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Iron Warriors and Dark Mechanicus


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Simply enough. Daemon Engines. As well as the Warpsmith.



Personally, I'd recommend 3 Forgefiends and 3 Hellturkeys. Then maybe a bunch of dreads and some troops.


Paint in Iron Warriors colours. Add in defence lines for fluff reasons.


How do you go about doing this? Buy it.

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Counts-as, allies or horus heresy.


Counts-as: thousand sons = legio cybernetica robots, cultists = skitarii, noise marines=adepts with experimental weapons, bikes=fast robots, possessed/spawn=tech abominations


Allies: best codex to build any mechanicum force in 40k is grey knights, which doesn't work with chaos. So if you insist on not using a loyalist sm force for your IW, you're left with necrons (robots/servitors & Adepts=Crypteks with exotic weaponry), IG (ordo reductor artillery, Guardsmen=skitarii, enginseer) and chaos daemons (tzeentch daemons make for good drones, plaguebearers=servitors, soulgrinder).


last but not least, Horus Heresy I: betrayal offers a great generic legion list and the first official mechanicum forces as an allied template, too! Book II will propably feature more DARK mechanicum on istvaan V, while book II will have the IW-specific special rules and perturabo. best choice imo.

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