin an enemy sergeant's day before the AP2 stuff hits and the last guy gets a CF/HF for close combat anti-tank and some extra anti-hoard for whenever I run them without my CF/LC termi Lord.


This gives me a set-up which is good for all three versions of my Termis, the 4 man LR squad with my CF/LC lord, the 5 man LR squad without the lord, and the good old 'termicide' squad.


Hope that helps.

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